April 30th $1 Million Winner Glenda Dancy

Watch the winning moment as Glenda Dancy of Statesville, NC is surprised by the Publishers Clearing House Prize Patrol on April 30, 2013.

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Автор Shannon Wilson ( назад)
She so cute lol. Congrats to you!

Автор Clarisse Nzame ( назад)
Hi, I see at the Tv and I pray my Lord to look at me so I can be the next

Автор Shelby Turpin ( назад)



Автор Coleen Flaxington (1852 года назад)
God Bless all of us that playing wish everyone luck its all in fun

Автор priscilla moore ( назад)
yes i want to win gwy.no 3080 for 5k a week forever plus 1 million dollars

Автор Jon Carlson ( назад)
Imclaiming my2x numersor enterys 2xgwypch#308046-04superprizenumbers

Автор Jon Carlson ( назад)
I hope i win ive played angd entered and im dreaming of a foreverday day it
would be amazing and it would be a blessing in this mirical i win but ill
pray dreams do come true sumtimes gwypch#3080 46-04 2x entries. That im
claiming my superprize numbers fingers crossed

Автор pauline mcpherson-thomas ( назад)
Im entering and praying that I'm the next Winner of Win $1,000,000.00 on
developing. 16th, Superprize Event, gwy no. 3148, Plus Win $5,000.00 A Week
"Forever," pls activate my entries so I can winnnnnnnnnnn, thnx

Автор Carissa Boudreau ( назад)
" it's her money!"
Too cute :) 

Автор Gloria Lewis ( назад)
pchsuperfan glorialewis november 26,2013 $7,000.00a week for life

Автор Linda Moore ( назад)
I want to be the new winner on 126/2013!

Автор Lskin29 ( назад)
Her son says "You said you were going to win one day"!!!!!! :) ♥

Автор Griffin Smith ( назад)
i feel like the more of these videos i watch, the better chance i have of
actually winning lol

Автор Seereene1 ( назад)
I'd probably think somebody was pranking me too....good for them!

Автор Maria Mendoza ( назад)
danielle soy maria mendoza del Bronx soy una fiel fan, tendre esa suerte de
conocerlos?tengo 56 anos pero a pesar de mi condición tengo deseos de
ganar.les he contestado por correo y por mi
web,facebook,google,youtube,yahoo,twiter .he visto esos increhibles videos
y se ve real.al principio pence ,no era verdad,pero yo compro mucho por
internet y ahí fue como supe de pch y su prize patrol.algun dia sere una
ganadora.tengo esperanza.

Автор Brenda Martinez ( назад)

Автор Danielle Lam ( назад)
Well said

Автор melda bashien ( назад)
This is great!! It's better to be happy for people. Don't hate on this
elder woman, hating takes up way too much energy. Hope she enjoys herself
in these tender years. It's a blessing!

Автор taylor vang ( назад)
i would cry and cry and cry!!!! my 3 year old daughter would be super

Автор Cindy Lewis ( назад)
Maybe if all of the misplaced jealousy & hatred was put toward bettering
our communities, helping our young people or those who are TRULY trying to
help themselves....OUR COUNTRY might not be in the shape it's in now!!!

Автор Roberto Gonzalez ( назад)
You're fucking stupid. You would waste 1m on stupid crap

Автор Carolina San ( назад)
I suspect that half the people who are being negative here would react the
same exact way she did. I would think it's a cruel joke at first too.

Автор Carolina San ( назад)
Because it's at random! Old people don't work all the time so it's more
likely for them to win because they enter more often. Also depends where
you live. There's plenty gorgeous houses like this in the south. Make sure
you have good credit. I use to live in the city up north. A 2 bed/1 bath
apartment got me a decent sized and beautiful 5 bed/ 3 bath house in the
country in the south. Since the economy is bad houses are dirt cheap right
now. Anyways, maybe your day will come soon. Good luck.

Автор Carolina San ( назад)
Actually, they did. Or bargain hunting/shopping. I would know.

Автор Carolina San ( назад)
Not necessary in this economy many people have returned to live with their
parents like my older sister and still have a job. Didn't you hear towards
the end that he worked a 12 hour shift?

Автор Carolina San ( назад)
I love her reaction. Most people commenting here see it as someone not
caring. She just looks wary to me. She's probably thinking this is some
sort of cruel joke. Just like her son thought. And just because you have a
beautiful house does not mean that you're rich. My mother has a big,
beautiful house. She spent two years looking for a house that was cheap but
beautiful and my mother deserves it for all the hard work she's done. I'm
truly happy for them.

