Hack the Stacker - Part 1

Playing Stacker. Is Stacker Rigged? Can you cheat the stacker? This was my initial goal in filming this, to prove that it was rigged. However what I found surprised me even more. You can hack the arcade game stacker and win lai games major prize by following these videos. Learn about your reaction time and how to plan to win and hack these games of chance.

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Автор angel guerra ( назад)
Yes it is rigged look it up

Автор IMZoMBiEPRoD (2014 года назад)
No it wasnt rigged

Автор marcus frick ( назад)
AND HE LOSES BY ONE!!!Stfo lil cunt

Автор RandomName ( назад)
It's not rigged you just suck at it

Автор SSJ3Goku2000 ( назад)
There was this stacker at the mall with no payout rate it literally just
had empty boxes in it because the mall didnt expect anyone to win and I won
and they were so confused and the manager went to one of the stores and
bought me the same beats that I won it was hilarious they looked at me like
a god.

Автор Astraeus Stonefeather ( назад)
Mein Gott, she gets annoying right after she opens her mouth to talk! DO

Автор Jackson Ngaheu ( назад)
This guy looks so ugly

Автор Jake Hunt ( назад)
Recorders a fag

Автор Joshua Morgan ( назад)
dont subscribe, download the video and slow it down

Автор mexicanslime12 ( назад)
Yes it is rigged

Автор Lance Weagley ( назад)
You understand contractions like you're seven.

Автор jtg199 ( назад)
you spell like your 7

Автор djkill991 ( назад)
I don't get these videos.... They say "How to hack" or "Hack Stacker" and
not a single one has actually showed me how to hack it, Only that it is

Автор tfcjosh ( назад)
1: They are rigged :) and 2: if you put it in 0.25 speed you can see that
he pressed it BEFORE it hit the block 

Автор connor stewart ( назад)
It was rigged

Автор Blinky Bill ( назад)
It's a little kid... U stfu cod fag

Автор Shane Stephens ( назад)
yes and tell her to shut the fuck up

Автор toddthecat ( назад)
No, it wasn't rigged, an obnoxious child was screaming the entire time

Автор MegaJosh851 ( назад)
Was I only one that thought the kid was a boy?!

Автор LM2K12 ( назад)
I meant the video's saying hack the stacker and how they win n shit, all
fake. i am NOT a retard. troll.

Автор UFUk MENOW ( назад)
ive seen people win you are a retard

Автор LM2K12 ( назад)
U should fuck off

Автор LM2K12 ( назад)
Rigged. To all you faggot's saying u won shit. No. You fuckin didn't. Bunch
of lying cunts. Video is fake.

Автор iCrazy_Out ( назад)
Dude thanks I won a Apple TV with an iphone. 5s thank you you you so

Автор Why do you care?? ( назад)
You idiot the button will lag if you are not in 1 / 1000 or what ever the
owner sets it as SO 1 / 1000 people will win

Автор NiKaUsTaYsKuXx ( назад)
thats a fat girl

Автор gangstamoocrew ( назад)
Some people just buy their technology outright

Автор Cheesy ( назад)
shutup little girl

Автор Cheesy ( назад)

Автор 9_00001234 ( назад)
Well, i'm not gonna comment this video. But "stacker hacker" is a better

Автор LM2K12 ( назад)
Oh look. another fuckhead on the internet, this time, harassing a girl.

Автор jms15 ( назад)
um congrats?

Автор Nintendo64WiiRoblox ( назад)
My friend Lewis won a tablet from astacker at zapzone

Автор Jay McGowan ( назад)
Ahhhhhhhh that girl scared the shit out of me

Автор Jay McGowan ( назад)
Weird little boy/girl

Автор War Link ( назад)
Shut the fuck up little girl what r u 7?

Автор candace pfarr ( назад)
s nice to her uncle joey 

Автор Chris Young ( назад)
Was that a girl?

Автор octavia1997-yugioh ( назад)
that little girl!!! so funnyXD 

Автор Huseyin Sackesen ( назад)

Автор Preston Brown ( назад)
There's a hack how to change settings to win

Автор swagboy950 ( назад)
I won 5 ipod touch from that game how about u go get a life.

Автор neo sam ( назад)

Автор swagboy950 ( назад)
Not rigged your not good at it.

