AG-42B Ljungman

The AG-42 was the first semiauto rifle adopted by the Swedish army, as well as the first production rifle to use a direct gas impingement operating system. Today we're taking a closer look at the Ljungman - how it operates and how to disassemble it. Enjoy!


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Автор Troy Ortega ( назад)
Great video. Heard of these, knew they were innovative, but not much abt
them. I know the French MAS 49/56 were direct gas, as well as the FN49 and
the near-copy Egyptian Hakim (i remember seeing Hakims in 8x57 in gun shops
in the mid-80's for something like $250, but i wasn't 18 yet). But i guess
the Ljungman takes the prize for first mass produced DGI system. I bet it's
a soft shooter, and good ballistics from that longish barrel. I heard
somewhere they also produced a BAR clone in 6.5x55. That would be

Автор Jeremy J. ( назад)
New Forgotten Weapons Drinking Game: Take a shot every time Ian says "lug".

Автор eduvc123 ( назад)
This rifle deserves a re-run in HD.

Автор Tired Sloth ( назад)
Can we get some high speed footage of Ljungman thumb please?;)

Автор Doublecanister4thUSArty ( назад)
how do I remove the forend on the AG-42?

Автор tbahall ( назад)

Автор badweetabix ( назад)
Is the gas tube chrome lined? And was there any sign of corrosion in the
gas tube of your rifle? Lastly, the rear sight seems only adjustable for
elevation, so how do you adjust for windage?

Автор Revener666 ( назад)
For any Swedish person watching this Ian got corrected on pronunciation and
the meters not yards. When this video was first published years ago. I
think he have heard it enough by now :P

Автор ben dunn ( назад)
The proper pronunciation is more like "yungman".

Автор Sweden ( назад)
its prounounced jungman or youngman

Автор tom williams (478 лет назад)
ljungman, theres no need to feel down, i said ljungman, pick yourself off
the ground

Автор Rick Autry ( назад)
Damn! When I was a teenager, a had a girlfriend that had round things that
pointed out to the sides just like that! She would disassemble just as
quick as that rifle, too. Very, very direct impingement - the same day that
I met her, as a matter of fact...

Автор stinkiekiller declerck ( назад)
Is this what the hakim was based on?

Автор Oscar Floyd ( назад)
Did anyone report having hot gas blown into their face when firing, or was
that not a problem?

Автор mnicrashSoren ( назад)
oh man that bolt hurts like hell when you leave a finger there! I thought
it broke my thumb. awesome rifle I love it for it peculiarities and smooth
function as always thank you

Автор EVYNROCKS115 (215 лет назад)
i love shooting my ag42b but the price of ammo kills my wallet

Автор Daan Thijssen ( назад)
SNAP. Thumbsnapper indeed xD

Автор Blake Ashley ( назад)
A real finger smasher! Here's a tip for closing the bolt over an empty
magazine: with the safety on (so it won't unlock the bolt carrier) move the
cover forward to lock the bolt carrier into the cover then slide them both
all the way back together, depress the magazine follower, and slide bolt
carrier and cover, still locked together, all the way forward. Then, while
holding the cover securely forward with one hand, press the release button
on the back of the bolt carrier and let the cover slide back under
control. Courtesy of the NRA firearms assembly book and tested by me.

Автор ExplodingToiletProductions ( назад)
Ag-42b what are they worth now a days?

Автор ExplodingToiletProductions ( назад)
Sweet video I used an AG42B to shoot a toilet in my video. I really enjoyed
shooting it. It is a well built rifle.
Check out my video explodingtoiletproductions youtube if you want to see a
6.5x55 do a toilet in.

Keep the great video's coming.

Автор PANKI_7 ( назад)
Nice video! Question: was that gas system safe for human eyes and how it
afected aiming when fireing at night or high humidity?

Автор greasemonkeypol ( назад)
it seams like it will shoot gas and powder in your eyes

Автор kristian jansson ( назад)
ljungman has a silent "L". its pronounced "jungman" (: and Sweden uses the
metric system so are you sure that the sight adjustment was in yards? it
seams kind of odd.

