We will see a government shutdown

Protests in Wisconsin have continued to evolve over the last two weeks and they are now spreading to other Midwest states like Ohio and Tennessee. Could the United States see a government shutdown as a result? Professor of Politics at Occidental College Caroline Heldman believes because of political postering by Republicans and Democrats trying to blame each other for the protests, there will be a government shutdown in one form or another.

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Автор Marketing Circles ( назад)
It's sad when the only real news we get about America is from Russia. Pres.
Putin is also pressuring our government to back the WILL of the American
People. Therefore, we actually get better government now from foreign
nations. Is that whacky or what? They exported jobs first, and NOW they've
exported responsibility. founder gofoodsglobal com (Fill in the dots - Get

Автор Joe Weis ( назад)

Автор gather91 ( назад)
This RT news is so biased and anybody should easily be able to recognize
the massive republican favor from the announcer. Never watching this
garbage again. -perfectly neutral citizen.

Автор AssassinationCitizen (2005 лет назад)
Screw Republican and Democrat, they are all run by the same mob. The
Internet has all the people of America in it to voice there voice. FORGET

Автор PayDroV ( назад)
Today : Government shutted down again Bankrupsy !

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@turtleguy923 There are no communist countries, just hybrids &
dicatatorships put in play by people who think like you.

Автор turtleguy923 ( назад)
@joe035 Cuba isn't Communist....

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@turtleguy923 Two ideologies that lead to the same path, mass murder,
oppression & tyranical rule! The founders got it right!! You should try
living in Cuba, Castro created a true communist Utopia there!

Автор turtleguy923 ( назад)
@joe035 Also, Communism is not the same as Socialism. Many of you close
minded people don't realize.

Автор turtleguy923 ( назад)
@joe035 Communism, Socialism...... but not Communism. Also, Communist China
is NOT Communist. The definition of Communism is a sociopolitical movement
that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common
ownership of the means of production, free access to articles of
consumption, and the end of wage labour and private property in the means
of production and real estate. Tell me, where in that definition does it
say "We must execute anyone who doesn't agree with us."?

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@turtleguy923 The whole idea of socialism is the state runs & owns
everything for the good of the whole. I work with people in communist
China, it hasn't worked out well for them! One guy in particular has
siblings who are not recognized as nationals as they are limited to how
many children they can have. Communism, Socialism opresses the rights of
the Individual. You cannot control free will; only execute those unwilling
to play along with your idea of Utopia! Communism doesn't work!

Автор turtleguy923 ( назад)
@joe035 Whoever said communism can't have a constitution or a bill of
rights? Also, communism is a democracy, a government for the people by the
people. It isn't run by a few "Elite" people. It's entirely the people.
Although there have been communist states in the past, those communist
states weren't communist. There is a big difference between a communist
state and a communist society.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@molloyxx1 The extreme we have in this country is we think there is a
difference between establishment Republicans & Democrats. They dont
represent us they work for the bankers, unions, corporations, serving those
interests at the cost of our labors! I hated Bush for the Patriot Act, the
wars, the spending of money WE DONT HAVE & now we have Obama doing ALL the
same things & worse because he should know better!!!!

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@molloyxx1 DEMOCRATS had CONTROL of all branches of gvernment!!! This HC
Bill belongs soley to Democrats who cater to HMO's under the guise theyre
doing something for us! Obama did NOTHING about HMO monopolies & gave name
brand Pharmacueticals MORE power to rape consumers, by extending the time
for name brand drugs vs. generics. The ONLY good thing about Obamacare is
no preexisting & now government will have to create something legitiment,
single payer was better then the shit they passed.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@molloyxx1 The Tea Party started under the BUSH "to big to fail bailouts"
End of his presidency & was approved by OBAMA in his campaign against
McCAin who also approved them. You can CONFIRM this on youtube or google
it! REPUBLICANS LOST majorities in 2006 because of wars & SPENDING! So you
are one of those Democrats that think bankers & businesses should be bailed
out for their bad decisions? The wars continue to waste lives & dollars
Kucinivich & Ron Paul were the ONLY candidates that believe

Автор surrenderyourflesh ( назад)
hahah ad to left says trump for prez, it makes me think of Biff from back
to the future 2

Автор molloyxx1 ( назад)
@joe035 Obama is not a king and and does not rule by fiat or proclamation.
The health care plan was diluted because there are so few GOP moderates in
the Senate to work with as the GOP has become a party of extremists. The
numbers simply weren't there for the kind of health plan Obama really
wanted enacted. Thee were also conservative Blue Dog Democrats to contend
with. That said, the for profit health care vultures poured tens of
millions into defeating the health care plan. Why?

