How To Burn Ps2 Games For Esr Use

Folder with disc patcher : http://www.mediafire.com/?dgmnjjwdmty
Imgburn : http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download

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Автор Adrian Nikscin ( назад)
What music???

Автор Princecash ( назад)
i love bleach as you can see as my pic that is a random comment

Автор Harbasan Harb ( назад)
can i burn disc with NERO?

Автор l bhaskarLazyDude l ( назад)
alex are you martinezz?? wat's yours sure name ?? o.O

Автор 12349ps3master ( назад)
@MrGameMasterAlex yea but i dont have esr i have my ps2 simply chiped like i downloaded need for speed most wanted and its called the iso dvdimage

Автор 12349ps3master ( назад)
@MrGameMasterAlex sometimes when i burn the game the iso file is called dvdimage will it still work like that

Автор 12349ps3master ( назад)
@MrGameMasterAlex i have a question if i have a iso and is patched can i unpatch it
and play it in my ps2 by the way i have free mcboot or chip whatever you wanna call it

Автор Jordan L. ( назад)
Do i need a chipped Ps2?

Автор rockaz12 ( назад)
this video is rushed like its in the indi 500 or supm,who gives a shit bout song yo ?

Автор GalibixGaming ( назад)
@shamar20000 Remember the name is the name of the first song.

Автор TheCzenczi ( назад)
Is this your son?

Автор Yoblah Productions ( назад)
@dontnou3 Yes it does work on a slim, you can copy everything, and you do not need swap magic.
When I get more DVD's, I can make you a video?

Автор Yoblah Productions ( назад)
No you do not.
If you copy and move ALL the files to another memory card unit, it should work. You only need to patch the ISO with ESR patcher, then use DVD Decrypter and burn it.
Then open the tray when the game finishes. let the ps2, with the FMCB memory card inside, go to the menu, then select ESR, put in your burned copy, and let it read, it should say.
Detected PS2DVDV if you patched the ISO.
If you did not it will not work. I will make you a vid. when I get more DVD's.
Thank you

Автор Gabi S ( назад)
it works with 8x as well but in time games get a bit laggy ....

Автор Yoblah Productions ( назад)
You need ESR loader, which you can only get on free mcbt, so then you have to use the ESR patcher for the ESR loader.

Автор tokio eddie ( назад)
@dxxxdxxxx yesh..how?

Автор Juanito (497 лет назад)
I just have 2 questions..

Why do I need to patch an ISO image for? Can't you just burn the ISO to a DVD-R and pop it into the PS2?

Автор b87clr ( назад)
works great! tks for the tut. good vid too.

Автор Hakii Sung ( назад)
is ps2 modded?

Автор zoomer2444 ( назад)
lol love the kid looks like luigi

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