Greatest US Sports Moments (2010-2016)

The best plays in recent United States sports history from 2010 thru June 2016. Enjoy these clutch and memorable moments in full 1080p 60fps HD! These athletes truly make American sports amazing...PLEASE READ BELOW!

*WATCH* Best Sports Moments of 2016 (US & Canada): https://youtu.be/8pmXiMcN_Yg

HATE COMMENTS REMOVED! Best if viewed with headphones on. Sorry if i missed a pivotal moment or your favorite team or sport, cuts had to be made to keep video at a reasonable length. (yes, #2 is Toronto not USA, yes there should be more soccer and hockey, I apologize, it is what it is I can't change it now) please ENJOY it!**

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Автор 2LB Channel ( назад)
Anybody else love it when mike been says bang 💥

Автор NyX Oblivion ( назад)
that islander one made my day

Автор Brandon Van ( назад)
Sports are just the greatest thing in the world man. They really are.

Автор Red Wood ( назад)
He's literally just showing highlights of marquee matchups.


Автор Chase M. ( назад)
This is literally the thing everyone doesn't like about OBJ's remarkable
one handed catch. WE ALL EXPECTED A MORE-HYPE CROWD!!! Here the commentator
goes, "Oh my goodness, that might be the greatest catch I've ever seen," in
a suddle voice.

Автор Xan has ( назад)
why would you put the blue jays... they are canadian

Автор UGSGaming ISR ( назад)
great video

Автор Chauncey Dumas ( назад)
who won at 6:00

Автор old player ( назад)
you are a golden state fan....

Автор WolfsInferno Gaming ( назад)
Greatest US sports moments. Literally, the second clip was a Toronto Blue
Jays clip. Good

Автор RYAN BARRIE ( назад)
this is the best video on youtube

Автор Denise Gibbs ( назад)

Автор SRMkay ( назад)
A little heavy with the basketball, eh?

Автор Connor Tracy ( назад)
Where is tne Royals A's Wild Card game in 2014 that was the greatest
baseball game that I have ever watched

Автор Connor Tracy ( назад)
15:32 delay of game

Автор MacguffinsTV ( назад)
Odell catch was insane, but he shoulda been called for PI there for pulling
the defender down lol. Yet the defender was called for it, NFL officiating
for ya. (Not a Cowboys fan). I like these videos, even though I am really
only a fan of the NFL, but still cool to watch the others.

Автор SamGabe Parkour ( назад)
Haha the great irony is that the first clip takes place in Canada lol

Автор Saige Donaldson ( назад)
I love Aaron Rodgers <3

Автор Sam Canfield ( назад)
What a game.
I live in Michigan and when the Lions started 1-7 that season (2015),
everybody at my high school gave up on them, except my friend and I.
Miraculously, they beat the Pack in Lambeau to go 2-7. Soon, they were 4-7
and had the chance to sweep the Pack at home, while pickup up steam, for
the first time in like 25 years.
My friend and I were pumped for that game against the Packers. We were
snapchatting the entire time, exchanging videos of us yelling F**K THE
PACKERS!! We were super excited when the Lions went up 14-0 in the first
And then that happened on the last play. All of our 9-7 playoff hopes
It isn't shown, but that play was an extra play. They had tried to Hail
Mary it the play before, and Rodgers was sacked, but the play was called
back due to a "face mask."
The Lions lost today for the division.
The Packers make me sick.

Автор RecreationalDragon ( назад)

Автор K. Neff ( назад)
You think Kobe was that cocky when he was telling the cops he didn't rape
that girl?

Автор Bobby Jo Industries ( назад)
Skip to 8:20

Автор Raptor Jesus ( назад)
The fastest,most exciting and intense sport only has 30 seconds in a 18
minutes video.I will never understand how can people like basketball and
not hockey.

Автор Robon Games ( назад)
wait do they mean Ezekiel Elliott

Автор Life of Chris ( назад)
They should've ran it

Автор Mry64 ( назад)
Illegal screen on Kobe's last shot at the end of the video???

Автор One_shot_ Brennen ( назад)
9:03 best day ever for me I freaked out I was crying for my hero Larry

Автор Myth Gaming ( назад)
6:32 "puts Barry Sanders on ice skates"

Автор Thomas Productions ( назад)
Subscribe to my channel for sports highlights

Автор Kolby Pham ( назад)
ah, I miss the Linsanity

Автор Randall Ellus ( назад)
no #23

Автор Over There ( назад)
Great video!

Автор M3NTALITY ( назад)
Left out both of Von Miller's strip sacks from SB 50....common man!

Автор Pierce Kasson ( назад)
Anyone have some tears in there eyes from how amazing this video is???

Автор Devan Dube ( назад)
Little edit to add Dee Gordon's homerun?

Автор J Feigelson ( назад)
Golden State blew a 3-1 lead

Автор Jackson Glassley ( назад)
Nice vid I always like watching sports videos especially yours

Автор WTD Productions ( назад)
WATCH: Best Sports Moments of 2016: https://youtu.be/8pmXiMcN_Yg

Автор Shane Osberry ( назад)
Kobe put on a show in his curtain call...