Автор molloyxx1 ( назад)
@joe035 I share your frustration. What I do not recall is any Tea Bagger
uprising about the disasterous foreign policy or its trillion plus cost.
Bush ran both wars and the Medicare Part D paln off budget, a shell game
Obama quickly put a stop to. Bush let the Wall St vultures alone,
depopulating the SEC and never once proposing financial reform; Obama did
the opposite [ but didnt punish the bastards as much as I would have
liked]. However.......

Автор WhoisSkinny1990 ( назад)
If you don't think long term then you aren't going to realize that slowly
with no government things will be shut down one step at a time til there is
NOTHING left. The way life is built we kind of need them whether we like it
or not and....I don't like it but at the same time I already struggle and
this just adds to the struggle. Plus what about prisons? dangerous ppl back
on the streets...is that what we need or want? There has to be a better
solution than this....

Автор WhoisSkinny1990 ( назад)
This shut down will put us all in a mode to survive and Money will have no
value...Law Enforcement is government, and I hate cops more than you can
imagine. But at the same time we need them to keep REAL criminals like
murderers and rapists in check. It's a yin yang...to have good you also
need the bad, and this is just all bad for everybody. It doesn't matter
who's fault it is democrat or republican...This is going to be everyone for
themselves and our country has a one sided mind...

Автор WhoisSkinny1990 ( назад)
look at it this way, whether you are republican, democrat, or
independent...The government is making this move to prove you need them,
when they go so does anything the government has a signature on. The
government has their hands in 90% of the things were into be it Music, TV,
Law Enforcement, Money, Work, Military, Post Offices, Education, Gas, etc.
I'm a musician and I need a contract to protect my musical rights...The
Government signs that. With no military who can stop invading countries?

Автор BCT071 ( назад)
@xXSandBlizzardXx Indoctrinated much ? :)

Автор WhoisSkinny1990 ( назад)
Everyone starts at zero...the same level but not everyone can survive this.
This is the start of anarchy, and america as a people need to learn how to
work together to prevent a collapse on our country. With no government
other countries could take over and force their will on us. As much as I
hate the government...we need them at the same time. I think that we are
putting ourselves at risk with this.

Автор 411American (1407 лет назад)
Another play on the Americant prostitutes, I mean people.

Автор xXSandBlizzardXx (693 года назад)
Shut down the government we dont need those cowards. All we need is each
other, God and the son of God to take care of us. Who would support a
government that is willing to kill ppl like us world wide or support money
to wars instead of supporting the homeless and the poor or the ppl world
wide. Shut down the government and illuminati perminantly!!!

Автор marsisamazingilys (194 года назад)
I know no country is perfect and every country has its flaws, but other
countries's flaws are looking reeeally good right now..

Автор MartialDuartist (1020 лет назад)
WOOOOOO!!!! Dina Gusovskiiiii :) <3

Автор cat man ( назад)
if they don't start waking up , there jobs will be gone . case in point .
the union will make sure YOU don't loose your job even if you &^%$ up . a
garbage truck hits a public bus . the garbage truck driver was NOT fired
BUT promoted . to public bus as a driver .

Автор RequiemForChange ( назад)
@MillyVanillification given that they are seizing up the system and arguing
over .1-.01 percent of the budget of how many trillions a year, for how
many years have they indebted themselves and the country into the future
all the while collapsing the system over greed and control? dog and pony
show: acting like they are doing some major changes, and are squabbling
over drops in the ocean that will have no real effect over the inevitable
defaulting of the system, the dollar and your livelyhood.

Автор RequiemForChange ( назад)
@MillyVanillification Yup,I take care of my family and myself, its my
responsibility; as it is everyone elses for them and theirs... People who
want the services can pay for them, instead of having everyone pay for them
through a faulty, heavily burdening tax/thieving system to pay for others
wanton 'services' and education under a centrally planned system of
democratic socialism; given they usurped the republic long ago...welcome to
the USSA. Steal from Peter to pay for Paul's desires...wtf.

Автор Joshua Roberts ( назад)
@UndergroundMMA992 YES - FUCK THE FALSE LEFT/RIGHT PARADIGM!!! it is a two
party duopoly being used to enslave us and neuter us all politically.

