Nail Stamping Tutorial

This is how I stamp my nail using Konad or Bundle Monster.

Here are some products to get you started with stamping: http://goo.gl/PwkOJN

I am wearing MAC Scorcher and using Sally Hansen All The White Stuff as my stamping polish.

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Автор garfield lovertje ( назад)
Werkt niet goed

Автор Rony Melgar ( назад)

Автор Ma B ( назад)
ps - I assume you are using an expired credit card ---------------- even
using expired one, make sure you scratch all over the magnet black bar that
is what you swipe in CC machines at stores and has all your CC info, and
sand front of card your name and the number - should anyone get a hold of
it while you have your kit when traveling, they could not get enough info
from (even from a cancelled card.........having been a victim of identity
theft, I am 200% cautious when it comes to anything with my personal
info....the info the detectives gave me how these gangs work is very scary

Автор Ma B ( назад)
thank you for tutorial, I have been thinking of doing this but wasnt sure
how to go about :)

Автор adriana parvu DIY ( назад)
beautiful,love this nail design!!!

Автор Novie Rissa Padilla ( назад)
What kind of nail polish did you use?

Автор Signorina Asmr ( назад)
You have such a relaxing voice!

Автор Phyre Blu ( назад)
I removed the blue plastic from my plate and it's still not stamping. It
dries super fast

Автор Molka Bibeni ( назад)
when I swipe the nail polish off the plate I end up removing the color off
the design !! what shall I do?????? :/

Автор TwinkleBell Jamaa ( назад)
i have the same stamping kit

Автор Priscilla Gorham ( назад)
the moment your credit information is stolen..

Автор Ava ( назад)
I've waited about 5 hours until I applied topcoat, and the top coat smushed
my design? Any ideas how to prevent that?

Автор Sheila Folan (1483 года назад)
Can you stamp with any nail polish?

Автор Gabriela Yasmin Tòmas Fèlix ( назад)
Me gusto mucho

Автор Richard Ericksen ( назад)
you should hide your credit card number : /

Автор sameer khalid (541 год назад)
There is a thin plastic sheet covering the plates, u need to remove it first
thn it'll work...

Автор valeria konevych ( назад)
It cant stamp it... its a stupid thing....... i like try it 1000x and it
doesnt work it

Автор Keshini Teila ( назад)
OMG ): I still can't get it ! When I swipe it with the card that came with
the kit I end up having everything wipe away (the polish on the plate )

Автор Sarah Hicks ( назад)
why would you use a credit card in a video on the internet?

Автор Natalie Wälde ( назад)
I don't know how you do it. ... I do it the same way, or not as fast as
you, but it doesn't work. But thanks for sharing!

Автор Jessica Mejia Reyes ( назад)
I forgot to remove the blue plastic

Автор Erika K ( назад)
You just showed your card details including the number on the back 😕

Автор Cheyenne McLeod ( назад)
Has your account been hacked yet? A gift card would have been a better

Автор VSTF ( назад)
I can't scrape it as cleanly as you, it won't work :( when I scrape it it
doesn't go onto the stamp

Автор ayse Canberi ( назад)

Автор m ay ( назад)
can stamping be done on acrylic nails or just natural nails

Автор Sira Bandoo ( назад)
that nice

Автор Sofía Luciana Rollo ( назад)
I was never able to stamp my nails :(

PS: you showed your credit card number + security code...really really

Автор Devon Bauer ( назад)
looks interesting. going to buy a set of these stamps with that card you
have flashing around in the video.

Автор Nail art kits UK ( назад)
Hi Kae, just added your tut to my board!

Автор Daesungiie ~ ( назад)
I tested out mine a couple of times and none of them worked so I thought
for sure I was ripped off, but apparently I just forgot to remove the
plastic. x)

Anywho, thanks for the tutorial!

Автор TuangelitoECUA ( назад)
i have that

Автор Stefhanie Valverde ( назад)
Para el Stamping nail hay que utilizar un esmalte especial o se puede
utilizar cualquiera.? 

Автор Sheryl Lewis ( назад)
I was at the LA gift show and purchased the MoYou Kit and the stamper does
not work. I followed instructions but the stamper does not pick up the
polish...the stamper does not absorb the nail polish for some reason. So

Автор keaveneyt ( назад)
Remember to hide your numbers on your debit card and the 3 digits on the
back !!

Автор Tina Jaspar ( назад)
Great idea with card 

Автор Itzayanna Mora ( назад)
Were can I buy this

Автор lisavl ( назад)
Your nails are a perfect length and shape. I have never been able to find
anyone who doesn't make them super thick and wide. Do you do your own
acrylic, or are your nails gel or another material?

Автор Bianca Stewart ( назад)
Salon express kit doesn't not work the stamper is a load of garbage don't
buy it!! if my new stamper and plates like this stamper doesn't work it's
all going in the bin!! 

Автор Starbanini ( назад)
How come my stapmper doesn't work😓😓

Автор frenchstamper ( назад)
is the varnish you are using to stamp a special one ? if so, can you tell
me the brand please ?

Автор releecoo ( назад)
Music? Naaaawwww... your voice is just fine. I learned as you intended.

Автор evirgil2009 ( назад)
Thanks for sharing! Cute voice!!!

Автор Anna McCammon ( назад)
Is 30 plates, a stamper, and a scrapper a good deal for $12?

Автор Maryse928 ( назад)
Someone will steal you cc number....

Автор abby bruhhh ( назад)
I have a konad stamping kit but won't work do you think you know why

Автор Maria ( назад)
Hey all! Who else loves nail stamping? I do!!!

