5 MOST Common Hair Styling Mistakes Men Make | How To Have Awesome Hair

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The pursuit of perfect hair is a journey where you will have good, bad, amazing, and messed-up hair days! We are born with a great head of hair, and then we age and things fall apart. In this video men's style, grooming, fitness and lifestyle expert, Aaron Marino of IAmAlphaM, AaronMarino, and Pete & Pedro presents minor things that may sabotaging your hair potential.

Hair Style Mistakes and Fixes

1. Selecting a hair style that will never work for your hair - you need to be in touch with reality in terms of your hair. Alpha gives examples of emails regarding of hair types that will not ever work.

2. Using too much product - using the wrong product, not having enough hold, or your hair is too long are the issues. Product selection is critical to your hair satisfaction.

3. Cutting off your side burns - it looks terrible for everyone since your face is not framed and your hairstyle doesn't have a nice, cleaned finished edge. The exception is if you shave your hair.

4. Touching and fixing your hair all day long - it's annoying and also will make your hair greasy. Fix it and forget it!

5. Not using your hair styling product properly - emulsification is key to using hair styling products properly. Alpha demonstrates.

** Don't act like your hair is fragile. Get the product to the roots. Alpha's favorite product that he uses is Pete and Pedro Putty.

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Автор Martin Ølgaard Svendsen ( назад)
Can u please make a guide to style hairstyles like yours? :)

Автор Jose Torres ( назад)
you talk to damn much

Автор jan benes ( назад)
my common mystake is that when i woke up i just left my hair as their are
and go :D

Автор Andika Febryan ( назад)
His hair is damn fine!

Автор Nickolas C ( назад)
Pete and Pedro's is great and all but I'm 14 and have no job. It's probably
stupid to ask for any alternatives from you, founder of Pete and Pedro's,
but are there any?

Автор Riot Alice ( назад)
Also when you fix your hair, bring a comb... To avoid oil transfers, just a
small pocket comb.

Автор raziel kain4 ( назад)

Автор Aron Hd ( назад)
I think he has bad hair anyone else agree

Автор Amanyu Anil ( назад)
can u suggest a hair style for me?

Автор Andrew Bartholomew ( назад)
what up with his right eye

Автор AthleticGamer2000 ( назад)
What hairstyles do you recommend for thin wavy hair that is curly at the
tips if it grows long enough. I currently have a fohawk type of hairstyle

Автор Sins_of_the Wasteland ( назад)
More like hair rant

Автор Ivan Gomes ( назад)
4:31 this is magic in 1 sec he makes the hair look good

I wish i could do the same with mine ಠ_ಥ

Автор lito carlito ( назад)
who does this hairdresser think he's fooling....he's gayer than a male

Автор Tucker Scheihing ( назад)
Dude alpha I know you probably won't read this but if you do comment cuss a
store in Oklahoma would be awesome I can hook you up with an awesome
building as well

Автор K C123 ( назад)
anyone else like there hair in the mirror but hate it in photos ?

Автор Nathan_11 ( назад)
Can anyone recommend the best product to get that I can go and get almost

Автор Brandon C. ( назад)
Hahaha I'm bald so none of this applies to me

Автор Tiff Benson ( назад)
Tip #2 🙌🏽 . Pay attention guys.

Автор wesley moore ( назад)
can someone reply to this with his email name pls

Автор lito carlito ( назад)
this guy lovez to be rubbed down with creams....little gay...no...a lot gay

Автор lito carlito ( назад)
two earrings is gay

Автор lito carlito ( назад)
hes a little guy

Автор oreosaysb00 ( назад)
Pete and Pedro doesn't ship to Sweden :(

Автор Jaey Bob ( назад)
Dont "wash" your hair too often.
With that i mean dont shampoo it every day if you shower every day, much of
the natural oil is there to protect your hair. Wash it out with hot water
to get rid of dirt and some of the grease and try how long it takes till
your scalp feels uncomfortable... thats when you use shampoo.
I for example can easiely go 3 days wirthout shampooing my hair and when i
do my hair looks dryed out... as it is basically dried out then

Автор Chris Soto ( назад)
I am one of those people who touches there hair a lot please give me advise
on how to stop

Автор john doe ( назад)
Aveeno Lotion is the best for dandruff

Автор Anubhav Tekta ( назад)
what about my hair

Автор Maciej Maciejewski ( назад)
Cringe, I am bald and one-eyed so where did I do a styling mistake?

