POWER RANGERS Trailer (2017)

Official "Power Rangers" Movie Trailer 2017 | Subscribe ➤ http://abo.yt/kc | Elizabeth Banks Movie #Trailer | Release: 24 Mar 2017 | https://KinoCheck.de/film/9k9/power-rangers-2017
Saban’s Power Rangers follows five ordinary high school kids who must become something extraordinary when they learn that their small town of Angel Grove – and the world – is on the verge of being obliterated by an alien threat. Chosen by destiny, our heroes quickly discover that they are the only ones who can save the planet. But to do so they will have to overcome their real-life issues and band together as the Power Rangers before it is too late.

#PowerRangers is a new movie by Dean Israelite, starring Elizabeth Banks, Naomi Scott and Becky G.

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Автор Albert Mag ( назад)
Is it just me or are these super hero movies getting a little over
exploited ....

Автор EllaFVlogs ( назад)

Автор Raphaël Herault ( назад)
chronicle Oo

Автор Jaybeatsyoutube ( назад)
Can you watch this movie power rangers on putlocker anyone??? xx

Автор C Schank ( назад)

Автор K. Ann Price ( назад)
This is actually rather fresh take on the concept, and less stupid than the
first 3 American versions I loved as a child put together. I'm looking
forward to it.

Автор shiv sagar ( назад)
plz just hindi dubbed

Автор April Llever ( назад)
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.
PLEASE, please the adult audience too.

we'll leave those other titles for kids

Автор Starboy 166 ( назад)

Автор IGE Vhanz ( назад)

Автор gedelugra lugra ( назад)
kapan tayang di indonesia

Автор jelfi cloud ( назад)
power ranger shall be japan girl why black?? black washing in holliwood

Автор Kevin Percivale ( назад)
Excited for this, history makes sense cuz initially power rangers are
aliens power

Автор Bianca Bars ( назад)
I'm not so into Power Rangers but Elizabeth Banks as the villain convinced

i bet this is rated PG

Автор wallace martins ( назад)
que musica é essa?

Автор Hamza Lone ( назад)
name of the song??

Автор The Bacon Channel ( назад)
oh my gosh we had Power rangers now? a lot movies of 2017

Автор Gabe Stein ( назад)

Автор JessieQuick Quick ( назад)
can not wait for this movie

Автор LinkBΛ ( назад)
Wow this new trainspotting trailer looks great

Автор twenty-øne phans. ( назад)
whats it rated?

Автор bike life ( назад)
they fycked up on the new Spider-Man to .

Автор bike life ( назад)
I mean shit I'm only 22 but dam I've been seeing shitty movies remakes like
how many times have they remade beaty and the beast snow white and horseman
um how many times have they remade star wars . I mean at least assassins
creed was something new

Автор bike life ( назад)
this is so lame what happen to real movies not remake crap

Автор bike life ( назад)

Автор King Kid ( назад)
This reminds me of Chronicle

Автор Jaylin Tharpe ( назад)

Автор Jaylin Tharpe ( назад)
who wants to see how becky g f_cks this up

Автор mayra garcia ( назад)
my child hood can be ruined if this comes out wrong 😑

Автор Amy Valentine ( назад)
Red Ranger is so hot. Zac Efron lookalike

Автор Jango Fett ( назад)
This comes out on my birthday :)

Автор Kaelyn Burns ( назад)
A FUCKING WHITE MALE is the red ranger?
What the fuck, this is the (((CURRENT YEAR))) can't we have a multiracial
non-binary sixty five year old transistorman who identifies as a wombat as
the red ranger?

Автор Johnny Michaels ( назад)
Not another FU Rangers movie? You people are never going to grow up out of
that nonsense or Pokemon BS.

Автор Trevor Quirk ( назад)
How is this movie a little more than two months away from release, and they
have only released one trailer? They better not screw this up.

Автор Miguel Sanchez ( назад)
Wana ruin your childhood? - go watch it.
wana a real robot fight movie.... - exists already, its called PACIFIC RIM.
want same with kids?... real steel

Автор Nostalgia Kid ( назад)
Cross your fingers for this, and hope it's going to be epic

Автор Irish Pride ( назад)
It seems to have taken a dark turn... AWESOME

Автор Yaritzi Olivas ( назад)
OMG , is she Becky G?

Автор lana-xoxo ( назад)
idk y but i think the red power ranger guy looks a little bit like zac
efron to me <3 also i wanted him to be with the other girl and not the one
he kissed in this trailer.

Автор Sofia Diaz Del Valle ( назад)
the first time i saw this trailer, I was in the movie theater. the moment i
heard Halsey's song "I Walk the Line" i started to internally scream

Автор thechosenjoshua ( назад)
I think this movie will be... MORPHENOMENAL!

Автор Arvid R ( назад)
this shit looks badass

Yas!!! Teanagers with attitude in Spandex!!!

Автор Jonne de Wees ( назад)
can reflection entertainment rise honest aim twist change nod.

Автор Brian Koskinen ( назад)
they should have tommy Oliver make an appearance

Автор Red Mimic ( назад)
This is either gonna be really good or really amazing. I'm gonna say.. it's

Автор Andy Mendoza ( назад)
I love power rangers

Автор viljamtheninja ( назад)
Oh god, this looks horrible. I can't fucking wait to watch it. Best day of
my life already and it hasn't even happened yet.

Автор Giovanna Lovato ( назад)
Halsey <3

Автор Tom Donovan ( назад)
Goddamnit Billy...

Автор Gamer1una ( назад)
I'm very excited for this movie

Автор Jaden Connor ( назад)
so basically all of the transformers are the dumb kids in class who are

Автор perfectly pink ( назад)

Автор Sonido Hermanos Sonido Hermanos ( назад)
so this is the breakfast club if they were rangers.