Автор turpincody ( назад)
i think the ppl out at war need to come home and clear out the fucking
white house. that should show us they dont care even about the ppl fighting
over sea. cold shit man. i think it will be the same shit no matter who we
put in office its time to kick theirs out and note that goes by the goddam
media as will cspan fox all of them fuckem!!

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@joe035 I agree its absolutely ridiculous. Its pretty scary how many people
on here are like that, too. I really hope thats just a Youtube thing.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@liltrenchrat It is amazing to me that there are people stupid enough to
advocate Socialism or Communism as prefferable forms of government then a
Republic where rule of law protects people from a ruling elite. These
people are brainwashed or dellusional & completely ignorant of world

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@joe035 They're all blind lemmings. I've tried talking sense with people on
Youtube for a while now, it doesnt work.

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim Lmfao. Ok dude. Keep stating loose facts. Its funny, I ask
for facts and comfirmation in a respectable way, and all I get is the usual
bull shit that people like you toss around every day here on Youtube. I'm
not a blind "patriot", I just love the place I live. I've made it clear
that i was willing to listen, you just shot that down.

Автор blondeupsidedown ( назад)
@joe035 -.- capitalism is for greedy Americans that always want more and
can't be satisfied with what they have.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@blondeupsidedown History repeats itself! As we see people like you still
advocating socialism as if something was wrong with Capitalism!

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@blondeupsidedown I imagine your brand of socialism being like that of the
Jimmy Jones followers who found themselves in South America drinking Kool
Aid because they hated us Capitalists so much!

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@MillyVanillification The repubs & dems are fighting over cutting less then
40 billion when we are paying well over a billion a day in interest on our
debt! Wouldn't it be fair to say both parties have just been putting on a
show as 40 billion doesn't even begin to stop the INFLATION coming? The
moment are dollar is revalued & no longer used as the reserve currency of
the world as are debt to date is already unsustainable there wont be a
government to fight over only global anarchy.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@molloyxx1 The Republicans LOST control in 2006 because of the wars &
spending!!!! People like myself parked in front of state capitals
protesting all the bailouts that started by BUSH TO BIG TO FAIL & were
approved by McCAin & Obama during their campaigns! The bailouts were for
the BILLIONAIRES, who are STILL being compensated by our TAX DOLLARS thanks
to Repubs initially & NOW Dems. I'm against all wars & Obama did NOTHING
about HMO monopolies instead forced us to buy their products!

Автор turpincody ( назад)
im not working my whole life just to hav to taking away at the end of my
life when i to dam old to do anything about stand up ppl of US and fight
damit get in the street and dont go to work dont pay your taxes make them
pay for us fuckem

Автор turpincody ( назад)
who is looking out for the little guy???? lol they make make money than the
ppl dyn for the freedom. money money sooner or later all this tv shit and
all tthis talking will be done and the real fight will start and i for one
cant wait.

Автор blondeupsidedown ( назад)
@joe035 stalin was from the early 1900's.... ITS BEEN 100 YEARS get over it

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@turtleguy923 Communism is the only way to enslave the masses by
eliminating their enalienable rights as individuals to restore the greater
good for the ruling Elite!

Автор blondeupsidedown ( назад)
@joe035 do you even know what socialism is?

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@blondeupsidedown That is just what Stalin & Mao thought to, it was bad for
the millions they murdered & the millions that had to live under that myth!
What's wrong with you?

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@blondeupsidedown LMAO medicaire, social security, medicaid ALL UNFUNDED
liabilities & fiscally irresponsible represenatives have brought us to
this! Socialism is destroying our economy diminishing individuals ability
to be Independant. FUCK SOCIALISM, Capitalism is the most humane form of

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@UndergroundMMA992 Your right, but people are coming around to your way of
thinking, it's hard to be complacent whith government when your losing your
house & cant find a job because of their incompetance with tax dollars.

Автор blondeupsidedown ( назад)
@turtleguy923 socialism is the only way

Автор blondeupsidedown ( назад)
@UndergroundMMA992 amen

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
"So what you're trying to tell me is, that the US has missiles ready to
fire FROM neighborhoods in other countries that don't want them
there.........? This is news to me." This is not surprising, you're
American, and Americans are morons. You are a clear confirmation of this.
But even if I provide you with an example like Russia opposing the US
missile "defense" system in Russia's neighborhood, you've got the American
flag pole so far up your ass, you're not willing to listen to reason.

Автор ToeIn2194 ( назад)
@joe035 Exactly.

