How to Hack Wii Games with Gecko OS

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
For part 3 once you download gecko os, there will be different folders named gecko1931 inside of others. Keep going into those folders untill you find the one that is named gecko1931 and when you open it you see boot.dol and an icon. Put that one into the apps folder of the SD card.

I hacked Animal Crossing City Folk because it's fun to hack. =]

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Автор Professor FatSak ( назад)
Will I lose my current village?

Автор Professor FatSak ( назад)
no waybim doing animal crossing as well

Автор Miksul64 ( назад)
Do you have to have the game disk? Or can you do it with a game iso?

Автор Accj21 ( назад)
It worked! Thanks so much! And yes, Part 2's link is not what the
description says.

Автор benzo rainbows ( назад)
orcaina when I use the site it shoes ip with
ERROR 1001

Автор Derrick GW ( назад)
Isn't there a way, using only my Wii, that I can just type in an unlock
everything code for Mario Kart? That way I don't have to use an SD and
download software and codes and all that?

Автор Bilge Ödül Lofçalı ( назад)
ocarina interesting

Автор Mega Rookie 14 ( назад)
the site where you get ocarina is down for me

Автор Grant Greenlee ( назад)
Help it says in gecko no SD codes found when I put the codes in 

Автор Euan McCormick ( назад)
Whenever i click the 2nd link it says cloud flare error how can i fix this?

Автор Bill Cipher ( назад)
I get an error message when I click the link for Ocarina.

Автор HuntfunGaming ( назад)
it says for me too many lines

Автор OmegaProGaming 123 ( назад)
Thank you so much you earned yourself a sub

Автор Casper Donnerhag ( назад)
Do I need a disc for gecko OS?

Автор josh mendenhall ( назад)
dont work, with home brew

Автор someone domohead ( назад)
Does this work for Universal codes too?

Автор Billy ( назад)
It says theres no codes please like for the creator of the video see this :(

Автор Kegan Isan ( назад)
Tony get accio hacks and search for the game

Автор Tony Nguyen ( назад)
Its says that there no codes on my sd is

Автор Michael Doan ( назад)
Does it work with uloader?

Автор FERRERBARS ( назад)
Mine says theres no codes found on SD

Автор strongmateo ( назад)
Help it keeps turning my wii remote off :(

Автор Shockwave & Soundwave ( назад)
I followed this video some years ago and now im a second time here to
follow it cause I have a new wii, i remember my first time hacking trough
that video. Awesome.

Автор RankinTvNetwork ( назад)
Thank you

Автор Ashley Channel ( назад)
Did you ever update your wii?

Автор its just game fame ( назад)
my wii freezes when i load gecko? help please?

Автор Tyler Monllor ( назад)
I press load game, it says it finds the codes, so then it loads the game,
but then gets stuck at a black screen saying "Loading" in the corner.. help?

Автор Nykadi ( назад)
When the SD card is that it does not find it is because the my game on my
Wii is German? because I'm German

Автор Roger Gu ( назад)
how did you get everything that is in the sd card?

Автор !nSaN!tY Edits ( назад)
Mine wont work when I go to homebrew channel plz help

Автор Bryan Chung ( назад)
I downloaded Homebrew Channel to my wii, so do I just create an apps folder
and put the Gecko folder in there?

Автор Grant Gardner ( назад)
wow. I was struggilin and this was hecka easy. thanks

Автор Sunfall Gaming ( назад)
Black ops don't work

Автор logan stout ( назад)

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
No problem glad i could help :)

Автор jerry theis ( назад)
thank u so much

Автор jerry theis ( назад)
same here what the f***

Автор cristian tocino gomez ( назад)
como es tu clave

Автор Tyler Monllor ( назад)
Hey bro. I was planning to hack MW3 wii. I did everything correctly, but
when I press "Launch Game" it launches, loads and everything but then it
comes to a black screen saying "Loading..." in the bottom left corner..
forever. Help me?

Автор follmana ( назад)
i did everything but my codes are not working, can I get some help please.

Автор Anthony Agosto ( назад)
Like it said there's no sd card to load cheats when it is inserted in the
wii sd slot with the codes.

Автор Anthony Agosto ( назад)
I did everything but my codes are not working. How can I get them to work?

Автор Jill Valentine ( назад)
This video helped me so much so thank you ^_^

Автор Onika Day ( назад)
hay can u do a vid with how 2 clone in ur pockets plzzzzzz

Автор Raymond Eaddy ( назад)
you don't need homebrew, right? I accidentally uninstalled it and I don't
want to go through that installation mess again

Автор SuperRubyMan ( назад)
me too

Автор Marco Witteman ( назад)
there wasnt a map called apps on my sd card but i made one but when i start
the wii there is no homebrew channel please help

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
that means one of the hacks you checked off dont work

Автор adair5671 ( назад)
do i need the disc to run the game because i just have usb :/

Автор Stephan Lawrence ( назад)
it says i have to replace all placeholders with XX what should i do?!

Автор Mr-Shadow ( назад)
my controller wont work

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
load homebrew channel onto ur SD card then insert it into the wii its very
simple just download it from letterbomb hackmii

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
that sucks D:

Автор TRUSTGODFORSA ( назад)
Thanks for the info of the folders!

