38 Special "Deadly Gun" weaponseducation

A cool look at a Colt "Agent" " From 1969" & " S & W" 638 . Saturday Night Special !

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Автор KEVIN FAULKNER ( назад)
whats the best IWB holster for my Taurus m85 38 special?

Автор Tom Swinburn ( назад)
Bearing in mind that 8 of 10 people shot with a handgun SURVIVE, the .38 is
as good as any and better than most. The "snappy" recoil in the J frame
doesn't bother me. Work on your grip strength, arm and shoulder strength
and shoot a lot. The .38+P is controllable by MOST in the J frame if you
work at it. And above all, remember shot PLACEMENT beats calibre, every
single time. Few of us will ever develop into world class snap shooters,
but we CAN get competent. It takes practice, the shooting of a lot of
rounds. In the back of your mind you KNOW that in a firefight situation you
aren't going to be "sighting" on your target. Your fine motor skills are
GONE. So let the ONE thing you have going for you work. Muscle memory. You
get that only by repetition. The .38 round? Love it. In +P SJHP it is a
pretty wicked round.

Автор bubbasouth69 ( назад)
Here's what I think of the 38 special - TIMELESS CLASSIC!

Автор Bill Ruber ( назад)
I like my little 642 S&W its a nice little pocket gun for running out to
the store , hiking ,bike riding that sort of activity.

Автор Scadster ( назад)
I saw the 638 at Academy Sports yesterday and I have always liked how it
looks. I like that it won't snag easily in a pocket and it can still be
shot single action also. I just don't trust semi auto handguns as much as
revolvers. I've watched too many videos about folks who've had jams with
their semi auto handguns.

Автор John Smith ( назад)
Love the 38SP! I carry the Ruger SP-101 357 Mag but always load 38 SP due
to the lower recoil. Sill a great stopping power round!

Автор Liono liony ( назад)
"Stays on the nightstand beside my bed" Same place I keep my 357 magnum,
though I load with 38 spc for home defense, course I also keep a my speed
loaders next to it with one set up with .357 mags.

Автор Machonacho 132 ( назад)
My grandpa was in the air force when they issued his. He then was a pig
farmer in the swamps so he has many stories about it which we call his "38
specialty stories". Lol

Автор Condition Orange ( назад)
38's are one of the most fun and versatile cartridges ever. I've probably
shot as many 38's as 22's

Автор Xenogy1 ( назад)
I have a 438 which is the all black version of the 638. The sights are
lousey but the crimson trace grips make up for that. It's the only gun I
have with the Crimson Trace grips, because I don't like how fat the grips
are on a semi auto, even the M&P. However the CT grips on the 438 are nice.
I even added some 3M safety walk grip tape to them and they are perfect.
They allow speed loaders which the factory grips does not. The revolver is
a niche gun for me when I don't want to carry a larger gun. It's light and
has rounded dimensions, so its alot easier to carry and doesn't print as
much as a squared off semi auto.While I can shoot fist size groups with my
NAA Mini .22 Mag revolver at 10 yards, I feel the ole .38 is about as light
as I feel comfortable carrying. I reload alot of 9mm and a 9mm revolver is
tempting. The .38 brass has to be trimmed where as the 9mm brass does not,
but the 9mm requires moon clips. I have pretty much consolidated to 9mm
caliber, yet the .38 has it's place still for me. I load 9mm bullets
".356"in my .38 and they have the same trajectory as my carry ammo. So
really the only thing different thing for me reloading wise is the .38
cases. Shooting the 438 with 125gr Berry's Flat point over Tight Group at
25 yards in single action, I could produce 3" 5 shot groups at 25 yards. It
blew me away how accurate it was with such a short sight radius. The
438/638 is uglier than the 442/642, but with the shrouded hammer you get
access to single action that can produce tight groups at distance, and an
extra measure of safety when re-holstering. Especially if you carry
appendix as I do. All being said the .38 airweight is an expert's gun. It's
light and has some recoil. It may require alot of dry fire and ball and
dummy drills to stay proficient.

