DIY Dreamcatcher | How To Make A Dream Catcher Tutorial

Learn how to make a Dreamcatcher in this simple step by step DIY tutorial. This dreamcatcher tutorial is for kids and also for those that are beginners. So don't worry if you've never made one before this beginner dreamcatcher tutorial will get you started.

The Dreamcatcher originated with the Ojibwe people and then the mid twentieth century is was adopted by other native American tribes.

It was told that the Dreamcatcher would catch bad dreams. It was hung above your bed so that while you slept it would protect you by catching bad thoughts.

The Dreamcatcher represents a spider web and often sacred items like feathers, beaded rocks and beads are woven into the web.

These became popularized in the late twentieth century.

This is a simple and easy to make Dreamcatcher. I hope that the tutorial makes it easy for you to understand the steps. I spent a lot of time on this to make sure that I didn't go to fast. There are many steps and several different supplies.

If you have any questions about this DIY tutorial please share your thoughts with my by posting in the comments below.

If you like this tutorial then I would recommend watching the other craft ideas videos that I have here on my Youtube channel or you can go to my website; www.UntidyArtist.com. There you'll find a whole section for craft idea tutorials and DIY's.

Thanks for watching and let me know what you think.

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Автор Nada Talaat ( назад)
thank u soo much i made it and it's so easy and i love it <3

Автор Ashley Conway ( назад)
This is beautiful!

Автор Nikki The Fox ( назад)
I want to make a massive dream catcher... and I want it to still have the
suede leather (want to make it look very natural, no ribbon) but that will
take ages... um... is there extra large sized suede? XD

Автор Amina Khirat ( назад)
cool XD

Автор IvyLynx .120 ( назад)
I made one using yarn.

Автор Eddy Salza ( назад)
you think gorilla glue would be fine instead of the hot glue gun?

Автор forSE_et ( назад)
Will this stop the nightmares?

Автор Alex Carr ( назад)
how do you make that!!!!!!?????!???!!?!?!!?!?!??!@@#@$$#@$????!???????

Автор Hla Oo ( назад)
I wish I could make it but I can't make it it's just too hard

Автор Adrine M ( назад)
I've been making dreamcatchers for years. Your instructions are clear &
easy to follow. I have never seen them made with that extra knot in the web
before but it looks good.

Автор Dee Della Donna ( назад)
okay, so you aren't making knots at all just lopping two times.? your words
are confusing because it is not making knots?

Автор Dee Della Donna ( назад)
I guess i am slow because I can not grasp your hand movement to make a knot
your way.

Автор Adriana Whittle ( назад)
best video !
i tried lots of times to do the midle think ( sorry for my english im from
germany) and now i did it :)

Автор Roxzann Lowrie ( назад)
Dreamcatchers are amazing things. In my beliefs, they not only for catching
bad dreams, but for catching negativity too. Its also so great how each
dreamcatcher will have your personality in it.
I have a small one in my car. And since I put it in, the atmosphere in my
car has always been pleasant. I have one small one that supposed to be in
my room, but now I have moved and my room is bigger, so my small one looks
odd in such a small room. So making a big one will be awesome for my new
bedroom. Thank you for the clear instructions on how to make one. With and
without a glue gun.

Автор Legendary Justice ( назад)
I've been having some really messed up dreams lately......like really
messed up

Автор Elia Alcala ( назад)
thak you because every monday i navajo aaa am tird

Автор Morex ( назад)
I have 1 Big dreamcatcher in my room and a small dreamcatcher in my room.
XD my house has like 5 dreamcatchers #RezLife xD

Автор Colleen Creevy ( назад)
Thank you so much for this!

Автор Magi C. Gawdess ( назад)
Great Job! Thanks for posting!!

Автор amber post ( назад)
can you use yarn too

Автор William Tamura ( назад)

Автор B Randon ( назад)
thank you this was very helpful :)

Автор Qachica ( назад)
do you really need waxed cord? :o

Автор Stacey Urwin ( назад)
thank you for the video, loved it.

Автор Ceri Jones ( назад)
Very Clever I like it.

Автор Living to DIY with Rachel Metz ( назад)
So gorgeous!

Автор xGh0stGamingg ( назад)
in my native culture you should keep the center of the dream catcher open
so the dreams can pass through

Автор October Crush ( назад)
Can I just say that I have watched many many many of these diy dreamcatcher
video tutorials and yours is the absolute best! You are so detailed and
patient! A+

Автор toohip ( назад)
I just watched your video and your instructions and demonstration is so
clear and concise. I can't wait to make a dreamcatcher with my
granddaughters. Thank you!

Автор Yesni Escobar ( назад)
the drem cachr work good
and my kib has one

Автор Yesni Escobar ( назад)
the drem cachr work good
and my kib has one

Автор Susan McCalla ( назад)
Excellent video with such clear instructions. Thanks so much!

Автор Ashy Mendiola ( назад)
What are the stuff again???

Автор Joana Ferreira ( назад)
Hi! I did one today, not finished yet but... :D already love it:

Автор 94565girl ( назад)
Great tutorial! Thank you for showing the details of weaving it. I'm gonna
try it!

Автор Uyên Đỗ ( назад)
i love it

Автор Uyên Đỗ ( назад)

Автор cheesefunnel ( назад)
I just bought a dream catcher ...I put an amethyst crystal under my pillow,
have had 0 nightmares...also got rid of my night panic attacks ..i bet the
dream catcher helps as well

Автор sarah storms ( назад)
Just know that aithentic dream cathers only work when they are made by real
natives :)

Автор sarah storms ( назад)
Ha ha dream catchers dont work unless they are made by real natives lol you
might be putting bad medicine on yourself though lol

Автор Eva Wochner ( назад)
Thank you so much for this video I always wanted to make a dream catcher
myself and now I'll definitely try it out! You did an amazing job♡

Автор Yamila Cintra ( назад)
I'm going to do that

Автор tupe diaz ( назад)
great! i'm obsessed with dreamcatchers. now i can customize my own. thanks!