Автор MrMrMaran (1376 лет назад)
It's prounounced yungman (The U sounds like the U in Rupert or prude, and
the A sounds like the U in Run or the O in money)

Автор Le Gradovic ( назад)
+Forgotten Weapons The swedes were so proud of this state-of-the-art design
that a law was enacted which prohibited civilians to own any military
semi-automatic rifle designed 1942 or later. This was the first time in
Swedish history the legislators found a full length rifle too powerful to
be available to the public. Before 1942, the service rifles used be the
military also tended to be popular hunting rifles used by civilians (the
Mauser M96 in 6.5x55 and before that the Remington 1887 Rolling block).
Incidently, this means that it was (and still is) perfectly fine for a
civilian hunter to import an M1 Garand to use in hunting, but the Ljungman
AG-42 was apparantly way too dangerous to fall into civilian hands.

Further, thank you for a fantastic show. I watch it almost daily!

Автор Fish ( назад)
It actually looks alittle like a Dragunov

Автор Bogmire777 ( назад)

Автор Philip Lobrano ( назад)
I had one of these rifles years ago and wish I still had it. It worked and
shot perfect! The machine work was flawless!

Автор Joachim Peiper ( назад)
I love this channel, unfortunately, my wallet does not

Автор Boneshaker ( назад)
I have one of these rifles as well as every other rifle ever chambered for
the 6.5 x 55 Swedish round. Its an accurate gun but every time you shoot it
there is a PUFF of gas / smoke right in your line of sight where the bolt
opens via that gas tube. I find it an annoying feature of the gun. Also it
will hurt your fingers if you are not careful racking the bolt open with
the mag out.

Автор Hannibal EnemyofRome ( назад)
That is a fine weapon!

Автор kenijaru ( назад)
now that's one sexy rifle

Автор Daniel Stoner ( назад)
Those Swedes were geniuses.

Автор 330da ( назад)
Att man missat den halvautomatiska bössan t.o.m. som Svensk,,, aj aj ,,den
va oväntad : ) Jag skulle villa se modena halvautomater i 6.5X55!
Ha de gött !!!

Автор Tomas Ahlborg ( назад)
Great channel , and as Vault boy said,"L" is silent think "jungman" :-)

Автор Deathclawthulhu ( назад)
The "lj" in "Ljungman" is pronounced as "j" so you pronounce it as a
"Jungman" rifle, and just FYI, the Swedish word for rifle is pronounced
similarly to the German word "Gewher" but the G is pronounced as "j".

Автор DoctyrEvil ( назад)
I was just about to say that looks like a Hakim and they you pulled one
out! Very interesting. You see Egyptian copies for sale pretty frequently,
but I've never seen a Swedish original.

Автор Karolinska ( назад)
the L is silent. And Sweden does not use yards, we use meters, so it should
be 700 meters.

Автор Jimbo Starfighter ( назад)
Sweden represents!! Great channel, love me some history :)

Автор REALDualDesertEagle ( назад)
When the text "direct gas impingement" showed up u lost me.

For me, that system is total bullcrap as it leads the gas with all its dirt
and residue right back into the action.

Автор PotatoGunsRule ( назад)
I have one of these and it is easily my favorite of all my rifles. It is
very accurate, easy to shoot, low recoil, and just plain neat. If you have
a malfunction it is NOT quickly cleared, due to the lack of a bolt handle.
A stovepipe ended my attempt at the "drop 8" at a falling plate match in
about 2008. Here is the video.


Автор PotatoGunsRule ( назад)

Автор F3udF1st ( назад)
Haha everybody's wrong.. Side note, it's pronouced "yungman", not young,
not with a "j".

Автор Joshua Lansell-Kenny ( назад)
Hey +Forgotten Weapons why is it so much easier to build a semi-automatic
pistol then a semi-automatic rifle? Thank you 

Автор BeyondTagusLynx ( назад)
Very informative video. I knew next to nothing about this gun and I
certainly would love to try it now. Thanks a lot. :)

Автор Jason Thorpe ( назад)
I enjoy all of these segments! Please keep them up!

Автор Ben Graves ( назад)
Awesome rifle, great review sir.