Автор DaAuraWolf ( назад)
I want this to be good but the Force just says it's going to be Last
Airbender quality... yeah...

Автор SquareOne ( назад)
im glad there is no black woman power ranger. Black women cant do anything.

Автор jalil boudjourfa ( назад)
Is this just me or that guy looks like Zac Efron !?

Автор Santiago Manrique ( назад)
What is the name of the song in the background?

Автор Kelvin Foe ( назад)
whenever they get a black actor they bring the ugliest mofo possible i
swear it must be hard for them trying to find someone less then average.

Автор Rayna Walker ( назад)
I bet this is just going to be like Minecraft story mode

Автор Rayna Walker ( назад)
first of all since Rita said she kill Rangers before we know exactly which
one she killed and second of all this is going to be rated PG-13 why does
Becky has to be the ugly one they should have picked a less beautiful girl
but all girls are beautiful I bet everybody's going to hate this comment I
would too so don't blame me

Автор Beybel Abarca ( назад)
0:18 What's that song?

Автор Valu Gamez ( назад)

Автор Zuano Carsio ( назад)
best powewr rangers

Автор Jé Be (Here But Gone) ( назад)
Nostalgia: The end of the original classic Van Halen Dreams? 'We'll get
higher...and higher.....so baby dry your eyes '

Автор Helios Sol-Dios Mortal ( назад)

Автор true ghull ( назад)
lionsgate horror!

Автор Sandro Cabanillas ( назад)

Автор Albert Alvarez ( назад)
so far i dont like is that the teaser has been out for months and no one
knew trailer yet tf

Автор Bailey Buckley ( назад)
Ah another shitty film for 2017

Автор TheyComeFromTheSkies ( назад)
To be honest i was hoping for all of them to have a stand together like big
hero 6 or something...

Автор aadilahaffandi ( назад)
Noooooooooooooooo!!! There CAN'T be any kissing scenes. I wanna bring my

Автор nikhil krishnan ( назад)
Thats for nerds

Автор bukankosong ( назад)
can anyone tell me what's the name of the song / artist that start at 1:24
? thanks in advance

Автор Vivid Girl ( назад)
Is that Becky G?

Автор Shehab Glali ( назад)
where's my Halsey fans at?

Автор R3Ddeuce Fellows ( назад)
power rangers we all remember this from childhood 😂😂

Автор vicky drinkall ( назад)
to less

Автор tuwall ( назад)
i want zordon :D

Автор Hanan Awan ( назад)
Will this turn out where the critics hate it but the fans love it?

Автор Homie Doge ( назад)
What's the song?

Автор Anonymous Only ( назад)
But why always the Americans... Power rangers is supposed to be complete

Автор TheJbuckhanan ( назад)
so Saban gets mad at power/ranger director then....makes a movie in which
the trailer is geared towards the same demographic that enjoyed that short
film? Is anyone not feeling like they saw this coming? Oh yeah, youre the
internet. Dont mind me.

Автор cyry aister ( назад)
I can t wait looks so cool this is lit

Автор Chazzy ( назад)
LIONSGATE always have great concept movies but their special effects make
them lose quality...

Автор Karl Thornton ( назад)
So basically the plot of this reboot is Rita is trying to obtain the Zeo
Crystal for an evil diabolical plan. And the Rangers must stop her and he
revived monster, Goldar, from obtaining it. This should be interesting to
watch. I can't wait. Now since they are also including the Zeo Crystal.

Автор JuviaFullbusterIce YouTube ( назад)
Does anyone know if the pink is gonna be with the red or blue? Or if anyone
of them will be with someone like they would have the romances in the power
ranger series? I remember in samurai the pink and blue were a thing and the
same with the green and yellow

Автор Jonas viuff ( назад)
Reminds me of chronicle... and i think it might turn out as the reboot of
"fantastic four"

Автор Lion Heart ( назад)
What is the song playing lol

Автор Cassie Duenez ( назад)
see how it goes

Автор Nick Rengstorf ( назад)
I think this will be good!

Автор The Herrera Guy ( назад)
Funny how exactly 20 years before Turbo A power Ranger Movie came out.

Автор Petya Nenkova ( назад)
the movie looks sick

Автор OG WofGOD ( назад)
O_O Holyyyyy ssssssssssssss

Автор SuperDrifter4000 ( назад)
This is going to suck. Sorry, but there's just no way it won't. I loved
Power Rangers as a kid, and while I appreciate what they're trying to do I
can tell from the trailer and even the toy commercial it has the angsty
modern hipster trend coming too close to the vibe I felt with Fantastic 4
(2015) movie. Horribly unbalanced and forceful with their themes making for
a less than wholesome experience overall.
Rita looks sexy, and I'm guessing is her own Green Ranger now, but why? The
original version had her as a witch type character who looked like a witch.
Threatening, wicked, and in charge. This one seems more shallow and too
queen like that makes her more secondary than main villain with a
personality. And why not use a Green Ranger to help her conquer instead of
suddenly doing it herself? If it was about getting her into the fight more
they could've done both without thinking it could only happen one way! And
I saw what they did with "Goldar." He was a large humanoid flying monkey
warrior clad in golden knight armor both scary and cool as Rita's top
enforcer. Look at him now: He's just a melted cheese version of the Rangers
new Zord, for crying out loud! And is he the only minion she has? She had
an elite court, disposable minions, and created many monsters to summon and
"Goldar" is probably going to be the only one she has now?
Did nobody learn anything about what made the original creatively
stimulating?! What the hell is the point if you don't actually commit to
the source material?! It's not even worth it! So, yeah, I'm not exactly
confident about this. We'll just have to see I guess.

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