MicroKorg Demo

This Song is pure Microkorg and made by myself! Even the Drums! No samples and no loops... everything is processed directly inside the synth!
Some sounds are programmed by me and some are factory presets. I just got it 2 days ago.
It´s the fifth anniversary edition and I love it!

If you want to hear more please watch my "funky microkorg" video, too ;)
URL: http://de.youtube.com/watch?v=78SNOwAfmtU

This Video Made it onto the official Hungarian Korg Website (just take a look at the sites linking this)... omg I´m so happy :D

:::Update 2:::
You may download the drum patch on:
I would really appreciate if you credit me in case you use this for one of your videos

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Автор pavanjared ( назад)
Could you please re-up the drum patch?

Автор vaguelyreptilian ( назад)
@ChickenVendetta I think it was a limited edition one.

Автор boxa888 ( назад)
@bassmajor yea i started seeing that on my korg, the lfo is huge to drums,
do u make the set up so that there are two channels playing, one the high
range oscillators and one as the low frequency oscillators, i cant get the
drum effect on the other channels. i tried copying the A21-A22 sound and
cant make the drums on any other presets, can u give me a quick way, i
almost have it, i just cant make it on other channels, i would love to

Автор ChickenVendetta ( назад)
How did you get the key colors reversed?

Автор Ben Sommen ( назад)
nice drum synthesizing there I also made an attempt at making a pure
microkorg song (see response) hope you like it

Автор pavanjared ( назад)
Hey, the link to download the drum patch does not work, could you fix that?
I really really really want it.

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
yep, and i really like it

Автор DJdarkshadow7 ( назад)
Did you use the Microkorg patch edittor from the korg site?

Автор Cable3999 (892 года назад)
Good job! I wish it would've been longer.

Автор brenan6 ( назад)
no you cant. it doesnt have any sort of looping function

Автор Ronan Gubbins ( назад)
Can you play something on the korg,then save it and then play something new
over what you have just played? If that makes sense.And i am a guitarist
looking for a synth that i can prerecord onto and at the touch of a button
have what i prerecorded played back so i can play guitar along to it!
Whovever can answer my question it would be greatly appreciated:)

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
no, I made the drum groove playing around with lfo's and white noise

Автор greenlaceblue ( назад)
does de microkorg has drum set? PLEASE

Автор BirdieRafael ( назад)
a bit short but great!

Автор bCurious2 ( назад)

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
yes it is but no you can`t record songs onto the mkorg, the only things it
can store is sounds

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
i used nuendo to record the audio and reason to put a drumloop on top of
the track ;)

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
well, i´ve created the drum patch directly on my mkorg... it´s connected to
my pc via midi (usb midi interface) and to my toneport (usb audio
interface) to record the audio signal in stereo

Автор eltrain2 ( назад)
That drum patch thing, is that used via the pc, using the programme they
give you on their site? If so, how did you connect it to your pc :S Im
still confused on how to... help please!

Автор mikey ( назад)
hahaha pzzzzzz

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
what? xD

Автор PompousFlea ( назад)

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
if you want to, you may download the drum patch ;) i just entered the link
in the video description

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
well you have to play around with the lfo´s a lot but i think it´s not that
hard ;)

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
it´s a microkorg sound i created

Автор Kamil Kos (Albert) ( назад)
Great job man!

Автор killanator21 ( назад)
well im used to full-size keys on a piano, and to me microkorg keys look
real small another one that looks nice is the ms-2000

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
yes it has, but i just love the micro´s keys because in my opinion the feel

Автор killanator21 ( назад)
the only thing i dont like about it is the size keys...R3 has full-size
keys right?

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
this synth sounds just awesome and it sounds even better when you think of
it´s price ;)

Автор killanator21 ( назад)
i should get one of these...i want a synth but i cant figure out what i
want...price wise this is probably best for me...and it still does sound
pretty good

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
huh? this is the 5th anniversary edition

Автор kolakube123 (779 лет назад)
ah right, got ya. :]

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
i recorded every track on it´s own ;)

Автор kolakube123 (700 лет назад)
When you say no loops you must have recorded yourself playing right? The
microkorg is only 2 part multitimbral.

Автор kolakube123 (790 лет назад)
what is the 5th edition. Is it the black keys one?

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
ehm what is a 'roland something'?

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
no i did the drums on a microkorg playing around with the LFO´s and the

Автор thejman1290 ( назад)
OH i listened to the rest of the video haha. Also i bought a midi lead
'Roland something' and i cant seem to get it to work, r u able to send me
some instructions on how to get it all setup? Peace....

Автор thejman1290 ( назад)
you used a drum track didnt you? Or does the microkorg have a drum thing
that i have no idea about?

Автор mik300z ( назад)
great demo, too short though! I bought one off ebay over christmas and I
love it too! I saw that special edition one on Thomann and would love to
own one. Microkorgs are becoming a collectors item already. The very first
thing i did with it is use it on my midnight express theme, click on my
username to see it. It brings an extra dimension to a mix. so

Автор bassmajor ( назад)
ehm i think it´s still available... i bought a new one at a store called
musik schmidt in germany

Автор strato90 ( назад)

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