How to Hack Wii Games with Gecko OS

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:
For part 3 once you download gecko os, there will be different folders named gecko1931 inside of others. Keep going into those folders untill you find the one that is named gecko1931 and when you open it you see boot.dol and an icon. Put that one into the apps folder of the SD card.

I hacked Animal Crossing City Folk because it's fun to hack. =]

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Автор Xan Kamerman (1 месяц)
How do you get the extra options for gecko os

Автор josh mendenhall (4 месяца)
dont work, with home brew

Автор ninx the awesome (9 месяцев)
i cant download ocorina because its in cloud flare or some thing plz help

Автор Dr Game Review (7 месяцев)
Does it work for wiiware like super mario 64

Автор Dr Game Review (7 месяцев)
Does it work for wiiware like super mario 64

Автор IOS GOD (8 месяцев)
i got my gecko from the homebrewbrowser

Автор ウエスタンウエストパーム (6 месяцев)
it failed to store it

Автор TheGamerBossman (9 месяцев)
Just moments ago I kept having the green screen after I keep launching MW3.

Автор Casper Donnerhag (4 месяца)
Do I need a disc for gecko OS?

Автор someone domohead (5 месяцев)
Does this work for Universal codes too?

Автор Reaper PvP (11 месяцев)
the real link for cheat manager is

Автор lnstantBoner (10 месяцев)
GUYS! I know this video is old but if anyone can PLEASEEE tell me if it's
possible to still use gecko codes but for downloaded wii games! as in like
you don't have the physical disk you downloaded the game and have it on
usbloader. The reason I don't have the disk is 'cause I lost it. :>
Thanks anyone who can help me!

Автор Creeper_668 (6 месяцев)
Why did my Wii crash when I loaded a 250km/h race on Mario Kart Wii??!! :(
Plz help.

Автор Mariolol5555 (11 месяцев)
when i click on export to GCT it says "error at code 48000000 809B8F88
DE000000 90009380
5A010000 000XXXXX
32000000 FFFFFFFF
14000000 FFFFFFFF
32000004 031FFFFC
14000004 031FFFFC maybe you have to replace placeholders first (like XX)"

Автор kevin moore (11 месяцев)
Everytime I launch the game it just brings me to please insert the super
smash bros brawl disc plz help me its very annoying

Автор Boulder Jackson (8 месяцев)
Alternate Link for Ocarina download?

Автор Secla Sous (1 год)
I can't Export the codes to GCT! Help?

Автор Awesomestuffweekly (1 год)

Автор ƞɩτʁסȼᴑᴎҁгϵτε1 (10 месяцев)
"Error at code: 0242A558 0000XXYY 0042A4E7 0000000R 0442B55C ZZZZzzzz Maybe
you have to replace placeholders first (like XX)" Could someone help me?

Автор freddy SHAMS (9 месяцев)
How to choose a game can you tell me

Автор Boulder Jackson (8 месяцев)
Do you need Ocarina, or just codegmr?

Автор aqua riam (9 месяцев)
what is error code 048A0184 2D2D23ZZ? plz help

Автор Albert12324's Official page (8 месяцев)
Almost not hacked! XD

Автор Jim hacks (9 месяцев)
anyone know why my windows 8 computer wont recognize sd cards?

Автор The Epic Gaming Cow (9 месяцев)
what do i do bout the XXXX's and the YYYY's and the ZZZZ's?

Автор Kurachi (1 год)
O_O Cool. You're a she fan.

Автор nariel gonzalez (1 год)
For me it says applying then the game starts and the codes aren't being
used ;(

Автор craiyo rogers (1 год)
it keeps saying error with every code on ssbb

Автор Jose Miguel Gomez (11 месяцев)
Metroid prime trilogy keeps freezing . 😩

Автор Jim hacks (9 месяцев)
ocarina link broken also please fix

Автор Freddy Fazbear (9 месяцев)
it says dns error

Автор Mario Fludd (1 год)
The Link for the ocarina manager is broke >.>

Автор amcheung10 (1 год)
it says DNS error when i try to open the link for step 2 to download

Автор cristain tabora (1 год)
My controler turns off and wont alow me to turn on with out i cant press
launch game in gecko os i have a black wii

Автор craiyo rogers (1 год)
how do u if u dont have homebrew

Автор MrChristopherGB (1 год)
i cant download ocaraina

Автор nariel gonzalez (1 год)
Lying piece of doodoo it don't work

Автор Juniorguy123 (1 год)
shit, the Hackmii Installer Made My SD Card Write-Protected -_-

Автор waffleKING44 (1 год)
What is this song 

Автор bob mc (9 месяцев)
it just ceeps crrashing HELP ME

Автор MrChristopherGB (1 год)
My gecko says codes found applying but there is no codes. Help?

Автор LayDog22 (1 год)
Every time I do it, it says no sd codes found. Is something wrong?

Автор Rhys Bauer (1 год)
No SD Codes Found. Help?

Автор hobosfruitbar (1 год)
when i open gecko it just shows a black screen and nothing happens also and
i tried another thing like ocaria or something and it says error 2 when i
launch the game in blue screen i also tried again and i played but right it
says loading just as you get the game running it freezes at the loading
screen someone please HELP

Автор Holy Clips (1 год)
My game starts up, it says codes are being applied but then just before the
game comes to the opening screen, it goes black and stays black...

Автор CyraxKiller1789 (1 год)
it says for ocarina "Replace the Placeholders Like XX" what does that mean?

Автор MarOnic12345 (1 год)
When I Go To Homebrew, Gecko Isn't On There. Help!

Автор Quetarro keever (1 год)
how do u get the launch channel option on gecko OS, i have geck, but i dont
have the Launc Channel at all

Автор ItsDraqz (1 год)
hey can u use a burnt game because its not letting me load it in gecko

Автор mariofan12ify (1 год)
is it possible to get us codes to work on a pal console? please answer

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