Автор It's Matt 23 ( назад)
7:28 😂😂😂

Автор Chris Gaming/Vlogs ( назад)
Do u like Steph Curry

Автор F. Christen Meyer Licensed Massage Therapist ( назад)
Help I'm hiding

Автор Jeremiah Jefferson ( назад)
Greatest Video of all time

Автор Austin Whitney ( назад)
Go bucks

Автор Platinum Skills ( назад)
The Green Bay lion one was depressing when I saw it live

Автор Che Merrill ( назад)

Автор John Crimson ( назад)
good video, would have loved to see Ray Lewis's retirement run in there.

Автор PACKERS FAN ( назад)
5:09 was the biggest voice crack ever. And about 2 seconds later he has
some more trouble with his voice

Автор Victor torres ( назад)
@ 7:45 press L 4 times

your welcome

Автор BLABLABLA blablabla ( назад)
# Let Coby Win

Автор Charles Murphy ( назад)
5:07 croaky af

Автор elkento1 ( назад)
3 finger catch by OBJ. I cant get over it

Автор Those Great Videos ( назад)
I am pretty sure you are a Lakers fan.

Автор Those Great Videos ( назад)
I am happy you posted this before the 2016 World Series because I don't
want to see anything to do with the Cubs
Sadly, I was a Cleveland #Indians fan. :(

Автор Those Great Videos ( назад)
Whenever I see Michigan I skip ahead

Автор Iconic Memorabilia LLC ( назад)
The Thumbnail of this video: My favorite football team! But they are doing

Автор TomFilms Gamer ( назад)
Play clock at 5 and the pass is... INTERCEPTED AT THE GOAL LINE BY MALCOM

Автор Supah Playa ( назад)
The first 2 are in Toronto, this is us sports!

Автор Desmond Croan ( назад)
Thank you for putting this together. Most folks wouldn't have ended on Kobe
but you all did! Much respect!

Автор Harry Vye ( назад)
11:10 teamwork/10

Автор TJGames ( назад)
As a Packers fan, I was extremely pissed, but immediately happy again.

Автор Luis Urena ( назад)
Martinez's shot to win the Stanley Cup?

Автор Mr. Splashteen ( назад)
The Peterson one and Fitzgerald one

Автор JGBaseball ( назад)
Bruins comeback against maple leafs?

Автор THE REAL DEAL 645 ( назад)
Hockey is a Canadian sport eh 🥓🥞

Автор Sameh K Ahsan ( назад)

Автор milan kachhadiya ( назад)

Автор milan kachhadiya ( назад)

Автор GW Sharky ( назад)
Ummm are there any Miami highlights

Автор GW Sharky ( назад)
1:06 made me sad. RIP Panthers Season

Автор Mitch Allen ( назад)
You can tell the dude who made this is from Oregon and loves the ducks lol

Автор Jackson Kelly ( назад)
I have a joke.....

The Cleveland Browns

Автор David Bukowski ( назад)
Who's the guy at 17:23 ?

Автор Mathew Mackie ( назад)

Автор chuckywang ( назад)
Uhh ... why are the first two moments from Toronto if this is supposed to
be a video of the Greatest US Sports Moments?

Автор Curt Dare ( назад)
Especially to include the greatest sports moment ever that occurred early
morning of Nov. 3, 2016

Автор Bradley Hoffman (SavageBossSwag) ( назад)
This is a hate comment

Автор Johnny Rodriguez ( назад)
4:59-5:08 that voice doe

Автор Grant Terril ( назад)
Where's the Rodney mcgruder (Kansas state) buzzer beater against Baylor?

Автор Ba11istic Matt ( назад)
Greatest sports moments since 2010 yet doesn't include game 162 SMH

Автор Campbell Geary ( назад)
No CMU lateral from the Hawaii Bowl?

Автор Collector1296 ( назад)
DO NOT watch if you are a Packer's fan... will reopen some pretty bitter
wounds :*(

Автор Elliot Taylor ( назад)
This video gave my goose bumps

Автор Mr. JJ21 ( назад)
this video made my day :)

Автор Jack Schmiel ( назад)
My favorite moment is may 9 2015 where Paul pierce got a buzzer beater the
same day Harper hit a walk off homer. The funny thing is, they both wear
number 34 and they were against Atlanta teams. Great day to be a D.C.
sports fan.

Автор Shadow Raven ( назад)
8:50 just that whole game was a all time great, imagine if that was a
Superbowl wow. would probably go down in history one of the best finishes
in the NFL.

Автор Mrbeast Beast no.2 ( назад)
You shouldUpdate this

Автор Tonythetiger Gaming ( назад)

Автор Tonythetiger Gaming ( назад)
On the last play of the (voice crack) game

Автор Rcklok ( назад)
must be a golden state fan

Автор darksoysauce ( назад)
I'm not familiar with American football and thought less of that game, but
the jump at 6.06 and the catch at 10.09 were dope as fuck.

Автор Diehard Pens Fan ( назад)
Wait. I thought you said US. It had the TORONTO Blue Jays

Автор Nathan Mandeville ( назад)
I love videos like these!!!👌🏼

Автор pbsk25 Mrdangles84 ( назад)
3, 3 fucking hockey moments. dufuq

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