CRHOY - Paso del meteorito por el volcán Turrialba

Paso del meteorito por el volcán Turrialba.

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Автор Mauricio Carranza ( назад)
No es meteorito, es Son Goku. Poreso esta en trending.

Автор xX_SHREK_Xx :v ( назад)
12 segundos de mi vida perdidos viendo un video en trending que debería estar en la mierda

Автор Dedz Bebz ( назад)
what does the title mean?

Автор Claudio Rodriguez ( назад)

Автор the face place ( назад)
I saw title in spanish and was like volcano or meteor just saying i was pleasantly surprised

Автор Angelo Teran ( назад)
Youtube, seriously?

Автор Demetria Thomas ( назад)
first sign of the apocalypse?

Автор vriskat9413 ( назад)
a buen lugar fue a parar :D

Автор Jayce Conner ( назад)
Why did I watch this

Автор I diSagree ( назад)

Автор Ivan 425 ( назад)

Автор Alan Mirayes ( назад)

Автор antrocanal ( назад)
El único video interesante en las tendencias.... lo demás basura yankee

Автор Julio c ( назад)
The sayians are coming

Автор Philly Cheesesteak ( назад)
5 words........Aliens

Автор Aidan Wizard ( назад)
am i the only one who thinks that meteor looked a little close to the ground

Автор Jr. Jorge Dandoval ( назад)
It's just a meteorite, with only being a coincidence in the sight of a active volcano will make locals probably think of a deadline or something random.

Автор Adam - Smasher ( назад)
Its the end of the world. Trump is president and now volcanoes erupt. bye bye 2017.

Автор nova kalle ( назад)
im pretty sure thats tony stark

Автор TheXx1nfinityxX ( назад)
idk why this is on my list

Автор David ( назад)
Nemesis Prime has arrived

Автор shrarky gamer ( назад)
what is this.man I wish I speaked Spanish!

Автор Young Scientist ( назад)

Автор forgetful dequan ( назад)
when the ad is longer than the video

Автор jongberto ( назад)
what is this shit.

Автор Boxheaded Zoe ( назад)
Oh no Kimi no Nawa

Автор Captain.Crunch ( назад)
Azul de Pluto de es ci le rojo

Автор rbq0414 ( назад)
I dont understand, supposedly the next U.S president is not against hispanohablantes but every popular video in spanish is plagued with Trump supporters gloating their victory, funny

Автор Silvershadows ( назад)
Why tf is this on trending? I literally have no idea or even a guess at what I just watched. #makeyoutubegreatagain

Автор The Purist ( назад)
Since when do meteors move up and down like that?

Автор Faraj Huda ( назад)
Don't mind me just a line English comment passing through...

Автор luv gahara ( назад)
the hell is that a meteor ?

Автор Aaron Cole ( назад)
loosely translated, meteorite passing through volcano butthole

Автор NobleSpamMan ツ ( назад)
I'm not saying it was aliens, but it was aliens.

Автор ChelZemi ( назад)
ok what

Автор FalconsFury Gaming ( назад)
Why is this featured?

Автор Liz ( назад)
what is this

Автор conpa18dany ( назад)
All of you dumb fucks rather have pewdiepie videos trending!!!!??

Автор Donale Tramp ( назад)
How it feel to chew *5 Gum*


Автор XCCC Unknown ( назад)
is that trump already bombing mexico?

Автор Sir Community ( назад)
wtf is wrong with those clouds or is it a timelapse?

Автор unknown ( назад)

Автор isrrael kumiko ( назад)
Creo qué cruzó muy lejos pero se ve muy padre.

Автор pedro botello ( назад)
Why was this taken on a iphone -8

Автор BlazedAsTheSun 420 ( назад)
Damn that's crazy

Автор Jeraine Salkie ( назад)

Автор HabdMan GT ( назад)
my country looks like shit with this >:v

Автор Jose Ramirez ( назад)
The chances of actually seeing something like that is probably one and a thrilling but I was unimpressed tbh

Автор Kalumrai ( назад)
Why is this shit trending?

Автор Galedas Music ( назад)
Oh, someone found a video of what it looks like in my septic tank and posted it on Youtube. How lovely.

