Review of the VooDoo Tactical vest carrier


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Автор MrBeePee ( назад)
where do you buy the plates??

Автор Chris Guinn ( назад)
have you bought the plates yet? I have the same vest an I'm not shure what
size plates to get? anything will help. thank you

Автор Eric Bertram ( назад)
Voodoo tactical makes a lot that look similar. Can you tell me exactly what
one that is? X light, X light gen 1, X light gen 2...ect.

Автор auxlee72 ( назад)
what size is that? my chest is 42"...

Автор rouslan tangborn ( назад)
how big of plates can you fit in the sides

Автор Keliohesten ( назад)
Cool video, just ordered one from voodoo and it kinda looks like you got
ripped off lol 

Автор lobosps1 ( назад)
I'm a little concerned about the, "one size fits all". I'm 6'4" and am
wondering if it would fit correctly. How adjustable is the vest?

Автор SwollenCranium ( назад)
It sounds loud. All that cracking and such from the Velcro is a no no in
night time sneak mode.

Hopefully it is only that loud because it is new.

Автор Ильдар Салахутдинов ( назад)
Thank you .

Автор Michael anthony ( назад)
Made in china? that is a long vest try sitting in a vehicle with that
loaded with plates and all your gear

Автор Akrium S ( назад)
I love this vest, but since I have a smaller frame I wish it had an option
to come a size smaller. 

Автор Mark Reid ( назад)
Thx for the vid review. Thx for your service brother. Best wishes. 

Автор MR-FLIP ( назад)
Great review..I wanting to get a bundle package with rig and plates but as
you said it's pricey

Автор Luis Saavedra ( назад)
have you tried this in hot weather? how uncomfortable would it be if you
wore it the entire day in the summer?

Автор brett harris ( назад)
how you gonna review something with the tag still on it?

Автор Don't Tread On Peewee ( назад)
So would you recommend this vest over a different one? How is it working
for you? 

Автор The Terran Republic Of Top Hat Users ( назад)
In a free country you should ask why you don't need this.

Автор republica-esp-killuminati ( назад)
quick realese vest fail with ceramic plates.

Автор wildairsoft1 ( назад)
im thirteen and fatish sorta and its huge

Автор mixflip ( назад)
It depends on you really. I Hawaii some 12 year old kids are as big as NFL
football players lol. If you are big enough then it should fit you. But if
you are on the smaller side, this vest runs a bit big even for a grown man.
Maybe you should check out the smaller vest like maybe a US Palm defender?

Автор GenDonnellan ( назад)
Hey mixflip im going 12 and I was wondering would this fit me or would i be
able to make it fit me

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Who said anything about "NEED"? I own a Colt AR15 and an AK47...I dont need
either of them. This is America where we still have rights and freedoms. I
dont need your permission do I?

Автор sam matthews ( назад)
Why do you need this?

Автор Headass357 ( назад)
You talk too much how

Автор 1000hightower ( назад)
Beware criminals not of cops but civilians.

Автор Blackmanonafence ( назад)
your probably right, it probably goes to the same warehouse where it is
tagged to the different companies then shipped all over to be sold

Автор BlueHyena ( назад)
You know what, I think mine was the Condor. I wonder if Voodoo gets the
same or at least was at some point importing from the same Chinese factory?

Автор SheepdogColumbus ( назад)
25 more dollars could have got you the Banshee.

Автор michael waynick ( назад)
my IOTV works just fine

Автор Darkmonkey ( назад)
Thats a Condor MPC Modular Plate Carrier.

Автор Sam Shelley ( назад)
thank you for pointing your weapon in a safe direction.

Автор pigidly ( назад)
what is this colour???

Автор mixflip ( назад)
I want a US Palm vest also.

Автор BlueHyena ( назад)
I used to have this vest, I hated how much it dehydrated me, I switched
over to US PALM, which made me mad at how much I saved money over all going
with that instead

Автор mixflip (152 года назад)
I sold this vest and got a Condor hard plate carrier.