Автор turtleguy923 ( назад)
Communism is the only way.....

Автор molloyxx1 ( назад)
@joe035 II suspect you know very well it is nonsense. I followed the 2008
campaign very closely and am certain the Tea Bag 'movement' [ again,
advertised and subsidized by corporate billionaires, as well as Fox News]
began not long after Obama took office. The same people who howl about
Obamas health care plan did not make a sound when Bush wasted over a
trillion on the Iraq misadventure. Furthermore, it is a fact that most of
these 'revolutionary Tea Baggers voted for Bush in 2000 and 2004

Автор landon s ( назад)
endofamerica60 . com

Автор RequiemForChange ( назад)
shut it the fuck down, dog and pony show, no more...

Автор gfghjkhjhjkhgthju ( назад)
@manray25 LOLOL! Nah just a joke.

Автор TuckerTheInsolent ( назад)
i like RT,I get more in 6 mins. then i get from a whole hour of nightly
news.strait to the point.All meet no filler.

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@molloyxx1 The Tea Party started under the BUSH to big to fail bailouts.
Nobody paid me to take time off work to visit our state capital & tell the
legislators no business is suppose to be to big to fail. Besides that I
believe government should exist within a budget & pay down the deficit
rather then pass it on to future generations is that unreasonable??

Автор joe035 ( назад)
@TheJessicarabbit32 The teachers in Wisconsin get tenure after 3 years &
have FULLY paid pensions, they should be happy they got off as easy as they
did! Our education system has gotten more expensive with worse results!
Public union GREED is what this is about, I don't agree with tax cuts for
millionaire, billionaires, but to try to blame corporations for the
mishandling of our tax dollars is pathetic.

Автор Priskillaa ( назад)
@gfghjkhjhjkhgthju the end of what?? the world lol?

Автор Knightphall ( назад)
"Congressmen who willfully take action during wartime that damages morale
and undermine the military are saboteurs and should be arrested, exiled, or
hung." — Abraham Lincoln

Автор N0RTHWEST ( назад)
Ok baby poppers and abortion lovers, avoid unprotected sex because will be
no funds to pamper your shitty lifestyle.

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim So what you're trying to tell me is, that the US has
missiles ready to fire FROM neighborhoods in other countries that don't
want them there.........? This is news to me. So give me your sources and
then we will talk. Because until then, you're a conspiracy theory flinging

Автор molloyxx1 ( назад)
@gfghjkhjhjkhgthju Finally, someone is channeling Glenn Beck. Sad to hear
that his cronies at Fox are hot to have him move his circus tent to the
edge of town.

Автор dantheleo ( назад)
What a great day that Judge Prosser was re-elected in Wisconsin and the law
will stand! Now Gov. Walker can take the necessary steps to get the state
of Wisconsin out the the huge debt left to him by decades of liberal

Автор molloyxx1 ( назад)
@BlackRepublican2010 Obama, yes, a black man with a 'funny' name, easily
handled McCain/Palin in 2008. Aging white rural conservatives found this
utterly intolerable, hence the birth of the corporate funded Tea Party [
mainly people who voted for Bush twice] a sector of the populace so
paranoid and fact avoidant [ they howl about Socialism but dont want anyone
to meddle with Medicare] they gravitated to Doomsday charlatans like Glenn
Beck. White America is soon to be in the minority. Hahahaha

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
@liltrenchrat Yea, and the US has its missiles in neighborhoods where the
the countries situated there don't want it around and pointing it at
specific countries. So why then are you arguing that the US has a right to
bitch when it had weapons supposedly pointed at them, and yet when the US
does the same thing you deem it acceptable? Hypocrite!

Автор gfghjkhjhjkhgthju ( назад)
THE END BEGINS 4.9.11 12:00am.

Автор Random Knuckleheadz ( назад)

Автор cheesesteak93 ( назад)
@UndergroundMMA992 you're exactly right man. we need to revert to the
country that our forefathers envisioned. George Washington even told us to
avoid bipartisan government. he was right

Автор BlackRepublican2010 ( назад)
You lost. Even Obama admitted elections have consequences. Deal with it.

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim Okay, face a lone soldier, you'll get fucked up all the
same fucktard.

Автор liltrenchrat ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim Uhhhhh yeahhh it bitched because there were nukes being
pointed at us from that base. -.-

Автор Mother Shipton ( назад)
Republican are people TOO! Greedy, selfish, obtuse, hypocritical people...
but people none the less.

