Michael Angelo Batio's Need for Speed

http://www.metalmethod.com/sk2010.htm - I asked Michael during the Speed Kills 2010 video shoot about his earliest experience playing guitar. I wondered how much he practiced and at what point his obsession with speed began. I wondered how his early experience differed from other players. This was his reply. - Doug Marks

Speed Kills 2010 is the revised version of the shredder's bible, Speed Kills. Available at http://www.metalmethod.com/sk2010.htm

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Автор Caleb Block ( назад)
Just found your old metal method CD's in my closet, Doug. Glad to see you're on youtube!

Автор frozen fire ( назад)
"And the rest is History" he got that right as he is one of the fastest guitar player in guitar history

Автор Robert Johnson ( назад)
thats how they come to be the best guitarists lol

Автор Tina Phukan ( назад)
you are really a nice guy and i like the way u talk.....

Автор Danny Nichols ( назад)
Yngwie is phenomenal but i agree, he has an ego the size of the universe. Not cool.

Автор ELgobstopper ( назад)
so true ,the audience will tell u,but im still learning ,but i want to be on stage someday,i want the crowd to be into it,thats the most important thing to me,to say wow i did it, but i still wont think i was good,cause i'm my worst critic.great teacher,ty for vid.peace.

Автор hmm? ( назад)
Very true. Very true.

Автор JayW ( назад)
0:35 Yoda: mode on :D

Автор Antar Drews ( назад)
Lol MAB playing in a church. Kinda hard to imagine haha

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
I didn't know Randy but did meet his brother Kelly.

Автор bowmanpwner ( назад)
I like how the best guitarists around aren't complete assholes about their playing :)

Автор DeadKold ( назад)
this guy has all the guitar tech of yngwie minus the ego :D

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
You can begin working with the Speed Kills DVD even if you're an intermediate guitarist. Just play the exercises at a comfortable speed. Work with a metronome or drum machine to slowly increase tempo. In a few months you'll be amazing. That's how you become an advanced player.

Автор saby8765 ( назад)
If I ever become a famous guitarist, I ll know its becoz of u dude!

Автор guitarnutter (359 лет назад)
He's using his DEAN MAB signature model guitar based on a medieval design.

Автор StavrosMarinos ( назад)
Awesome man

Автор Gustavo Costa ( назад)
Haha speaks in a cool way!

Автор I Bleed Mercury ( назад)
what a funny, humble, down to earth guy, and amazingly talented.

Автор Marc Mancilla ( назад)
What the hell??? I actually watched the whole interview! This is one of those interviews where you don't get bored and are on the edge of your seat listening intently.. awesome man! I actually wanna do the finger excersise because of him haha!

Автор bmalle12513 ( назад)
where can i buy that string muter?

Автор enhanzhao ( назад)
Yeah never judge a book by its cover.... judge it by how many pages it has. LOL jk. Yeah compared to Yngwie, he is a much better teacher.

Автор ShrPanxoSH ( назад)
practice is so boring !! why we cant born with the talent to play fast????

Автор Kev Stier ( назад)
His custom designed Dean MAB-1 Armorflame. Very awesome ax!

Автор markymazzz ( назад)
i fucking knew it that fooling around and just playing with your guitar is more important then those dull exercises

every friend or guitar teacher that i practiced with told me to do exercises
i did that and after 15 min i wanted cut the freaking strings because its boring so i started playing my own stuff and all kinds of weird combination which is more fun and you get creative

and this man, this great man did the same thing
i really respect, plus he seems like a really cool guy

Автор Unkown Sco ( назад)
"my teacher said he could not teach me anymore"

Автор Core Thrasher ( назад)
0:37 Lol, he imitates himself sounding like a child

Автор Frank Lester Delos Reyes (985 лет назад)
He seems to be a really nice guy. I agree of what he said of getting bored with practicing exercises.

Автор Will Cheung ( назад)
When i was 13,my guitar teacher told me he can't teach me anymore..

Автор TheHobbitofDune ( назад)
@JohnNortonMusic Not true but whatever... *sigh* stereotypes are pointless.

Автор enos218 ( назад)
He talks alot of sense.

Автор UnforgivingCritic ( назад)
I'll give you the keys to the Lamborghini.

Автор Jarvis Mason ( назад)

Автор Bandit King (1523 года назад)
its amazing , how a super talented individual like him has no sign of arrogance !! I pray that you succeed in all the awsome things that you do MAB. :) Rock on

Автор WhoDidYouSay ( назад)
He is seems like such a genuine person, loved this video

Автор Les Fleurs Du Mal ( назад)
funny guy and great guitarist :)

Автор Ahmed Muenzner ( назад)
good journey :)

Автор TheEstebanFumero ( назад)
You may say whatever you want about his speed or his musicality, but as a teacher and a role model, it doesn't get much better than him.

Автор Adrian92Smith ( назад)
Dean MAB Armorflame :)

Автор Aniblasfemus ( назад)
one expectation of great musicians is to play really fast, AND IT MAKES SENSE....

