Engine Nine, Feelin' Fine! | Doc McStuffins | Disney Junior UK

Check up time! Lenny visits Doc McStuffins for a little problem of his! Can the Doc and her friends solve Lenny's problem?
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Tips From Doc McStuffins!:
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Doc McStuffins is a little girl with a big heart who loves looking after her toy friends. Full of songs and advice to help the whole family stay healthy, your little one will love following her fun animated adventures.

Follow the adventures of seven-year-old Dottie “Doc” McStuffins as she fixes up and plays doctor with her toys and dolls. When she puts on her stethoscope, something magical happens: toys, dolls and stuffed animals come to life!. With help from her stuffed animal friends (Stuffy, Hallie, Lambie and Chilly), Doc McStuffins performs check-ups and makes all of her stuffed friends feel better. Doc McStuffins videos also have some tips, tricks, and advice for you and your family stay healthy! Full episodes include original Doc McStuffins songs like the "Time for Your Check-Up" song, "I Feel Better" song and the "Hey, What's Going On" song.

● DOC MCSTUFFINS – The main character, seven-year-old Doc dreams of being a doctor like her mum. Armed with her stethoscope and lab coat, she performs doctor check-ups on her stuffed animal friends.

● LAMBIE - Who wants a hug? Pink tutu-wearing stuffed toy Lambie loves cuddles and is one of Doc’s best friends,

● STUFFY - He may be clumsy, but Stuffy is the bravest, stuffed dragon around. Well, except when it comes to spiders!

● CHILLY - The sweetest stuffed snowman you could hope to meet, Chilly worries about almost everything.

● HALLIE - A nurse and Doc's assistant, stuffed hippo Hallie has great intuition as to what Doc needs during an exam, which she calls a "Hippo Hunch".

● SQUEAKERS - Looks like a blowfish but is soft and cuddly. Squeakers may be little, but he’s very smart.

● DONNY MCSTUFFINS - Donny is Doc's four-year-old younger brother who loves playing with his toy cars and friends.

● DR. MYIESH MCSTUFFINS / MUM – Doc and Donny’s lovely mum and the wife of Mr. McStuffins, she works at a hospital and hopes that one day Doc will grow up to become a doctor just like her.

● MR. MCSTUFFINS / DAD - A superstar stay-at-home dad who looks after Doc and Donny.

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Автор becky humphreys ( назад)
water water you gotta drink way much water then you think 🎵

Автор Lethu Tshuma ( назад)

Автор Miguel Martinez ( назад)
Echa un vistazo a este vídeo en YouTube:

Автор amanda Hart ( назад)
Scooby doo

Автор Dijone' Jackson ( назад)
My daughter love her

Автор Felicia Romano ( назад)
super cute. I love it.

Автор Ryan Mikulski ( назад)
Omg, I <3 Doc McStuffins!!!! XO XO XO

Автор joe lover ( назад)

Автор Ahleenda Menina ( назад)
I love the personalities on this show. And the characters are so cute and
funny. And Loretta Divine's character is so hilarious.

Автор Stephen Tanner ( назад)
I love Doc mc stuffings

Автор Linda Deane ( назад)

Автор Linda Barta ( назад)
I love her! And yes...I'm 40 plus. Don'tbjudge me!!!!!

Автор kendri cordero ( назад)

Автор alyssa cambaliza ( назад)

Автор Kittie Pride ( назад)
Adorable! Just adorable!! I LOVE Hallie the Hippopotamus Nurse!!!! <3

Автор jazzpops1 ( назад)
Lovin doc mcstuffin and I'm 31!! Glad iv got kids tho cos they my excuse
for watching kids tv!! Lol

Автор Dylan Hermanson ( назад)

Автор angelkdurr ( назад)
I'm. 13. I. Like. Doc mcstuffins

Автор Cheka Montero ( назад)
Max and ruby

Автор Kitty Kream ( назад)
me too!!

Автор TheAngelgirl1992 ( назад)
I am 21 years old and I am watching this.

Автор Abdullah alkhaldi ( назад)
very nice

Автор Mckinney Jones ( назад)
I'm 14 and I love Doc Mcstuffins! That's how good this show is

Автор Ashantiboo Patterson ( назад)
Dont hate,appreciate!

Автор Roderick Palmer ( назад)
There will always be those who prefer to have certain other folks portrayed
in the old way of old Walt Disney. Control a people's history and you
control them.

Автор Ashantiboo Patterson ( назад)
My little sister goes crazy whenever she here's time for your checkup q

Автор babylyn agillon ( назад)
L.O.V.E. I.T. V.E.R.Y. M.U.C.H.

Автор Dania Mejia ( назад)

Автор babylyn agillon ( назад)
Hahaha stuffy!!

Автор Ahmad Fairuz Ahmad Fauzi ( назад)

Автор nicigardner2013 ( назад)
I love. Dokmikstufen

Автор Dori Grubaugh ( назад)
I like this

Автор sweetbabykerizendaya ( назад)
what's with all the dislikes? =/

Автор Shadra Fuller ( назад)
I am taking my 3, 11, and 13 year old girls to see this in Dallas Friday!!
I dont think you are ever too old for doc mcstuffins!