Автор De Du ( назад)
Assault Teams were given AG-42b Ljungmans with 5 magazines fully loaded,
Assault Team Officer were given 4 magazines, a Pistol m/40 with 3
magazines. Officers were given 2 magazines and a Pistol m/40 with 4

Автор marvin b ( назад)
really simple rifle. Seemed to be awesome :D

Автор Skyliner04s ( назад)
No one? Really? OK, then I´ll go for it.
He said nipple, HIHI! :D

Автор aaroncalgary ( назад)
you didn't shoot the gun. joof!

Автор Benderswe1 ( назад)
looks like GWh 43 to me

Автор DaReaperZ ( назад)
Haha, hopefully, but sadly not.

It's actually supposed to be pronounced more like "Yungman" or "Jungman".
Kinda similar to "youngman" but more like you said it in the video. Only
problem was basically that the L is silent :)

Автор James B. ( назад)
Beautiful gun

Автор Sergei Ivanovich Mosin ( назад)
So rifle, how you say, "eats where it shits?"

Автор Swamp Rooster ( назад)
The only thing about this rifle that isn't idiot proof is the "finger trap"
bolt charging mechanism. You sure don't want to have a finger in there when
the bolt charges forward.

Автор Swamp Rooster ( назад)
I had one and absolutely loved it and could hit a dime at 100 yards. They
are extremely accurate.

Автор Patrick Lundström ( назад)
So there was nothing pushing the bolt? "Just" a puff of gas sent it flying?

Автор Ryan Ehlis ( назад)
could have got one of those 20 years ago for not much more than 100 bucks.
Just cheep mill surp back than. 

Автор Jeff Wilde ( назад)
one of the finest weapons i ever owned ...zero recoil ...compensated bbl
...factory and all stainless under the blueing ..great rifle

Автор Lars Jönlid ( назад)
Jungman leave out the L !

Автор bitfreakazoid ( назад)
I wonder why they didn't just go with the traditional bolt handle to pull
it back. Seems odd that you would have to first push it forward then pull
it back. I like it though.

Автор knives fan ( назад)
That a thumb press

Автор ogpu1 ( назад)
Excellent video! Keep up the good work.

Автор ogpu1 ( назад)
Excellent video! Keep up the good work.

Man, your videos are great.

Автор Fredrik Häll ( назад)
My father did his (obligatory) Swedish military service 1972 and the
Ljungman was still around then in the Armed Forces, eventhough the H&K G3
had been introduced in 1961.

Автор Robert Martin ( назад)
I fired one. Well made and nice to shoot.

Автор frank mcgraw ( назад)
I have watched quite a few of your vidios, & i enjoy them very much ! very
informative ! & very helpful ! keep up the great work !

Автор Yiorgos K ( назад)
It is pronounced Youngman

Автор 72darkf ( назад)
yep, very educational indeed. love the caliber. the rifle.. aah.. not so
sure about that. though I have a weak spot for internal magazin, stripper
fed rifles.

Автор GRMGR1 ( назад)
I've always wanted one of those.

Автор AdurianJ ( назад)
the FNC came in the late 80's and the final Mausers where phased out in the
90's when the sniper versions where replaced !

Автор AdurianJ ( назад)
6,5x55mm was the standard Swedish ammunition for the infantry before we
went to 7,62 NATO with the AK4 (G3 variant). There was 8mm machine guns but
those where used in not so mobile settings like AAA machine guns and
vehicle mounts.
For instance the m/39 maching gun (licence built Browning m1919) had
barrels in both calibers.

When Sweden bought the KSP 58 (FN MAG) in the 1950's those where chambered
for 6,5x55mm these where latter rebareled and designated KSP 58B while the
6,5mm variant got the KSP 58A designation.
The navy seems to have been the last ones to use the KSP 58A probably
because they got leftovers and ship boarding parties used the 6,5mm Mauser
during the cold war, and there where tons of 6,5mm ammo in storage !

Автор FacelessDeviant ( назад)
The L in Ljungman is supposed to be silent.

Автор Baker Romeo ( назад)
Fascinating - I'd never seen an AG-42 disassembled before. Thank you for
posting this!

