UFC 207 Embedded: Vlog Series - Episode 1

On episode 1 of UFC 207 Embedded, bantamweight title challenger Cody Garbrandt gets a new outfit for his trip to Vegas, while reigning champ Dominick Cruz gets one for his dog. Women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes and girlfriend Nina Ansaroff shop for a Christmas tree for their hotel room. All of the athletes boost their bodies and confidence in the gym as they ready for fight week. UFC 207 Embedded is an all-access, behind-the-scenes video blog leading up to the two bantamweight title fights at UFC 207: Nunes vs. Rousey, taking place Friday, December 30th live on Pay-Per-View.

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Автор kolomotua22 ( назад)
Man even just hitting pads Nunez looked slick. No wonder Rousey got

Автор Eyezic Monson ( назад)
damn amanda nunes is such a down to earth person outside of the octagon.
She's like an angry hungry lion in there but in everyday life she's a
sweetheart. thats crazy lol

Автор Adriana Villalobos ( назад)
he fought really good for a young man and controlled the fight and got the
w from the jump it was a 50/50 to me just cuz how Cruz fights but I never
doubted the kids not 1 bit nice win

Автор Daniel Valley ( назад)
There is without a doubt that people everyone wants to be like mystic Mac.

Автор Nat1Ka ( назад)

Автор Manny Nixon ( назад)
This hasn't even hit 1 million wow

Автор chocombo lord ( назад)

Автор Justine A ( назад)
I like his dog!!!! ❤️🐶

Автор Charlie_Willie (ThousanWhite) ( назад)
Awww Nunes/Ansaroff couple so cute

Автор i SkyWalKing ( назад)
Cody is the corniest motherfucker in the game. What a fucking clown. And
his plastic gold digging whore is going to swerve onto the next ' up and
comer's ' dick once his 15 seconds are up. Team Alpha Fail.

Автор Rik Kz ( назад)

Автор OneManSmoke ( назад)
Cody trying to steal Conor's swag ......lame.

Автор bbrock RailFan ( назад)
Amanda seems like a super cool gal to have as a team mate and to just hang
out with.

Автор Jordan Jordan ( назад)
I love how the further into the blogs you get the hate on a Ronda just
fades away

Автор FejkJ ( назад)
I mean girls who go WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO are annoying but when guy
do it it's unexplanatory, douchie and faggery... 4:44

Автор jojobrasile ( назад)
2:40 Cruz whit Monster shirt.opss

Автор Steve Williams ( назад)
Rah Paige > Cobys new chick

Автор Shits Mcgee ( назад)
If Cody can't calm down once the cage closes....he will lose. His best
chance is to land a bomb and put Dom down. But I think Cruz has a movement
that guys think they can deal with while watching him on tv. But in the
cage it's much different.

Автор EoinStRandy ( назад)
cody wants to be conor

Автор SuperBrendan ( назад)
Who's the bum that Cruz is fighting. He wants to be me boy McGregor so bad

Автор H2NW ( назад)
did cody drove a fucking belta

Автор Gabe Banner ( назад)
Cody Tryna be McGregor

Автор Bernard Bijelic ( назад)
one time,we were in my friends cruz(the ufc champion)house,and he beat us
up because we didn't take our shoes off.😊

Автор El Jamon ( назад)
White Guys really love them Asian girls. His little Asian Lunch box though
be eating Cody's food 1:05 but maybe she has to eat that much food to
defend Cody on twitter. Really Cody is an emotional wreck though from what
I have seen. Cody is really obsessed with Dominick Cruz. I would never send
my girl to Defend me because that is just not right or manly. It is a bit
cowardly in my book.

Such a nice house Team Alpha Fail built for Dominick Cruz 2:37. If Cruz can
get passed Garbarndt he got to be the pound for pound best ever. Without a
doubt. Coming back from 2 knee injuries and never losing the title and with
no loss in the UFC and he beat Might Mouse Johnson who's only loss is to
Cruz. I think another Super fight for Cruz would be great vs Johnson if he
can win this fight at 207 and after that if he wins vs Johnson maybe a
Super fight with McGregor vs Cruz would be off the chart. $$$$$$$$$$$ Big

Автор I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt ( назад)
07:35 she already has the belt XD

Автор I'mSmarterThanYouAndThereIsNothingYouCanDoAboutIt ( назад)
nunes and ansaroff scissoring ... mmmm

Автор Artem Rayskyy ( назад)
I want Nunez to win but I also want Ronda to win FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!!!!