Автор Lloyd Nieto ( назад)
I like my tarus 85 for carry purpose's. More then enough fire power for any
situation I may find myself in.

Автор Steve Mahalko ( назад)
I carry either my Charter Arms 40 S&W or my Taurus .357. I love both of
them and do not feel under protected. Love the Revolvers !!!!

Автор Cliff Hatter ( назад)
Have a Taurus Model 85 .38 Spcl. It's my 3am out of smokes go to 7-11 gun.

Автор Mark Johnson (1211 год назад)
Haha these are NOT known for their "manageable recoil." They're snappier
than the opening scene of west side story.

Автор wildlaw711 ( назад)
I like the .38 special round. I have S&W models 64, 38, and just bought a
642. The .38 special has retired more men than social security for over 100
years. Do I still like my other calibers? Of course I do, but you can"t go
wrong with the .38 special.

Автор sevenrats ( назад)
I just googled the Miami shootout. Actually they had .38 spec, 9mm, and 357
mag and at least one shotgun. They came to the conclusion that stopping
power was an issue but really most of the wounds were in the extremities.
The biggest liability of revolvers is the lower capacity and the long
reload time. One of the suspects had a Mini-14 and that .223 totally
overmatched the handgun rounds. A .40 cal wouldn't have made that much
difference in my opinion. You get hit in the forearm with a .223 and your
arm is done for the day.

On reading the story of the shootout my take away is that shot placement is
crucial and that a semi-auto .223 rifle is superior to any handgun or
shotgun because it can lay down withering fire and causes devastating

If I had to be in a gunfight, I'd want an AR-15. Personal self defense
isn't gun fighting, it's convincing the bad guy to leave. A .38 special can
do that.

Автор Michael Lavino ( назад)
That Colt must have been modified. In 1962 Colt did not use the full
shrouded ejector rod. They were not standard on the Colt snubbies until
much later (early 70s I think).

Автор Emil ( назад)
What is the lowest recoil .38 ammo that will still put down a criminal if

Автор Angel Lopez ( назад)
my friend is a paramedic in Ajo Arizona. most of the dangerous shots have
come from a 38 special or 357 mag according to him. in his 20 plus years he
has told me that he has treated mulipal gun shot victims from 9mm and 40s@w
and they werent all that bad but 45acp is anpther one that was dangerous as
well he packs a taurus 85 and that is also a good little gun

Автор Bob Hartman ( назад)
Still a great gun round for self defense on the road or in the home!

Автор HalfAssedPrepper ( назад)
My Grandfather carried a 38 through his tenure on the police force; first
in a S&W M&P (the OLD M&P) and then with a model 36 Chief Special, and if
he trusted his life to it that's good enough for me. There are lots of
different options today in defensive cartridges but even IF the latest and
greatest boast better numbers on paper the good old 38 is very much a
PROVEN round that has dropped many a bad guy. Whether it be the reliable
SWCHP +P or Speer's 135 gr GDHP there are loadings available that have
stood the test of time and will continue being carried and used until there
is a revolutionary change in projectile firing weapons. There is no real
substitute for real life experience and that's why these little snubs are
still one of the most popular defensive handgun choices today.

Автор Ricky Pastille ( назад)
I have an S&W 642 with the fully contained hammer double-action only. I
love the gun. It fits nicely into a front pocket holster and feels great in
my hand, with the famous S&W natural aim-point. I consider it a close-in
emergency gun -- pull fast and go bang every time, revolver-style. For
unexpected emergencies, a beautifully made S&W revolver in my front pocket
does the trick. I actually practice with this gun without front sight
aiming -- just point and shoot fast, the way I would in an emergency. The
gun has such an intuitive feel, I'm pretty deadly within 20 feet or so just
pointing naturally with no aim.

Автор DCavalcade ( назад)
I guess I'm an old-timer too, like your f-in-l Ralph. I wouldn't go
outdoors without my S&W Model 649 loaded with +P. If one's concerned about
only five shots, carry a second one.

