2XPT Pan/Tilt Gimbal Gyro Test

We decided to see what happens if a 2XPT gimbal was stabilized with Futaba 401 gyros. I placed one gyro on each axis.

Two cameras were used for this demonstration both rolling simultaneously. One hard mounted to the Logo front mount and one on the stabilized gimbal.

Pan works very well. Tilt could use some adjustment but not too bad.

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Автор cheshire katalyst ( назад)
Can you provide the instruction of how to wire those gyro... thanks in advance

Автор James Balagtas ( назад)
this is good, if i wanted the best stabilization, i would separate the camera gyro/sensor/controller from the main body of the model, meaning the base of the camera is the place it senses stabilization and correction! regardless of the model, either quad or heli, eve if the quad has its own, stabilizer, the gimbal should have its own, its sensors are on the gimbal itself!

Автор RC MA ( назад)
the problem is the roll on the helicopter, we don't need pan servo, we can pan by helico it self. we need roll and tilt stabilization, your tilt axis must be above the cam not under for good stabilization ,it is not easy to design it but that can make your product very interesting,

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