Slash & Myles Kennedy - Max Sessions ( Full )

Playlist :

00:00 - 01. Intro (Ghost)
02:25 - 02. Patience
08:37 - 03. Back From Cali
12:18 - 04. Fall To Pieces
17:10 - 05. Starlight
23:20 - 06. By The Sword
29:19 - 07. Civil War
38:08 - 08. Sweet Chid O' Mine

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Длительность: 45:16
Комментарии: 367

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Автор isidro elbal ( назад)
where do we go?.where do we go now?ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay
ay ay where do we go now?no,no,no,no,...

Автор Mireille Gonçalves ( назад)
This accoustic version is fu@*% AWESOME!!!!

Автор Marco Leblanc ( назад)
That fall to pieces acoustic version is so god damn good

Автор Ján Zeleňák ( назад)
Although I am listening to the same old song, there is always something new
to hear there. Slash plays with easiness something new and that´s what he
always tries to tell his listeners and fans. To be in a band and to play
the same things so long would be probably very, very boring.

Автор Grish Panosyan ( назад)
I watched this once and heard a phrase from Slash saying "If you ever hear
this on acoustic somewhere else, remember we've done it here first" before
announcing the song. Someone post the min:sec of that moment I listened it
once again but missed it)) May be it was another version of the concert.

Автор brett crawford ( назад)
myles has the best voice in the biz today

Автор Aaron Burrow ( назад)
All we need is just a little bacon!

Автор Janny Schattefor ( назад)
fucing amazing SLASH session!!!!!!!!!

Автор Jean Luc Henry ( назад)
sympa ! By The Sword

Автор Christoph Tschernoster ( назад)
Fall to pieces 12:08

Автор Hugo Salcido ( назад)
what song is ?? 23:01

Автор Gavin Butler ( назад)
Slash wasn't sure what guitar it was...later it shows "Tommy Emanuel" on
the pick guard...who is also an incredible guitarist.

Автор Daniel Lopes ( назад)
33:31 hahahaha 

Автор 543chuy ( назад)
q modelo es la guitarra q usa slash en st video???????

Автор Giorgia GNR ( назад)
I love Myles and all the songs are amazing, but Civil War works very well
only with Axl 

Автор Filipe Madara ( назад)
Muito bom :D

Автор Gilberto Ahualli ( назад)
Fall to Pieces 12:19

Автор Michele Di rosa ( назад)
For me, Miles Kennedy is and will remain the great pillar of Alter Bridge

Автор Dylan Jones ( назад)
What a difference it makes to a song like 'Fall to Pieces' to have a real
vocalist sing it, rather than that Junkie fuck Scott Weiland. Fantastic

Автор quiquellorente ( назад)
impresionante, que pedazo directo

Автор TheAbit95 ( назад)
solo on acoustic - it's .. it's.. i just have no words ) 

Автор Bruniacz ( назад)
maybe they have good fun but not me ;) almost good..almost

Автор SeRnRbia ( назад)
Amazing session! 

Автор johncartelli ( назад)
Myles is the perfect G&R singer replacement.....He was the in the movie
Rock Star as the replacement singer for Mark Walhberg when he quit Steel

Автор IronPriest82 ( назад)
I like Myles Kennedy but his civil war version didn't work for me...

Автор Slash Rocks ( назад)
Slash you god. you have changed my perception on music epically, i thank
you for the thousandth time, and get ready for a thousand more.

Автор Sequal ( назад)
I would have killed to be there..

Автор Matt Lyons ( назад)
I think I died by about 17:50 :D

Автор jacquelyn diamond ( назад)

Автор jacquelyn diamond ( назад)

Автор ifuse ( назад)

Автор Rikka Takanashi ( назад)
00:00 freee !!! click for replay :)

Автор hockeysniping101 ( назад)
he was pissed at the production costs of the use your illusions music
videos as they were losing millions of dollars. The estimated budget was
US$4 million for estranged

Автор hockeysniping101 ( назад)
slash loved estranged especially his solos. wtf are you talking about?

Автор XxSEVENTWENTYx ( назад)
yeah the by the sword solo does not sound fun to play on acoustic

Автор j newman ( назад)
Get me out

Автор Jay-R ( назад)
very nice idol!:-)

Автор José Rubén Cordova Rodríguez ( назад)
Para que mierda lo ponen en la aplicacion para android, si no esta
disponible para celulares -_-x

Автор Manny Manner ( назад)
apparently not

Автор Manny Manner ( назад)
If he doesn't like them- why does he play them at every single one of his
solo shows? I suppose playing with at the Super Bowl and touring with
Fergie and Michael Jackson wasn't about money either? Nice try, please play

Автор Michael Plotkin ( назад)
I think that "civil war" should be played on two guitars, slash sounds
kinda lonesome, specially during the solo parts, for my opinion 

Автор Axel Kwakernaak ( назад)
what strings? i know its ernie ball medium/light but what stings exact on
this one? does any1 know ??? :P 

Автор Axel Kwakernaak ( назад)
its not only about the money... he couldn't know and it can happen that he
doens't like a song....

Автор Manny Manner ( назад)
"Lead Guitarist Slash has been quoted as having a disdain for the song
(Sweet Child O mine) due to its roots as simply a "string skipping"
exercise and a joke at the time." until he realized that the song would
make him rich anyway. Good thing Axl got his way and that the song got onto
the album- just like Patience, November Rain, Don't Cry, Estranged, and all
the biggest GNR songs that Slash didn't want to record/release. Guess he
doesn't have a problem with them now that they made him rich.