Автор Armani Kitty ( назад)
ob-SESSED. I most definitely will try. thank you!!!

Автор Selfa Osman ( назад)
wooooooooooooooow i liket thank you miss

Автор Ethan Yarberry ( назад)
that's cool

Автор TheYellowGoggles ( назад)
Now I can't wait to make one of these! :O

Автор miss fluffy ( назад)
I was talking about dreamcatchers of recently then you copied me. I'm angry
that people keep sneaking in videos like these whenever I search the

Автор Carry Me Cute NYC ( назад)
That video was so cool 👍🏾

Автор Amira Nabil ( назад)
thank you ...✌

Автор Jerry Calderon ( назад)
what are they good for

Автор Gisel Perez ( назад)
you did good on the dream catcher

Автор Animal Lover ( назад)
I cannot weave the net!I always fail at it!

Автор George Kershaw ( назад)
where can you buy the wire ring and bits to do this?!

Автор caitie kaperak ( назад)
I need a step by step i can print off do you have that

Автор ZenZa ( назад)
To get those feathers and stones/shels , do you get them on a special shop
or something?

Автор Cheryl Mendenhall ( назад)
Thanks for sharing!

Автор Living to DIY with Rachel Metz ( назад)
LOVE this xx.

Автор Ivette Mendez ( назад)
so cool😉😮😄

Автор RazorBackFyre ( назад)
how do you poke a hole in the rock?

Автор J0YNESS ( назад)
Am I the only one who wants to make this for decoration.. Not for beliefs
and religions or something lmao

Автор Captain Sharky ( назад)
12:26 Rhe link shows up but nice job it help me for my school project

(project is about native poeple(in french = Amerindien) )

Автор Captain Sharky ( назад)

Автор ayesha iswary ( назад)
where i buy a ring??

Автор Kemo Hammer ( назад)
this is as bad as black face

Автор the lovely sisters sweet ( назад)
It's hard for me

Автор 1-800- fig.pants ( назад)
Its so pretty!!

Автор 양철원 ( назад)
Dream catchers don't work . HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA YOUR SO

Автор Ryan Leach ( назад)
if my dream catcher doesn't impress this girl, will i get nightmares?

Автор crazy 田 ( назад)
I think you should do kne with more fuzzyer feathers

Автор Ashley Lopez ( назад)
Those bashing might need to wise up and do some research or better yet ask
other tribes besides your own, that is, if you truly are native american
that is and not just trolling like most of you probably are and you might
want proof that you are so you should probably do a DNA test just to be
sure its even in ya. its not even real its all in your head that these
things even work. just like with many things if you believe it will work
then it will. btw if you were truly all butt hurt about this stuff you
wouldnt even make a dream catcher unless you went to that persons home to
place AND bless it there. Just a little research and you find out a lot of
stuff. Thats it...the end...do your own f-ing research or better yet stop
complaining and dont watch the video, move about your own dang life and
leave others alone.

Автор Ashley Lopez ( назад)
have you ever used sinew instead of waxed thread and if so what was the

Автор Ellie Cerda ( назад)
This made so much scene! This is amazing! The other videos didn't. THANK

Автор megha mohanty ( назад)
helped a lot

Автор Deli Green ( назад)
You didn't look happy at the end

Автор Baby Luigi ( назад)
That looks complex....

Автор Lori Seaborn ( назад)
I gave this a thumb up

Автор Lori Seaborn ( назад)
nice job Emilie I hope I can get back to dream catching

Автор Shadow “Earthwindnorth” Gun ( назад)
u suck sorry

Автор Kurt Benedict ( назад)

Автор juliet bumstead ( назад)
big thumbs up. thanks so much

Автор theBBshow ( назад)
Is it ok if I do not use the wax string?

Автор Sofia F.D. ( назад)

Автор mikasa rudolf ( назад)
thank you for this amazing dreamcatcher. i can do it in the home now really
thank you

Автор Diesel Miro ( назад)
12:05 I just felt that she looked down into my soul! what a look haha

Автор liveandplaylax ( назад)
Can I us tooth floss

Автор Danny ( назад)
I found this a while ago, and decided to use it to help[ me teach Indian
Lore for the BSA. Thank you for a great tutorial, the boys really had fun
making these.

Автор Taco Whisperer ( назад)
This product made my anus bleed...

Автор Puipuii Zahau ( назад)
Emile Lefler i thank u for showing me how to make the net

Автор Ashley Gonzales ( назад)
at the end she looks so happy😂😂

Автор Libni Santana ( назад)
Thanks !!! ♥

Автор Tamahagane ( назад)
hmm golden ratio

Автор Wolf pack forever ( назад)
can I use yarn for wrapping around the ring?

Автор Margaret Zwaryck ( назад)
"these became popular in the late twentieth century." Bitch??? this has
existed in my tribe since the beginning of time????

Автор Sharon Lester ( назад)
where do you get your beads and tiny shells

Автор Salman :3 ( назад)
Thanks 4 sharing ❤️

Автор Xhyroinmaru Gaming ( назад)
This is fken Impossible

Автор barbara crews ( назад)
You didn't say what diameter the wire ring was. Does it matter or can you
use any size?

Автор Sarah Penninck ( назад)
Fabulous tute, thanks, had a liitle man awake all night last night with
nightmares and I promised to make him a dream catcher, even though I had no
idea how to do it hahaha, thanks you're a life saver, hopefully I'll have a
good nights sleep tonight! I've subscribed too, I love that your daughter
helped you out, she's very talented.

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