Zee Avi - No Christmas For Me (Music Video)

Enjoy a live clip of Zee Avi performing her song "No Christmas for Me" from Brushfire Records' 2008 release of "This Warm December: A Brushfire Holiday Vol. 1"

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Автор Olamild Ent ( назад)
I heard this song for the first time yesterday. It aired while I was shopping at the mall and I instantly fell in love with the voice. What an amazing piece!

Автор Mech Mech ( назад)
Love this every time Christmas is coming~~ love her voice

Автор Fam Khuong ( назад)
Every christmas time, I always play that song. Love you from Vietnam

Автор a anthony ( назад)
#nochristmasforme  Another very nice Christmas song that is not in endless rotation. 

Автор Posy Darling ( назад)
I really love her singing voice!

Автор SurvivorGoGo ( назад)
今夜、この動画に出会えた事にめっちゃ興奮しているよ^^ Awesome Zee!!!

Автор kglefo ( назад)
There's an interestingly coincidental similarity between the chord progression of this song and one by Herman's Hermits in the 60's: Mrs. Brown You've Got a Lovely Daughter. Different rhythm and arrangement among other things, but the chords are fairly close. I suppose that given the limitations of guitar chords, statistically - given the number of songs ever composed - there have to be some melodies with such similarities.  

Автор mohd sukri ( назад)
Are you retarded or what?caveman or something?you said Bahasa Malaysia is like non existence?like Russian?Finnish?i think your small and stupid brain need some workout and overhaul there..

Автор babysealslippers ( назад)
Marry me Zee Avi

Автор OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped. ( назад)
You just described world democracy my dear.

Автор RDELAPLAZA ( назад)
What is Bahasa Melayu? I don't understan a letter of it.
So It's like non existent, like russian or finnish or whatever.
like a group of people inside a room talking and fighting each other...

Автор mikka nieA ( назад)
orang2 sabah/sarawak/semenanjung semua sama saja... mana2 ada duri dalam daging... jgn pula kamu menghina kata org semenanjung bw fahaman pengganas... bagaikan kami di sini jahat2 sekali... memang ada org yg busuk hati.. tapi bukan semua... kenapa kita x boleh berfikir dan bersatu sbg warga malaysia..? pelik la... spatutnya kita bersatu sbg malaysian... dan tak perlu bezakan antara semenanjung dan sabah sarawak... sama saja... btw.. zee avi memang best...

Автор Sara White ( назад)
Gosh, her voice is beautiful!

Автор jacksonhardenmusic ( назад)
Best Christmas song ever!

Автор mayonaiseizationable ( назад)
My favorite Christmas song :)

Автор Redeemed1621 ( назад)
lauren conrad mentioned this song:)

Автор strawhatgunz ( назад)
ko ingat islam jak ka yg diiktiraf agama?? selain islam tu kafir ka?? men bagus agama ko ni.. tp syg.. org mcm ko ni kasi malu agama sndri jak.. buduh..

Автор strawhatgunz ( назад)
susah sangat la nak paham ayat ko ni..

Автор UnitedStateOfBorneo ( назад)
Menutup aurat seolah-olah telah menjadi TREND untuk menjadi GLAMOUR zaman sekarang.Sorry bro,tak main la semua tu.Zee Avi bukan jenis yang hipokrit,she has her own way.Mind your own business Malayan!!

Автор UnitedStateOfBorneo ( назад)
Kepada warga-warga Melayu Malaya/Semenanjung.Jangan cuba untuk memecahbelahkan perpaduan kaum di Sarawak/Sabah.Kami telah hidup dengan aman dan damai sejak sekian lama.Di Sarawak,Melayu(Sarawak),Iban,Bidayuh,Cina,Kayan,Kenyah,Lun Bawang,Kelabit,Berawan,Melanau,Selako dan lain-lain kaum boleh hidup dengan rukun sentosa.Jangan cuba bawa fahaman pengganas kamu(Malaya) ke bumi Kenyalang.