Автор Strike23323 ( назад)
In a given situation, shot placement matters most. I own several small
revolvers and really appreciate them for what they are. The shorter sight
radius and double action triggers requires more range time / training.
Once a person masters the revolver double action trigger, they will be more
effective with their shot placement.

Автор Michael Bowman ( назад)
Check your history regarding the FBI shootout. The FBI wasn't carrying .38
Specials. They had switched to 9mm according to literature that I read
after the incident. The relative ineffectiveness of the 9mm led to a change
to 10mm briefly and then to other calibers to accomodate the smaller hands
of women agents.

Автор Yarply Twelve ( назад)
get a 357 mag instead, then you have a choice of ammo, the frame size and
pistol price are about the same. I bought a Rhino 200DS which holds 6
rounds and practice with 38s

Автор John R (699 лет назад)
Taurus has a better version: The 85 model, with a transfer bar safety and
much better grips. Just saying.

Автор ultramegabob2 ( назад)
I carry a Ruger LCR in .38 special, its so light you almost forget its

Автор Janmichael1986 (75 лет назад)
saw a thief shot once on the right shoulder blade area, he died after 3
painful days, because the 38 from a snubby bounce around his insides
damaging his lungs and intestines.

Автор Josh S ( назад)
What are your thoughts about the Ruger LCR .38 and what ammo would you
recommend for defense?

Автор Steve M ( назад)
According to hundreds of autopsy reports. The best hollowpoint in a .38
spec out of a snubby has a 65% one shot stopper rate if the shot lands in
the upper chest. Shot out of a 4" barrel, the goes up to about 80%

Автор Aaron Hays ( назад)
All the guys out there that talk about the .38 being weak and the 357 being
the end all be all are full of crap. I was out shooting my AK 7.62x39 one
day and noticed a spent casing on the ground. I picked it up being VERY
impressed with the fact that it seemed to hold almost as much powder as my
AK rouunds. Well, it was a .38. That is a VERY powerful round, and the
whole FBI shootout in the late 80's that gave the .38 a bad name, had some
problems, few actually being with the caliber.

Автор CanyonDS9 ( назад)
round nose bullets are also not very effective regardless of caliber. The
.45 is not much more effective than the .38 in hardball.

Автор Rambo Lopez ( назад)
That's it you shrimp fried rice head you!,

Автор Jim Key ( назад)
I bought a Smith & Wesson 38 D Hammerless Lightweight for my wife about
1971, it was nice weapon. In fact I had a .38 Hammerless when I was
aircrew in the Marine Corps in the 1950's I came with a Leather Shoulder
Holster that was nearly yellow! I had a farm and raised pigs. One of my
sows was dying. I had my wife's .38 with me. I shot that pig between the
eyes 5 times and she continued living!! I rushed to the house for my Model
90 Winchester, it was .22 Long Rifle. Shot her behind the ear and never a
twitch from her. I now only depend on .45 and .40 for self protection
although I have great respect for .22!

Автор 63DW89A ( назад)
The two rounds that dropped or killed the two bad guys (Matix & Platt) in
the infamous 1986 FBI Miami gunfight were 38 Spl +P 158 gr LSWC-HP's fired
from Agent Mireles' S&W 686. Platt was hit 12 times and Matix was hit 6
times. Most hits on the bad guys were 9mm 115gr Silvertips or 00 buckshot.
The only 38 SPl hit on Platt was the one that dropped him. The two Agents
killed (Grogan & Dove) were both carrying S&W 459 9mm's. The 9mm's simply
failed-to-stop even with repeated good hits on Platt who was firing the
deadly Mini 14. Matix could only fire one shot, as he was disabled for
most of the fight by a 158gr 38 Spl fired from Agent McNeill's S&W 19 that
shattered his face and cracked the base of his skull. Agent Mireles killed
Matix at the end with another 38 Spl hit. Only 3 of the 18 hits on Platt
and Matix were 38 Spl, but those 3 hits of 38 Spl were the only bullets
that were effective. Clear evidence that with good bullets the 38 Special
cartridge is an extremely effective handgun round.

