Peacekeeper Rapid Containment Baton RCB

Peacekeeper Products International Rapid Containment expandable Baton (R.C.B.)


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Автор Aikidobear129 ( назад)
I just hate reviews where they talk and talk about how wonderful their
product is but they never actually hit anything with it- this piece of
trash would more than likely snap in half if you were to pound it against
anything hard. It looks overweight and even when they opened it the thing
sounded cheap.

Автор Sage Myers ( назад)
if theres anybody looking for a baton THEY ONLY SELL TO POLICE I can
recommend a baton that is way better then a peacekeeper and a civilian can
buy it and own it the baton I'm talking about is called a bonowi baton
Google it great one .

Автор Sage Myers ( назад)
I don't fucking see why you only sell to cops that's so fucking stupied

Автор Steven Willoughby ( назад)
I just tried to order the RCB off of peacekeepers products.com and the
total with the baton ,holster, and combo endcap was under $205, but with
shipping the cheapest was$223, as I went to check out I found they won't
sell to civilians and only deliver to departments, no po boxes or
residential homes. I work with a lot of cops, so I will ask one of them to
get it for me, if anyone knows of a secondary police supply shop that sells
them please post it on here.

Автор Steven Willoughby ( назад)
I just bought an ASP camlock, 60 cm or basically 23.75 inches that was
advertised as a 26 inch off a website called Chief police supplies, and I
love it. They shipped fast, but after I purchased I found out it may be
illegal to carry them in Michigan, so untill I find out for sure it will be
used when I'm sitting out on my porch, at night. I bought it with the
intention of replacing a cheap knockoff baton to use while walking in the
park, as I have had dogs several times in the past try to attack me. I also
ordered a baton called the Bonowi which is German made and of high quality
they say, that I should be getting in a few days, as it's already shipped.
It is a 26 inch auto cam lock also. I like these auto cams because as with
the RCB you can extend it without having to snap it down, plus unlike the
RCB I can push the button on the end cap, and close it without smashing it
on a hard surface to close it. I plan on buying the RCB in the next few
weeks, as I like the fact that the tubes are machined and not heat treated
to flare their end tubes. I also like that they put the weight of their
baton in the front striking section, giving it more impact when it hits
something. I would of ordered this baton first, if I could of located a
website selling them. I gave up after looking all over to only order these
other two. Then one day I just accidently ran across a website selling them
here in the USA. I will buy this after I get caught up on this months
bills. I love these batons as they almost give off that sound you get when
racking your shotgun, they're quit a deterrent. If your worried about
weight, I would carry no larger than a 21 inch, and get an ASP airlite
model, but for me I like the weight, as I know when I hit something with it
bones will break, whereas they might not break with just one hit with a
lighter weight one. I myself bought it mainly for protection from stray
dogs in the park that I walk, and seeing how I don't carry it everyday I
prefer something more substantial, with great reach to keep my distance
from these stray dogs, but to each his own, their are benefits and issues
with everything so think carefully what you will be using it for as they
are expensive before you purchase. I paid $136 with shipping for my ASP cam
lock, that was just the baton only. I paid just under $240 for the Bonowi,
but that came with a kick ass holster with a built in window punch. This
holster is a side break holster, but you can pull it straight out and it
automatically retracts your baton without swinging it . I found this to be
a coolness factor.

Автор Mỹ Trần ( назад)
cây dũ này chắc 1 thướt 2 :))))

Автор Phi Lieu ( назад)
How we can buy it

Автор Dragon Butt (ThatsNoMoon) ( назад)
Im not convinced untill i see him swinging it with both hands at something.

Автор TheAyJayMan g ( назад)
More like the Watch_Dogs from the weapon.

Автор john smith ( назад)
Good review of a Police Baton for the police, GearBuyersGuide. For the
average person having a >nonlethal option besides a handgun is very wise.
In most situations, a vicious-dog or a nutty person just needs a hard
'thump.' It's not good to journey through life with a plan to shoot and
kill people.
Another 'prepper' has a less expensive baton in his get home bag, along
with a spare handgun. GWebs' friend, YankeeMarshal carries a stun-gun as a
nonlethal option, as part of his everyday carry. GWebs walks the
earth, with that big Doberman dog of his, which stops a lot of problems
>before they even start.

Автор SMOlmec ( назад)
in a street fighting situation this is allmost useless.. if the enemy
engages you it will be hard to swing the Baton.. and the bigger the more
difficult for self defense.. so i still go Home made Black Jack all the way

Автор Victor Gradinaru ( назад)
It's advice, you smartass moron.

Автор Aaron ehlenfeldt ( назад)
they are not heavy, I carried mine while in the academy

Автор Paul Melanson ( назад)
Well I was one of the TESTER''S for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police back
in 1991. And I used one every day since then... When you hit someone it
breaks bones it does not jam even when used to break open car windows to
help people that are trapped. What about you.

