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Автор Zia Ahmad (3 месяца)
Get in the arms of sweet dreams.. and
clear all the worries.. from your mind and
let your heart swim in the surreal ocean of night !!
Sweet dreams.. friends !! :) :)

Автор Aleci MH (5 месяцев)

Автор Sarachi Wise (1 месяц)
This song reminds me of the only girl i have ever truly loved. she said she
would love me forever. it was the biggest mistake of my life to let her go.

Автор SpruceGirl Eternal (2 месяца)
Beautiful, relaxing and making me feel like a am flying 

Автор TailsFan109 (5 месяцев)
I don't think I've ever heard a version so beautiful before.

Автор Cherish Terrell (5 месяцев)
Very relaxing and calm

Автор Jeffrey Collins (6 месяцев)

Автор kichu george (1 год)
made my baby sister go to sleep thx

Автор dina hamideh (1 год)
I know how to play it on the violin I'll put up the video soon

Автор Marcin Gomulak (1 год)
This is Silent Night in version of Kevin MacLeod. You should add him to
description or delete this video. Song is under "Royalty free" and you
SHOULD add link to author site: incompetech . com

Автор Saqib Tariq (1 год)
You should let me sing on this...I love it

Автор Estefany Restrepo (1 год)
A wonderfull and relaxing song...

Автор Wolfie Wolf (1 год)
Thnx Luciano Fliermans!

Автор Milyusia Arts (1 год)

Автор Rahkua (1 год)
would u mind sending me this mp3??

Автор NFLreviewUK (3 года)
@amiguimonita x

Автор SilentDreamer Forever (2 года)
I know how you feel!!!!! #StayStrong

Автор jessicampierson (4 года)
8 people need to get a life... this is very good

Автор Madde LouLou (3 года)
Could you make a toturial for this? It's so beautiful!

Автор XerocityCA (4 года)
Silent night? These days, it's more loud obnoxious clubs than a peaceful
solemn night....

Автор Danielle Dixon (4 года)
For some reason , I always get teary when I hear this song .

Автор missbright100 (5 лет)
and me i think it skipped the 3rd verse . lolz

Автор MrEmofish (4 года)
where did you you get this song? its Great :)

Автор Derp Derpity (4 года)
@OnlySleeping89 da fug?

Автор naomimarieful (2 года)
Where did you get it? What's it under?

Автор OliviaTheWolf (5 лет)
I know it's pretty early, but I love singing this song. Even in June. ^^

Автор starfirewinx (4 года)
where can i download it?

Автор Skye Malcolm (1 год)
It's called Silent Night... Did- Did you not know?

Автор tempxanga (5 лет)
wow! it's June 6 2010 and i'm listening to a christmas song on repeat cause
it sounds so damn good! merry early christmas!

Автор Yilvinamera (3 года)
Thank you so much for the instrumental! It's really beautiful! *-* Merry
Christmas to everybody! ♥

Автор Wolfstarrr (5 лет)
This song is beautiful. It makes me fall asleep. ~lol~ Whoever made it
goodjob. It's peaceful and soothing. :)

Автор Alberto1011901 (3 года)
La canción está en Do (C)

Автор gwapongbunso (4 года)
this songs realized to me that every single day in your life,its a
blessed.Many years that I did not celebrate Christmas together with my
family and its very hard.but for them why am i leave..to have a great full
in their lives.merry christmas to all of us,and a blessed new year..

Автор Christian Gutschmidt (2 года)
Can i use this Intrumental vor a cover ? I put your link in my Discription

Автор Dalixa Chuquillanqui (5 лет)
this song is so beautiful im using it for this like umm performance that me
and my bffs do that we sing to our families!!!

Автор naomimarieful (2 года)
From what album did you get this song?

Автор BluesifulWave (2 года)
Ahh, that's a nice and relaxing song. Just a couple of days left till it is

Автор Vanessa Avila (3 года)
I love this song!

Автор Incognito õʖõ (3 года)
I love this song, but I don't like listening to it cause it's sad :'( Merry
Christmas, everybody. :)

Автор StefiMour (4 года)
λαβ γιου :)

Автор Steny (2 года)
I checked it out on my keyboard and it's on the C-Chord..

Автор AliceinMadness (3 года)
Sounds depressing but pretty -.-

Автор BIankShot (6 лет)
Thank you (:

Автор Emily Hargrove (5 лет)
its so pretty!!!!! i wish i could sing that high!

Автор chrissy suranofsky (4 года)
i cry when i hear this song because it played at my grammys funeral. she
passed a week before my birthday and this was her favorite song. RIP grammy

Автор MrMattyHarris (4 года)
I'm using this in a christmas production! Its amaze! thankyoux

Автор clcovill (3 года)
This probably sounds awfully silly, but this song always makes me sad when
I hear it. You see, I used to play this song on the harmonica and my cat
loved it. Most cats really don't like the harmonica, but she would always
snuggle up next to me and start kneading when I played it, especially this
song. Now that she died just a few months ago, this song makes me think of
her. She was there before I was even born, so being without her has been
hard. Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Joey.

Автор MRMBENZ11 (3 года)
I Love You God!!!!! When I Listen To This It Reminds Me Of You!!!!!! This
Song Made Me Cry!!!!!!

Автор Annie Leonhart (4 года)
It sounds sad.. ._.

Автор TheSdenne (4 года)
Good strong version. Nice sounding piano.

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