The bullet wounds on Platt & Matix detailed above are taken from the actual
forensics report on the 1986 gunfight.

Автор Ricky harris ( назад)
I was shot five times with a 38 special by home intruders and survived to
tell my story. Two hit my arms and two in side and one in gut. The two men
ran off with a tv and my safe. I was in the hospital with multiple
surgerys. They never did catch those guys. Now I ccw and home protect with
a kahr 45 and a mini Draco ak47 along with a stoeger coach gun side by side

Автор william roberts ( назад)
Picked up an original 99% condition Colt Cobra 2nd issue last month from a
local pawn shop for $400. dollars, and yesterday from the same dealer, a
S&W model 38 nickel in 100% condition for $350. dollars. Right place at
right time!

Автор panterizate ( назад)
Go to Cabela's and find the Defense Ammo aisle. LOTS of .38 special
defensive rounds! +P Hollow points? If you don't drop dead you must be The
BTW, if you become proficient with a .38 sub nose, then you can shoot
anything and you'll be a very dangerous individual.

Автор Mac G ( назад)
The .38 sp +p is a very good round for social work. 

Автор barry graham ( назад)
shot one last week for the first time, fun but, I would not want to be on
the wrong end of that round shots quick........

Автор Mark Pelenytschka ( назад)
Love my Colt Detective Special, first gun I ever purchased

Автор Sigelitedark ( назад)
Thanks for this video and the historical information. I just added a S&W
642 Airweight to my EDC (G30S) deep concealment with 2 backup strips filled
with plus P rounds and would have to say the light weight and
concealability of these make it possible to do so. One has to be careful
though about thumbs forward grip with revolvers due to the chamber gap, but
I'll be training one-handed shooting (left and right) with this mostly.

Автор Thomas Pounds ( назад)
Good backup gun but that's about it. 

Автор Mark Harris ( назад)
I just purchased a 38 S&W modal 637. Easy for little old me too conceal and
it packs a punch.

Автор Apex Kings ( назад)
Thats my concealed carry of choice. I have the bodyguard. Its deadly enough
to not go through and leave holes like the 357 and I like revolvers over
say a semi auti glock. 

Автор Gun Sam ( назад)
The .38 special IS NOT the caliber that failed to stop the Moro warriors in
the Filipino American war, yet this is a misconception that is for some
reason is passed around as truth. It was the .38 long colt that failed to
stop the Moro warriors, so in response to the insufficiency of that round,
a magnum version of the .38 long colt was created and it was named the .38
special. "Special", it WAS special and had a lot of knockdown power, so for
what it is, the .38 special was and still is a great round. I know this is
not brought up in this video, but it is some historical firearms truth that
needed to be told.

Автор Mitchell Ota ( назад)
The old 200gr LRN bullet would tumble upon hitting flesh. A great load
for a snubby.

Автор James Houston ( назад)
The term "Saturday Night Special" is the term for cheap guns that blow up
when shot, but used by the poor hoodlum to rob liquor stores and etc. The
guns in this video are not SNSs. The .38 is a fine gun and I would like to
have one in self-defense. The max range for accuracy of a snub is 30
feet. Point and shoot. Effective for accuracy up to 15 feet. Not meant
for long range accuracy, the snub. Great video and personable instructor.

Автор Mark Chesney ( назад)
I really enjoyed this one Tom. I used to have a 38 years ago. Love to own
one again. Donations are happily accepted. lol PEACE!

Автор Coolride17 ( назад)
I just put away my Glock 9mm, and put down $500 on a new Smith 38sp. to
carry, much lighter, and easier to carry.

Автор s west ( назад)
I like a 357 revolver. but I shoot and reload 38 .
I like the option of stepping up if need be.

