25 Rookie Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE

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My TOP 25 Rookie / Beginner Travel Mistakes NOT TO MAKE on your travels! Learn from my mistakes, these are all things I've done and learnt from.

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Автор Love Ellie ( назад)
For me, i think you shouldnt get data because youll constantly check your
phone and not pay attention to the beauty that place has. But data comes in
handy when u plan a trip not on cities.

Автор ssaahhrraa9 ( назад)
Same thing, eating at pricey restaurants!! I went to Malaysia and I would
legit eat at the most fancy places just because I could afford it but the
local food always tasted 10x better and was normally 5x less in price!!
Definitely a major rookie mistake.

Автор penny nisperos ( назад)
thanks for this video nadine.. this is my 1st time to me as a solo
traveller 😉

Автор ClickAnna ( назад)
This tips are great but I can't stop looking at her shirt, its so lovely :)
Where did you get the shirt?

Автор Andrés Romero ( назад)
I'm going to California soon what is a good mobile data plan for a 2 week
trip ?

Автор Breanna Lambert ( назад)
Im a new subscriber and i love your videos! I love traveling and all of
these are great! And i LOVE LOVE LOVE your shirt!😍😍 Where did you get

Автор Amanda Arreola ( назад)
what lipstick are you wearing? it's beautiful.

Автор Hannah Rivera ( назад)
I just don't drink or socialize when I go on a solo travel. I like to be
extra safe.

Автор Ismael Chouaiby ( назад)
tip; in spain red wine bottle or sangria bottles are 1 euro each

Автор John Robert Ruiz ( назад)
alcohol can screw your budget, very true👍

Автор Ana Pérez Vogel ( назад)
hey where did you get your case from? I love it!

Автор Savannah Gonzalez ( назад)
Anyone else cringe when she said data bc she says it different than you

Автор の花百合 ( назад)
Thank you so much! I'm planning a 3-months journey as a solo and I've
written them all down on a Word document including the added details for me
to bring with! A lot of them are very good advice!

Автор Kelly O ( назад)
The hype! Gosh, yes. I remember going onto a group trip to the Grand Canyon
and the guide had us walking to it hand-in-hand with our eyes closed. When
she told us to open our eyes, I looked down and was just like... "Oh." I
actually thought Dead Horse Point was more spectacular but I expect 'the
hype' was a big part of that as DHP wasn't something I knew anything about.

Автор christo ( назад)
You have a very annoying way of communicating.

Автор Focal Essence ( назад)
O man I am guilty of so many of these haha

Автор lilbsabannuh ( назад)

Автор Christina Martin ( назад)
yes girl the Panama city bus it's really $1 .50 from the airport it's a
good tip to know

Автор Davide Mattanza ( назад)
You are so cool! :)

Автор Edgar A. Ortiz ( назад)
Hey! I just subscribed to your channel! I'm traveling a lot this year, and
I really needed to watch a good channel on giving me tips. I ran into this
one and I'd have to say, IT'S PERFECT!! I love what you do and btw I ADORE
your shirt. Where did you get it???

Автор Siva Linga ( назад)
always try to find out local rules! In 2014 when I went to India, I was
dropping off a family member at a local train station. After dropping them
off, myself and my brother were stopped by the local police and was asked
for a specific ticket to which we did not have. After arguing with the
policeman (which you should no do), I was told that in order to drop
someone off and leave, one would need to purchase a specific ticket (Indian
currency 5 rupees).

Автор Keri McC. ( назад)
GPS your taxi rides in foreign countries. They may not speak your language
and may not take you where you intend on going. (this happened to us)

Автор Olivia Ebb ( назад)
My cousin went too America for 1 year and when she come home too Australia
we went too a concert and she came out of the portable potty and legit
tipped the lady who was standing outside of the potty 10$! 😂

Автор Just Beanie ( назад)
Such a good video! Loved it! Good job!

Автор Love Roche' ( назад)
I absolutely love this! Everything is soooooooooo T R U E!

Автор Tracey D ( назад)
Any advice on language barriers?

Автор Anna Kamau ( назад)
Such great tips!