Автор faimzan21 ( назад)
I am bald. Why am I watching this?

Автор DevineGamingTV ( назад)
Anyone else here using the strongest version of Renati Hair Clay? I got
very thick dense hair, so with weak hair wox it lives it's own life :/

Автор Melissa Stinson ( назад)
fuckin love this video

Автор EL Chequefara ( назад)
i use nothing 😐. Literally.......... i only clean my hair with shampoo😂

Автор Scott Meikle ( назад)
Why has my barber cut my fringe uneven it looks weird in my opinion but I
don't know if there's a reason for it ??

Автор Paul Browning ( назад)
I'm currently growing my hair out long. It looked good long back in
college. What do you think, AlphaM, about having long hair these days?


Автор Dade Fuller ( назад)
Do you like Afros ?

Автор Nitin Saxena ( назад)
tell me the solution for dry scalp and dandruffpls

Автор Jake Ells ( назад)
something I've been doing for a long time when styling my hair is I'll wet
hair, soak it, like rite out of the shower. without drying it I'll put in
my jell. get it everywhere and then I will towel dry my hair and style as
needed with a comb. right amount of jell. hair still kinda looks wet but
isn't. works great for me and I'm surprised I've never heard of anyone else
doing it lol

Автор fenix182 ( назад)
I love how you, quite often in your videos, mess up your flow occasionally,
BUT, save it by turning it into what emphasises your initial point! 😂😂😂

Автор DopeGeekGuy ( назад)
I want to get a haircut but I want to ask his opinion about it tbh :/

Автор ganesh raj kyatham ( назад)
hey, what's your haircut called?

Автор Emrah Melez ( назад)
People that are not satisfied with their hairline! Please go and check out:
Temple Hair Implant. You'll look so much better with temple hair! And it's
cheap as hell.

Автор Xavi Xiang ( назад)
Im Chinese but I want to grow an afro ;v

Автор Jack Panozzo ( назад)
I have a cowlick on the front on my head which translates to im fucked

Автор Sir Gold ( назад)
How old are you?
I think you are in your mid 30's?

Автор shubh s ( назад)
i certainly suffering from premature greying of hair nd i m just 18 ..pls
help me i really want to get rid of it

Автор Renu Sharma ( назад)
hey alpham please help us how to remove stretch marks....!!

Автор John II (the2ndqt) ( назад)
He's #Annoying

Автор Polynomial T ( назад)
His name is Emulsification
His name is Emulsification

Автор Anshuman Tomar ( назад)
loved it

Автор captainrobots ( назад)
when i was young i used hair jell and a few hours later it looked like i
havent washed my hair in months.

Автор Chilli Monaros ( назад)
just grow your hair like a beast

Автор Seth Rogen ( назад)
What if my hair is wavy in the front? I can't get it to do anything.

Автор Viraj Dobriyal ( назад)
Has anyone told him that he looks like a retard!

Автор Mini Ninja454 ( назад)
what kind of hair style does he have?

Автор ImDibb ( назад)
he's so triggered in this video

Автор Zero Cooper ( назад)
Can anyone give me recommendations on long hair?Any waxes or gels that will
help my hair to prevent it from falling?

Автор Suvankar Saha ( назад)
I need good hair style

Автор FQrever Gaming (EndlessFQ) ( назад)
751 peeps got no hair :))

Автор rishabh vishnoi ( назад)
i have gd hair but cant find a good hairstyle fr me ...my face is wierd 😂

Автор Zain Shilling ( назад)
is hair cream good

Автор JKC DUDE ( назад)
hey Alpha, i really need help,i am a fifteen year old boy and i have this
widow's peak on my forehead, usually i comb my hair back but the widow's
peak stays down even when i try it doesn't go up and i have to cut it every
time please help me what should i do?

Автор the nforcer ( назад)
That's some fuckin' kick ass hair man.

Автор Saad Zahid ( назад)
this guy is fuckin amazing !!

