smoke bubble to ghost inhale

smoke bubble to sick ghost inhale

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Автор xenioxa (2 года)

Автор Jamin Jordan (1 год)
i think they fixed it . - . the music stopped...

Автор Jon Foster (1 год)

Автор arcticcatkickass (2 года)
how is this possible

Автор CoDisafishy (1 год)
You're so mad man, your life must be awesome, but I guess I can't voice my
opinion about that either. Too bad there is nothing stopping me from typing
this message so I'll say this, your joke sucked and was overused, and I
could care less if you wanted my opinion or not.

Автор MZawesomechic (2 года)

Автор Danny Sanchez (2 года)
Fuckin sick

Автор MrNerdcode (1 год)
omg the music dont stop cx

Автор MyricalGenie (2 года)
what the fuckkk lol

Автор TheDemonMafia (1 год)
fuck you and this song

Автор Rakki (2 года)
i use mouse

Автор Sivert Standal (1 год)
let the fingers hit the mute, let the fingers hit the mute, let the fingers
hit the mute, let the fingers hit the...... MUUUUUUUTE

Автор Nick (1 год)
*video ends and music keeps playing* WTF?!

Автор HsWarriors (2 года)

Автор Ellie Zara (2 года)
some hack probably

Автор Luke Hyde (2 года)
What the fuck. How is the music even.. what

Автор Matt Berger (2 года)
The ghost song video. Viral Potential: 76%

Автор chrismun123 (1 год)
I replayed the video 3 times and the music stopped for me it didnt keep

Автор macanater1 (1 год)
me too lol i was like wait what and put the pipe down for a sec and then
was like nah it cant be the bud .

Автор Nadrioc (2 года)
Is anyone having the 3:22 video only lasting 9 sec?

Автор HombrewTutorial (2 года)

Автор MZawesomechic (2 года)

Автор Randy loves (2 года)
okay trippy video lmao..

Автор fiverosestea (2 года)
you look like jason from true blood.

Автор Jake Huxley (1 год)
Thought I was trippin balls a sec

Автор motox370 (1 год)
im scared.. MUSIC WUT U DOIN

Автор solidmoni (1 год)
it is.

Автор dain maron (1 год)
Drowning pool - Let the bodies hit the floor

Автор John M (1 год)
Just a bubble, but i been watchin for atleast a minute before i realized i
was going ham in my chair turn up no purple

Автор George Chilian (2 года)
why does the song still play thats sick

Автор Marvin David (2 года)
cool!!! fuck yeah!! >:D

Автор 48mca (2 года)
Dude we have like the same number!

Автор acrock21 (2 года)
bubble gum ?

Автор ItzSonza (1 год)
Music wat u doin? Stahp Music! STAAAHHHPPPP

Автор Joshua Iero (2 года)
The song O.o what black magic is this?

Автор porters94 (1 год)

Автор elecks441 (2 года)
lungs cancer.

Автор MissHoneybeezy (2 года)
I can never figure out how to do that...

Автор Nick O (2 года)
you know what really grinds my gears

Автор shadowmyst88 (2 года)
this song sucks balls

Автор rajj theman (2 года)
I wish it kept playing for me :(

Автор oTechnical (2 года)
Music after vid dafuq

Автор Jamin Jordan (1 год)
oh i see..

Автор Peter Griffin (1 год)
music doesnt stop, youtube on weed.

Автор THE BEST (2 года)
roses are red violets are blue this video sucks dick and so do u :]

Автор andrew walsch (1 год)
music still plays

Автор sy9593 (1 год)
hahahha!! XD

Автор rainierjang83 (1 год)
what the fucking shittt..

Автор DellaFX (1 год)
this is a tru nigga!

Автор bowhunter928 (2 года)
not this song again

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