Автор Blackmanonafence ( назад)
condor makes this same vest, you got robbed. i paid 60 dollars for mine and
you dont put your side panels in where the built in mag pouches are, you
put them in through where the back plate goes and push them to the
designated side

Автор gar2chan ( назад)
Ah, gotcha. I'll look forward to the new vid, then!

Автор mixflip ( назад)
I actually sold this vest and went with a lighter weight and less bulky
setup. I went with a simple hard plate carrier since I picked up 2 steel
plates. Yes it covers less area than the soft kevlar but it its more
maneuverable and more durable in that the steel can get wet(sweat or rain)
and not degrade like kevlar. I could have just added the steel to the
kevlar but it would have been too heavy and hot here in Vegas. I'll do a
video of it soon. Thanks for watching.

Автор gar2chan ( назад)
Nice review, dude. Have you updated your vest yet by adding the mag
pouches, medical bag, plates, handgun holster, etc? Would love to see an
updated review.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Im not sure. I sold this vest a while back and picked up a new steel plate
carrier that is smaller and less bulky.

Автор MADZACAR707 ( назад)
What model vest is this?

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
Ya probably the best material Iv'e seen.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Yes the soft kevlar panels that I put inside can stop 9mm

Автор Bigbrobravo ( назад)
could that stop a 9 mm

Автор ChiefsFan581 (989 лет назад)
Looks like a one-size-fits-all sorta thing. Are you a very big guy? I'm
about 5 6, and am worried about the PC being too big and bouncing around a
lot while running. Any input?

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
I checked out voodoo tactical's site and it said it was made out of 1000d
cordura not nylon.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
You can insert kevlar soft panels and plates together if you want. It comes

Автор killermonkeyboy12345 ( назад)
is this a kevalar vest or dose it just carry plates

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
I just ordered this vest. I hope I like it when it gets here

Автор mixflip ( назад)
I dont know. I sold it a while back.

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
How heavy is it?

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
What material is it made of?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
I sold this vest but when I had it I only used it off duty for emergency
use only. I dont own any guns that arent real.

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
No I mean as in do you use for real guns and stuff like that

Автор mixflip (1136 лет назад)
Whats real steel? Is that a competition?

Автор Alien Gray ( назад)
Do you use this for real steel?

Автор Ninja 87 ( назад)
Awesome thank you. A much more reasonably priced armor. I appreciate it.
Long Live the Republic!!

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Try these guys out of Arizona. AR500Armor (dot) com

Автор Ninja 87 ( назад)
I can find "plate carriers" all over the place on the web, why can't I find
actual plate retailers?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
It should be ok for you. Its got some adjustments.

Автор armedmage ( назад)
I'm really digging this vest but am worried if it might be too big for me.
I'm 5'8 135lbs and have about a 30" waistline.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Its decent. There are better vest out there for sure but they also cost
more money. All of this style vest will retain heat and restrict mobility
especially when the ballistic panels and steel trauma plates are installed.
But for the money its nice. I paid too much for it though. Go online and
get it for about $60 to $70

Автор BlackDoom's Opinion ( назад)
is that a good vest cause i am going to buy that one an this is the only
review i found on it an i realy like it would u say is a good vest to buy

Автор 123takua ( назад)
this is a great plate carrier!

Автор 4th Tribe ( назад)
good lookin' rig, MF! thx 4 the good info. watch ur 6 & thx 4 ur service.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
It depends on where you live. Some states dont allow civilians to own
armor? Check your laws first. If you can own it you can order it new from a
few sites and even used on craigslist and backpage. Maybe ebay too I dont
know for sure???

Автор mixflip ( назад)
I didnt take this vest shooting. I didnt notice the buckles but I bet they
would interfere with the buttstock. I sold this vest and went with a
smaller vest with just hard armor plates now. I felt too constricted in
this bigger vest. The smaller plate carrier seems more practical for me.

Автор breadloaf ( назад)
Looks good for the money. Do the buckles on the shoulders get in the way of
where you place the stock of your rifle?

