How to Hack Wii Games with Gecko OS

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
For part 3 once you download gecko os, there will be different folders named gecko1931 inside of others. Keep going into those folders untill you find the one that is named gecko1931 and when you open it you see boot.dol and an icon. Put that one into the apps folder of the SD card.

I hacked Animal Crossing City Folk because it's fun to hack. =]

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Автор Fβ★Diεgσ ツ (21 день)

Автор aidan rogers (23 дня)
how do u if u dont have homebrew

Автор nariel gonzalez (1 месяц)
For me it says applying then the game starts and the codes aren't being
used ;(

Автор aidan rogers (23 дня)
it keeps saying error with every code on ssbb

Автор nariel gonzalez (1 месяц)
Lying piece of doodoo it don't work

Автор Awesomestuffweekly (3 дня)

Автор cristain tabora (4 дня)
My controler turns off and wont alow me to turn on with out i cant press
launch game in gecko os i have a black wii

Автор amcheung10 (7 дней)
it says DNS error when i try to open the link for step 2 to download

Автор waffleKING44 (1 месяц)
What is this song 

Автор Juniorguy123 (21 день)
shit, the Hackmii Installer Made My SD Card Write-Protected -_-

Автор Rhys Bauer (3 месяца)
No SD Codes Found. Help?

Автор MarOnic12345 (4 месяца)
When I Go To Homebrew, Gecko Isn't On There. Help!

Автор Jeremiah Ferguson (4 месяца)
myne keeps saying No codes found ?

Автор Secla Sous (2 месяца)
I can't Export the codes to GCT! Help?

Автор ItsDraqz (5 месяцев)
hey can u use a burnt game because its not letting me load it in gecko

Автор MrChristopherGB (2 месяца)
My gecko says codes found applying but there is no codes. Help?

Автор Quetarro keever (5 месяцев)
how do u get the launch channel option on gecko OS, i have geck, but i dont
have the Launc Channel at all

Автор Holy Clips (3 месяца)
My game starts up, it says codes are being applied but then just before the
game comes to the opening screen, it goes black and stays black...

Автор Kingsmashman (5 месяцев)
When I get to the Gecko Os screen and it starts loading up my game, the
scrren turns black and says Code Exception and displays a bunch of random
codes. Plzz help me!

Автор LayDog22 (2 месяца)
Every time I do it, it says no sd codes found. Is something wrong?

Автор hobosfruitbar (3 месяца)
when i open gecko it just shows a black screen and nothing happens also and
i tried another thing like ocaria or something and it says error 2 when i
launch the game in blue screen i also tried again and i played but right it
says loading just as you get the game running it freezes at the loading
screen someone please HELP

Автор CyraxKiller1789 (5 месяцев)
it says for ocarina "Replace the Placeholders Like XX" what does that mean?

Автор Cameron Cossette (1 год)

Автор unknowndudewuzhere (11 месяцев)
never mind i figured it out

Автор Davybot (1 год)
The Gecko code website doesnt seem to be working....

Автор Firebird326 (1 год)
nvm my sd card was locked lol

Автор olmin garcia (1 год)
i keeping trying this and my homebrew channel keeps on showing bubbles i
don,t know why i did everything this video showed me but nothing

Автор Daan Dingemans (1 год)
I got the same problem :(

Автор TheDoomsdayzoner (1 год)
why my gecko 1931 can't fount gct codes, which applied trough ocarina? it
never was able to find the directory....

Автор unknowndudewuzhere (11 месяцев)
And I saw that iHackerTouch has 6 different home brew channels. Do I need a
different homebrew for gecko os to work?

Автор Jeff Serrano (9 месяцев)
keep trying or the game doesnt work ^^

Автор TRUSTGODFORSA (9 месяцев)
Thanks for the info of the folders!

Автор its just game fame (7 месяцев)
my wii freezes when i load gecko? help please?

Автор Troy Nugget (1 год)
Thanks great video

Автор Tyler Monllor (8 месяцев)
Hey bro. I was planning to hack MW3 wii. I did everything correctly, but
when I press "Launch Game" it launches, loads and everything but then it
comes to a black screen saying "Loading..." in the bottom left corner..
forever. Help me?

Автор Ryuk uchi (9 месяцев)
I got a question about gecko. If you have a hard drive that plays wii games
how will you set it up to do that please help me!

Автор follmana (8 месяцев)
i did everything but my codes are not working, can I get some help please.

Автор Miketater77 (1 год)
Load gecko from the homebrew channel at that

Автор tyler lovenjak (1 год)
Listen Broskies If Your Hacking A MULTIPLAYER GAME You Have To Set The
Settings To Multiplayer...It Happened To ME BE CAREFUL IF YOU HAVE GECKO OS

Автор mesean214 (10 месяцев)

Автор kyon9898 (7 месяцев)
Did you ever update your wii?

Автор Julian Rafalo (1 год)
When I get the Gecko1931 file into the SD card and then load it up to the
wii, I go on my HomeBrew Channel and nothing appears, it just stays on a
screen with the bubbles.

Автор ThoughtY0 (1 год)
me to idk what it is either

Автор AvadaKedavra417 (1 год)
You probably have the Wii-Motion Plus Remote. It doesn't work with Homebrew
Channel. I also have the Wii-Motion Plus, so I modified to make it
compatible with The Homebrew Channel.

Автор cristian tocino gomez (8 месяцев)
como es tu clave

Автор Troy Nugget (1 год)
I launch it and it loads but if I hit any buttons it freezes is it because
I got wrong codes or what please help I trying to hack need for speed pro
street in north America I'll sub for help thanks hr

Автор Aleaho99 (11 месяцев)
Hi um can you help me. I can't hack Wii channels games cuz I installed
v5661-64-250 on my wii and yeah now I cant hack Wii channels

Автор Kegan Isan (6 месяцев)
Tony get accio hacks and search for the game

Автор nikki stevens (9 месяцев)
first you look up on your PC letterbomb hackmii and click letterbomb and
enter your wii's MAC address and hit cut the red wire this part you will
need a SD card instert the SD card into your PC and load the homebrew
channel onto the SD card you should get a letter from letterbomb open it
and thats the beginning! i hope this helped!!! if it didnt subscribe to my
channel and ask for help of any questions you have

Автор _Mega-Video-Gamer_ (9 месяцев)
where do i download homebrew channel because it comes up with shit. sites
when try and find it !!!!!

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