Mr Bean's Wedding | Comic Relief

Classic Comic Relief sketch where Mr Bean goes to a wedding.

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Просмотров: 19754242
Длительность: 7:18
Комментарии: 327

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Автор Aditya Saha ( назад)
poor mr bean. he meant no harm :(

Автор BigBroCohen ( назад)
I hate Mr. Bean in this short.

Автор Black Andromeda ( назад)
who would be possible to invite such a person to a wedding … -_-#

Автор The Boy Of Fandom ( назад)
I miss it when the facial expressions weren't SO exaggerated. Okay yeah like in the show they were but not to the extent they are now

Автор Mustafa Ali ( назад)
when the bride fall down i felt bad in my heart

Автор Golam Rabbani ( назад)
It's too funny.............................

Автор lugeny Cartagena ( назад)
jajajajajajaja excelente ... hasta el cura recibió su detalle JJ .

Автор Mayu Sakaoka ( назад)
Heeeey the priest is Neil's dad from the inbetweeners lol

Автор Mohini Pradhan ( назад)
very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Автор Rabah Akrour ( назад)
who's still watching this in 2017 !!

Автор Violeta Coman ( назад)
10+ Everything 's the sublime and very funny

Автор Chary Senora ( назад)

Автор Himanshu Morya ( назад)
mr bean you are the best

Автор rakesh sable ( назад)
very nice.very funny.mr bean.thnk u

Автор Stanley Kwambana ( назад)
hahahahahahaha can't stop laughing....Mr Bean

Автор Krispysquare ( назад)
I completely lost it when he started tearing up the present XD

Автор Καλλιοπη Αγγελοπουλου ( назад)

Автор Domenica Idrovo ( назад)
6:08 ! hahahaha I died

Автор Macy Manson ( назад)

Автор LolyGagger ( назад)

Автор evitasd ( назад)
Good thing the bride was wearing undies.

Автор Binesh kumar ( назад)
Best of Best 

Автор Jorge Fuentes ( назад)
One of the best of Mr Bean!

Автор Anna Ha ( назад)
This is hilarious XD

Автор rohit tamhankar ( назад)
That bride!!! <3<3

Автор Graham Burton (1468 лет назад)

Автор 森林天 ( назад)
he is very 仆街

Автор zean tiempo ( назад)
Hahahaha. super amazing xD

Автор Heap Bunden ( назад)

Автор Heap Bunden ( назад)

Автор jolie hyuna ( назад)

Автор Anishan Prima ( назад)
Haaaahaaaahaaaahaaaahaaahaaa.....very cute N happy

Автор Dave Lonh ( назад)

Автор Yuriy Rudiy ( назад)
Бин самый позитивный  и раскованный а остальные просто традиционалисты и снобы причём нервные)

Автор AJsVIEW ( назад)
I almost died laughing at 06:07!! LMFAO!!!!!

Автор flylikeabutterflystinglikeabee ( назад)
what is inspector Grimm doing here?? lol

Автор AbitchInMyJesus ( назад)
Over comic. Fore Mr.Bean better

Автор Severus Jake ( назад)
He disgraces all. The bride was so beautiful.

Автор CanLanka1 ( назад)

Автор Rasowybanan ( назад)
hahaha I want mr Been in my weedings

Автор Nguyen Vu ( назад)
Mr bean may man ghe

Автор Boenda Angels ( назад)
Thats so amazing,,,!!!!

Автор Amazing Angus 001 ( назад)
I don't get it. Why did Mr Bean put the clock down in front of Kate?

Автор Anandan Sahadevan ( назад)
Ha ha ha ha

Автор SCWillz ( назад)
Neils dad IS a vicar!

Автор Stevie C ( назад)

Автор NELSON NJAU ( назад)
Mr bean is really funny. It made my day gud

Автор Scarlet Strauss ( назад)
she's beautiful

Автор XxSlenderMotoxX ( назад)
the priest is neil's dad from the inbetweeners

Автор Blue Mountain ( назад)
that must be the TimeBomb

Автор TheDeltaQuebec ( назад)
6.06 i can't stop laugh

Автор Kayleigh Lee ( назад)
Lol that was hilarious

Автор ImtheGamingMaster MASA ( назад)

Автор ImtheGamingMaster MASA ( назад)

Автор messi ( назад)
Mister bean is best

Автор Niko Giove ( назад)
Wow... sexy bride!!!