Автор Ducaso ( назад)
The Taurus model 85 ultra light .38 Spl +p was my first gun purchase. I
recommend it to anyone looking for a good concealed carry and for first
time gun owners. I purchased it for 300 dollars (at a gun show I should
add) so they are affordable if you are budget conscious buyer. I had tried
a dozen different handguns at a local range to zero in on what worked best
for me. The snub .38 just felt right when I was trying it out at the range,
but I admit the recoil is something you'll have to get used to if your a
first time shooter. A fantastic close range personal defense gun. 

Автор Christopher Maxton ( назад)
My Glock 23 is a little too big for summer carry so I have been carrying
the Ruger LCRx .38 all summer. I love the .38! I still carry it even now in
winter. Awesome gun!

Автор Seofthwa ( назад)
I love wheel guns and learned on the .38 in the military.

Автор dollar1776 ( назад)
great video I have a question would you recommend this for a woman for home
defense my wife has carpul tunnel and can not pull the slide back on my sw
mp 40 what load would you recommend she use thanks for any help you can
give me

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 ( назад)
The term "Saturday night special" was the anti gunners battle cry in the
70s. Many of the younger generation have never heard it. Now, of course,
the anti gunner buzz word is "assault weapon".

Автор Hypnotic ( назад)
I have a question. As long as ammo like a 38+p is kept dry is there any
reason to not use it if the ammo is over 25 years old? Does time cause
gunpowder to lose its original power? 

Автор sirmiklo ( назад)
ruger lcr!

Автор WileECoyotey ( назад)
Ask Jack Ruby amd Lee Osward how great .38 were .

Автор STEVE P ( назад)
I thought .38 special wasn't invented until 1901-1902

Автор Al D. ( назад)
.38 is a deadly round! I was shot twice in my lower side with a .38
revolver back in 1980. I lost a kidney and part of my liver. I was lucky
the intruder didnt point it at my head or a vital organ, I wouldnt be here.
The rounds passed through me like butter and ricochet around the room after
they passed through me.

Автор Juan Paulo ( назад)
Hey ,tom jp here from miami, i like your videos you are good my friend, i
have a 38spc good gun, anyway thanks for giving all people a good schooling
on guns, thanks again jp from miami....

Автор Super Dad ( назад)
Take a look at this news story of a small petite Heath Food Store Owner in
Philadelphia PA who saved her own life on June 24th, 2014 with a 38 Special.


Автор Arief Makmur ( назад)
Thanks, so informative.

Автор Chris Standingbear ( назад)
I prefer the .38 over the .380 acp for very concealable carry simply
because of the reliability of a revolver, and the superior stopping power
(~125g v ~90g). Also, you aren't going to have a real capacity advantage
with the 380 auto pistol because most hold 5+1. I have a S&W 637 that I
carry, and my wife has the Taurus model 85 poly, with a pink grip of

Автор wabbitttune ( назад)
Just bought the 638 Air Weight yesterday for my wife... cool J frame
history,, thanks.

Автор Ted Cregger ( назад)
The best gun for close range defense is .38 snubbie...

...'pull the trig it goes bang every time,no fail to feed,stovepipes and
ejection probs.

What..only 6 rounds.?

If you need any more than that...you are in the wrong part of town.

Автор Ken Bretag ( назад)
I love my .357 Mag. because I can shoot .38 Special ammo, at a little
cheaper price, and when I reload I can reload my brass at .38 special
powder load, you just never want to go the other way, because if you put
the powder load for a .357 into a .38 special it could blow up the gun!!!

Автор James Farmer ( назад)
Are you sure the Colt Agent is 1962 vintage? I thought the Colt Detective
Cobra, and Agent with shrouded ejector, hand filling grips, and improved
didn't appear until after 1972 when Colt "modernized" their classic D-Frame
nosed .38's. Regardless it's an enjoyable video to watch. The venerable
and versatile .38 Special remains not only ideal for self defense/house
but likewise for various other purposes: small game hunting (rabbit and
dispatching vermin: raccoon, skunk, possum, venomous snakes such as
rattlesnakes, butchering livestock, etc. The 148 grain lead target
wadcutter is
practical for these various other purposes. CCI's class snake load: the .38
shot load: No. 9 shot, can shred a rattler's head up close!