Want to be YOUTUBE BUDDIES? Subscribe to me, tell me in the replies to this
comment, and I'll subscribe back ASAP!! 😘

Автор theresia meing ( назад)
I polished my nails with red color for basic. And then stamped with white
color. But why did white color disappear after i polish my nail with

Автор Veronica Maia ( назад)
I wanna know if we neef any especial nail polish for use the stamping plate

Автор Caitlyn Taylor ( назад)
Just as an fyi, It's a debit card.... Probably all used up. I have one too.

Автор Zuli R ( назад)
why dont you put all the nail polish on the desighn

Автор שירין כצנלסון ( назад)
Thanks about the card now I can buy the robux in ROBLOX!

Автор Celtic Chrys ( назад)
Mine had a clear film on them, and it was very difficult to see, so at
first, the plates did not seem to work.

Автор Melodie Fairburn ( назад)
Wow...beautiful nails. You should be a "hand" model.

Автор Angela Ameer ( назад)
I can hear it

Автор Kyle Bridgeforth ( назад)

Автор mom3moos1 ( назад)
I have these stamp plates and stamper too. When I try normal nail polish
(not Konad product), it doesn't seem to work as well.. do you have the same
problem? What other nail polish brands work well? Tia. Confused and
frustrated. Lol

Автор dzrtmama ( назад)
You might want to remove your cvc number, etc for your protection...just
saying... :)

Автор kellie77381 ( назад)
Am I the only one who can't hear the video? I have the volume turned up
all the way on the video and on my laptop. =/

Автор Alexandra Αυτσίδου ( назад)
Acetone (I don't know if I wrote it right) is always necessary???

Автор Pincen Abigail ( назад)
Just a warning, don't use your credit card with all the numbers and the
last 3 numbers on the back. People will steal your info!! 

Автор CORYSE SUTTON ( назад)
thank u so much u r the best 

Автор indhushri Sadasivam ( назад)
i don't get the patterns @ all
I'm so worried !!!

Автор Helen Zeng ( назад)
Hi 😄 thanks for sharing this. I just started using nail stamps on my salon
as well😁 really love them.
Please have a look my channel as well if you got a minute 😘😘😘 thanks
very much 💕💕💕

Автор Helen Zeng ( назад)

Автор Jayla Owens ( назад)
Thank u so much I was literally about to throw mines away😊

Автор stobbiespotter ( назад)
You can get the stamper off amazon for an official one but I found one that
looks identical in one of my local cheap shop that sells everything if you
get me x

Автор Kimberly Herbert ( назад)
I just dont know what im doing wrong the design will not transfer to the
stamper the plate is clean and has no film on it have tried 3 different
polish's and none of them transfer to the stamp do I need a certain type of
polish please help !!! 

Автор Caroline Schlafly ( назад)
Where can you buy the pink stampy thing? what is it called? great
tutorial!!! :D

Автор Suzanne Eris ( назад)

Автор Bethany Harrison ( назад)
So pretty and simple :)

Автор Ljilja Mijat ( назад)
can you use akrylic paint instead of nail polish? does it work? 

Автор kareena kay ( назад)
can you use any nail polish?

Автор Beam Rungvijitchai ( назад)
I love your sound

Автор Erika Bradford ( назад)
Love this video. I bought this stamping kit and this video really helps to
get the hang of it! Thanks!!

Автор Beauty “beautysunshine201” Sunshine ( назад)
You have beautiful nails!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Saja Ali ( назад)
Can we please tell me from were you got the stamping plates

Автор Obur Can ( назад)
credit cards works much better,thanks for idea :)

Автор Jelena Ilic ( назад)
Why isnt it printing the full image on the stamper, is there something I
should know??

Автор ArianasMoonlight ' ( назад)
stop bragging

Автор Hidoi ( назад)
I scrape , but pattern don't print on stamper ;__;
When I do it lighter(on the plate is polish-it's dirty) pattern is don't
clear on stamper (don't talk about my nails ><")
What should I do? What I doing wrong? q.q

Автор pary16 ( назад)
god bless your card idea the metal thing just scrapes everything off lol

Автор Shan Shan ( назад)
thank you so much! love it.

Автор elana aminova ( назад)
where can you buy the stamper and the design plate?

Автор Jelly Sandles ( назад)
it never goes on the stamp for me:(

Автор Peshu19 ( назад)
i want to know in which store can I get a nail stamp here in LA?

Автор Tanya Minxy ( назад)
Thank you so much! I was struggling with stamping a lot and after watching
your tutorial it worked! Thanks <3

Автор maryloiza33 ( назад)
beautiful!! :-)

Автор Emily Paige Essick ( назад)
I hope that is not an active card your using

Автор Lien H ( назад)
OMG! Great tutorial!! I have these stampers and never use them because I
thought they sucked. But now I know it's because I was doing it wrong!!

Автор Kae Ruess ( назад)
I would suggest you try another polish to stamp with. Preferably an opaque
creme color. Acrylic paint does not work for these stamps. A final tip is
to maybe take your least gritty nail file or buffer and very gently buff
the surface of the rubber stamp. Scratching it very lightly may help pick
up the color. 

Автор nowell grey ( назад)
life saver!!!!!!

Автор Always Sparkle Bright ( назад)
Awesome thanks for sharing <3 xoxo

Автор Tina Porubovic ( назад)
can I buy this metal thing on eBuy? 

Автор Ilona Pawełoszek ( назад)
Great tutorial :) Thank you! 

Автор Julia D ( назад)
Oh my god im so dumb, I just realized that each plate has a plastic film on
it :p lets hope it works now

Автор Julia D ( назад)
Everytime I try this, I always end up scraping all the polish off the
plate, am I just pressing to hard?

Автор didina232 ( назад)
At first i didnt know what is that card doing there!!!

Автор Lauren Fox ( назад)
Great video! Your little voice is so darn cute!

Автор matatanik ( назад)
i like it thanks for sharing ! and suscribe too

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