Xu Huihui, current Wushu world champion, and David Török, international Wushu champion on several occasions, show in this first instructional DVD the essential contents of daily training for beginners, starting with warm-up and stretching, then essential techniques of blows and kicks, and finally training of the first basic form Changquan (long fist) "Yi duan chang quan" (IWUF), which combines different techniques of attack and defense. It is a DVD which will allow you to have a better understanding and effectiveness of training, and which can be used as teaching material and as a guide for daily exercises.
Available at http://www.budointernational.net/
For DVD Downloading visit also http://www.budointernationalvideo.com

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WUSHU TUTORIAL: Butterfly Kick http://www.facebook.com/JadeXuOfficial Learn by watching! Step1: Watch the full video and read the instructions...

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