Автор TheAliLife ( назад)
More Ronda footage needed

Автор Tihspid Aerauoy ( назад)
Damn ! Ronda is looking better than ever! Just her mental health is the
question. She matches up well with Amanda and if she's made peace with the
Holly loss she may come out and walk through Amanda. I hope not! I REALLY
want Amanda to make a statement and beat Ronda easy. Show the UFC and
everyone who doubted her how badly they screwed up by backing the wrong
Yeah Ronda is more marketable atm and I get the UFC has got to make $$$ but
making it all about the return of Rousey instead of the champion tells
present and future fighters that it's more about popularity than having the
champion title. Which pushes fighters to have a personality like a WWE
wrestler. That will eventually kill the sport IMO.

Автор mclife1 ( назад)
Ronda do you want to do media - "no thanks i have become a do nothing

Автор F1 sucks ( назад)
Cody will get pounded, and Dominic will be pounding his girl, she will jump
the ship !

Автор thejakeakar ( назад)
well ,first of all i cant believe when dominick is fighting they put his
fight to a go main event ,and second who the fuck still cares about ronda
any more .,.,
goooo dominatorrrrr

Автор Tom Srom ( назад)
numes is not a woman...are you blind? it is obvious

Автор Edward Figueroa ( назад)
He's the same fighter he was ten years ago...What does that say about your
team if they are getting beat by a guy who you proclaim to be the same
fighter from ten years ago.

Автор Prince Noctis ( назад)
I literally only care about Dominick schooling Cody. Fuck Ronda.

Автор Fuquan Da. ( назад)
5:55 who's Andy steel ?! :D

Автор Kingtrailboi ( назад)
dominic Cruz and STILLL

Автор thewhitemustang ( назад)
i like Cruz a lot but i cringe when i see that horrible tattoo. 90% of mma
fighter tattoos are horrible. I want to be a full fan of a lot of these
guys but the stupid tattoos won't let me. Deliberately making you're self
look permanently goofy is wack. The 10% exception is Aleks, Chuck, GSP,
Rampage, there might be a few more.

Автор papariga alexia ( назад)
Alpha fail crew ridiculus celebration of cody winning without having won.
can wait to see their faces when he loses

Автор MrEmrald123 ( назад)
Chad Mendes? Where have you been?

Автор Danny Greene ( назад)
Anymore..He's pissed..His coach John told Brandon my coach.

Автор Cm071714 1 ( назад)
I dont like or dislike Cody I just think he's in for an awakening tomorrow
night Cruz will walk out champion. And I think Rousey reclaims the belt.
1st round arm bar lol

Автор Devlin Ceretti ( назад)
Garbrandt is celebrating well Cruz is Working hard to improve. After the
fight the roles will flip.

Автор Alfie Solomons ( назад)
Cody tryna be like Conor. Sit down AlphaFail

Автор HHstutz55 ( назад)
We all know that feeling before we get dared to jump in cold water

Автор Leonardo Donato (DarkPosts) ( назад)
Rousey is gonna rip that cheating brazilians arm off and hang it next to
her Belt!

No Love is gonna Knock out my boy Cruz too...

Автор Teddy Dancer ( назад)
It's frustrating to know Cody gets pussy

Автор Franco Oliver ( назад)
Cody Garbrandt kind of reminds me of Arrow.

Автор 801Milcah ( назад)
"Happy wife, happy life." Damn right! Why is Amanda not being promoted by
the UFC as their first out LGBT champion instead of Ronda "can't take a
loss like an adult" Rousey?

Автор THEwickedEND ( назад)
Why the fuck does Dominick Cruz have a service dog?

Автор 801Milcah ( назад)
Is Cody's girlfriend Filipina or at least south east asian? Her last name
is Pinsanguan and it seems like a malayan last name.

Автор LTgFUNK24 ( назад)
Feel like Dom was legit upset about the water in his house

Автор Ibon top ( назад)
con la pasta que tienen como no se arreglan esas coliflores....

Автор thebarrochannel ( назад)
0:05 Wow. Another Conor wannabe. Zzzzzzzzz.

Автор Rebecca Loughran ( назад)
alpha males vendetta against Cruz is gonna cost Cody his career..they
pushed him to soon to fight someone of Cruz's skill..like imagine what
Faber would do to Cody..so I think he's got no chance.who they gonna send

Автор Tyler Joyner ( назад)
i can't take a lesbian woman as a fighter. its just not natural

Автор The Last Alingod ( назад)
cody on cruz.."he's older, slower.......INJURED?!?..." lol

Автор Hitz91 ( назад)
amanda isnt gay but ufc wants her to promote the gay agenda so she has to
pretend to be gay fuck ufc and anything america has created america is
doooom ed

Автор Herbert King ( назад)
cruz is going to make cody look stupid.get him champ

Автор The Boss ( назад)
This is brilliant I could watch a Cody reality show all day the dude is a

Автор darealpapac ( назад)
Cody doesn't understand his girlfriend's nickname lunchbox 😂 it's because
we all get the stick our meat in her.