Автор Penguin1569 ( назад)
lol she is ugly and fat

Автор Jerry xu ( назад)

Автор shakeANDbake3G ( назад)
the comment is a year old hop off my dick

Автор samuel simpson ( назад)
dude shes a little kid so wtfur problem 

Автор Obsessive ( назад)
this made my day I got this free iTunes Card Code and it was legit! Check
this site out: freeitunes,cc :D

Автор Obsessive ( назад)
this made my day I got this free iTunes Card Code and it was legit! Check
this site out: freeitunes,cc :D

Автор Dominick Kubica ( назад)
R.I.P Headset users

Автор ajay hira ( назад)
Guess what? I found a site that's giving iTunes card codes away for free!
freeitunes cc

Автор Diddyridez ( назад)
Age does not stop someone from being ugly or fat you know?

Автор Sharleen Torres ( назад)

Автор jonathan sacerdote ( назад)
it's not rigged it did not skip

Автор Declan Vangelatos ( назад)
its riged i was up to one too

Автор Araceli Flygare ( назад)
Hacker the stacker!

Автор Pikachu Gaming 79 - Lucas ( назад)
I mist by 1 too.

Автор josuke higashikata ( назад)
No just need good timing

Автор Audrey Kim ( назад)

Автор ASMR Joe ( назад)
thats a girl??? 

Автор Mike Chowtee ( назад)
I guess she will live on the nickname "Ugly and Fat" for the rest of her

Автор Mike Chowtee ( назад)
True, true......

Автор Mike Chowtee ( назад)
Dumbfuck, It's obvious enough that she's like 4'5, or 7 years old for your
retarded brain to understand. -_-

Автор Mike Chowtee ( назад)
Did you know that there is something called..um.how do you call it?.....Oh
yeah, Spellcheck??

Автор angry grandma ( назад)
legos dont hurt fyi but thans anyways 

Автор VideoplayerYTP ( назад)
but its opposite day...

Автор Owen Gilligan ( назад)

Автор David Martin ( назад)
It is rigged due to payout

Автор Fluttertroll ( назад)
Oh I'm so offended, I think I just got told.

Автор Fluttertroll ( назад)
Chicago, you are a fucking moron. Please shut up before you continue to
make more of an ass of yourself.

Автор urbman29 ( назад)
Same goes for your life,"personality" and family, have a GREAT day you
maggot :)

Автор FLAMISHBOY ( назад)
give me part 2 plz =)

Автор highonbetter ( назад)
If a game can be set to payout. id consider it rigged. and not a skill game
. wouldnt you ? this game can be set the string cut game. all the big prize
games are all set when to win. yes it takes some skill to win them but
machines are set..they arent in stores to give 200$ prizes to everyone that
puts in a buck .lol

Автор Dan314159265 ( назад)
It is rigged till it is due to pay out

Автор Logan Crawford ( назад)
what if i said she was annoying? Call the cops, right now do it, heck i bet
you dont even know if im an aduklt or not, let alone my address, sincerely
all the people who think the girl is annoying. 

Автор Adam Hernandez ( назад)
I won a ipod on stackers

Автор aquaticdesert ( назад)

Автор Cupcakes Johnsen ( назад)

Автор Sebastien Deschamps ( назад)
no it was no rig

Автор Gavin Fisher (Cyborg Gaming) ( назад)

Автор cmojbc (1956 лет назад)
This is good

Автор FaSe QuickzZ ( назад)
That girl was ugly?

Автор Moola Moose ( назад)
It was.

Автор Arnold Layne ( назад)
The girl is such a slut

Автор shelby neal ( назад)
i played and won and i was 9 thank you very much for all your comments 

Автор shelby neal ( назад)
i was that little girl thnx people and i won stackers so yeah

Автор OlePistolCooperation ( назад)

Автор Edward Price ( назад)
WESTCOASTBARRON3 : I have my top scientist trying to figure out what the
hell you just said.

Автор Dr Fetus ( назад)
It is rigged, it skips over when you press it so press it before.

Автор Danger Ranger ( назад)
The doesn't change the fact that she's fat and ugly.

Автор Frenchie ( назад)
stfu you dumb redneck l2spell

Автор Beaner Central ( назад)
You clicked the button and it stopped at the same exact time. 

Автор DemBagels ( назад)

Автор TheChickenrun3 ( назад)
he doesn't suck how about you go make a video of you winning grand prize no
one does it's fucking rigged

Автор ColdheartedGaming ( назад)
shes a little kid stop talking about little kids you no life

Автор Harley Sheen ( назад)
step 1: get a hammer 

Автор MrFragmatist ( назад)
Dear WESTCOASTBARRON3, Please stop raping me. Sincerely, The English

Автор Jackass200018 ( назад)
who ever said he was nice?

Автор Steve Davis ( назад)
Shes like 6 you fuckin moron 

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