TTT5 10/19/07 kenedale texas
extreme street

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comerce ga


Автор booobed (6 лет)
totally legal

Автор magnificent10304 (6 лет)
is the the 1/4 or the 1/8th mile? an @:56 for fucks sake look at the
reaction time an that hook,

Автор redoctober2008 (5 лет)
great video - thanks for shooting it!

Автор 0870687723 (6 лет)

Автор tiofilopatricio (5 лет)
muy buen carro. felix de venezuela... zulia

Автор Drakanox (6 лет)
Completely Insane.

Автор Alex S. (4 года)
love european and asian cars, but nothing beats the sound of american
muscle . 5*

Автор tiofilopatricio (5 лет)
muy bueno el video. felix de venezuela.zulia

Автор desertwalker425 (2 года)

Автор pppchevy (6 лет)

Автор Steven Ward (5 лет)
Nice vid, nice quality man !!!!!!!!!

Автор Paul Jordan (3 года)
Unless a car runs 7s in the 1/4 then 1/8 mile is plenty enough track. That
last 660 feet is just wasting fuel and wearing engine parts.

Автор TheMonte04 (3 года)
1/8th mile is gay!!

Автор 2bucu (5 лет)
awesome vid!!!!! this is my favorite shit. . .

Автор grassy04 (5 лет)
sweet mustangs!

Автор doogaman77 (5 лет)
thats why im not a fan of the wheel stand , because while your in the air
their way down there lol!!!

Автор skullbasher23 (2 года)
at first i was like holy shit, civics and integras have no chance lol, but
its eighth mile so its still within the realm of possibility and god dam
@:27 sec lol, insane

Автор TheMonte04 (3 года)
1/8th mile is gay!!

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