Wayra Ly-O-Lay Aleloya

Wayra Ly O Lay Aleloya Rain Dance

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Длительность: 5:43
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Автор Bergi Lein (1 месяц)
bring me back to 1000...I want to experience what it's like

Автор Enda Ward (1 год)
Native American music 

Автор WolfRollsRafael WolfRoiceOchoa (7 месяцев)
good night to all

Автор the10sign (2 месяца)
Fantástico!! :D

Автор Lorraine Brede (3 месяца)
thank you my freind

Автор Xann Armenndy (5 месяцев)

Автор Miranda Figueroa (2 месяца)
Cool sound

Автор george rodda (7 месяцев)
very strong message

Автор RalphQ SJOSTROM (1 месяц)
respect nature..

Автор perushop24 (1 год)
good night, gute Nacht, buona notte, bonne nuite, buenas noches google
friends (◠‿◠) 

Автор Balázs Bergmann (2 года)

Автор Enda Ward (11 месяцев)
Native American music 

Автор jared honeycutt (1 месяц)
Awesome love it 

Автор Piotr Sopyło (1 месяц)
Beautiful, well that there are still people who cherish Indian culture. I
am ashamed for the people who want to destroy it all in the name of what?

Автор Sotona Luciferov (1 месяц)
Wayra Ly-O-Lay Aleloya

Автор DarkWitchOfDarkness (4 месяца)
This is actually Sami.

Автор Robert Winstanley (5 месяцев)
This is gonna be the song played on my death. Fantastic!

Автор shawn Rivera (5 месяцев)
Strong dire spirit

Автор Jozsef Csiki (5 месяцев)
I love this music yes!

Автор Eddie Oliver (3 месяца)
Thank you for this my inner peace!

Автор mustapha larbi (2 месяца)
i like it

Автор karma Naraya villarreal (2 месяца)

Автор mustapha larbi (2 месяца)
nice music :*

Автор victor albert (5 дней)
Love the music, and great video.

Автор Byron Bussey (2 месяца)
What would really make this song great is if somebody would provide a

Автор KjunMermaid (8 месяцев)
This is NOT Rain Dance, it is called Circle Dance!!!

Автор wwallace0071 (5 месяцев)
I want to make love to this music in the background! VERY SEXY AND

Автор Freddy Arnedo (1 год)
Wayra Ly-O-Lay Aleloya

Автор OlympiasQueen (11 месяцев)
Wayra Ly-O-Lay Aleloya

Автор Lao Hann (9 часов)

Автор Christian Pacini (4 месяца)

Автор mikael kenner (3 месяца)
woher kommst du hier? haben die deutsche in europa interesant von altur
kultur in den Amerikas???

Автор Roter Falke (2 месяца)

Автор Dennis Morrison (6 месяцев)
A much better version of this can be found on You Tube by simply typing in,
"Native American Music Video." It is powerful and amazing!

Автор GEORGIOS stamatis (7 месяцев)
good night to all

Автор ancagreab (1 год)
verry beautiful

Автор Kannga2 (1 год)
No idea what it all meant, but it sure was beautiful!

Автор Máté Németh (2 года)
I˝M sorry ly-lo aleloya wahrt am in end out.

Автор TheStevan12 (1 год)
Heavenly video and music.

Автор Silvana Ramm (1 год)
It is Time to realizing that we must see all that can change the World is
LOVE in the Heart.My Heart is now Change and i be Thankfull about that. Ill
be. And The Light is in me.

Автор IslenoGutierrez (1 год)
This is not Native American music, it's Sami music, from the Sami people
(Saami), the indigenous people of Norway, Sweden and Finland in Europe. The
real name of this song is Normo Jovnna.

Автор Menu Menora (2 года)
Very beautiful..All the best !!

Автор eohaver2 (1 год)
What concerns me is the image on here that Native Americans are all the
same, and all look like the Lakota, with the eagle feather bonnets, etc.
And I have no issue with this song, but it should not be passed as a real
"Native American" song. If it is Sami Joik, then that's who should get the
credit. I also noticed that Chief Joseph was painted in one of the scenes,
just thrown in with other Native images. There is no one Native American
tribe, not ONE language. This felt a little too new-agey

Автор jose ochoa (1 год)
this is the real americans ,,, not stuped white people taken countrys

Автор Mary Ann Hennessy (1 год)

Автор Rak7Mix (1 год)
The Counterclockwise Circle Dance

Автор CATMEGT (10 месяцев)
Love it !!!

Автор Universesurfer1 (1 год)
These amazing version never heard before but Love it , thanks for this nice
video ;) ♥♥(¯` (_¸.•'♥ Fairy ♥ ¸.• '´ ¯) ' ¯)♥♥ ♥♥(¯` (_¸.•' Blessings!.•'´
¯) ¯)' ¯)♥♥ LOVE PEACE & LIGHT to you with many greetings from Germany ॐ

Автор Magdalena Alejandra Moyano (10 месяцев)
Estés donde estés tu eres mi yo! y yo! soy tu..formando un bello circulo!
de luz! en esta bendita! casa madre! te amo! Namaskar Shalom om.om.om.

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