Water Kefir

I took this video to show how the water kefir grains race up and down while fermenting. My grandkids say it looks like boat races. This is only 8 hrs of fermenting. I will let this ferment another 12 to 14 hrs more, by that time the fruit will also be racing back and forth with the grains. Also, take note of the grains along the bottom. The floor often bursts open like a volcano. This is probiotic entertainment!!!

What is water kefir?

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Автор MouthOfTheUnknown ( назад)
thats so cool! i want to make some

Автор Diana Gallo ( назад)
What's the size of it?????

Автор MephistophelesMyLord ( назад)
Will Pur water filters work? 

Автор Jack T ( назад)
@bblovas my first set of grains came from a gentleman that had some on
Ebay. They were dried. However just after I wrote that, they kicked in. I
added some apple and started using raw cane sugar and would add some brown
sugar too since it had some molasses in it (that's all brown sugar is). I
also sprinkled in some baking soda (just a tiny pinch). It's now bubbling
etc. I made some or rather, tried to make some ginger ale with it. Today I
opened up the bottle and wow, WAY over carbonated.

Автор bblovas ( назад)
@backyardsounds -- It really needs at least 48 hrs unless ur house is
really overly warm. Stir it after 24 hrs, then put the lid back on for
another 24 hrs. Celt sea salt, a cleaned/boiled egg shell or limestone are
good to add minerals, a little extra ginger makes kefir grow faster. It is
very important that you use mineral or spring water (NOT distilled water).
If you are using a filter for your water, be sure the filter takes out ALL
chlorine, but leaves minerals. Where did u get ur grains?

Автор Jack T ( назад)
I can't get my water kefir to start groovin' yet... not sure what's up. Got
them about 4 days ago. I've made fresh batch every 24 hours and this is the
3rd batch. No growth detected or much if any fermentation yet. Any

Автор dannybex ( назад)
@bblovas Doesn't the salt kill bacteria? Also, are those regular lids on
your bottles? I thought kefir needed cloth covers so they can breath...?

Автор bblovas ( назад)
If u need a good recipe, let me know & I'll share mine with u.

Автор bblovas ( назад)
This was no more than 13 hours, if I remember correctly. Make sure u don't
have any chlorine in the water... And that the water still has minerals in
it. U can add some Celtic sea salt, or throw a clean piece of limestone in
ur batch.:)

Автор claudio ( назад)
How long have they been fermenting? mine don't move as much....

Автор bblovas ( назад)
Yes, water kefir grains love ginger. The ones in this video have sugar,
ginger, figs & lemon ( w/ a pinch of Himalayan sea salt).

Автор FunKills1969 ( назад)
I love watching mine dance, too! Thanks for posting.

Автор bblovas ( назад)
Yes, honey will work against your grains.

Автор art79red ( назад)
Figs and raw honey!

Автор blackswan230 ( назад)
can you use raw caster sugar? does it have to be white refine sugar??

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