Автор White Wu ( назад)
Maton TE1

Автор White Wu ( назад)
Slash used the local brand "maton" guitar.

Автор White Wu ( назад)
it's not d-28.

Автор kreambo1235 ( назад)
you made me lol. 

Автор Mauricio Barón Pinilla ( назад)
I saw that setlist alive in my Country, here in Colombia was amazing...!!!
in 2012 

Автор Lanousbh ( назад)
only slash to plays those amazing solo on an acoustic guitar 

Автор Lanousbh ( назад)
not hard to copy what's in the description

Автор galo alexander navarrete ( назад)
05:41 cas ilo hago falta poko y lo hare =

Автор galo alexander navarrete ( назад)

Автор Gonzalo Estevez ( назад)
Miles looks like Kevin Bacon no? 

Автор dylanoliver2 ( назад)
Ernie ball for his electric but its finding the right gauge of string

Автор KnichtUchiha_Ghost ( назад)
I think you fagot 

Автор Jarrod Tipton ( назад)
axl is a hack. Have you heard GnR lately... oh wait that's a no cause he

Автор Almog Kakon ( назад)
Something is missing.....oh, it's Axl Rose. It's not the same without this

Автор Rafał Przystarz ( назад)
starlight amazing songs :D 

Автор Rafał Przystarz ( назад)
great artist forever :)

Автор angelo palacios ( назад)
sweet child O´mine the best performance i have ever listen woooww!!!

Автор James Hodge ( назад)
man thats fucking awsome!!!!

Автор splendora ( назад)
can you read???

Автор Axel Kwakernaak ( назад)
metal bands??? its rock -.- 

Автор Lukassh1 ( назад)
Patience , It's Not the Same Without the Whisper

Автор Danut Milea ( назад)
Do you by any chance know what strings he's playing on? Those bends look
really easy, considering it's an acoustic, and sound awesome.

Автор Sudin Thebe ( назад)
I'm here because of slash 

Автор splendora ( назад)
Slash + Myles Kennedy : power of ten metal bands

Автор Hamzah Hussain ( назад)
alright, i'll fuck my opinion ill tell you how it goes

Автор I'm Still Drowning ( назад)
And i dont want to hear anyone complain that slash messed up the solos on
sweet chiled of mine cuz playing it on accustic is so hard stings are
thicker are harder :D

Автор Tamas Szell ( назад)
anyone knows what kind of strings slash uses? thanks.

Автор Dave Dimitri ( назад)
martin d-28 acoustic guitar

Автор Hamzah Hussain ( назад)
chill dude, its just my personal opinion

Автор Gabriel Scalabrini ( назад)
ok, my turn. ajskmdsifjsadknfaujenmajnduj

Автор Franz Kafka ( назад)
why not u play a riff... moron

Автор tx ( назад)
slash is brilliant as usual. miles is pretty good but seems mediocre when
compared to 80s and 90s axl. miles is better than axl now though.

Автор Венцислав Петров ( назад)

Автор Jetjet laurel ( назад)
much better sounds christian songs i like that.. yeah.. 

Автор Ezrocker000 ( назад)
Sorry for the off topic comments but whats the firts song playing in the
video? Before the show! Thanks.

Автор hawkwing171 ( назад)
anyone knows what guitar slash plays?? thanks.

Автор Cuasimodo2372 ( назад)
Top comment fail

Автор Handyandy2190 ( назад)
Rock and roll is about NOT being perfect.. and no one is.. descripe perfect

Автор Black Impala093 ( назад)
myles Kennedy is not a gay u son of a bitch -_-

Автор Santiago Carmona ( назад)
00:00 - 01. Intro (Ghost) 02:25 - 02. Patience 08:37 - 03. Back From Cali
12:18 - 04. Fall To Pieces 17:10 - 05. Starlight 23:20 - 06. By The Sword
29:19 - 07. Civil War 38:08 - 08. Sweet Chid O' Mine

Автор Maxi Kabutz ( назад)
Have you ever played an acoustic guitar? Give him a break...

Автор piet lul ( назад)
By The Sword is so epic

Автор Jasmine3sv24 ( назад)
ni el mismo slash sabe asi que no tienes por que disculparte

Автор Jasmine3sv24 ( назад)
it is a good one to start with i have had one for like 2 years and works

Автор Cuasimodo2372 ( назад)
The other gay is such a gay

Автор Helge Revheim ( назад)
Thank G. I needed this one...... ;) 

Автор sopravismuabet ( назад)
Starlight acoustic is just AWESOME ! All others are great as well but
starlight stands out 

Автор ivegotthemagic20 ( назад)
yes and he is always forgetting the words to hos own songs

Автор Sambit Biswas ( назад)
Have you seen them perform, recently?

Автор beso gurgenidze ( назад)
fuck axl Myles rules!

Автор Ischirognomon ( назад)
cause Axl is a little whinny egocentric bitch.. shame since he's got such a
nice voice

Автор thebigman1974 ( назад)
Slash take it home

Автор Thomas Favale ( назад)
Because Axl is a washed up dumbass who cant's sing anymore.

Автор MrBrennanCreeper ( назад)
Sweet child o mine just isn't the same without that kickass bass line.

Автор omgimsoop kapsz ( назад)
Perfect comment. 

Автор Sambit Biswas ( назад)
I love this duo but this isn't the place for Myles. Why can't Axl and Slash
cooperate with each other D':

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