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Автор kareem gittens ( назад)
i would catch a cold and maybe neumonia

Автор ARROW ( назад)
wait john Barrowman is gay

Автор Jeff Deeznuts ( назад)
Wait john barrowman lives in Vancouver

Автор SON GOKU 101 ( назад)
When will these earthlings learn how to DOOOOOOOOOOOODGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Mohamed Algutini ( назад)
Is jhonn gay

Автор Mohamed Algutini ( назад)

Автор Casey Older ( назад)
Slade Wilson is fucking hot! He made the ice bucket challenge look like a photo shoot lol

Автор Amit Barabi ( назад)
I would like to make Willa Holland getting wet, if you know what I mean 😜

Автор Thezoomoftheskull Zoom ( назад)
what up I like your green arrow it's in netflix

Автор zayn Brown ( назад)
its 2017!!!!!!!

Автор Andrew Lay ( назад)
Who films in portrait mode...?

Автор Jose Gomez ( назад)
OMG This is one of my favorite shows and when he said I nominate Jared (Sam) SUPERNATURAL is another fav

Автор Caleb Moore ( назад)
he is gay?

Автор Lolzzz Gameplay ( назад)
Collin just walks away like NOPE...😂😂😂

Автор Lolzzz Gameplay ( назад)
David Tennant be like: BARROWMAAAAAAAAAN!!!!

Автор Кирилл Богородский ( назад)
А слабо в крещенские морозы искупаться?

Автор Ender Gamer ( назад)
Stephen Amell is so hot

Автор Connoy Boy ( назад)
I love the arrow plz do not stop making the arrow vids

Автор Virid Games ( назад)
Is the actor for Malcom merlyn gay?

Автор anghellic ( назад)
would be alot better with ice some cold water and salt

Автор Alonzo Avila ( назад)
i love you guys

Автор Dark Warrior17 ( назад)
At 6:01 Tommy's friends from Chicago Med

Автор elliott marsden ( назад)
I know this may be a dumb thing to say but I still don't know who the arrow is
I think it might be Malcolm Merlin or Tommy merlin 😂

Автор bobby sums ( назад)
they called out Charlie Conway of the mighty ducks hahaha

Автор Connor Monfalcone ( назад)
Oliver Queen" I don't feel cold Barry" :P He proved that he doesn't feel cold. :P

Автор RhMoSh Al ( назад)
When i saw john have surprised emily & colton with the cold water i was like
"john barrowman is a bitch" i love him tho 😂

Автор Haylen Nguyen ( назад)
Barry isn't a arrow cast member

Автор Christian Oh ( назад)
Stairs isn't late at all right

Автор Red Player ( назад)
its almost 2017....

Автор The King Slayer ( назад)
a bit late...don't you think

Автор Natasha Malkova ( назад)
Would like a guy with longer hair and a beard but it's not
set in stone lol.

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Автор (MOBn)Flockaveli_42-o ( назад)
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Автор panha tieng ( назад)
It's so funny video

Автор Kwesi Frank ( назад)
Google: This Prince can Dance. Yes! He can (The Richest African Prince)

Автор Amelia moorby ( назад)
It said Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance) Katie is Thea

Автор Jorge Ma Suy ( назад)
Videos de profecias de nostradamos

Автор Jorge Ma Suy ( назад)
Ptofecias de nostradamos

Автор Jorge Ma Suy ( назад)

Автор Jorge Ma Suy ( назад)
Peliculas en espanol

Автор logan ward ( назад)
come sub

Автор Vishnave Jay ( назад)
look at that bucketload of cash in their hand

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