Автор CNVideos ( назад)
15% tipping is standard in America.

Автор Mary Brooks ( назад)
If you're going to be using hotel and restaurant wifi a lot, most ask for
your email address, so it might be a good idea to have a second email for
this so your regular email does not get clogged with spam

Автор Sydney Miller ( назад)
date-a not dada

Автор Leah Griffiths ( назад)
we don't tip in Australia.

Автор Apple April ( назад)
I am in love with your hat, where is it from?

Автор Love Of Travel ( назад)
Thank you

Автор mike duncan ( назад)
why do you neeeedd wifi at a restaurant?

Автор Kristina Olah ( назад)
I always have a little notebook with me. This honestly saved my life last
year when I was in Prague and lost my phone, and had two more cities to go
to (without prebooked rooms and transportation, because I am such a last
minute person) before I was back in my hometown... I used the computer in
my hostel to find important numbers that I needed to have, and to book the
accomodation for the next city. All the information I wrote in my notebook,
and I even drew little maps how to get to places...Lifesaving indeed 😄

Автор HANS ( назад)
really helpful , thank you so much ...

Автор Linda Billings ( назад)
Love that tee

Автор Stephanie Ramírez ( назад)
You have such amazing beautiful eyes ..

Автор Frau Arafna ( назад)
Buying certain things at home like sunscreen, medicine or drugstore
products. It is not always cheaper (depending in the country) but it is
always easy and convenient. Also you save up a lot of space. Also, it is
often times the same as with food - some countries do naturally have better
sun screen (for example mexican products are way better than the ones i
brought from germany). Aspirin is also way more cheaper in the US than in
most European countries. Take one or two pills for the flight if you are
afraid of headaches during the flight. But it's a huge mistake to travel
with all the cosmetics, drugstore products and all the pills you can think
of. Unless, ofcourse, you need them because of health issues or allergies.
But most of the time you can buy these things very cheap abroad. Just make
sure it is a real store or pharmacy. Esp in eastern Europe you find a lot
of faked and counterfeit goods and Brands on markets

Автор Æsh Bär ( назад)
where did you get your shirt? lol

Автор The Boho Traveller ( назад)
Great advice!

Автор Sincerely Selasi ( назад)
I love your shirt! where'd you get it. I need one!!!!!

Автор Serena Jones ( назад)
She's saying accommination instead of accommodation smh

Автор Living Free Forever ( назад)
I love your t-shirt. Where did you get it? Thanks for another awesome
video! Melody PS I told our bank we were traveling from Florida to Ohio and
sure enough they blocked my card and it was July 4th weekend and could not
get a hold of the bank. Thankfully, we stay at this same place every year
and they know us so they were nice enough to wait until the bank opened 2
days laster. We always carry enough cash too though just in case things
like this happen. Same thing happened when we moved from Ohio to Florida.
We told our bank we moved. We got here and tried buying furniture with our
card and could not because the blocked our card. Took me 5 phone calls and
about 3 total hours to take care of this and lots of stress. So we need
back up plans to the back up plans lol :)

Автор Filippa Vivianne ( назад)
Thank you for sharing these tips! :)

Автор AddaGirl ( назад)
what camera do you use? and also who films for you when you are not holding
the camera? are you trusting randoms with your far away shots?

Автор Keeping up with Noemi ( назад)
Hey Nadine,
So so so love this video! Just started my own channel about my traveling
videos and I'm super excited. I always watch your videos and I've learned a
lot from them, especially this video! Thanks for your advice:)

Автор Pia Lorena ( назад)
7 pm? I took buses from Valparaíso to Santiago at 11 pm or even later D:

Автор Charlotte Keane ( назад)
Where did you get your shirt!!!! I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍😍😍

Автор Just_Somebody ( назад)
If there are any travel vloggers interested in supporting each other
through a possible collaboration, let me know! :)

Автор Joe Miller ( назад)
Very good video, thank you for taking the time & energy to put it together.
I'm hoping to backpack around Europe within the year. Thanks!