Автор kris sanborn ( назад)
Only a few more oz. than the ASP. I'd rather carry something that works...

Автор kris sanborn ( назад)
You have obviously never hit someone with an ASP or seen the results of the

Автор Paul Melanson ( назад)
the original ASP baton is still a better striking weapon, it's lighter and
since the diameter is small the impact is greater when it hits a leg or
arm. The small diameter transfers more impact to a specific point. IE apply
20 pounds on a smaller surface hurts more than 20 pounds on a larger

Автор CarlosH1996NL ( назад)
weapon from watch dogs! :D

Автор Phillip Sevin ( назад)
no knock against em but it looks like a tee bat heavily and ungainly. I get
the kinetic force transfer but there are true techinques that can be used
with a smaller lets say monadnock baton that are just as capable. ratton
sticks used in eskrima will do the job also 

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
Spartan- The proof is in that study they present at the trade shows.
Weapons and Research study i think. It shows the R.C.B hitting at nearly 14
g of force where as even the wood sticks didn't hit that hard. 

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
DUDE! i hope your being sarcastic, because if not then you clearly DO NOT
know what a baton looks like

Автор Rusty Shackleford ( назад)
First off, they don't sell to civilians PERIOD because in a lot of states
its a felony to carry a Law Enforcement Baton. And being a California based
company i can respect that policy and thank them for not selling to the
people i may have to use one on. Secondly, (no bash on Kelly) He comes from
a martial arts background where speed is everything. and for that
application it works but in the streets you need the situation contained
ASAP and the R.C.B does that famously

Автор bob marley ( назад)

Автор Jeff S. ( назад)
Is there a baton somewhere in this video? I can't see the thing at all.
Try, oh, I dunno, watching your videos before posting them. 

Автор that guy ( назад)
fuckin expensive 

Автор SPARTAN VI ( назад)
You also carry less kinetic energy when swinging with a lighter point,
which translates to less stopping power and a pro-longed altercation. RCB
can disable a suspect in a single swing or less if they just see/hear it

Автор SPARTAN VI ( назад)
They're a law enforcement contractor. 

Автор SPARTAN VI ( назад)
Joint-lock design and the fact that a human body has much more give than
the ground or the Numb John (i.e. that test dummy).

Автор 1ohtaf1 ( назад)
Why doesnt it collaspe when it is used to poke? 

Автор k81law ( назад)
The whole point of having a lighter striking point is so that you can be
swift with it. Making the point heavy defeats the purpose. I have taught
baton along with escrima defensive/offensive courses to officers in the

Автор edogriff ( назад)
I'mnotSAS: I am a real man. Just cause id prefer an asp doesn't make me any
less of a man.

Автор Jack O ( назад)
Anything can happen out on the road. Doesn't matter how wel your training
is or who you are.

Автор Jack O ( назад)
I runevery day, cycle 45 miles every other day and train everyday. Barking
up wrong tree on this statement. I said others say it is heavier than ASPS.

Автор bOuNc3 559 ( назад)
i have this baton its amazing...maybe if u work out n keep inshapw it
wouldnt feel so heavy lol

Автор Jack O ( назад)
I carry one every day at work. I advocated to carry it instead of the ASP
due to it's design. And sometimes it is not always possible to see threats
or keep any distance. Your going to lug a heavy baton that cannot easily be
carried or concealed. A true street criminal will see it and take it from
you. Co workers try to dump the good ones for shorter lighter versions that
dont work as well doo to weight /length. Someone who isn't mandated to
carry anything will get tired of trying to carry one 

Автор TortillaChip521 ( назад)
Your logic... it just makes no sense. My point was that you should notice
the threat before they get that close. Also, "heavy" and "clumsy" are very
subjective words. Just because it's too big and heavy for you doesn't mean
that is the case for everyone. 

Автор Jack O ( назад)
That's what I am saying,your fucked or most people are. You shouldn't let
people /adversary that close. If your going to carry anything OC would a
better choice. A heavy clumsy easily seen baton will soon become a burden
that will in all likelihood be left behind. And most hardened criminals
will take it away from you unless your well trained. Better tonot even be
there to be robbed!

Автор TortillaChip521 ( назад)
If a robber is close enough to take a weapon off me, no matter the weapon I
am carrying, how am I not already fucked? Why would I let a potential
threat get that close to me? Unless they're a pickpocket, in which case I'm
sure even a lowly, trembling "civilian" would notice a fat tube of steel
being liften off their person.

Автор 4wheeljive ( назад)
...love to have one of those 

Автор KingD ( назад)
did he say "Japs" at 1:25 

Автор AlexLLV ( назад)
Very nice what type? 

Автор AlexLLV ( назад)
I'm 15 and I purchesed my own baton, but your going to need to check your
the laws. Just because you can get it doesn't mean it's legal. You would
hate to spend 80+ dollars on a baton go to carry it and have it taken away
because it has been outlawed in your local city or, State.