Автор Gary James ( назад)
Amanda 'I have all the tools to eat your pussy Ronda'

Автор DEADxxRABBiTS ( назад)

Автор Combat Dominant ( назад)
idk why but Cruz reminds me of Vegeta lol

Автор Gabe Giordano ( назад)
Everyone at team alpha male is a fucking douchebag

Автор Phine Code ( назад)
huhu wheres rousey

Автор MALIRIPPA ( назад)
damn cruz is a one man army going hard against alpha male, they really
should stop after this, cruz knocking out alpha males like damn
dominos,maybe focus on other divisions lol

Автор xNightracer ( назад)
Cody wants to be like McGregor ? Custom suits? Common 😂😂

Автор Unknown User ( назад)
how can cody go from paige van zant to that busted ass bitch lmao talk
about a fuckin downgrade

Автор Beetle Juice ( назад)
that guy in syndicate mma is the coach in UFC 2!

Автор scoonboon ( назад)
Chad Mendes. The PED cheat.

Автор Flow3rsof3viL Flow3rsof3viL ( назад)
ronda better kill that trash bazil dike pig

Автор DGMT ( назад)
She has a mullet now? Ronda is fuckkkkked.

Автор pooper t ( назад)
codys snores super loud at night

Автор Nick Biddle ( назад)
Wow Cruz's house is tiny, the kitchen is fit for a one bedroom apt. Faber
wins at life.

Автор Harr Fast Productions ( назад)
Ronda gonna armbar this Nunes chick. Round 1

Автор Padi Hiran ( назад)
Dom is focused af

Автор Last Light ( назад)
"Gonna go out there, perform, stay patient, calm and knocking Cruz out.
It's destiny for me" I really think Garbrandt should try some stand-up,
he's hilarious!

Автор k g ( назад)
early warning signs cody will most likely lose.
his coach says cruz does the same shit the last ten years (cruz beats
everybody at alpha male. hasnt lost in nearly 10 years)
cody eats smores, regardless of having a fight
cody keeps poptarts in the house
cody ice skates a week out from the fight for the first time

Автор The Wolf ( назад)
lmao cody's tryna be mcgregor now. what a fucking bum lmfao

Автор JR V ( назад)
I've met so many girls that say they eat a lot. They NEVER finish. lying
bitches want to fit in.

Автор Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy ( назад)
Amanda Nunes mirin dat ass... I bet she eats the pussy up like acaí lol

Автор Mr. Hotdog Shirt Guy ( назад)
Dominic Cruz walks around with a stiff back, like he has a hunch or
someting. He's stiff as a board.

Автор #HEELCanvas ( назад)
Full of fucking losers. Throwing a party and the fight hasn't even happened
yet? I hope Garbrandt gets slept.

Автор Anthony Rocha ( назад)
Alpha FAIL

Автор boris plotkin ( назад)
to UR town"

Автор flamin nugget ( назад)
The UFC shouldn't let Ronda fight anymore because she said the last time
she lost she was thinking of killing herself . That makes them liable if it
was too happen if she loses. They pulled Cain V for saying he was having
surgery 5 days after the fight because it made them liable if he got hurt
.Fighter safety first not money or is it the other way around? Hell I'm
just a MMA fan what do I know. Leave comments please be heard !

Автор Jeremiah Aiono ( назад)
I swear everybody copied my nigga Conor.

Автор bars84 ( назад)
And still!!! Dom will crush this No Love dude. Nunes will beat the shizznit
out of Rousey.. Believe that

Автор soniCh22 ( назад)
damn @ 5:00 i totally forgot about Chad haha

Автор Ryan Tucker ( назад)
Some quality b roll Walmart footage you shot there. Embarrassed much?

Автор Profdeguit ( назад)
Team Half-a-Man like Chris Cyborg?

Автор Arma Lol ( назад)

Автор Theta Realms - Brainwave Sound Journeys ( назад)
wheres Conor son?

Автор Vito ( назад)
Domin8er doesn't get his due respect seriously he's gsp of his division and
his story of coming back from injury is inspiring to say the least his
professional record alone is fucking goat-like

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