Автор Jeanine Cousin ( назад)
I am just finding you're channel. I do know lot's of things about travel,
but it's from a TSA point of view. So yeah very different from you're
experiences. I was wondering if you could tell me if there are any little
tips ( as far as savings ) in the way of Student or First Responder's (
EMT's Police ect.) who are purchasing airline tickets for school or
volunteering ?

Автор Natalie Gennaoui ( назад)
I adore that shirt! Where did you buy it?

I have definitely made some of these mistakes!

Автор Cilla Latte ( назад)
Thanks for your mistakes :)

Автор Dara K. Fulton ( назад)
Just subscribed! Love your videos :)

Автор ᅚᅚᅚ ( назад)
bring your own pillow (a comfortable one) especially if youre traveling in
south east asia trust me the pillows in the guesthouses are mostly
disgusting, another important thing imo is ear plugs for when youre on a
long train/plane/bus ride

Автор Sunny Shelton ( назад)
you are so cute. i love your shirt beautiful.

Автор john paul ( назад)
ur so ugly

Автор Angela Vongkhaophet ( назад)
Tip: pocket wifi!!! It's amazing!!! And can be inexpensive if you split
with the person you may be traveling with!

Автор Gloria C ( назад)
Ha! Panama! yup it is expensive

Автор itsgabrielle_e ( назад)
You don't need wifi or a data plan! Do your homework and enjoy without
being connected. This will make your experience much better.

Автор Leah Krokowski ( назад)
Pro tip: Leave things behind! You'll likely end up buying more things along
the way, so leave those nasty shoes you've been walking in for awhile, or a
light jacket you've been sweating in a bunch. I'm not saying get rid of
everything, but I made the mistake of having too much for my suitcase and/
or backpack in the past, and it was better to just throw some things away
before getting on the next flight. It also teaches you a lot about stuff,
and how it really doesn't matter.

P.S.-- The things I found to be most worth it to keep were things like
train tickets, beer coasters, etc. that were tiny but I can now look back
on by simply opening a little brown bag I have in my room! :)

Автор Abigail Diaz ( назад)
Here in the US we tip 8 to 15% depending on where you are.

Автор ib9rt ( назад)
I know this will sound a bit blunt, but I have to tell you that your makeup
in this video is really unbecoming. It makes you look at least 20 years
older than you really are. Please believe me when I tell you that is not a
good look. Try to have confidence in your own natural appearance and avoid
hiding it under layers of paint.

Автор Sarcasticat 6 ( назад)
Always bring medicine for headaches.

Автор danimigra ( назад)
I am going to Panama in january for the first time ..!!! thx for the

Автор Snow96 oo ( назад)
thanks your videos help me a lot. I'm going to be traveling to New Orleans
on January

Автор Dawn Park ( назад)
I love your tshirt! Where did you get that?

Автор Diana Huynh ( назад)
where can i get your shirt!?! i love it!

Автор Mike Christiaan ( назад)
Jesus loves you!

Автор shinnam ( назад)
Excellent video. I've been traveling for 22 years, these tips are good.
100% correct about over scheduling, and that makes those City pass cards
not good deals as they are about the same as seeing 3 major attractions in
a day. If it is a major attraction you'll want to have 3 or 4 hours to see
it. (I made that mistake in London, it was an expensive mistake)
Great warning about the bank card !
Laundry:handwash and only pack stuff that will dry over night. If it is
really humid, wrap the clothes in a towel and wring the towel out.

Автор Kristin Carlsson ( назад)
I've learned that if you're not an American going to the States ALWAYS have
the first night booked. My family and I were so close of not getting
through the borders because they wanted to know where we where going to
stay and we hadn't plan that on beforehand.

Автор ISRAEL ZAVALA ( назад)
I like u experience

Автор MissFoxification ( назад)
1. Do not use your phone overseas without checking the roaming plans. You
could get home to thousands of dollars worth of charges. Data + skype is a
better idea.
2. Check whether you can add foreign currency to your bank account for
overseas access and make sure they do not charge horrific fees.
3. You may have free travel insurance through your bank. Check it.
4. Scatter your currency around your person. If mugged or you have to pay a
bribe, you can hand over all you have in your pocket without losing
everything. A cheap watch that looks expensive also goes a long way.
5. Keep your valuables concealed.
6. Take medication for an upset stomach.
7. Photocopy all documents and store the information on a USB drive or
memory card, encrypted.

