Anthony Johnson Talks Jon Jones, Says He'll Wait 'Forever' to Fight Daniel Cormier

UFC light heavyweight contender Anthony Johnson talks about refusing to fight Gegard Mousasi, the criticism he receives from fans, the latest in Jon Jones, his desire to set up another fight against Daniel Cormier, the future of Francis Ngannou, and much more.

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Длительность: 17:30
Комментарии: 214

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Автор CalvinSomething ( назад)
AJ is #2 after Conor for most entertaining fighter. Really hope he gets the
belt and can defend against JJ.

Автор Scott Caldwell ( назад)
People that talk smack about Anthony, Should get in the ring with him and
hash it out

Автор Andy Montanez ( назад)
damn i wanna see rumble fight

Автор Won'tRespond ( назад)

Автор Stuart Buck ( назад)
this guy is so comfortable talking to people, would like to see him on JRE

Автор Petar Mrkic ( назад)
Jon Jones is in my top 3 favorite fighters of all time. I think he is the
best fighter P4P ever. I don't care about his personal train wrecks, I
think they are comical (aside from the car crash incident of course), but I
think we can all agree that it would be really awesome if we had more
personalities like Anthony Johnson at the very top and receiving huge
amounts of attention and publicity.

Автор Alex Cacares ( назад)
He will decapitate Jones

Автор Navame Zaiani ( назад)
10:30 ariel just came and broke the mood

Автор nn4mz ( назад)
The Pirate King's brother @ 6:30

Автор Sir Weed ( назад)
Rumbles a true professional

Автор nn4mz ( назад)
Seriously cannot wait for Jones to get back.

Still, Rumble and DC are class acts and great fighters.

Автор InfinityzEdge ( назад)
Rumble looks like he got stung by some bees on his face

Автор Billydutch1 ( назад)
What a great respectful heavy handed fighter 👍🏼

Автор Vincent Kennedy McMahon ( назад)
Dafuck is this? LMAO he should change from 'Rumble' to 'Humble'

Автор Skeeterz__ ( назад)
big buff chocolate mmm

Автор Mannix Lee ( назад)
if i got the power what he have, ill be that humble too

Автор detroitmachine ( назад)
Bones will destroy this DC bum licking fool

Автор Wanderlei Rua ( назад)
His face is 3 sizes too big for his head.

Автор Beast Mode ( назад)
This guy looks scary af

Автор Sw4gg-ninja713 ( назад)
Dude's head looks like a coconut

Автор Sel Are ( назад)
Only Edmond tarverdyan is scarier than this guy

Автор Rafael Perez ( назад)
And Jon Jones beat D.C. haha

Автор Ren·ais·sance man ( назад)
Anthony Johnson is a bum. He'll never be a Champ in the UFC.

Автор Harry Stallone ( назад)
he looks a bit chubby lol

Автор jrufus11 ( назад)
cormier should retire his body just ain't upto fighting anymore

Автор Sandman ( назад)
Rumbles is not only the scariest man in the UFC but also probably the

Автор Les Clayton ( назад)
It's hard to believe he diets for 205 and he used to make 170....

Автор themookshit ( назад)
it would be a big win i think if he beat Gegard Mousasi

Автор Good_Playlists ( назад)
hmm Rumbles alright

Автор kahuna tepoona ( назад)
training with rico definitely made his standup strrrrrong

Автор BrandonIsBack ( назад)
Who's the heavyweight he was talking about?

Автор raider gator ( назад)
might mouse was defeated by cruz. cruz p4p

Автор snip JWZ ( назад)
nothing but respect for this great fighter. hope he get the title 1 day

Автор Michael Lawrence ( назад)
This was 3 weeks ago.....

Автор David W ( назад)
Hope Rumble Destroys D.C. And and puts no bones jones out for another year.

Автор David Davidson ( назад)
So you guys with hold good stuff like this for slow news days, huh?
I knew right from the thumbnail this was from 206 in Toronto.