Автор caroline simon ( назад)
kesiannya hidup ko ni...
buka minda la sikit..ko yg sebenarnya bikin malu malaysia..
komen mcm tiada pelajaran ja

Автор caroline simon ( назад)
Jadi knp ko dgr.. jgn dengar nti ko bdosa...jgn tgk movie buatan org non-muslim,nti ko msuk neraka..jgn pakai pakaian buatan non-muslim..ksimpulnnya jgn USE OR LISTEN OR TOUCH apa yg d buat oleh non-muslim..simple kn,jadi xpyhla.nak komen2 yg spt xda pelajaran^^

Автор Bayu Ekaputra ( назад)
Dont be the war starter between religions, you said you love peace, but you act like a fool. be just at least a little bit mature to understand that and differentiate her song with religion. grow up.

Автор limitsofthesky ( назад)
Jeez Louise, why are you people even here listening to a Christmas song if you keep on arguing about how wrong it is for her to sing a Christmas song? Please leave the rock that you live under behind when you go on youtube okay? Thanks.

Автор tiffany moua ( назад)
Yo people chill. All that matters is how great this song is, regardless of her religion.

Автор ragecatful ( назад)
why do you care if a muslim is doing this or that. its up to her what she wants to do with her life. theres a reason why shes based in us not in malaysia.

Автор Naz ZUL ( назад)
@Vogueme26 well...now u see wats d different between BE A MUSLIM & NOT..we are not encouraged to sing@celebrate other's fiesta, but we Muslim R ENCOURAGED to respect those...simple as that...of coz we r 1M, but do bare in mind, most of Muslims knows how to respects others...
just dun get confused dude...

Автор Wilmi Nyokiew ( назад)
Fuccck Najib

Автор beverly marisa ( назад)
fucking amazing

Автор OnceUponATimeThereWasAPersonWithALongUsername.ItWasSoLongThatItWentAcrossTheScreenAndStopped. ( назад)
Funny when you look at the top two comments you can clearly see the compliments are in English and the rants are in Bahasa Melayu . Is that a new stereotype ?

Автор Muhammad Nazirul Amir ( назад)
@leonashville yeah me to
im from Singapura

Автор Leo Nashville (34 года назад)
@Vogueme26 i totally agree with you..

Автор Leo Nashville (114 года назад)
its just a song man..

Автор William Barclay (2011 год назад)
It's a shame that all the compliments are in English while a lot of the rants are in BM.

Автор D D ( назад)
a muslims cant celebrate chrismas coz its wrong in our religion...
if u dont believe it just ask ustadz..

Автор Eusoff Casper ( назад)

im from singapore, im a muslim and we share all the racial celebrations in singapore.
it's just a song to keep us happy, to keep everyone happy.
racial harmony maybe? =)

Автор PakWan Chakrii ( назад)
nice voice!

Автор Rachel Frankie ( назад)
hey..waddup...this is WORLD PEACE.. 1 WORLD....why waan care..its gud ryte?if ZEE AVI is close minded, she will nva created this song, it means SHE's a good human being, n we ol have to accept that we ol,, the whole religious that exist in this world, is sharing the world tugeder....to create the PEACE n LOVE..so, CHILLAX...~its just a song, btw...~lalala

Автор serenamea ( назад)
whatever, i love her songs

Автор Alisuhari ( назад)
here got 11 people stupid dumb2 click unlike!!!

Автор RainoftheStars3795 ( назад)
@RainoftheStars3795 Woops
*prevent the waste of so many human lives. ^.^'

Автор RainoftheStars3795 ( назад)
i'm a muslim and i always celebrate christmas with my christian, shinto, jewish, etc. friends. it's good to embrace others religion and culture. It'd prevent so much unnecessary warfare and waste so many human lives. And for those who haven't remembered: while jesus christ isn't an extremely significant person in our muslim religion, he is still a prophet of Allah!! Celebrating his birth, while a bit extravagant for us muslims, is still very much an acceptable act.

Автор runefan213 ( назад)
@anaHajar There's no wrong singing it. As long as she doesnt do what christians do. I celebrate christmas Hell I even go to the church with my Cousin. Its just a personal Issue and it is also a private matter.

Автор yoshcoh ( назад)

Автор dansfav226 ( назад)
@Lyssa445 i heard this while @ BBW :P

Автор Lyssa445 ( назад)
I first heard this song while working in Fossil. Girl you are amazing!

