The Holy Grail Vortex - Nikola Tesla . Part 7 .

This is not a broadcast quality video, it was only made as a promo. http://www.youtube.com/gridkeeper
A brief look into the life of Nicola Tesla. Nikola Tesla FBI / CIA files. (only works in HD) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IjbK1viXTdo&fmt=22
Tesla, The Great Pyramid and Free Energy - Vortex Energy Part 20 of 20 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5wv_ZuFB0I

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Автор earlsworld70117 (3 месяца)
Tesla is the same man as Marconi. Check the photos! 

Автор John M. Chester (1 год)
Just wanted to let you know this:
There is a great website that review
The Tesla Coil and Generator Plans
Go to Google and Search for:
*Tesla Generator Info*
Click the First Result

Автор goddess (4 года)

Автор lslavychecker (4 года)
NIKOLA TESLA--There is a park with his statue in the USA....

Автор insightllc (3 года)
@GRIDKEEPER No HAARP ain't doing anything. If it was you wouldn't know
about it. I can make earthquakes. WATCH ME MAKE EARTHQUAKES tinyurl

Автор Weld Hawk (4 года)
I hope your right! Then I can say I know him when...(: I truly hope u r

Автор Funky Kong (3 года)
stupid bankers ruin evrything!.

Автор Baredamage (3 года)
While Money is the main force in our society poeple like telsa will come
and go, not been able to achive ther full potential....money is no longer a

Автор nickblakeleon (4 года)
earthquake machines the best and the death ray

Автор bright17 (3 года)
ppl act so dumb nowadays. use common sense and put the pieces together.
everybody wants written proof for every single thing that someone says,
like if someone else didnt say it then its not true. but the thing is u
wont get physical proof for everything, some things u can just put together
like pieces of a puzzle. @Kazyman is right. its why J.P. Morgan is such a
big name today. illuminati make rich those ppl who do their work

Автор The Ultimate Aeon of Will (2 года)
Why is the Holy Grail a vortex?

Автор YOURPENGUY (4 года)

Автор The7of1 (4 года)
When the nextgreat mind emerges the likes of morgan will economically
assassinate him,or perhaps 1 of J.P.Morgans doctors in his (the company
*cough*) will have him sectioned to a mental institute & forceably pump him
full of drugs so that he cant even think more than a 5 word sentance . A
doctor unanswerable to any court of legal body can in a stroke of a pen
condem a man to life detention in anexistance of drug induced
zombification. The world needs Assassine to terminate the Bankers.

Автор GRIDKEEPER (3 года)
@insightllc I know all about 1, 3, 6, 9 and 13. In fact i know more about
it than the NSA or anyone else that has been involved in Tesla's work in
the past one hundred years and that goes for Rodin too. Because of this i
have seen things that i never imagined i would ever experience in this
lifetime. Metatron, Ptah, Tesla, incredible being and a gift from God that
we sould all cherish IMO. Maybe we should just agree to disagree but for me
when I'm shown the truth there's no going back, cheers.

Автор pathosbedlam (3 года)
@homie12100 As I said, more like him. Not the predators we see in industry.
I'm not the least bit surprised he didn't like dealing with the business
types of the time. He was too civilized for them. If industry would support
inventors like him more, with less interference to recoup their investment,
they would make more in the long run through better discoveries. Lets face
it, people who go clubbing might be good socially, but are not very good at
nuclear science. :-)

Автор pathosbedlam (3 года)
@LDLV Too True mate.

Автор insightllc (3 года)
@GRIDKEEPER To catch them and prove them guilty you have to go back to the
beginning. Nikola Tesla caused world record 47ft uplift earthquakes in
Alaska from the Knob Hill Apparatus in September of 1899 and he caused the
earthquakes "on purpose" after causing an earthquake in Manhattan first. So
saith The Lord God. Man made earthquakes a century before HAARP Nikola
Tesla BROKE THE PACIFIC PLATE and you most of all had better have this ear.
-Biblical Prophet

Автор GRIDKEEPER (3 года)
@TheOpenedsoul I don't think many people have been able to do it. There are
many that can that either get stopped or don't have the funds to do it. It
will come.

Автор Marek Dvořáček (3 года)
Thx for up.!

Автор saucersource (2 года)
The home basement electrical generator from cosmic particles is still in an
un confiscated patent you don't need to say we needed power from the torn
down tower.

Автор youlittlerocket (3 года)
@RobMonty248 good comment

Автор insightllc (3 года)
@GRIDKEEPER Why don't you listen to Tesla's points. Why don't you simply
Your rod of ptah BAHAHAHAHA and your metatron are fantasy. Why do you
people delve into this fantasy instead of sticking with a simple truth that
will inevitably see its light of day? Man made earthquakes. He used the
Houston st. laboratory building then The Gillender Building... then the
Knob Hill Apparatus

Автор GRIDKEEPER (2 года)
I meant RH negative.

Автор pathosbedlam (3 года)
@SASNIGHTCRAWLER Pretty close to what I thought. All matter is energy
condensed into different frequency variations. Which determine the number
of atomic or sub-atomic particles. That then determines the material
produced, like elements etc, which join to form molecules, and on up to the
cells in animals or plants.