Автор Ebony McQueen ( назад)
Mothers listen up..... perfect for an attention grabber when handling the

Автор Cjcost1220 ( назад)
I ♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥ this show....

Автор Chloe Horan ( назад)
1'm 14 and I love Doc McStuffins!

Автор Draculaura Dracula ( назад)
give me the full episodes pls :'(

Автор crazymom11884 ( назад)
I. Love. It

Автор Asep Helmi ( назад)

Автор Megan Jurkowski ( назад)
my brother and i wach doc mcstuffins and we are 8 and10

Автор jerrese francine ( назад)
love it :)

Автор moneycat123456789 ( назад)
My little sister loves that show along with mickey mouse

Автор Fuckyougoogle ( назад)
Great show and I'm 16!

Автор luchie doombuggie ( назад)
My baby sister doc mu stuffins

Автор Rene Hernandez ( назад)
Love it

Автор Amna Gulzaman ( назад)
13 and my sisters neice watches this and u love it aahhhh nuff luv

Автор rc_monster3462656 ( назад)

Автор Lauren Batchelor ( назад)
I'm 11 and I watch it with my 2 year old sister. And after ahe gets bored
and walks away, I still watch it and forget about the world around me. ♡

Автор Jason Stiger ( назад)
i'm 33 and i love the "Doc" (so does my 2 year old)

Автор abby alvarez ( назад)
hello everyone i am 9 i am going to be ten this october 30 and i really
really love this episode me and my sister really love this!

Автор dasia hawthorne ( назад)
im 9

Автор dasia hawthorne ( назад)

Автор Wyslly Inelus ( назад)
I love this an i am only 8

Автор Austin Fisher ( назад)
I'm 14 and my 3 year old cousin got me addicted to this show idk why but I
love Doc McStuffins

Автор Tong Thach Cam ( назад)
love it

Автор kidcrush ( назад)

Автор skinnymini412 ( назад)
Great inspiration & role model for little girls! My 5 year old niece
introduced me to this! I absolutely love the fact that she's a doctor :-)

Автор DakariKingMykan ( назад)
There are... there are doll hospital's and toy menders... just not magical
like this

Автор Hanybeezy ( назад)

Автор melani keffer ( назад)
talking toys

Автор Joey Petoral ( назад)

Автор courtney ward ( назад)

Автор Will Wandrad ( назад)
'bko tfddz. 0)

Автор brokenangel1123 ( назад)

Автор Eugenia Peralta ( назад)
P Fvhjoplkk,. ?

Автор Seth A-L ( назад)
why does this have so many dislikes?

Автор horace sofargone Lee ( назад)
David like doc

Автор Stephanie de Jong ( назад)
Im 19 and like this. Lol.

Автор regina4u74 ( назад)
I love it

Автор Olivia Collins ( назад)

Автор jemyiatay1 ( назад)
Best show i every seen

Автор HeyItz Honeyz ( назад)
Lamby is so cute!

Автор Carly Pressman ( назад)
Did she mean, "dehydration"?

Автор Kawaii Kawaii Sasha ( назад)

Автор Kawaii Kawaii Sasha ( назад)
i just like this cartoon, ican't see the you know like the full episode

Автор Debutante24 ( назад)
Loretta Devine has a voice that just gives you a hug!

Автор Becky Huddleston ( назад)
I love this show.

Автор Just4fun290 ( назад)

Автор Miikaika25 ( назад)
This looks like a great show for kids

Автор babygirlmd15 ( назад)
im sorry but that last little bit looked wrong.

Автор trevorbryce narine ( назад)
this video stinks no i wont watch ya daughter sing the theme song heheheh
jk no really I:

Автор cristal gutierrez ( назад)
It was sweet you shed see it name Angelina, Cervera

Автор anna friendly ( назад)
4:31 O.O woah

Автор Za'Chyra Hensley ( назад)
i like doc mc stuffins knight Julie.

Автор MrSupershowwatcher ( назад)
Doc Mcstubborns

Автор Kelly Quinnell ( назад)
My favorite is lambie!

Автор sadin344 ( назад)
Wow! I like the so ng and the vedeo too!

Автор amanda grimes ( назад)
Daughter loves this show lol

Автор mhbower94 ( назад)
this show is so cute i love watching it.

Автор Alan Vennard ( назад)
1:39 - 1:43 nice beats bro!

Автор RHAPSODY HALE ( назад)
please watch my daughter sing the theme song on my channel

Автор weedgrass233 ( назад)
That one doll, the lamb or sheep, whatever it is, the voice sounds a lot
like Kari Kamiya from Digimon

Автор andre ware ( назад)

Автор Shanna Lawrence (227 лет назад)
12 and im still watching disney jr! Watching this episode now

Автор Sam Tran ( назад)

Автор smlee8789 ( назад)

Автор Patrick Gray ( назад)
how did you get those kind of annotations? 4:39.1

Автор David Ortiz ( назад)
My daughter loves this cartoon series. I love her so much. Cant wait to get
home and see her.

Автор mary ann lao-ang ( назад)

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