Автор Fred Gomes ( назад)
she's sooo sweet*

Автор Anatoli Scholz ( назад)
greatest (music video) of all time

Автор Alicat ( назад)
I met her last night, she's amazing! :)

Автор Zaher z ( назад)
suare sedap, tp syg...x ttp aurat...yuna gak the best

Автор giga byte ( назад)
christmas mungkin nampak bukan berunsur agama, tapi ia memang manifistasi agama..ahaha..ia ada unsur agama pagan yang dianuti orang eropah sebelum diadaptasi ke agama christian..paganisme adalah agama jugak..kan?? jika was-was jangan ikut..terus tinngalkan..bahaya..tapi lagu ni best la..ahaha..rilex2 la..dont fight over a song..

Автор pantat72 ( назад)
@chempiang123 dude krismas tu bpleh disambut oleh sesape je,,, sebab bukan raye ketuhanan,, lau y xleh sambut mcm raye cine'gong chi fa cai, deepavali, taipusam, tu bg islam xboleh la,,,

Автор pantat72 ( назад)
crhistmas boleh disambut la oleh kite la. ini bukan raye ketuhanan,, tp raye tradisi,,,

Автор Mr0btuse ( назад)
lagu hebat

Автор malayaku ( назад)
Kawan2, Malaysia jangan gaduh,, ini lagu sahaja sampai nak bertekak tu siapa suruh.

Автор eamanemiriel ( назад)
I'm not Christian, not Muslim, not a Jewish, not anything.... I just like music!

Автор snowvine ( назад)
@chempiang123 Yang bab Islam meliputi semua aspek aku setuju. Tapi, sebelum membuat sebarang komen pasal dia nyanyi lagu ni, cuba cari dulu lirik dia and try FAHAM. Jangan main pangkah jer. And cuba bersangka baik. Peace.

Автор snowvine ( назад)
@norezshah yup.

Автор ieda norieda Idris ( назад)
@chempiang123 zee avi 2 muslim kew???

Автор ST24 ( назад)

Автор kayzix ( назад)
WOI ANAK ANAK JHANAM!! APAHAL SIBUK NAK BISING2 DIA NYANYI LAGU CHRISTMAS?? ARTIS2 malaysia non-muslim menyanyikan agu hari raya boleh plak.. apahal racist sgt nie.. bangang tol aa... biar bahasa melayu aku xhebat, tapi kalau dah mengada2 cam nie aku siapa pun boleh marah...

Автор Mr. SyhrSlam ( назад)
terjemahan Al-Quran,surahAl-Kafirun [muslim>fahami kembali] [nonmuslim>ilmu tambahan untuk mengenali orang Islam]. kitakan SatuMalaysia , kena saling mengenali

Katakanlah (wahai Muhammad): Hai orang-orang kafir!
Aku tidak akan menyembah apa yang kamu sembah.
Dan kamu tidak mahu menyembah (Allah) yang aku sembah.
Dan aku tidak akan beribadat secara kamu beribadat.
Dan kamu pula tidak mahu beribadat secara aku beribadat.
Bagi kamu agama kamu, dan bagiku agamaku.

Автор David Sowards ( назад)

Автор chihiro shiina ( назад)
good voice.

Автор Mattie Cheung ( назад)
amazing voice

Автор KatzyKrazy23 ( назад)
beautiful voice keep singing :)

Автор Sushinhwa shinhwa ( назад)
love the voice and proud that u r malaysian ^ ^

Автор berrygoodstuff ( назад)
Thank you KCRW and Jason Bentley for turning me onto another new artist (for me).
Really cool and thank you brushfirerecords for posting. :-)

Автор ravejinx182 ( назад)
i like your jazzy voice and music!

Автор Joanne Guly ( назад)
nice voice nice song..!

Автор mizzshelyn ( назад)
wow... what a sweethear with such an amazing voice. malaysiaaa! :D

Автор Mymudroom ( назад)
Love your voice and style Zee.

Автор milla vanilla ( назад)
such a sweet song.luv it!!!

Автор bagassa ( назад)
very nice song, from a true artist

Автор winterwoz21 ( назад)
did you mean sick song?

Автор italtecnika ( назад)
agree..let's pray for this coming Christmas that people like pilak69 will change..

Автор ronnie damit ( назад)
pilak69.....u are 1 twisted person,try to keep ur opinion to urself...dont be racist..doohhh

Автор italtecnika ( назад)
poor malaysean..