Автор R3al ( назад)
Rumble young man rumble. 💯

Автор Paulo Ecletik ( назад)
Johnson is a nice guy,doesn't sound like the knock out machine he really

Автор JD Burk (DaveTheSlave) ( назад)
That guy, in the glasses beside him, wanted to ask a Rumble a question so
bad. Lmao Denied

Автор w0ffle ( назад)
Rumble seems like such a nice guy.

Автор restate93 ( назад)
He was talking about Francis Nganou

Автор El Cucuy ( назад)
imagine this guy breaking into your house...

Автор tyson thao ( назад)
really starting to think all of the other fighters are starting to avoid
rumble just because of shear intimidation due to his power

Автор Terrance Hood ( назад)
AJ and Josh Barnett are probably the most nicest, professional and humble
dudes outside the octagon but in the cage they're beasts. True
professionals who should be the face of the UFC. Instead UFC is so
committed to promote Mcgregor and Rousey like damn show some love to the
other fighters and give them some limelight

Автор Peter Starzomczyk ( назад)
I'm still amazed this man fought at 170. He's freaking huge.

Автор LionMan ( назад)
He looks like Tigress from Kung Fu Panda ahaha

Автор DarkCloudEntertainment ( назад)
No offense to Gegard, but Rumble would kill him

Автор Derek Shelby ( назад)
I new punishment should be you lay horizontal on a table tied by your
ankles and wrist with your balls hanging through a hole as Anthony Johnson
uses them as a speed bag just throwing haymakers. GAAADOOOOSH

Автор The Alchemist ( назад)
He wishes he could wait forever, idk why idiots think he has a chance. DC
dominated and subbed him on short notice, imagine the mauling he'll put on
em with a full camp.

Автор Al Gonzalez ( назад)
rico verhoeven is the future of the heavyweight division

Автор 420NMD ( назад)
jones will destroy him

Автор M2DB ( назад)

Автор Boss Savage ( назад)
D.C. Should start off the new year by vacating the belt and heading off to
that retirement salad bar so he doesn't look like KFC's poster boy anymore

Автор MadDog ( назад)
Rumble rhymes with humble.
"Humble Rumble."

Автор MadDog ( назад)
Such a good fighter and a humble person.
Much respect.

Автор Sea Level Cain ( назад)
he will just break you again.

Автор They Live We Sleep ( назад)
Jon Jones deserves the same treatment Hector Lombard gets .

Автор panbuffman ( назад)
Looking like a slim 245lb'er

Автор Jare Bear ( назад)
And this is why people love Conor. Get off your ass and fight someone
Rumble. You are fighter, not a "wait for 2 years to fight someone" guy

Автор Thanos ( назад)
Rumble looks restless he keeps moving around looks like he is bout to snap
and murder everyone in there lol scary

Автор Brandonwun ( назад)
Jon would murder Rumble

Bones is waiting on you, Rumble.

Автор JMS1823 ( назад)
Anthony Johnson is a class act.
This dude used to fight at welterweight.
Incredible what these guys put their bodies through.

Автор BootherJr ( назад)
He don't need to fight anyone else besides the champion. He pretty much
knocked out everyone in his division

Автор the121smashchampion ( назад)
AKA is so inconsistent. Rockhold pulled out of the fight with Jacare due to
injury... Then Cormier pulls out of the fight with Rumble.... Then
Velasquez is forced to pull out by the comission due to medical clearance
(or whatever injury it was). Ridiculous. Can't count on these guys to
headline cards they always pull out

Автор MJ #PGandCHILL ( назад)
Please Rumble, please take the belt off him I beg you. Rumble vs Jones for
the title is one of my dream fights, it would be epic.

Автор So Sincere ( назад)
I feel bad for the next person who has to eat that diabolical colossal
overhand right

Автор skankhunt 42 ( назад)
hé sounds so so..... so white

Автор Diego Valdes ( назад)
Old interview , y repost?

Автор G.O.A.T ( назад)
i dont like his attitude he should have fought gegard at 206

Автор Arnold Schwarzeniqqa ( назад)

Автор Voice Of The Student (VOTS) ( назад)
Give this man the belt already DC!

Автор Rievoldt ( назад)
Rumble could eat anyone in the LHW division

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