Автор Hemanth R ( назад)
where can I buy peteanpadro in india.

Автор Matthieu Gagnon ( назад)
Best haircut = Bald with a 0 Guard Clipper and shave all the beard. = No
Need to use Styling products and you look awsome everytime you wake up.

Автор muhammed azad ( назад)
man u are awesome fkn awesome 👌😍😘 freaking love ur videos n the way u do
it damn it's freak good n funny n informative n feels more friendly

u are the man 👌

Автор Ellej vL ( назад)
tis dude thinks hes a god fk him i do whatever i wanna o with my fcking

Автор SHADOWBEATZZgt ( назад)
wait what was the email we can send our hairstyle to?

Автор Jack Mehoff ( назад)
your left eye is fucked

Автор Anuq Nalawangsa ( назад)
Better than Ricegums Dissing

Автор Nigil Benno joseph ( назад)
i didn't get the email id you said.can anyone help me in getting the mail
id he said in this video

Автор Giannis Papadopoylos ( назад)
Where are you from?

Автор Yaseen khan ( назад)
man you give me confidence

Автор Super Fan Sean ( назад)
I feel like all this is easy to say when you have been given naturally good

Автор Super Fan Sean ( назад)
What's on your left eye?

Автор Bryan Tan ( назад)
Wooo I don't do any of those things but I'm still looking for that perfect
hair product

Автор Joe ( назад)
2 million

Автор Andreas Perriera ( назад)
I'm not gonna lie though, your hair is shit

Автор BigZoom ( назад)
We can't get those products in India.

There are many users from india who wanna buy those products but they don't
have any options.

Автор Aditya Ram ( назад)
Thanks bro

Автор Yatharth Giri ( назад)
in India hope this product is not available.. so what to do now..

Автор Ihtesham Khan ( назад)
It's amazing how many people don't emulsify

Автор Moses Skjei ( назад)
Nobody cares if u Italian, like I'm other ethnic white things but if I say
that id feel so annoying

Автор Floppydisk ( назад)
okay here is the thing i know how to do everything you said but i cant
afford good products or anything am 13 btw so my mom had to get my product
and the first time i ever got product was not my choice it was my barbers
and now she only gets pomade but i hate the slick back on me so i put a
little bit in for a pre style with wet damp hair then upside down i blow
dire so i get volume then i get more pomade cause that is all i have i
don't get much then i just kinda find what i want but because its pomade it
falls down i would think i have medium to light-heavy to clarify that's
right below heavy but above medium please help me i love hair and every
thing about it and your channel has helped me learn what i know now

Автор daniel knott ( назад)
Do you have to have thick hair to do this style

Автор Thread212 ( назад)
I am a female but i love this guy.
I should tell my brother about him. he has a terrible hair and not good at
styling it resulting in a disaster.

Автор ME TUBE YOU ( назад)
he is so fucking funny

Автор Spacesickrecon - ( назад)
as a guy with long hair i admit i fiddle with my hair way too much

Автор Jacob Estrella ( назад)
i love every videos your making! over flowing with confidence :D

Автор limejester ( назад)
LOL #3 the time before last I got my haircut and the guy did that to my
sideburns. Straight across from the ear. It looked sooo stupid! the haircut
was great til the very end when he did that. it looked absolutely
rediculous. i was screamin in my head WTF ARE U DOING? I sped home in a
panic and i had to fade it to fix it with my clippers. i was very lucky
that it turned out ok.

Автор Jacob ( назад)
Can I fade my sideburns?

Автор Lancey76 ( назад)
Stfu an get to the point 🐩.

Автор Patricia Molinar-Spero ( назад)
Awesome video! I am not a "dude" but I recently cut my hair, very similar
to yours. One side shaved, and the products are key! Exactly as you
describe it! An awesome hair day is an outstanding day!! So Happy with my
product, but I will try yours!

Автор Strawberries 101 ( назад)
This wouldn't work for me my friends always say that my hair is super soft
and are always touching it

Автор Cesar Lopez ( назад)
I love the Pete&Pedro paste

Автор Carlo “Vrka” Barbosa ( назад)
I'm jelly he just mess the shit out of his hair and it still looked good

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