Mr. Bean - BAD driver

Mr Bean shows off some questionable driving skills in his mini...

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Mr Bean is on his way to his exam and somebody else is getting in his way! He has some very funny driving skills...

Mr Bean is on his way to his exam, and
Welcome to the Official Mr Bean channel. The first episode of the original Mr Bean series starring Rowan Atkinson was first broadcast on 1st January 1990. Since then Mr Bean has become known all over the world. Created by Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis and Robin Driscoll, there were only 14 episode of the live action series ever made.

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Длительность: 1:6
Комментарии: 313

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Автор laxan nadarajah ( назад)
its too funny

Автор Gabrielle Gulart D ( назад)
mr bean

Автор Nathan Rigby ( назад)
Look! its the reliant robin! Mr beans Arch Nemesis 

Автор Yasir Jameel ( назад)

Автор samir rashid ( назад)
hahahah epic!!!

Автор Kamille Silva ( назад)
Kkkk uashuash

Автор marvic7775 ( назад)
He is bad

Автор Zouhair Gazzal ( назад)
yaaaaaay hhh

Автор Hoàng Lâm Lê ( назад)
why does mr Bean hate that three-wheeled car?

Автор hip2thabone ( назад)
Lol padlock on the car ;-)

Автор Rap KinG ( назад)
go see (Mr Bean Back To School) episode

Автор Esma Omerovic ( назад)

Автор phuong Tran thi ( назад)
S ở

Автор Subtosubribs ( назад)
Funny not!x 1,000,000,000,000,000,000

Автор Abdulrahman Al ( назад)

Автор kaalled1122 ( назад)

Автор محمد محمد ( назад)
حرام مسكين

Автор Miguel Aligatueur ( назад)

Автор Albatrit Mustafa ( назад)

Автор Jarren Lumpkin ( назад)

Автор rashid dhiloon ( назад)
Funny not

Автор A S KHAN ( назад)

Автор MrCrashandFootball ( назад)
It got crushed by a tank

Автор 2003Lolkitty ( назад)
I agree he needs a green car

Автор Solange Perez ( назад)

Автор himal gurung ( назад)
He changed car colour

Автор Mark Atkin ( назад)
Reliant Robin

Автор fjvideo ( назад)
The other driver nearly overturned his car. It isn't Bean who has
questionable driving skills.

Автор phanz Imzie ( назад)
Mr bean got a red car

Автор Labratoria ( назад)
hehah... :D Cute mini! ♥

Автор davide quinci ( назад)
hi I wanted to ask a question you know how you call the machine that blue

Автор Jen Salvador ( назад)
only mr bean can park like that :P

Автор aleksandar slime ( назад)
what his car is not red his car is green and black

Автор Thuy Dinh ( назад)

Автор redwan hossain ( назад)
i don't liked

Автор Tork Alkhatam ( назад)
red car?

Автор Mirza Baig ( назад)

Автор xRazorProductions ( назад)
Ddfsdsassnj, sskjn.sskjn.swl.hjwssjkhwssassbnm,ass. Sax ,asamnadwsmdasd
mndasd.nm azz axnnm,mnx,saaa,mnxsaan,msaaanmssamn
,ssanm,asasmnswnmmnn,qwemnqwd,s. zazamnn.hahhhsaahshxhhssžhMZBbmHB!Jhbj

Автор beia91 ( назад)
Dat music! :D

Автор 04smallmj ( назад)

Автор Makalon102 ( назад)
damn he looked alot better when he was younger

Автор The Dev ( назад)
the car was then stolen by the Reliant Man (secret supervillain at night)
out of rage so Bean replaced it with the superior green Mini

Автор TheHurtmaster ( назад)
old car.

Автор Vicky Fox ( назад)
Poor reliant, all it wants is to be like other cars, having 4 wheels, too
brilliant for reliant makers sadly ;) Mini ftw!

Автор Rohan Kumar ( назад)
Too fast

Автор DiamondPrime The Diamond Knight ( назад)
Mr bean's car is suppose to be green

Автор Marah Jazan ( назад)
Su auto no era de color verde claro

Автор Shahab Jami ( назад)
Something bad always happens to that ccar

Автор 善變陳 ( назад)
OH ! you r so bad boy.. 豆豆先生好壞喔! 不喜歡這感覺 */-*

Автор Eric Dong ( назад)

Автор MichaelMMiddleton098 ( назад)
Where do you get one of those weird 3 wheeled cars???

