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Автор Sam Man (2 месяца)
The .38 special IS NOT the caliber that failed to stop the Moro warriors in
the Filipino American war, yet this is a misconception that is for some
reason is passed around as truth. It was the .38 long colt that failed to
stop the Moro warriors, so in response to the insufficiency of that round,
a magnum version of the .38 long colt was created and it was named the .38
special. "Special", it WAS special and had a lot of knockdown power, so for
what it is, the .38 special was and still is a great round. I know this is
not brought up in this video, but it is some historical firearms truth that
needed to be told.

Автор MollyGood$$ (1 месяц)
Thats my concealed carry of choice. I have the bodyguard. Its deadly enough
to not go through and leave holes like the 357 and I like revolvers over
say a semi auti glock. 

Автор Mark Chesney (3 месяца)
I really enjoyed this one Tom. I used to have a 38 years ago. Love to own
one again. Donations are happily accepted. lol PEACE!

Автор Ducaso (5 месяцев)
The Taurus model 85 ultra light .38 Spl +p was my first gun purchase. I
recommend it to anyone looking for a good concealed carry and for first
time gun owners. I purchased it for 300 dollars (at a gun show I should
add) so they are affordable if you are budget conscious buyer. I had tried
a dozen different handguns at a local range to zero in on what worked best
for me. The snub .38 just felt right when I was trying it out at the range,
but I admit the recoil is something you'll have to get used to if your a
first time shooter. A fantastic close range personal defense gun. 

Автор s west (5 месяцев)
I like a 357 revolver. but I shoot and reload 38 .
I like the option of stepping up if need be.

Автор dollar1776 (6 месяцев)
great video I have a question would you recommend this for a woman for home
defense my wife has carpul tunnel and can not pull the slide back on my sw
mp 40 what load would you recommend she use thanks for any help you can
give me

Автор Mark Harris (1 месяц)
I just purchased a 38 S&W modal 637. Easy for little old me too conceal and
it packs a punch.

Автор James Houston (3 месяца)
The term "Saturday Night Special" is the term for cheap guns that blow up
when shot, but used by the poor hoodlum to rob liquor stores and etc. The
guns in this video are not SNSs. The .38 is a fine gun and I would like to
have one in self-defense. The max range for accuracy of a snub is 30
feet. Point and shoot. Effective for accuracy up to 15 feet. Not meant
for long range accuracy, the snub. Great video and personable instructor.

Автор ardvarkkkkk1 (6 месяцев)
The term "Saturday night special" was the anti gunners battle cry in the
70s. Many of the younger generation have never heard it. Now, of course,
the anti gunner buzz word is "assault weapon".

Автор Christopher Maxton (5 месяцев)
My Glock 23 is a little too big for summer carry so I have been carrying
the Ruger LCRx .38 all summer. I love the .38! I still carry it even now in
winter. Awesome gun!

Автор Mitchell Ota (2 месяца)
The old 200gr LRN bullet would tumble upon hitting flesh. A great load
for a snubby.

Автор Coolride17 (4 месяца)
I just put away my Glock 9mm, and put down $500 on a new Smith 38sp. to
carry, much lighter, and easier to carry.

Автор sirmiklo (8 месяцев)
ruger lcr!

Автор Al D. (10 месяцев)
.38 is a deadly round! I was shot twice in my lower side with a .38
revolver back in 1980. I lost a kidney and part of my liver. I was lucky
the intruder didnt point it at my head or a vital organ, I wouldnt be here.
The rounds passed through me like butter and ricochet around the room after
they passed through me.

Автор Seofthwa (6 месяцев)
I love wheel guns and learned on the .38 in the military.

Автор Chris Standingbear (1 год)
I prefer the .38 over the .380 acp for very concealable carry simply
because of the reliability of a revolver, and the superior stopping power
(~125g v ~90g). Also, you aren't going to have a real capacity advantage
with the 380 auto pistol because most hold 5+1. I have a S&W 637 that I
carry, and my wife has the Taurus model 85 poly, with a pink grip of

Автор Hypnotic (7 месяцев)
I have a question. As long as ammo like a 38+p is kept dry is there any
reason to not use it if the ammo is over 25 years old? Does time cause
gunpowder to lose its original power? 

Автор WileECoyotey (9 месяцев)
Ask Jack Ruby amd Lee Osward how great .38 were .

Автор Juan Paulo (10 месяцев)
Hey ,tom jp here from miami, i like your videos you are good my friend, i
have a 38spc good gun, anyway thanks for giving all people a good schooling
on guns, thanks again jp from miami....

Автор Mike O (7 месяцев)
I was under the impression the barrel shroud wasn't added to the Agent
until 1973. I had a Cobra, about that time, and it was the new barrel
shroud, then. Prior to then, the ejector rod was exposed.

Автор Super Dad (10 месяцев)
Take a look at this news story of a small petite Heath Food Store Owner in
Philadelphia PA who saved her own life on June 24th, 2014 with a 38 Special.


Автор STEVE P (9 месяцев)
I thought .38 special wasn't invented until 1901-1902

Автор Dick Richardson (1 год)
It has the power

Автор Ted Cregger (1 год)
The best gun for close range defense is .38 snubbie...

...'pull the trig it goes bang every time,no fail to feed,stovepipes and
ejection probs.

