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Автор iza palluau (6 месяцев)
un petit live bien sympa pour un bon début de soirée, biz iza

Автор Cosme Henrique (6 месяцев)
Slash & Myles Kennedy - Max Sessions ( Full ): http://youtu.be/VToOIWLM7Tk

Автор Christoph Tschernoster (5 месяцев)
Fall to pieces 12:08

Автор daniellopes62 (9 месяцев)
33:31 hahahaha 

Автор Hugo Salcido (5 месяцев)
what song is ?? 23:01

Автор Gavin Butler (7 месяцев)
Slash wasn't sure what guitar it was...later it shows "Tommy Emanuel" on
the pick guard...who is also an incredible guitarist.

Автор Dylan Jones (1 год)
What a difference it makes to a song like 'Fall to Pieces' to have a real
vocalist sing it, rather than that Junkie fuck Scott Weiland. Fantastic

Автор Giorgia GNR (11 месяцев)
I love Myles and all the songs are amazing, but Civil War works very well
only with Axl 

Автор Gilberto Ahualli (1 год)
Fall to Pieces 12:19

Автор Filipe Madara (11 месяцев)
Muito bom :D

Автор Giovanni Montinaro (1 год)
Slash & Myles Kennedy - Max Sessions ( Full )

Автор Nicole Harris (1 год)
I keep missing this when they replay it, so glad a friend told me it was on

Автор SeRnRbia (1 год)
Amazing session! 

Автор Slash Rocks (1 год)
Slash you god. you have changed my perception on music epically, i thank
you for the thousandth time, and get ready for a thousand more.

Автор 543chuy (10 месяцев)
q modelo es la guitarra q usa slash en st video???????

Автор Luis Vargas (1 год)
vaya que buen vocalista

Автор Willian Costa (1 год)

Автор Michele Di rosa (1 год)
For me, Miles Kennedy is and will remain the great pillar of Alter Bridge

Автор Sequal (1 год)
I would have killed to be there..

Автор johncartelli (1 год)
Myles is the perfect G&R singer replacement.....He was the in the movie
Rock Star as the replacement singer for Mark Walhberg when he quit Steel

Автор Silvia Dusatti (1 год)

Автор Bruniaczku (1 год)
maybe they have good fun but not me ;) almost good..almost

Автор Fernando Dillenburg (1 год)

Автор IronPriest82 (1 год)
I like Myles Kennedy but his civil war version didn't work for me...

Автор TheAbit95 (1 год)
solo on acoustic - it's .. it's.. i just have no words ) 

Автор Diogo Mokva (1 год)

Автор quiquellorente (1 год)
impresionante, que pedazo directo

Автор Don Brown (1 год)

Автор Don Brown (1 год)

Автор 6Rock6God6 (2 года)
myles did really well singing sweet child o' mine

Автор Ditch (1 год)
Yeah thanks.

Автор roberto zaragoza (2 года)
que marca es la guitarra de slash ??

Автор Maxi Kabutz (2 года)
Have you ever played an acoustic guitar? Give him a break...

Автор JJTheGuitarDoctor (2 года)
slash plays the 3rd verse only half. He starts playing the bridge with the
A chord leading up to the heavy chorus again. So in normal proper English,
Slash changed chords too early which confused Myles.

Автор Helge Revheim (2 года)
Thank G. I needed this one...... ;)

Автор LychaonNightspell (2 года)
Myles Kennedy gives me goosebumps...and I'm a Man...and NO---Not Gay hehehe
:) \m/

Автор Natalia Duarte (2 года)
ooo very good

Автор Cuasimodo2372 (2 года)
The other gay is such a gay

Автор galo alexander navarrete (1 год)

Автор Rikka Takanashi (1 год)
00:00 freee !!! click for replay :)

Автор ducatiracer (2 года)
No shit.

Автор Guillermo Ryks (2 года)

Автор hockeysniping101 (1 год)
slash loved estranged especially his solos. wtf are you talking about?

Автор Luciano Mazzola (2 года)
Fall to Pieces is in 12:18 'cause maybe others wanna just jump to that song
only. My job here is done.

Автор piet lul (2 года)
By The Sword is so epic

Автор greg9000 (2 года)
they look like Maton's mate great guitars:)

Автор Scott Glover (2 года)
youall can pick the performance apart all you want but i didnt know kevin
bacon rocks

Автор fearview (2 года)
i can play his mistake. i mean i got mistake from first note :|

Автор Cuasimodo2372 (2 года)
Top comment fail

Автор Jacob Nielsen (2 года)
No, he says that his main guitar for recording ''The Derrig Les Paul'' was
made by Kris Derrig, but the ones he uses live are Gibson Les Paul

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