Funny Voicemail

Little old ladies beat up some guy in the middle of the street while another guy is leaving a voicemail for his friend.

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Автор Gary Alves (1 год)
So, I'm driving to work today and this little old lady slams the brakes on
in front of me... well listen below for the details...

Автор EternalxWar (1 год)

Автор Christopher Johnson (1 год)
His laugh is the best!

Автор Jwats96 (5 лет)
dued i canntt sotp laughingg hahssahahah! I cnat even ytpe rigt

Автор tommykrongyut45 (5 лет)

Автор abra819 (4 года)
@09wiecht wow, you didn't laugh UNTIL the bible part...sad

Автор djxfire (5 лет)
love this recording. I like to think it's real, with the description and
his laugh, who needs a video of it!!!

Автор TheJonashelsing (4 года)
i lol´d so hard

Автор musichic54 (5 лет)
this guy makes this video! i can't stop listening to this!!

Автор 09wiecht (4 года)
i heard this 8 years ago i didn't laugh until the bible part lol that sick
laugh he had milk went out the nose

Автор Rhonda Nobodie (1 год)
Love it...

Автор victor7491 (3 года)
This video sucks. Thumbs up from me! ^.^

Автор Eorland Greymane (2 года)
is he black or a red neck

Автор islam amer (3 года)
اعلان عبيط

Автор Jenna3220 (2 года)
Awesome! He wheezes when he laughs real hard. I do the same dang thing. It
drives me insane. Sometimes I sound like I'm 80 when I'm laughing super
hard, but I can't help it. I'm just glad I'm not the only one.

Автор sivasandoz (1 год)

Автор Obsidean (5 лет)
this really should have more views

Автор frankbblues (3 года)
she's rollin down her winda

Автор kisso1994 (5 лет)

Автор john badcock (4 года)
that would be so weird hearing this on my phone

Автор Laura Mize (3 года)

Автор steve d (5 лет)

Автор franktank40 (5 лет)
lmfao shes about 4 foot nothin

Автор Free9611 (3 года)

Автор 45barber1 (3 года)

Автор dennis3GS (4 года)
There's no way this is fake! This really made my day, when I heard this I
laughed so damn hard. I have listened to it at least 10 times since -- it
is so great, thanks for posting it! I love that laugh!

Автор 5posom (4 года)
this may not be true because when some one gets in a wreck you are supposto
call 911 for help he could have gotten n big trouble

Автор roblafd1 (4 года)
this is soooo funny but imagine listening to this eeverytime you call...

Автор Daniel Hicks (3 года)
mother goose! LOOOOOL

Автор aceylvr01 (5 лет)
my dad was rolling around on the floor he was laughing so hard! :)

Автор Jesse (4 года)
why is this video on youtube 1000 times. Very funny though great laugh

Автор CarlyMayy (3 года)
absolute best voicemail i have ever heard!! he sounds like a quality guy. :]

Автор rositaluke (5 лет)
wtf i wiill kill this person if it was my phone lolol

Автор Trey Schooler (4 года)
beatin him with an umbrella

Автор crimsonangel681 (2 года)
I listen to this every time I'm having a bad day or I'm in a bad mood. It
works instantly to bring me back to normacy. This is a better upper than
any drug out on the market! I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Bradskee10 (5 лет)

Автор Ricky Teixeira (2 года)
LMAO he laughs like donald duck

Автор cuteshorty130 (5 лет)
dude... by the end of the video the driving dude would have passed the reck

Автор stealthfinger (4 года)
Oh man thats funny! Wish I coulda seen that!

Автор NumaNuma187 (2 года)

Автор I FLY TOO (2 года)
my belly six pack hurts from laughing...meaning the buds inside

Автор Andydavc (4 года)

Автор iwillkilluslowly (3 года)

Автор Ezio Auditore (1 год)
I'll have what he is having, thanks

Автор MysticMaven (2 года)
Wow so f3cking fake

Автор masteircheef (1 год)
I'll have what he's having

Автор Severian Wintermute (3 года)
if this is fake, it makes it even cooler. this actually takes real talent.

Автор LtColSkinny (3 года)
I would have loved to be in the car with him, I probably would have been
laughing more because of him than the old ladies

Автор Mario George (2 года)

Автор 1mababy (4 года)

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