What..only 6 rounds.?

If you need any more than that...you are in the wrong part of town.

Автор wabbitttune (1 год)
Just bought the 638 Air Weight yesterday for my wife... cool J frame
history,, thanks.

Автор Arief Makmur (1 год)
Thanks, so informative.

Автор James Farmer (1 год)
Are you sure the Colt Agent is 1962 vintage? I thought the Colt Detective
Cobra, and Agent with shrouded ejector, hand filling grips, and improved
didn't appear until after 1972 when Colt "modernized" their classic D-Frame
nosed .38's. Regardless it's an enjoyable video to watch. The venerable
and versatile .38 Special remains not only ideal for self defense/house
but likewise for various other purposes: small game hunting (rabbit and
dispatching vermin: raccoon, skunk, possum, venomous snakes such as
rattlesnakes, butchering livestock, etc. The 148 grain lead target
wadcutter is
practical for these various other purposes. CCI's class snake load: the .38
shot load: No. 9 shot, can shred a rattler's head up close!

Автор Cyclops8888 (1 год)
Love the 38 - it never stove pipes or jams - period. Have a friend whose
father was murdered by two robbers, he started to defend himself with 9mm,
got one round out but then it jammed and he was done.

Автор Alamo45 (1 год)
I have carried the S&W 38 model ¨Chief¨ as an off duty and back up weapon
for over 30 yrs and I love this little gun. About 15yrs ago, I fired two
rounds into a suspects chest from less than one yard using the Speer Gold
Dot as he was trying to rob me while was off duty..He dropped about 5
seconds after being shot and died within 2-3 miutes of being shot. My wife
carries a model 642 in her purse- These are just great little guns. .

Автор Ken Bretag (1 год)
I love my .357 Mag. because I can shoot .38 Special ammo, at a little
cheaper price, and when I reload I can reload my brass at .38 special
powder load, you just never want to go the other way, because if you put
the powder load for a .357 into a .38 special it could blow up the gun!!!

Автор Dirty McCurdy (1 год)
The .38 is basically the perfect snubbie caliber. And with snubbies still
selling as well as, or better than, ever plus new polymer designs... the
snubnose and .38 have a long future together.

Автор Hannes Lúðvíksson (1 год)
I love 38&357

Автор Andrew Faint (1 год)
I used a 38for 20 years. It be the that be around for along time

Автор Instramark (1 год)
I have the airweight shown in this vid. Really like your vids by the way!
This S and W revolver, the airweight, has the internal lock. I bought this
for my wife and right out of the box it would not cycle for her and failed
to fire.It did the same with me. I took it back where it was purchased and
they told me it was user error. I disagree but I have read reports about
the internal lock causing problems with the cycling and that they are
sometimes intermittant. Even if I send it back to Smith and they say it is
OK, I still will not trust it and don't want it. My ethics say not to trade
or sell a gun I don't trust. What would you suggest in resolving this

Автор mememojo (1 год)
135gr 9mm out of a 4 inch barrel does the same fps as a 135gr 38 special +p
out of s 2inch snub?

Автор gander2000 (1 год)
38 spec/357 mag my favorite rounds!!

Автор A Chaps (1 год)
ive got a SW 649, the heavier steel brother to the 638. Good stuff and got
to love the humpback!

Автор trayvon2262012 (10 месяцев)
Truthfully, I profile.

Автор jordanaug81 (2 года)
My thoughts exactly.

Автор cyclepath78 (2 года)
Ruger lcr in .38 is my pocket companion. With as

Автор ErlangerVeritas (2 года)
One of my favorite guns is my Taurus .357 snubbie. I love loading it up
with .38 and going to the range. Very fun to shoot.

Автор den5276 (2 года)
I carried my .38 Mdl 10-6 for over 20 yrs in NYPD. I always trusted it to
fire if needed.It never failed to fire on the range etc. After retirement I
went to .a .380 Walthers. One day at the range with the .380 it jammed. I
never trusted it after that and went back to a Taurus .Mdl 85 Rev ultra
light .38+P. I use Remington Gold Dot, 125 grs HP for my concealed weapon.
I know it will operate if, God forbid, I need it. I recommended it for my
daughter for self protection. She loves it too.

Автор 4inches4u (1 год)
Whos the blonde?

Автор cyclepath78 (2 года)
With advancements in technology comes advancements in firearms and
ammunition. I have total faith in my lcr and the hornady critical defense
it's loaded with.

Автор marcus easterling (2 года)
The 357 cartridge is slightly longer than the 38 so you can't put a 357 mag
in a 38 an blow up the gun. But plenty of people practice with the 38's in
their 357 as they are cheaper less recoil more pleasant to shoot and women
generally prefer them

Автор marcus easterling (2 года)
Yes all 357's shoot 38 specials.

Автор Josh Apple (1 год)
The S&W 642 is a fantastic gun. But being so light weight it can be a bit
of a tiger to try to tame when shooting. A great 3 to 5 yards self-defense

Автор Mr. FASTB621 Mare Island (2 года)
Tom your jaw is going to drop when you see our firearms collection at the
Armed Forces History Museum. Frank

Автор Weapons Education (1 год)
My wife

Автор Weapons Education (2 года)
Great comment, thanks

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