Автор ignatei (3 года)
Tesla was the greatest inventor, a strange visionary and a gay man before
his time.

Автор insightllc (3 года)
@Kazyman What are times of sorrow if not those powers that be... sorry for
making earthquakes you see... -Biblical Prophet

Автор Seth Topper (4 года)
Nikola Tesla only wanted to do for humanity he didn't want the fame and
fortune his inventions would have created he only wanted the knowledge.
That is why there is only one statute of him in america and he has almost
been written out of history. He just wanted to know. He was a great man; I
envy him very much.

Автор GRIDKEEPER (3 года)
@sk8pn Not that I'm aware of.

Автор Sale B (3 года)
He is serbian guy! Hail Tesla and Serbia

Автор veronneau007 (4 года)
pure genius pure delight ........... the monsters have yet again destroyed
mankinds only chance...........

Автор 70pda (3 года)
anyone tried___ w w w diymagneticmotor com ?

Автор user17v (3 года)
hmmmm if he only knew that US is going to make false accusations and bomb
his motherland.....

Автор Jack Wade (2 года)
Einstein was wrong energy doesnt equal mass Tesla Knew That and told him
Time travel is done via frequencies and they have no mass energy is
frequency and there fore can not equal mass read more at energy equals life
dot com Why do THEY keep teaching bogus non proven theories by Einstein.
Edison used autistic people to invent things but do to their social
disorder they could not defend themselves against him when he patented
their ideas as his own. Countries have fought wars for lesser than that

Автор WilAzzamEdison (4 года)
Edison sucks..lol I LOVE TESLA... we just cant compare to tesla

Автор Goran Sandic (4 года)
I'm sorry... but there is another statue of NiKola Tesla in Belgrade! :)

Автор MONSQUEEKY (4 года)
@weldhawk1 Our next great mind is an Italian researcher by the name of
Nassim Haramine who has come up with the most profound Unifide Field Theory
that has alot to do with Sacred Geometry. But unfortunately, like Tesla,
his work is being kept in the dark. You should really check this guy out.

Автор dugalix (3 года)
@GRIDKEEPER , I feel that I should say something. That is not the only
statue of Nikola Tesla. Here in Belgrade in Serbia stands same statue
beside main door of Faculty of Electrotechnics. It is our proud, and a
reminder of what great mind was our Nikola Tesla. People of Balkan (Serbia,
Bosnia, Croatia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Slovenia, i guess, are proud and
thankful for your effort in publishing the truth about our son, brother and
forefather - Nikola Tesla. Greetings from Belgrade!

Автор EdisonTechCenter (4 года)
Again more bull on Tesla! real engineers and historians have dismissed most
of what the "Tesla Society" has fabricated. Cheers to the real inventors:
William Stanley - the transformer, August Haselwander - 3 phase AC power,
Elihu Thomson and Dr. Louis Bell - the first AC hydropower in USA 1893 (2
years before Niagara Falls)

Автор lslavychecker (4 года)

Автор SuperPalabra (4 года)

Автор lslavychecker (4 года)

Автор RayK47utizube (3 года)
...... I thought she said - the only 1 in the "U.S.".... Let me watch it 1
mo again

Автор 77syzygy (4 года)

Автор KaOssis (4 года)
WTF! You mean to tell me you lot havn't got an active dual polarity
magnetic pineal gland's in your heads and can't Wrap yur Own Girdle's
roundabout the Earth's Ley Line Grid for Free Mental Energy and
Inspiration, hahaha, Tesla's a fake Nazi liar, cause Shakespeare got the
Ley Line Grid FREE Energy hundred's of year's before Tesla,
hahahaha....ain't that right Puc my little devil, hahahaha!

Автор Saul Williams (4 года)
there are statues of him in croatia,

Автор pathosbedlam (3 года)
@LDLV @guyNbluejeansR Obama is no better than Hitler, I'm just glad I don't
live in the USA. Once the country is bankrupt you will see how little your
politicians will protect you from the crap to come. Have fun with that.

Автор CandlesOfUnity (4 года)
« Only though annihilation of distance in every respect.... will
conditions be brought about some day, insuring permanency of friendly
relations. What we now want most is closer contact and better understanding
between individuals and communities all over the earth and the elimination
of that fanatic devotion to exalted ideals of national egoism and pride,
which is always prone to plunge the world into primeval barbarism and
strife. » - Nikola Tesla

Автор mmike222 (3 года)
@corporationation the genious of 21st century are opressed by the money!!

Автор TheYarro (3 года)
@TheOpenedsoul How old are you anyway? Don't you realize, they'd kill you.
Those corporations/people that love power and money are not going to allow
''free energy'' to come into the market. Think of water...why do you have
to pay for it now? The next thing they'll do is ask you, to pay for the air
you breathe. There has to be a huge shift in how those who control energy,
like electricity, think. It won't happen anytime soon. Checkout TED
innovators/thinkers and Bill Gates on depopulation.

Автор GRIDKEEPER (3 года)
@pathosbedlam so true. I believe he is here now to finish what he once

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