Автор genet tok ( назад)
hello.... i'm just saying, giving an example, does that sound racism? by the way, you spell it wrongly.... sorry to say, i'm not a racist... if i'm a racist, i won't do any of the thing i've done, like singing the hari raya song etc... i've no problem with races, religion, beliefs etc.... so, think before u said anything

Автор Daniesh Ashik ( назад)
you used the term ONE MALAYSIA? why the reacism at the last sentence

Автор Daniesh Ashik ( назад)

Автор Belle Edwin ( назад)
@anisatiqah i dont think so...^_^

Автор nuhairi nasir ( назад)
yes..she's muslim...^^..proud of her ..love her song!

Автор azharkent ( назад)
yes, u're totally right.. religion or belief is just a private issue.. don't mix it with music, coz it's universal.. she knows what she did! those who love to find other person's fault is totally a loser.. why not we support her, ONE MALAYSIA, remember? by the way, i celebrate all the festivals even i'm a muslim.. as long as we know the limit, it should be okay.. am i right fellas?

Автор seniorita siniora ( назад)

Автор RunChinea ( назад)
Since when do lyrics have to rhyme? ^_^ These days songs are becoming what they were intended to be, a work of art, an expression of the artist.

Автор RunChinea ( назад)
Impossible to think........yet, here it is! ^_^ She rocks!

Автор iBandeeto ( назад)
relax man chill!!y so workd out?get a life ppl..wads abt dis whole religion thing goin on??be positive or mite as well take a spade n bury ur own grave.look at urself first before talking about others.

Автор Zack Zaad ( назад)
i luv u sean paul
i love yur music and song
i luv u
pukimak ko

Автор Priyanka Deori ( назад)
nice one.... she sings awesome....

Автор genet tok ( назад)
it's true what... the malaysian govt want us to be One Malaysia, so this is just one of the One Malaysia thing. why not accept it rather than critisize it.... wake up malaysians... jgn la siti tu blh disanjung tinggi, tp bl ada yg lbh berjaya dr siti, walau x la mcm siti byk album, at least org lain tu dikenali d negara luar, lebih membanggakan lagi la dr yg dlm negara & always with malay songs.....

Автор Lester T Michael ( назад)
Typical malays. Whenever they see people who are successful, they will try to criticize them in every way possible.

Автор genet tok ( назад)
so what if she's muslim, her voice're nice... bagusla dia ke sana buat album.. klu d malaysia mmg x laku, sbb org malaysia suka lg melayu... not shocked that her english is good. she's sarawakian. km org sarawak x pernah membezakan agama apa... semua kt kwn, celebrate semua perayaan sama2... pa slh nya dia nyanyi lagu ni, bkn memuji jesus. sy pun pernah juga rekod lagu utk raya & sy x sambut hari raya pun.... jawab

Автор genet tok ( назад)
this is quite a nice song... will be sing during christmas, people will sure remember this song. new christmas track song..... so what if she's a muslim or malay or what ever.... as long as i know, we who live in sarawak is very harmonious with each other... we help others... maybe most of the haters r not from sarawak. so shut up

Автор Paul Lewis ( назад)
you stupid m*ther, F*cking, D*ckhead. F*ck off back to what ever bomb factory you crawled out of. You radacilst suppose you'll want her stoning to death hey.

Автор Pornska Hansen ( назад)
it's just a song. go take a chill pill.

Автор Roslan Abdullah ( назад)
to mizzyezi93. u're dumb and u dont know anything about music. go screw urself and shut the f*ck up. this is music. and got nothing to do with religion. bet u dont know anything bout muslim. kuat kan iman tu dulu baru bersuare kat org laen. DENGZ.!!!

Автор basdavdan ( назад)
Dear mizzyezi, first of all please get ur facts right. This song is NOT a Christian song. Can you point out the part where she sings praise to Jesus or commemorates the birth of Jesus?

Автор bierpaulbierg ( назад)
She's sound warm and sweet.
didnt know it was such a nice lady!
Its just like a hippie sound.
much love

Автор serendippitydoo ( назад)
Irving Berlin was a Jew and wrote White Christmas ! Barbara Streisand is Jewish and her Christmas songs are incredibly popular... who cares what the religion is????

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