Автор Alamo45 ( назад)
I have carried the S&W 38 model ¨Chief¨ as an off duty and back up weapon
for over 30 yrs and I love this little gun. About 15yrs ago, I fired two
rounds into a suspects chest from less than one yard using the Speer Gold
Dot as he was trying to rob me while was off duty..He dropped about 5
seconds after being shot and died within 2-3 miutes of being shot. My wife
carries a model 642 in her purse- These are just great little guns. .

Автор Dick Richardson ( назад)
It has the power

Автор Hannes Lúðvíksson ( назад)
I love 38&357

Автор mememojo ( назад)
135gr 9mm out of a 4 inch barrel does the same fps as a 135gr 38 special +p
out of s 2inch snub?

Автор A Chaps ( назад)
ive got a SW 649, the heavier steel brother to the 638. Good stuff and got
to love the humpback!

Автор Cyclops8888 ( назад)
Love the 38 - it never stove pipes or jams - period. Have a friend whose
father was murdered by two robbers, he started to defend himself with 9mm,
got one round out but then it jammed and he was done.

Автор Instramark ( назад)
I have the airweight shown in this vid. Really like your vids by the way!
This S and W revolver, the airweight, has the internal lock. I bought this
for my wife and right out of the box it would not cycle for her and failed
to fire.It did the same with me. I took it back where it was purchased and
they told me it was user error. I disagree but I have read reports about
the internal lock causing problems with the cycling and that they are
sometimes intermittant. Even if I send it back to Smith and they say it is
OK, I still will not trust it and don't want it. My ethics say not to trade
or sell a gun I don't trust. What would you suggest in resolving this

Автор Andrew Faint ( назад)
I used a 38for 20 years. It be the that be around for along time

Автор gander2000 ( назад)
38 spec/357 mag my favorite rounds!!

Автор FearlessP4P1 ( назад)
My sister got one. It's got a kick

Автор Weapons Education ( назад)
Thanks for supporting the channel.

Автор tripledrock ( назад)
Thank you Tom for all of your great videos. This video is one of my
favorites on your channel. I have heard many stories of would be criminal
attackers who got shot once, maybe twice with a 38 special revolver, and
did not live to talk about it. It's more powerful than some may think. 

Автор Marcjohn Santos ( назад)
I love those guns... promise bec. I carry a clone of detective spl.
Definitely m206 of armscor... it goes bang everytime i pull the trigger.
Very reliable...

Автор Marcjohn Santos ( назад)
Thank u for this nice video...

Автор Marcjohn Santos ( назад)
.38 spl. 6 shot snubbie is the best ccw for me period...

Автор Jorge Enrique Dávalos Cassaigne ( назад)
also John Lennon was killed with a .38 spl

Автор Jorge Enrique Dávalos Cassaigne ( назад)
I personally don´t like internal hammer in a revolver, I believe that a gun
that can fire in single and double action is more reliable. I had this .38
spl Taurus model 80, with a 4" barrel...it was very handy and
accurate...not to mention that recoil was easy to deal with, specially when
firing with a single hand.

treat yourself to the old mattel ads- one stars billy mumy.

charter arms suits me fine. not much of a price tag and there's lots

pinned on sirhan sirhan.

so they say...

Автор Bart Van Riel ( назад)
My carry gun is the taurus 856, that`s basically just a taurus 85 with 6

Автор Weapons Education ( назад)
My wife

Автор Weapons Education ( назад)
Go to my Facebook page & see a photo of my wife just last night

Автор 4inches4u ( назад)
Whos the blonde?

Автор David Rowzee ( назад)
38 + P. S&W 442

Автор Weapons Education ( назад)
I really love the .38 Special

Автор Alberto Jorge Soares ( назад)
Good. Not great, in my opinion.

Автор nemo227 ( назад)
Sirhan Sirhan

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