Автор Long Nguyễn Ngọc ( назад)

Автор Cindy Thet ( назад)
I love it

Автор Germaine Lee ( назад)

Автор Neal Anderson ( назад)

Автор Keith Reynolds ( назад)
lol! That's legend

Автор Consti Constantin ( назад)
@linkinangelpark very sexy bride :D

Автор Consti Constantin ( назад)
a observat cineva ca omu ala seamana cu Nutu Camataru :)

Автор Jerod Straszewski ( назад)
less than a minute being married and already there is a domestic dispute

Автор Erin Kendrick ( назад)
@EmmaJH I would!

Автор leo Pat ( назад)
Mr bean should be invited royal wedding.lol.

Автор Yep ( назад)
Jeez how cud the groom

Автор Yep ( назад)
How cud he punch is own wife

Автор Adri Krayziesoundz ( назад)
@EmmaJH why the HELL would anyone invite Mr.Bean to the greets the QUEEN!!! xD

Автор bslol1 ( назад)
lol 6:08

Автор bslol1 ( назад)
6:08 lol

Автор bslol1 ( назад)
6:08 lmao

Автор Grand Magus ( назад)
As a young real name :D

Автор SeP9506 ( назад)
I wonder if Mr Bean knows that giving a clock as any present means that he wants the parents to die. It's true... I am not cursing, but this is Chinese tradition.

Автор rebecca camilleri ( назад)
@EmmaJH i dont think he was invited :))

Автор rebecca camilleri ( назад)
@EmmaJH i dont think he was invited

Автор Da666ManIsBak ( назад)
I'm not gonna invite Mr. Bean to MY wedding!

Автор TheLupin3222 ( назад)
@W5T0n well him and hugh laurie use to do comedy sketches together

Автор NOXP ( назад)
@W5T0n Dude, this is Britain. He's George from Blackadder to us.

Автор Domagoj Krsic ( назад)
@EmmaJH He invited himself.

Автор Hasham Arif Butt ( назад)
@Hussarer ah! maybe Pakistan has more fans of Rowan, then anywhere else..........

Автор corrupt200 (450 лет назад)
@18Unity48 but Baba Ganoush always gets laid

Автор Blaccat8 ( назад)
@EmmaJH 'Cause it's Mr. Bean.. Duh! He's bound to do something funny.

Автор General0208 ( назад)
@EmmaJH Prince William ???

Автор Sin578 ( назад)
@EmmaJH Apparently the prince would haha

Автор artCellaneous ( назад)
@justinbieberfan8100 What's even more funny is that he did pull the :D face. LOL!

Автор Angela Z ( назад)
@EmmaJH Because he's awsome :L

Автор DB3457 ( назад)
@Wrenchcool this was a red nose day special so was never recorded as part of the series

Автор Apoorv Sharma ( назад)
@EmmaJH GUESS WHO DID! The British Royal Family! #BeanWIN :D

Автор Perry Hughes ( назад)

Автор wonderfulOlga ( назад)
aaah mr. darcy!!!!!! :-)

Автор Viktor Mylonas ( назад)
@EmmaJH to have fane xD

Автор Morghena ( назад)
OMG it's Mr. Darcy!

Автор AT-12345 (1514 года назад)
ahahah well done mr.Bean!

Автор Sophiea John ( назад)
LOL. The priest is the same priest on that one episode of the IT crowd. :P

Автор Josh Rennox ( назад)
@Hussarer Huh i don't know what you mean? you mean in pakistan you can't watch it?

Автор Wrenchcool ( назад)
btw...is this from the regular "mister bean series ?" ...i dont have this on the mr.bean dvd's...and i have dont see this in german tv

Автор asasyan1 ( назад)
This is Funny : : : :

Автор Tiffani Ng ( назад)
5:13 was the funniest!!! It was when he smiled weirdly lol!!!! Mr.bean is so funny :D

Автор lotsofdoor ( назад)
Witch movie is this??

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