Автор TheBoredEnd ( назад)
What if I don't have an apps folder -.-'

Автор shark2th13579 ( назад)
How do I get home brew

Автор Jeff Serrano ( назад)
keep trying or the game doesnt work ^^

Автор Jeff Serrano ( назад)
that means 1 of the hacks u check dont work

Автор Cody Kuestersteffen ( назад)
Ctrl+C= Copy Ctrl+V=Paste

Автор nikki stevens ( назад)
omg yesssss i finally hacked this game but it wont let me export to the
GCT! what do i do now? heeeeeeeeelp!!!!

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
NEED HELP PLEASE ANYBODY?????? i dont know how to paste the codes!!!!! D:

Автор Jay ACNL ( назад)
ok, so do i hit X on the mod thing? or keep it? please reply

Автор nikki stevens ( назад)
first you look up on your PC letterbomb hackmii and click letterbomb and
enter your wii's MAC address and hit cut the red wire this part you will
need a SD card instert the SD card into your PC and load the homebrew
channel onto the SD card you should get a letter from letterbomb open it
and thats the beginning! i hope this helped!!! if it didnt subscribe to my
channel and ask for help of any questions you have

Автор Ryuk uchi ( назад)
I got a question about gecko. If you have a hard drive that plays wii games
how will you set it up to do that please help me!

Автор SyeD99 ( назад)
If you have a mic, unplug it before you open Gecko.

Автор Rush Anxiety ( назад)
My gecko freezes when i open it what do i do?

Автор _Mega-Video-Gamer_ ( назад)
where do i download homebrew channel because it comes up with shit. sites
when try and find it !!!!!

Автор _Mega-Video-Gamer_ ( назад)
do you need homebrew browser?

Автор _Mega-Video-Gamer_ ( назад)
i cant find the apps folder i really need to know how to hack plz help

Автор TheB00z0105 ( назад)
What do i change the x's to .?

Автор dan o ( назад)
Ok...WHY would they dislike it?

Автор sd31117 ( назад)
The people who disliked it.

Автор dan o ( назад)
Who would EVER dislike this video?

Автор Crazy4basketball07 ( назад)
Never mind I did it my hack was level 56 on GoldenEye 007 Wii and I
unlocked everthing

Автор Crazy4basketball07 ( назад)
I'm trying to hack GoldenEye 007 but each time I try Ocarnia code manager
always says Super Smash Bros Brawl instead of GoldenEye 007 and all the
codes that appear are for Super Smash Bros

Автор MeebaProductions ( назад)
Does it have to be boot elf or can it be boot dol?

Автор MeebaProductions ( назад)
Mesean214 Shut the hell up ._.

Автор mesean214 ( назад)

Автор mesean214 ( назад)

Автор invincibleWitzi ( назад)
where do I put the hacks file?

Автор flavio zarcone ( назад)
I'm sorry can you tell me why when I start then I do gecko game launches
and opens the DVD but I do not or mario kart wii in the usb dvd but then I
have to do??

Автор BoomhaurReplica7 ( назад)
Keep getting a "No Cheat Codes Found"message.is there a certain folder the
gct files on the SD card need to be in?

Автор MrNeko25 ( назад)
AGH! Need help! Got everything installed but when i start the Gecko_OS and
launch g ame it sas no hacks found in SD......What am i doing wrong?

Автор ShadowSneaker ( назад)
Hi um can you help me. I can't hack Wii channels games cuz I installed
v5661-64-250 on my wii and yeah now I cant hack Wii channels

Автор unknowndudewuzhere ( назад)
never mind i figured it out

Автор unknowndudewuzhere ( назад)
And I saw that iHackerTouch has 6 different home brew channels. Do I need a
different homebrew for gecko os to work?

Автор unknowndudewuzhere ( назад)
Gecko freezes when I load it. Can anyone help?

Автор Tyrone Jones ( назад)
Got anything for the Press Your Luck Wii game?

Автор Tyrone Jones ( назад)
Got anything for the Press Your Luck Wii game?

Автор Sollux Captor ( назад)
I Installed HBC With HBC Browser. Thats Where I Got Accio Hacks And Gecko OS

Автор Don't Worry About It ( назад)
When I get the Gecko1931 file into the SD card and then load it up to the
wii, I go on my HomeBrew Channel and nothing appears, it just stays on a
screen with the bubbles.

Автор Don't Worry About It ( назад)
For anyone wondering, yes you can use a USB hard drive instead.

Автор Slash Koopa ( назад)
when i launch game with sd cheats on i get errors like dump code something
pls help

Автор Émerson André ( назад)
is possible using games in hard drive? in tutorial, and another videos,
show used DVD drive.

Автор nultyboy10 ( назад)
Thanks mate. Really helpful.

Автор Link Gamer ( назад)
can some one help. when I try to open the cheats for twilight princess it
says sd codes found applying codes and then when the game loads nothing
happens it just stays dark which means it did not load

Автор Link Gamer ( назад)
can u use a usb hard drive

Автор Firebird326 ( назад)
nvm my sd card was locked lol

Автор Firebird326 ( назад)
why do i get a saving error when i am trying to save the codes

Автор Angel alli ( назад)

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