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Автор WolfRafael WolfOchoa (4 месяца)
good night to all

Автор Eddie Oliver (15 часов)
Thank you for this my inner peace!

Автор DarkWitchOfDarkness (28 дней)
This is actually Sami.

Автор george rodda (4 месяца)
very strong message

Автор Robert Winstanley (1 месяц)
This is gonna be the song played on my death. Fantastic!

Автор shawn Rivera (2 месяца)
Strong dire spirit

Автор Jozsef Csiki (2 месяца)
I love this music yes!

Автор Xann Armenndy (1 месяц)

Автор KjunMermaid (4 месяца)
This is NOT Rain Dance, it is called Circle Dance!!!

Автор wwallace0071 (1 месяц)
I want to make love to this music in the background! VERY SEXY AND

Автор OlympiasQueen (7 месяцев)

Автор Enda Ward (10 месяцев)
Native American music 

Автор perushop24 (1 год)
good night, gute Nacht, buona notte, bonne nuite, buenas noches google
friends (◠‿◠) 

Автор Freddy Arnedo (9 месяцев)

Автор Balázs Bergmann (2 года)

Автор ancagreab (1 год)
verry beautiful

Автор Kannga2 (1 год)
No idea what it all meant, but it sure was beautiful!

Автор Máté Németh (1 год)
I˝M sorry ly-lo aleloya wahrt am in end out.

Автор TheStevan12 (1 год)
Heavenly video and music.

Автор Silvana Ramm (1 год)
It is Time to realizing that we must see all that can change the World is
LOVE in the Heart.My Heart is now Change and i be Thankfull about that. Ill
be. And The Light is in me.

Автор IslenoGutierrez (1 год)
This is not Native American music, it's Sami music, from the Sami people
(Saami), the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden and Finland in Europe. The
real name of this song is Normo Jovnna.

Автор Menu Menora (1 год)
Very beautiful..All the best !!

Автор eohaver2 (1 год)
What concerns me is the image on here that Native Americans are all the
same, and all look like the Lakota, with the eagle feather bonnets, etc.
And I have no issue with this song, but it should not be passed as a real
"Native American" song. If it is Sami Joik, then that's who should get the
credit. I also noticed that Chief Joseph was painted in one of the scenes,
just thrown in with other Native images. There is no one Native American
tribe, not ONE language. This felt a little too new-agey

Автор jose ochoa (1 год)
this is the real americans ,,, not stuped white people taken countrys

Автор Mary Ann Hennessy (1 год)

Автор Rak7Mix (1 год)
The Counterclockwise Circle Dance

Автор CATMEGT (7 месяцев)
Love it !!!

Автор Universesurfer1 (1 год)
These amazing version never heard before but Love it , thanks for this nice
video ;) ♥♥(¯` (_¸.•'♥ Fairy ♥ ¸.• '´ ¯) ' ¯)♥♥ ♥♥(¯` (_¸.•' Blessings!.•'´
¯) ¯)' ¯)♥♥ LOVE PEACE & LIGHT to you with many greetings from Germany ॐ

Автор Alejandra Magdalena Moyano (6 месяцев)
Estés donde estés tu eres mi yo! y yo! soy tu..formando un bello circulo!
de luz! en esta bendita! casa madre! te amo! Namaskar Shalom om.om.om.

Автор Costa Xana (1 год)
Beautifull and strong. I love it!

Автор civilisationskerl (2 года)
:) I'm Berber Muslim, Allah says in the Quran that He created the different
tribes and ethnics so we may learn from each other and get to know each
other, therefor no racism and hate, we have all the same ability of think
and follow the good our spirit is the same our outside is created in
diversity according to the place our forfathers lived for thousend years
this is the logic of nature by the will of God and should not used to
racist stuff and hate.

Автор wanderer711 (9 месяцев)
you should not think of it like that. Our ancestors would look at this as a
beginning of Maturity for those who wronged them. We should be as
understanding and insightful.

Автор dudinha veloso (7 месяцев)
gui belesa

Автор Carlos Eduardo Hernandez Rodriguez (9 месяцев)

Автор Andrea K. (7 месяцев)
Gänsehaut krieg ich da- *frier*brrrr...... - natürlich positiv gemeint
*grins* ;-) Grüssle vom Kämpferle

Автор GERULA666 (1 год)
hehe C'mon guys, give back to SAMI their only one good song.... They have
only one good song and you germans...I mean indians stole it... c'mon guys,
you have so many songs(487543875843578438758) known worldwide, leve their
only 1 song in peace. p.s:I give a shit who sing this song, may be a nigga
born from Chinese parents singing a Sami song and dressed like a
native...who cares..enjoy the music bitches.

Автор Hermann Tölpelhaft (6 месяцев)
aleloya = hallelujah? i rather hope not

Автор Deszpina (1 год)
Thank you very much from Hungary.

Автор wwallace0071 (10 месяцев)
Sassou Is sexy!! :)

Автор kcarmichael (1 год)
these people are actually not native too. they are ecuadorians trying to
make money off of tourists.

Автор xyang26 (1 год)
If I am not mistaken Sacred Spirit is from Germany..so not even native in
the first place..

Автор Ahmed Kirsht (1 год)

Автор Abe Rios (1 год)
I look for songs like these because I love this music! I am sure these
artists appreciate where the music comes from! IT COMES FROM THE SOUL! :)

Автор sensualcaress (1 год)
Isn´t this song from the SACRED SPIRIT?

Автор kcarmichael (1 год)
the sami have been treated horribly over the years. this song was stolen
from them and you tell them to calm down? i have no clue how to respond to
such stupidity.

Автор אלי ביטון (1 год)
hey there, i just want to say that im fascinated from the indian culture
and i will be happy to receive some of that great culture. im living in
israel with my beautiful women and amayzing child, and it can be amayzing
for us to visit an indian tribe, this is a big wish for me.

Автор Leena Vartija (9 месяцев)
Todella ihana laulu tämä <3 Kiitos

Автор steve wolf (9 месяцев)

Автор AbHarishThawadah (1 год)
native americans are one or the lost tribes of Israel. U dont belive me?
research, dont belive ur school books.

Автор Bernadete Dete (9 месяцев)
concordo.eles sao magnificos.tres muita paz.

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