Автор mojothemigo ( назад)
Question: Why are they based out of California where they are not allowed
to sell to civilians anywhere in the country not to mention higher taxes
and general hostility to successful businesses? Unless California is
offering a doozy of a deal to stay,they seem like they are hurting their
bottom line

Автор ACA515 ACA515 ( назад)
@GearBuyersGuide hey can im buy baton if im age 17

Автор CatcherInTheFry ( назад)
can you make one thats a bit more like a lightsaber please? thanks.

Автор gomcse ( назад)
@TransitShare411: the Peacekeeper (PK) is heavier than my friend's 26" ASP,
& almost makes the ASP seem toy-like. I've practiced with both, but the
ability to jab with the PK, & the stopping power, make it my first choice.
Different missions can require different tools, so I will buy a Camlock
too, but my regular duty carry is the PK. I believe it's the best friction
lock on the market, &with minimal parts, & great price, the best overall
baton available to law enforcement.

Автор gomcse ( назад)
@bobthebuilder378: after reviewing several batons, incl, Manadnock,
Camlock, Peacekeeper, and ASP, my final two were the Camlock and
Peacekeeper. I choose the Peacekeeper for three reasons: one-hit stopping
power, machined tubes (bonus: giving the ability to jab), and price. I
didn't like the fact that the Camlock had over 50 parts. That being said, I
also contacted Mr. Lahner, who uses the Camlock, prior to making my final
decision. I plan on purchasing a 21 inch Camlock in a couple of months.

Автор gomcse ( назад)
Just got my Electroless Nickel 26" Peacekeeper. WOW. It's a beast! At first
it seemed very heavy, but after practicing with it I realized that it was
just the way the weight is placed in the front instead of the handle. Now
I'm swinging it well, accurately, and rapidly. I'm SHOCKED how well I can
jab with this and not have to worry about it collapsing. This makes the
ASPs that my friends own look, and act, like toys. The Peacekeeper is truly
a marvel. Best investment I've made on my duty belt. 

Автор edogriff ( назад)
Have you carried the RCB? I have.

Автор Gear Websites ( назад)
@edogriff wrong

Автор edogriff ( назад)
They are heavy to carry on a duty belt.

Автор mcpas ( назад)
@etphonehome2915 i beleive in select areas they do

Автор pwnyomoma ( назад)
Anyone know were you can buy one of these? The peacekeeper website doesn't
ship outside of the USA, so access is very limited for the majority, any

Автор Gear Websites ( назад)
@beungood I live in a state where we can choose to carry what we want

Автор mosojan916 ( назад)
is anybody selling their rcb baton 

Автор mosojan916 ( назад)
is anybody selling their rcb baton

Автор Lawrence Crecy ( назад)
"exceeded other batons" Yea maybe because those other batons aren't
titanium phone poles! I would scream bloody murder if I got hit with one of

Автор Jay Shooter ( назад)
$109.00 for the 21 inch? Way too expansive for an officer on the beat! Most
of the time I only take out my baton for intimidation to get to that
compliant level. I have used my firearm more then my baton in most

Автор REXMARX003 ( назад)
Honestly, this looks like a tool of government oppression. - Neat though. 

Автор silentknight2112 ( назад)
@rickpayne90 yea i allready took my business elsewhere, i own a few batons,
including monadnock , ASP,ESP, casco and Galls (which is rebranded
monadnock) and i like them all come to think of it ,there is an alternative
to this baton its called the monadnock autolock HG that i forgot about when
i made the original post (and by civilian i meant non sworn LEO) 

Автор ltm7575 ( назад)
@GearBuyersGuide yeah i figured. thanks

Автор Gear Websites ( назад)
@ltm7575 classic look mostly I think

Автор ltm7575 ( назад)
what is the advantage of the basket weave leather?

Автор Eric Merrow ( назад)
@silentknight2112 yeah, doesn't do me any good to just be able to look at a
superior baton...I need it in my "civilian" hand's...this is very
disappointing...guess my business will have to be taken elsewhere

Автор silentknight2112 ( назад)
JEEBUS, that thing is THICK!! i have my ASP and my Monadnock in my hand
right now and its NOTHING compared to the RCB. just wish they would sell to

Автор TheEnglishRedneck45 ( назад)
@BernhardOelreich Some dude over here in the UK was prosecuted for carrying
an offensive weapon. It was a smaller batton than those shown here, and it
was in the trunk of his car... Not exactly there for quick useage!

Автор BernhardOelreich ( назад)
Nice review and nice product. Seem very well made. However it's only
relevant for LEOs and security guards. Here in Sweden anyway. If I hit
someone who was trying to rob me with one of those , I'd probably be
charged with assault with a deadly weapon…

Автор dafrogtoad ( назад)
Very nice review man..

Автор RabidSquirrel1234 ( назад)
I'd rather carry a ex' baton than pepperspray, that's for sure..

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