Автор Arthur Furniss ( назад)
Mucho bueno

Автор mauricio rojas ( назад)
jajaja. este vídeo tiene más comentarios en inglés que español. :'v

Автор Waffuru -shin ( назад)
what am i looking at

Автор J_ Durazno ( назад)
Yo soy de Costa Rica y no tengo ni puta idea de porque esto es tendencia😂🔫

Автор EPIK TOMATO ( назад)
Esto es en Costa Rica verdad?

Автор salmonline ( назад)

Автор 𝔹𝔸𝕄𝔹✪ ( назад)
Not my proudest fap

Автор Richy831 ( назад)
its Goku

Автор Frank Jahlahpano ( назад)

Автор Kenneth Madamba ( назад)
HOW ON EARTH Is this possibly trending? I need answers

Автор hu ha ( назад)
Wtf is this?

Автор Nicholas Pantelis ( назад)

Автор Pontius888 ( назад)
12 segundos perdidos y porque putas esta en trending???

Автор World Music ( назад)
the owners of this volcano have a youtube ads budget

Автор HiImMoop ( назад)
This is trending? Might as well put up a video of me dangling my keys at the screen for 30 seconds and see if I get #1 worldwide.

Автор a meme ( назад)
pls fucking hit me

Автор ADOLF HITLER ( назад)
Did it hit Israel?

Автор Nathan The King ( назад)
lo siento no hablo espanol

Автор allan alegría ( назад)

Автор FLYIN MOCO69 ( назад)
Mae estos hijueputas gringos que

Автор DATsun727 ( назад)
Trending = shared. Not views.

Автор Erika Rodriguez ( назад)
Most of the video were the intros..

Автор neojpx ( назад)
vean el vídeo y ya

Автор Rohit Playstore ( назад)
In which century was this captured?

Автор Arturo Carranza ( назад)
Puros gringos comentando que por qué esto está en tendencias 😂😂😂

Автор Farrukh Shabbir ( назад)
Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked. Its called trending page. Things that we share with each other Trend. Again. Say it with me

Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked

Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked

Автор Farrukh Shabbir ( назад)
Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked. Its called trending page. Things that we share with each other Trend. Again. Say it with me

Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked

Youtube videos trend because of SHARES. not likes. Not views. They arent randomly picked

Автор Gaming ( назад)
The real video lasted for 4 secs

Автор Len Arends ( назад)
Notice this is time-lapse footage (roiling clouds) ... based on other videos of this event, the fireball is moving far too slowly to be extraterrestrial in origin. Most likely, this is the reentry of a discarded rocket stage.

Автор Rudy Miranda ( назад)
Un video de 12 segundos del Volcán Turrialba en Costa Rica está en tendencias??? WTF?? YouTube esta más que roto 😂😂

Автор Challenger ( назад)

Автор RaVe Oz ( назад)
Some mexican immigrant translate this shit for me tf¿

Автор driftin ( назад)
For the people who don't know Spanish
CRHOY - Meteorite passage through the Turrialba volcano

Автор Jack Bob ( назад)

Автор XxJoaquinKingxX ( назад)
Omg it is JESUS

Автор Demetrius Bowman ( назад)
I'm sorry u can call me retarded but I can't c what the fuck is going on. I can see the astroid coming down but what the fuck is that thing constantly moving.

Автор A kid from Africa ( назад)
ye some things going on... a h3h3 video gets like a million within 24 hours yet this can barely get 50k and is trending... so the theory of how long a person watches the video is off... leaving the trending tab to a mystery

Автор anime freak 202101 ( назад)

Автор Gonk ( назад)

80s kids would get the joke...

Автор Dizzy D ( назад)
its the silver surfer. lol j.k

Автор The Intelligent Atheist ( назад)
I'm done with YouTube.

Автор Sean ( назад)
nearly half of the video is spent on the intro/outro...

Автор The Legendary Pug ( назад)
What even is this? At least it's not some other garbage that's trending right now.

Автор WatchMeSayStuff ( назад)

Автор El Ninyer Gm ( назад)
quien es tico Costarisence

Автор Yuyin ( назад)
🇨🇷😎 Costa Rica es Mi Patria Querida!!!!

Автор Tavo Garza ( назад)
Asteroids are common in the world today becides we have nuke to destroy any in coming

Автор Sofia Vega ( назад)
hola,yo soy de Costa Rica

Автор Istribian Ligen ( назад)
Thank you YouTube for normal trend!

Автор Luis Carlos Flores ( назад)
Porque un video de apenas 13k vistas sale en las tendencias?
- Porque? (o.0)

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