Автор KarnivorX ( назад)
@Knightphall Because most people here are (sadly) spineless sheep.

Автор Knightphall ( назад)
This country is screwed up beyond repair. We want to fix everyone else's
problems and continue to make ours worse. How has another Civil War not
happened yet?

Автор Jon Harmon ( назад)
lets vent our frustration by joining the satirical event on facebook:
Government shut down party, your all invited.

Автор longfootbuddy ( назад)
@jassy345 i notice most who agree with obama, are freeloaders and
socialists that want the rest of us to pay for their big ideas and
handouts...in other words, thieves

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
@MaxamillianArturo Why are "soldiers" called "soldiers?" Because there's
more than one of them. You calling me a coward when soldiers are A) armed
and B) stay in groups, is like calling Brittney Spears talented, it's
contradictory. And have you noticed the majority of the terrorist soldiers
in the US are low-income? Generally the wealthy and powerful in the US send
young adults whose families have little or no money, rather than their own
kids. I do agree that the North and South should split.

Автор SinhCung ( назад)
Gov. will be shut down? Hussein Obama dont care. He'll be on vacation with
his family and have a good time.

Автор neanam m ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim :o) True dat.

Автор neanam m ( назад)
@TysLandscaping getting tired of getting screwed huh?

Автор Tvor1128 ( назад)
The US government should be dissolved. They are clearly incapable of doing

Автор Tyler Lavigne ( назад)
You cant build up anything without personnel working. Im not sure about
you, but as for me, I served my country for 8 years, I havnt been
appreciated for any of my time. So you can count me out volunteering to
help. Who helped me and my family when we needed food? Who helped me and my
family out when we had no ride to work, sure as FU@@ not the government. So
I could actually care less what happened. Its a one way street with them,
They want want want. BUT when I want its a middle finger .

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
@MaxamillianArturo Speaking of whining and crying, if any country in the
world including this China you mention, had a fucking military base near
the United States, the United States would bitch like a female on PMS like
it did with the Soviet Union. The US is a fucking hypocrite and its empire
deserves to fall with its terrorist soldiers falling first.

Автор tjvd ( назад)
@MaxamillianArturo It would DELAY their pay. Not that I'm happy about that
at all, if welfare recipients can continue getting paid, so should our
soldiers. If you're going to buy into hype, at least look to get it right.

Автор Nerian ( назад)
Look. The United States of America is a capitalist country. It is
capitalist because the only thing that creates WEALTH. That is the only
thing that creates more good and services is CAPITAL. The more capital well
invested to create good and services that people value, the more 'wealth'
the country has. Dollars and cents aren't important. Goods and services are
important. More capital. Save. Stop spending. Start investing. Create
wealth again. Get back to your roots America.

Автор Aaron D Manuel ( назад)
@DarkReapersGrim AMEN!!!

Автор Maliheh Banoo ( назад)
i notice most who disagree with the president tend to be white

Автор Grim Reaper ( назад)
A government shutdown of the government is good. It means the terrorist
american soldiers won't get paid for killing children.

Автор ICantDecryptTheCode ( назад)
@MoneyIsSilver Please, get educated. Thanks.

Автор MoneyIsSilver ( назад)
@jabe55 What constitutional freedoms? I can't even use silver currency in
USA without being called a domestic terrorist. Fuck the people who run
USA..I'm not part of their corp anymore and look forward to their collapse.

Автор Scott ( назад)
@ebonics4everyone At least he was not aborted. I know Republicans have sons
and daughters in the same situation as your brother. Look at the big
picture for once.

Автор ICantDecryptTheCode ( назад)
government shutdown, courtesy of your friends the paultards.

Автор onlyme ( назад)
we shud shut down them crooks bankers thats wat we need to do and tax big
companies and clean the goverment from the janitor to the president

Автор Josh ( назад)
@MoneyIsSilver A shut down might be the implementation of a north american
union (U.S, Canada, Mexico) and the introduction of the new amero currency.
That means american sovereignty and our constitutional freedoms will go bye
bye. That is not a good sign.

Автор Elijah Pearce ( назад)

Автор ebonics4everyone ( назад)
It costs something like a half million dollars to keep my "cock smoking"
cousin alive annually. I'd pay big Pharma and the hospice out of my own
pocket, if I made 40 million a year like Rush Limbaugh does for attacking
sick, dying "homos" like my cousin. What Christianity? Not in the USA. Just
mass extermination of the disabled and sick. It's a crime. Trying not to

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