Автор iiXeno ( назад)
Are the Speed Kills DVDs for advanced players?

Автор SasaYamaoka (1105 лет назад)
what guitar is he using?

Автор Nb Forrest ( назад)
Seems to be a very nice fellow.

Автор Antonio C ( назад)
Michael is a nice, guys......

Автор David Aghamalyan ( назад)
I was thinking he is very egoistic person...but after this video I think he is really nice person!

Автор John Norton ( назад)
this guy is soooo right.... not often u come across a down to earth metal guitarist

Автор DMG Glenn ( назад)
Did you know Randy Rhoads back in the day Doug?

Автор Ettore Torres ( назад)
Michael Angelo make me wanna sell all three of my guitars -_-

Автор MrFGunadi ( назад)
@dmarks1 i thought it was capo

Автор Wellington ( назад)

Автор Chainsaw Guts Fuck ( назад)
this guy was born to play fast

Автор Travis646 ( назад)
Ok, he started playing when he was 9 and his guitar teacher told him that he cant teach him any longer when he hit 13. thats only 4 years. this man is really born talented.

Автор Itsuki Esper ( назад)
I imagine MAB doing his homework. Ultra-fast. Using four pens.

Автор redshaftedflicker ( назад)
Down to earth besides being a phenomenal player. Great stuff.

Автор dany3241291 ( назад)
I'm a bass player but i really want that guitar.

Автор Chris Gabler ( назад)
Very cool video! Thanks for the post! I can learn from this.

Автор Mauro Cardinaels ( назад)
this vid is made on my b-day :)

Автор chito ( назад)
so this is the legendary dmarks channel huh?
also which are some GREAT guitar videos?

Автор bob will kill you ( назад)
@gipper2112 dont know if its the right spelling but its a capo

Автор kswilson89 ( назад)
Cool, cool guy

Автор 25jonathan ( назад)
omfg, there are just some people with an insane natural ability. then there are others, like myself, who have to practice like a MF'ing pig to reach just a little speed ^^

Автор Hanodi Dodi ( назад)
what the hell? did MAB make his homework?!

Автор Rhys Gilchrist ( назад)
@dmarks1 your encouragement*

Автор Logan Truckair ( назад)
i need more of this guy

Автор kaleniX ( назад)
Thanks for uploading. He seems like a nice, normal guy. I like seeing that. Some other players tend not to be. Malmsteen for example.

Автор MrYngwie88 ( назад)
haha what are you doing man hah love it

Автор instrumentenfreak ( назад)
Thank you very much for this video!

Автор Renan Ribeiro ( назад)
well Doug, thanks the same way, and keep up the good job!
I admire you for your work, dedication and competence, thanks a lot.

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
@gipper2112 That's a string dampener invented and patented by MAB. He uses it to mute open strings when he's doing two hand tapping.

Автор rouschno1 ( назад)
I met this dude in Rhode Island in the early to mid nineties, and he was one of the nicest people I have met. He can play about anything and play it good. Super nice guy.

Автор Vince Lombardi ( назад)
Interesting stuff! Hes the man.

Автор GuitarsOfArp ( назад)
I´m just the same, I long for a positive reaction from others all the time

Автор Nebelorz ( назад)
thanks! and the rest, is history

Автор DanimalIndustries ( назад)
Great video, thanks for posting!

Автор Ian Fanning ( назад)
I love it when he does the voices! MAB... entertaining as always!

Автор Pete Pachio ( назад)
I studied w Michael back in In the day Privately..he is best of the best!

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
@nwcavertingoureyes No, it's all about getting the DVD done. And that's not a bad thing.

Автор horacrux ( назад)
@dmarks1 it would be nice to see a real in depth interview on him.i have seen numerous times,since the 80s.

Автор Craig Fish ( назад)
Cool interview, really gave me something to think about. Thanks for posting it Doug.

Автор johntguitar ( назад)
Thanks Doug & Michael! I love hearing the stories behind successful peoples motivation and inspiration. Great interview.

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
@santeclexmark I've discussed with Michael doing an in depth interview. We never seem to find the time. I actually have several questions that I've put together over the past couple of years. Every time we get together there's something pressing and we never get around to the interview. This is about as close as we've ever gotten. Maybe with you're encouragement we'll get this done. Thanks.

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
@psychodelicdragon I'll give you an introduction to Michael Angelo Batio. Search YouTube for this phrase: Speed Kills No Boundaries

Let me know what you think.

Автор Renan Ribeiro ( назад)
I want more interviews of him!

Автор GibsonTick ( назад)
Thanks doug and Michael for all your hard work! You guys are awsome!

Автор defnist47 ( назад)
I wish I could do what he did, love what he has to say

Автор Doug Marks ( назад)
@codyrox8 That's MAB's signature guitar manufactured by Dean.

Автор Harry Springer ( назад)
@danukenator123 ya i did

Автор Jack McMillionaire ( назад)
You didn't even have time to finish the video...

Автор Harry Springer ( назад)
yay first view

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