Автор Yolanda Davis ( назад)
I would love to see what it fill like to win. I know that will be the
happiest day of my life!

Автор andrea shepherd ( назад)

Автор Tinsel & Tine ( назад)
Do they ever come to Apts? I've only seen people in houses win. I'm sure
the Dancys have worked hard to get that house, and I wish them good will
with the 1 Mil, but I agree, when you see somebody win, who already lives
someplace nice, it makes you say, Man, that's not fair.

Автор Harriet Cole ( назад)
This are childhood friends of my husband, and we know them to be good,
hardworking people. Nothing was given to them on a silver platter. We are
so appalled that they should be judged so harshly just based on this video.
Shame on those of you that have nothing better to do than to trash people
you know nothing about.

Автор MrTitanThePhenom ( назад)
damn it ur an a hole for that comment retired people don't keep 401 k for
life my grandpop don't get that much money coming in anymore economy is bad
don't blame Obama blame those ass holes of congress and that john Boehner
sounds like boner I hate those work to get vaction ass holes u know what I
mean my mother work hard cause she love it 110 hours a week to get is a
killing we need money to get by this bs of life

Автор justin bouche ( назад)
the rich get richer.....

Автор Alex053080 ( назад)
I use to enter all the time but just kept on getting more mail then I quit
it's like a gringo always win... Not hating though Bless her for her Won!!

Автор Dorene Kranik ( назад)

Автор Adrian Garcia ( назад)
Im happy for her

Автор ZlatanYT ( назад)
Yeah, I just won 1 million dollars... *goes back into house, continuing
watching TV*...

Автор Wilboki ( назад)
people also need to stfu saying they have been playing for 10 years or
more. It doesnt fuckin matter how long u played. Each time u have the same

Автор Wilboki ( назад)
You mean why don't they give the money to you?

Автор Nick sutherland ( назад)
I know I shouldnt brag on youchewbe

Автор Nicholas Powell ( назад)
I would be more excited...

Автор KingSloth ( назад)
Well it was a public contest. I see no reason why they shouldn't recieve
the money if they won?

Автор party ( назад)
Why dont they ever have police too protect the check its 1000000 dollars
they walk with it like its nothing.

Автор KingSloth ( назад)
That is uhm... almost impossible to believe

Автор jewsrock13 ( назад)
yea and her fucking son is still mooching off her like wtf, they shouldnt
give money to ppl like that sorry just my input

Автор getdown ( назад)
$.50 more and you can play a round of pool at the bar!

Автор Ben Brown ( назад)
How about no, because they didn't enter the contest and win. Good luck and
fortune has nothing to do with "need" and how someone reacts when given
something. Honestly it just makes you a greedy fuck for acting the way you
do seeing someone else something that you want.

Автор Miklos Robertson ( назад)
He said billion

Автор Nick sutherland ( назад)
i make 1 million every 2 months

Автор Doorspeakermusic ( назад)
@ whatcha GonDo fuck u lame ass bastard

Автор jdelar123 ( назад)
i love to see someone win anything let alone a mil good stuff life is good
to some people just not all of us she probably deserved it

Автор Marcus Sullivan ( назад)
The Publisher's Clearing House Prize Patrol is coming to my house next with
a check for 10 million dollars. Hey you guys at Plublisher's Clearing House
are you reading this im looking for you to come to my front door already.
Lol. Hell they just might come. Yeah right. Lmao

Автор juggletrouble ( назад)
Jeez you know America has really been flushed down the toilet when half the
peanut gallery thinks a person who has any house is automatically rich.
This person wasn't apathetic, they were just initially suspicious, and they
should be. I bet scammers try to pull this stuff on old people, get em to
sign some papers, and then they steal their bank account. She was much more
excited when she realized it was legite.

Автор BeatlesandWebkinz ( назад)
Wow... i'm not winning a million dollars soon. XD

Автор BeatlesandWebkinz ( назад)
My reaction: Man: You just won a million dollars! Me:
and down*

Автор Platinum Vapes ( назад)
Not everything on the internet is fake you dumbass.

Автор Matthew Thompson ( назад)
If you think those people are rich from the look of their house, you are
sadly mistaken..

Автор Charlie Soria ( назад)
I would have been like ..."I GOTTA CALL SAMBODY"!!

Автор TazzyOpz ( назад)
I would be flipping out and hugging everyone there... And then run
around... And run around some more... and then call my family flipping
out... And then run around some more.