Автор Official James Parker ( назад)
Is it just me, or is he a weirdly GOOD driver. Lol.

Автор Global Theme Park Media ( назад)
first time I've seen him in the orange Mini

Автор Kyle Zammit ( назад)
driving straight is boring for mr.bean. :-)

Автор Julio Rabbit ( назад)
then he got it smashed by accident and stole another of the same

Автор badie necib ( назад)
I love mr bean

Автор Akyuma Lay ( назад)

Автор Deborah Catelli ( назад)

Автор GamersTavernShow ( назад)
That's some great security.

Автор Clankie ( назад)
why he painted green?

Автор mruknown66 ( назад)
His Car was orange originally then he painted it green

Автор maria eduarda ( назад)
love mr bean

Автор MrAdy0207 ( назад)
Why is his car orange?

Автор ElectronicDeLuxe ( назад)
I wanna know how he passed.

Автор davonmakou123 ( назад)
Mr bean is a bad driver

Автор Hewe Aweesomee ( назад)

Автор khalede zare ( назад)
Nein olmilvg

Автор cheetah ( назад)
iv gseb

Автор Golden Silence ( назад)
the laughs is bother in the video like if u agree

Автор TNS ( назад)
he crashes it at end of episode you see all parts fly out

Автор LewysDesigns ( назад)
correction there fat and stupid

Автор Laxrantic ( назад)
arician are fucking asshole an fucking stupid and fucking penis suker

Автор mimosa travel ( назад)
so cute

Автор Alan Carroll ( назад)
its not funny without the green car

Автор MrHeyfuckoff ( назад)
no, the green one does, I don't know what happened to this one

Автор hanaku enjambre ( назад)

Автор yes I ate him #maramite ( назад)
That's true never mind thanks for reminding me

Автор Prosperous ( назад)
no they're not

Автор Prosperous ( назад)
somebody trying to argue with an American???

Автор Leen Alawwad ( назад)

Автор CobraBrown ( назад)
I think this one gets run over by a tank

Автор yes I ate him #maramite ( назад)
That's not his car his car is yellowish green

Автор Issam Moussaoui ( назад)
Das ist eine uresohn

Автор Wassila Talbi ( назад)
4nj, u7

Автор ListeningToThat ( назад)
Watch your mouth.

Автор smosh ( назад)
this was not a good adventure

Автор ⓐⓜⓡ ⓐⓛⓐⓣⓘⓑⓘ ( назад)

Автор ThePsyGamer ( назад)
أراهن يا رفاق تستخدم مترجم لقراءة هذا لول. أيضا، بقول السيد هو مدهش!

Автор gandzio222 ( назад)
you dumb piece of shit quit school and fuck bitches!

Автор rooky patel ( назад)

Автор MrAzimi1210 ( назад)
U can go fuck urself cracker.

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through any pain. Go fuck yourself, sandnigger.

Автор Nathan Thompson ( назад)
Stop it, enough with racist and religious talks. This is Mr Bean video
topic only. Anyone create off topic are troll or stupid to distract others.
I hope it won't be long till moderator sees it to remove it.

Автор نزال الشمري ( назад)
you are saying squash animals is faster?? what do you prefer..squashed
animal full of blood or sliced animal with clean meat (no blood) ?? you
know eating animals meat full of blood is a fast disease you will get..when
you say painful i remeber this video /watch?v=YB4qjEbUbp0
/watch?v=3RSGCWBReyc painful huh?..... is it you

Автор نزال الشمري ( назад)
i am still saying that killing animals in ISLAM is the fastest and the
CLEANEST way from the throat ask the best Veterinarian you have and you
will be shocked !!! comparing religion with cars is not our way to show the
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Автор نزال الشمري ( назад)
I'v NEVER heard or saw that at all..where is the video and i'll check((im
sure he is not Muslim))

Автор وليد الراضي ( назад)
because i said hello ,,,

Автор Joe Hoyland ( назад)
Where's your black and yellow mini?

Автор 24corrdi24 ( назад)
it doesn't matter since you are same stupid

Автор BASHACKS™ ( назад)
check out my channel

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