Автор Juan Daniel Rodríguez ( назад)
nice video. I think your are pretty

Автор Shayna Angelique ( назад)
As a beginner traveler, this video was soo helpful!! Love your videos!!

Автор 6falconsue ( назад)
Speaking of ATMs, be aware that if you're using a US debit card and you
want to withdraw 300 euros, it will cost you around $322 US at current
exchange rates. Since your bank will convert euros to US$, you may want to
ask your bank to temporarily increase your daily ATM withdrawal limit.
(Which I forgot to do on my first trip to Europe.) Oh, and if your credit
card doesn't have a chip, I find it easier to use cash in restaurants,
shops, etc. in Europe. Great tips, Nadine--TYSM!

Автор My Duonational Life ( назад)
Love it!! I never stop to think about everything we should or shouldn't do!
Comfy shoes are definitely the most important thing!!

Автор mike Ryder ( назад)
hey. I am leaving for 3 months in Thailand in a few days and want to say
thanks for the tips. lots of inspiration to just do it...

Автор jabulile hazel nkosi ( назад)
Love love love the way she says data da-ta I say day-ta she is amaze

Автор Simeon Rego ( назад)
do inform the bank if I am traveling domestically

Автор Naomi Willems ( назад)
Destroy similarly variety gathering not where

Автор Liz Carroll ( назад)
Great info.

Автор Pamela Contreras ( назад)
Where is your watch from? I love it

Автор Copernicia Alba ( назад)
loooooove your shiiiiirt, and yoyr video :)

Автор Copernicia Alba ( назад)
I wouldn´t say most americans like to tip; that´s a huge generalization. I
would say only people from the US push the tipping thing because restaurant
owners prefer that money not to come in as money they have earned...blabla
some financial issue that won´t make them competitive if they don´t do the
same as other restaurants that do this...so all ended up in the same
situation...transferring it all to the client, taking away all the pleasure
in tipping when something is specially beautifull that day... In too many
american countries, tipping is something to be done if you feel like
it...BUT, more and more are the waiters, barmands whoever Expecting to be
tipped and acting special all around thAt, which is disgusting... I´d
rather pick-up my plate from the kitchen´s window or something... The
elegance in service is starting to go away as more and more culture from
gringolandia ie United States, is showing through media. Tipping is
supposed to be a gift, like a special thankou note or something... but
because of the restaurants in the us...people who work there live On tips I
think... service is never 100% genuine and relaxed.

Автор Laura Milnes ( назад)
next year i'll be 17 and attending online school so i can travel. Is it
reasonable/possible? i'm stuck, please help.

Автор Jonny Rides ( назад)
Great video!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Liya Smiles ( назад)
A awesome tips!👍🏼

Автор maria capo ( назад)
Gosh I wish you could go with me on my mini europe trip this next year for
you have lots of great tips. I am going to try and go alone. Thanks for all
the great tips.

Автор marialuisa serpico ( назад)
Hi everybody! I study tourism in Paris, I'm Italian!
I’m writing my final thesis, which is about the touristic development of
Naples, and I need your help!
can you help me in doing this questioner please???

Автор Marcel Green ( назад)
great advice!! this young lady is on point with these travel tips!!

Автор keepinitreal ( назад)
Good tips! I totally agree with all of them! Uber solves a lot of the
transportation issues nowadays though!

Автор David Rodriguez ( назад)
Tip on grocery shopping when traveling: check the business days of the
country that you are visiting so you don´t find yourself with no food on a
day off business, which might take you to having to eat out in an expensive

Автор craig foulds ( назад)
Do you do all your travelling in your bedroom?

Автор Babak Rainy ( назад)
Idiot WiFi is available in any country so dont repeat WiFi WiFi ...

Автор Carlo Fantozzi ( назад)
I love her outfit

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