Автор xCrackhead72 ( назад)
o ok then

Автор mixflip ( назад)
Yeah I got it at a gunshow and they usually mark thing up a bit to make a
profit. I suffer from "instant gratification" disease lol so I always want
things now...not later and I justifiy the higher price to get it now. I
need to stop doing that. I have already sold this vest fyi. I went with a
smaller lighter more comfortable setup.

Автор xCrackhead72 ( назад)
90 dollars i got a vest with mag pouches holster for 60 dollars

Автор mixflip ( назад)
The big one at the Cashman center called Crossroads of the West. Check
online when the next one is. You can park for free in the back of the state
bldg (across the street) and save yourself $4 is you dont mind walking
across the street.

Автор fresh2deft ( назад)
Ay which gun show did you get that from in Vegas? I'm thinking about
picking one up. What plates did you get too cuz I know it only comes with
the vest. Thanks.

Автор weaponsdrawn ( назад)
I wish I wasn't too fat to wear this.

Автор paddmaddproductions ( назад)
I love Voodoo Tactical gear. I've got one of their combat shirts,
backpacks, and a pair of boots. None of the gear has failed me, and I go
out of my way to abuse my gear. Awesome brand!

Автор MrSn0ddy ( назад)
thats good rugged rig right there, keep it simple with some mag pouches and
youll be all set

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@WoodenToothPaste The condor plate carrier I went with was only about $45
so I dont think its the one you are thinking it is?

Автор WoodenToothpaste ( назад)
@mixflip You wouldn't happen to mean the $90 Quick Release plate carrier,
would you?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@WoodenToothPaste Yeah I actually sold this vest and got a smaller hard
armor plate carrier by Condor. I made a video of that vest also.

Автор WoodenToothpaste ( назад)
I would be all over this if it weren't for those buckles where my stock
should be.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@theawesomejoshf Pretty small. I dont know for sure but I am 5'9" 200lbs if
that helps?

Автор chris schmitt ( назад)
@mixflip yea ive been looking at condor too

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@CHICKENNNNNNNNN The stitching was good. I ended up selling it and bought a
smaller hard armor plate carrier vest by Condor.

Автор chris schmitt ( назад)
so how is the stitching ? could it handle a decent amount of weight ?

Автор frankgon4 ( назад)
Like to see how you outfit the vest. Good review.

Автор garrettzkool63 ( назад)
got mine for $60 :) ill post a review later this week. its all set up for
my shotty

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@fuuckaaron Check craigslist and backpage for used vests. Lots of cops sell
their old vest there when they get issued brand new vests after 5 years.
$100 to $200 is an average price. Just PM me for any questions.

Автор fuuckaaron ( назад)
@mixflip, anything you reccomend? Something as cheap as this plate carrier?
anywhere i can contact you for further questions?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@fuuckaaron There is no way this vest can be concealed under a uniform
unfortunately. You are looking for concealable kevlar body armor.

Автор fuuckaaron ( назад)
@hec9122 its 10x12 and @mixflip, im a police explorer i was wondering
before i purchase it i would be able to conceal it under my uniform. and
also is it kevlar or ballistic. heavy or not? does it resemble as a galls
vest? get back to me asap.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@545Krinkify I deleted your comment and blocked you. Being negative and
immature gets dealt with quickly on my channel.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@hec9122 I dont really have a recommendation for this vest. I just ran the
level IIa soft kevlar panels from my police issued vest made by Thin Blue
Line. I never ran any hard plates in this vest but Im sure any hard plate
would fit.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@DemonikProduktions without armor its just a nylon vest so I wouldnt say
its heavy. A little bulky maybe but not heavy.

Автор DemonikProduktions ( назад)
@mixflip what about without any armor plates?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@DemonikProduktions With kevlar soft armor and hard armor plates its kinda
heavy and bulky. I never weighed it but its not light. Then again no vest
will feel light with both soft and hard armor.

Автор DemonikProduktions ( назад)
how heavy is the vest?

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@wave6472 Ad in shipping costs and taxes and its about the same price.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@Charkzilla20 Sure.

Автор mixflip ( назад)
@btistabomb126 Not sure yet? Blackhawk has an adjustable holster for molle.

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