Автор Quasi84 ( назад)
The L in Ljungman is silent. Ljung is Calluna (Calluna vulgaris). Ljungman
is s surname. In this case, the name comes from the company that
manufactured the rifle and the company got its name from the founder. The
company was named: AB C.J. Ljungmans Verkstäder

Автор WolfSpiderAirsoft ( назад)
I was genuinely surprised at how nice a rifle this is

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
I actually made that comment before I watched the video, and thought I
deleted it after he said it's basically an AGB-42. 

Автор SonsOfLorgar ( назад)
The Egyptian Hakim is a licence built Ag 42. Just like the Port Said is a
licence built Kpist m/45

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
Hur menar du?

Автор adequateautocrat ( назад)
7:32 I have wondered about this with the Dutch Beaumont rifle I have the
model I have was made in 1874 which was before they started making them
with a captive box magazine. but with 1875-1888 being made with a magazine,
and the conversion being offered, I wondered how rare a single shot dutch
beaumont 71/88 would be.

Автор david fong ( назад)
french mas 49/56 is DI i have one

Автор claus2427 ( назад)
What does a AG42b go for in the USA? 

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
Oh, I should of watched the whole video before posting that....

Автор Tikka Koski ( назад)
That looks like the Egyptian Hakim. 

Автор mustaineforpresident 2016 ( назад)
Idiot proof lol

Автор 13cigarettes ( назад)
Indeed! I have had the rare privilege of have both happen to the same thumb
by both rifles!

Автор John H ( назад)
When you are cleaning the M42B and disassemble and remove the breach
block/breach carrier, that big double spring on the inside can shoot the
breach carrier back at you if your not holding it quite right. Be careful .

Автор John H ( назад)
Yes , I know what you mean . In Canada also , very regulated . Only very
recently the Canadian government canceled the gun registration because of
the high cost and the recession and the number of complaints from the good
gun owners .

Автор Salpeteroxid ( назад)
Nope, can't say i ever saw it until this video actually. Gun ownership is
extremely regulated over here.

Автор John H ( назад)
Good Day and greatings to you also ! from Canada . Did you ever see or use
an M42B with the sidemount scope ?

Автор John H ( назад)
If you happen to want to use those holes for a modern day side mount scope
remember those holes are metric threads not SAE . You may end up having
your gun smith re tapping those little holes . If you should locate a real
M42 side mount scope , CALL ME FAST ! 

Автор John H ( назад)
Letter "B" is also indicating that the the gas return tube is "Stainless
Steel". Also called AG M42B or just M42B . The prefix "AG" is fairly
uncommonly spoken . As well if you see a row of 3 threaded holes spaced
about 3" apart just below the range adjustment knob , those are for the
mounting of a "Side Mount Scope" , variable from 4 to 20 power , it was
about a foot long . If your M42B has the 3 holes this means you have the
"Sniper Model" . 

Автор Roger Salminen ( назад)
As a sidenote; A 7.62 NATO converted AG42 was mounted on top of the swedish
9cm antitank gun and used with tracer bullets to verify your aim before
firing a BIG 9cm round... 

Автор Nick U. (Urkie79) ( назад)
Don't quote me on it but I think I've seen an unconverted variant being
sold by a gunsmith I know locally. It didn't have a humps on the cocking
cover that I recall. No price was offered and I didn't think to ask at the
time. If it was an original, I'm curious how much it would be worth. Any

Автор Nick U. (Urkie79) ( назад)
I agree. The bolt open to the air would decrease the amount of carbon
getting into it. That being said, I still prefer not having the mechanism
exposed to it at all. That's just a matter of preference though.

Автор tonedeaf49 ( назад)
I've wondered about that, too. I think what makes a difference here is that
once the bolt carrier moves back the gas and carbon vent into open air,
where the AR15 type rifles have the gas and fouling going into the middle
of the bolt/bolt carrier group with no way to escape. 

Автор tonedeaf49 ( назад)
It's interesting how similar the direct impingement system and tilting bolt
are to the French MAS 40, which was just starting production when the
Germans invaded. After the war it developed into the MAS 49 and MAS 49/56.
Got to wonder if theSwedish engineers were familiar with the MAS, and why
the Germans didn't pick up the idea. 

Автор Thomas Heurlin ( назад)
You should pronounce it Jung-mann.

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