Toribash Split Kick Tutorial

Sorry for the editing, first time using Windows Movie Maker.
Song: Eminem - Never Enough

Relax all
Right Rotating Chest
Contract Left Pec
Left Grippy hand
Extend Right Pec
Lower Right Shoulder
Contract Right Elbow
Right Bend Lumbar
Extend Left Glute
Extend Right Glute
Extend Left Hip
Contract Right Hip

x1 Space
x6 Shift+Space

Extend Right Knee

x1 Space

Hold all
Left normal hand

x3 Space

Contract Right Glute
Left Bend Lumber
Contract Abs

2x Space

Hold Lumber
Hold Abs
Extend Right Leg

x1 Space

Hold All

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Автор Niels Christian Hauerslev ( назад)

kan ikke bruge denne video til noget overhovedet.......øv har nu spildt 1
min af mit liv

Автор Paul Kevin Leith ( назад)
lol too fast and zoomed out too far could barely catch what you were
doing.If u were to improve next time explain what your doing! :)

Автор Bastion (1472 года назад)
concracting=pulling towards you extending=pushing away

Автор osiris ( назад)
nah b, thats not how i roll XD

Автор callum milner ( назад)
If you just want to tear people in half, I would recommend simply turning
down the dismemberment threshold in setup.

Автор Exdia's Channel | Gaming and Pony videos! ( назад)
dat eminem

Автор Punk Skates ( назад)
great song

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
Think of every joint as a muscle group. When your muscles contract, they
pull together. For example, if you contract your biceps, you pull your arm
towards you, which in Toribash would correspond to contracting your elbow.
In addition, it also says at the bottom of your screen if you're
contracting or extending ;).

Автор osiris ( назад)
we should toribash sometime :D

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
Well, it took a long time to figure out how to make it split him :)

Автор osiris ( назад)
dude, i had a very similar opener to this, but it rarely kicked a dude in

Автор /h/ Liar ( назад)
-.- Rasmus0813 is me... and ReflexZ died 2 weeks ago?!?!? dah fuq

Автор ZfragD EN ( назад)
real nice video thx for description :P

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
Yes, why do you ask?

Автор Prof.E.S.Sor (937 лет назад)
are you really rasmus? -[-ReflexZ]Jarederped

Автор 𝕲𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖓 𝕳𝖊𝖉𝖌𝖊𝖍𝖔𝖌 ( назад)
I wasn't able to kick at all D:

Автор Shane B ( назад)
guess you did something wrong cuz it worked first try for me.

Автор Rasmus0909 (682 года назад)
@L4dead2rocks Through trial and error.

Автор Rasmus0909 (690 лет назад)
@TylonsVideos It's a really good opener in almost every mod ;)

Автор redlava12 ( назад)
how do u find all of this? (how do u know the moves)

Автор TylonsVideos ( назад)
Dude, your epic, because of this, I use this as my usual opener. :]

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@Clonetrooper8900 The kick itself or the stance afterwards?

Автор uareabuttlicker ( назад)
i need help i cant contract my shoulders or grab with hands on toribash

Автор iBashSnails ( назад)
Awesome, I love having fights start at 1 frame for the first few turns.

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@gunnybunni Nope.

Автор cash3w ( назад)
did u modify the gravity?

Автор Raul Oliveira ( назад)
quem mexe comigo vo rasga ao meio

Автор Fwoggye ( назад)
You just kicked him in half holly shit

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@hack123ish Works with 3,9

Автор PROGAMER341XDFTW ( назад)

Автор Lankander ( назад)
@jude96 cool story bro

Автор jandrewgonzales ( назад)
what do you mean by, LEGS it only saids hips knees and ankles 

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@Turnertaco Untrue. I didn't change any setting back then.

Автор Turner Acosta ( назад)
you have to lower damage thresh or else this is useless..

Автор vaxutucuna ( назад)
i actually implanted and modified this move to work in judo and it rips the
shit out of enemies.. (evil laugh) HAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!! 

Автор I can't write my name, police is looking for me ( назад)
I like the SoNg!!!!

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@TehLuigiLuigi888 I have written down all the moves in the more info box.
Follow that and everything should be fine XD.

Автор Fireking390 ( назад)
i did this in real life fight when i got drunk. My enemy was hospitalized
with two broken ribs.

Автор PersianPlatypus ( назад)
@Rasmus0909 yes

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@tibbs851 Are you talking about Toribash?

Автор PersianPlatypus ( назад)
@Rasmus0909 i cant find any of the advanced newer versions can you plz

Автор David Arijon ( назад)
Its a pretty easy kick to do but good one neither way :p

Автор MarkatoFan ( назад)
@Rasmus0909 then: sorry, and nice kick^^

Автор Rasmus0909 ( назад)
@MarkatoFan This is not instagib (:

Автор MarkatoFan ( назад)
isnt this instagib??? but anyway, cool standing^^

Автор kasumii100 ( назад)
did kick u do when i sleep but 4*

Автор SLIM1N ( назад)
Gd vid man. love the way you stopped yourself falling xD super cool

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