Автор mindopnr ( назад)
Regardless of all these negative comments I am happy for those people.
Anyone who is not happy for them is very bitter, jealous, and down right
mean. No one knows their personal finances. They are as deserving of that
as any of us are, maybe even more. If you negative ones tried to be happy
and positive for a change maybe you would be the next winner.

Автор agzoey aj ( назад)
All my entries said someone from my zip code with my initials was going to
win. I live in Alabama, not South Carolina, and my initials are not GD.

Автор Bobby Sq ( назад)
a quarter of what? ;)

Автор Ugottapoopstain ( назад)
I looked at the odds and the chances of winning the $1,000,000 grand prize
is 1 in 1,715,000,000

Автор neaneah Robinson ( назад)
so a nice yard means you don't need money I don't think so my yard looks
better and I sure the hell could use a million dollars some of us just keep
the grass cut

Автор Jaxon Cannon ( назад)
They were really sketchy sounding .. *pedo voice* "step on out Jason"

Автор Shnnani ( назад)

Автор Charlayne Blaylock ( назад)
Please remove my name from your contact list. Thank you.

Автор geturnt ( назад)
oh stfu!!!!!! obv the person is old as fuck and shocked she just won 1
million dollars. just cause they have a nice hous doesnt mean there rich.
you are ignorant

Автор Doorspeakermusic ( назад)
this is fake i would probably have a heart attack if they knocked on my door

Автор Jamie Taylor ( назад)
She doesn't seem too excited about winning a million dollars. I probably
would have shit my pants and passed out.

Автор 001FirstRule ( назад)
Personal info and get bombarded with spam mail

Автор 001FirstRule ( назад)
Correction, you donate money and

Автор 001FirstRule ( назад)
It's a gigantic scam, my freaking grandma has been doing this for years,
you donate tons of money just to hope you get picked. They keep majority of
the money, it's kinda like a dishonest charity.

Автор Itokio Wins ( назад)
is this real? can somebody explain to me what exactly this is?

Автор Cyan ( назад)
Somebody's jealous.


Автор Matthew Kelly ( назад)

Автор TheIroncatfish ( назад)
It was a sweepstakes, it was chosen at random.

Автор Gregor Martin ( назад)
Good for her. hope she has fun spending some of it on herself.

Автор warangel87 ( назад)
Shit didn't win again! back to keepin mah job den!

Автор warangel87 ( назад)
I think they make sure you are close to death before they give it to you.
So they don't really have to keep payin ya!

Автор Nora Nunez ( назад)
I'm from Statesville! You go girl!

Автор THERATDADDY69 ( назад)
Whats the average age of the million dollar winners? Whats the percentage
of those that live long enough to see the money?

Автор truebelle72 ( назад)
God bless her. It was her time. Pray I am next.

Автор Rosey Day ( назад)
Why can't the people who are presented at least give us excitement! I at
least want to see someone doing back flips, what a let down.

Автор StoneThug Music ( назад)

Автор sar ford ( назад)
@MrYayo45- if you look in the related videos. You see a middle aged black
lady winning as well. But it's always people that are well off...

Автор sar ford ( назад)
I agree it's always older people that have homes. I filled out Reader's
Digest. Pretty much the same thing. They sent me a big long letter stating
I was in the finals and to expect a check soon and my bank was notified.
And that never happened, liars they just wanted feedback.

Автор kalle svensson ( назад)
subscribe my friend tobbe3000cc !!!

Автор Denise Elliott ( назад)
I thought they were giving away $1,000,000.00 for life and $5,000.00 a Week
for life plus both combined also today - April 30, 2013. What happened to

Автор MrYayo45 ( назад)
How come they never do that to peole who really need the money always
middle class white people in nice neighberhoods

Автор ColeRae TV ( назад)
I think she was just in shock. She thought the day had passed, thought that
winner's got some type of warning..etc...etc..etc SOOO shock is normal.

Автор waukisha ferguson ( назад)
i wouldve fainted if i wouldve saw them they dont even seem happy

Автор michelle moore ( назад)
WOW, What great luck she had!! Would we ALL love to win that kind of cash?
Of course! I hope she enjoys the money!!! Congrats to her and her family!

Автор Karlett555 ( назад)
lucky basterds. I would just faint, drooling saliva...lol

Автор Edvaldo Júnior ( назад)
Me too!

Автор Michelle Willis ( назад)
congratulations to you and your family, best wishes enjoying the good life

Автор ExplosiveCat ( назад)
Dis ain't realsays jason XD

Автор Moe Sayni ( назад)
If I win the lottery, you will hear on the news some guy is planking

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