Ezekiel Elliott (Ohio State, RB) | 2016 NFL Combine Highlights

Ezekiel Elliott, RB from Ohio State, showing that he's one of the best at the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine.

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Просмотров: 1811881
Длительность: 2:56
Комментарии: 998

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Автор Luvraj Singh ( назад)

Автор Korigan channel channel ( назад)
31 team pass him up

Автор King Drop ( назад)
When I get to the NFL I'm going to better than him

Автор Owen Card ( назад)
Ezekiel Ellieott is my favorite + dak Prescott

Автор Ricky ( назад)

Автор Ricky ( назад)

Автор Ricky ( назад)

Автор Cyrill Burton ( назад)
Want to gamble safely online? Go to 👉 gamblewithease. com

Автор Aqua Superior ( назад)
Little did they know that him and dak would be leading them to the playoffs😳

Автор Nick VanAnda ( назад)
He's overrated he has the best O-Line in football, you seen against the Vikings he didn't even get 100 yards

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)

Автор Russell Lee ( назад)
Dude was worth the 4th pick. Glad we have him in Dallas.

Автор BloozeDaddy ( назад)
they should have a hurdle drill...he'd kick ass. Welcome to the Cowboys Mr Stud RB.

Автор Robert Vlogs ( назад)
Almost a one ☝️ year video

Автор William Garner ( назад)
If I knew what I knew now, I would be in the NFL... unless I got an injury of course

Автор Ezekiel Elliott ( назад)

Автор L L ( назад)
pause at .10

Автор Ben Dover Mi ( назад)
Can somebody tell me how long a NFL combine is for one session? Is the 40 yard dash the first drill?

Автор Superman ( назад)
David Johnsons still better.

Автор Ben Dova ( назад)
Who is this guy

Автор Boss Gotskillz ( назад)

Автор Donald Trump ( назад)
little did the know he would be drafted to the golden state warriors and blow a 3-1 lead

Автор AllDay ( назад)
@2:16 dude doesnt know how to read

Автор Shark Wave ( назад)
Isn't that bad? Don't most good running backs get somewhere between 4.3-4.4 seconds?

Автор Tatori ( назад)
ONE AND DONE!!!!!!!!! Trash cowboys... Maybe next year

Автор chowder193 ( назад)

Автор itgattabejoshable ( назад)
These drills are useless

Автор SkatevlogTV ( назад)
His first run was like a 4.48

Автор Fonzy Mares ( назад)
Cowboys nation💙💙

Автор Ethan Waters ( назад)

Автор Nathan Liles00 ( назад)
When he screamed at the start of his 40 it scared me to death

Автор OG Nik1as ( назад)
This Guy is a BEAST!

Автор Cam Newton ( назад)


Автор Abdoulkadir Ali ( назад)
0:10 It's much more than 4.46 LOL

Автор Parma zyxwvu ( назад)
..where are his bench reps? he placed 2nd in bench reps among runningbacks

Автор Francis Washington ( назад)
hello everyone please watch Jerry Want A Superbowl

Автор Matthew Austin ( назад)
This guy is gonna be a huge bust

Автор cheng yang ( назад)
still not the best as ap

Автор Vikings123456789 ( назад)
Average tbh

Автор kuko0306 ( назад)
And now he's a star

Автор Brandon Morrison ( назад)
I thank he is going to Dallas so is Dak Prescott

Автор Zyride ( назад)
wait hold up why did the guy put the stick back at 0:56

Автор Hankcock ( назад)
Does he run on his heels?

Автор tomkillsjerry ( назад)
thats my running back

Автор Jozay Rozay ( назад)
and now he's the leading rusher.

Автор Sebastian Wade ( назад)
Hey did you know that you can get yahoo fantasy

Автор TF2GOOD4U ( назад)
I like how his first run was 0.09 seconds off from Russel Wilsons 40 yd dash

Автор Super84921 _ ( назад)
The Cowboys are over rated the Seahawks will take and easy win on them in the nfc championship 😉

Автор Alberto Acosta ( назад)
Jacob Rodriguez the cowboys suck

Автор Alberto Acosta ( назад)
delta8t8 that is a lie

Автор Jacob Rodriguez ( назад)
he can make them to the super bowl for the cowboys lol lol lol 😊☺😊☺

Автор Rob TouchDownSki ( назад)
He doesn't look like a great running back at all. I wonder if he'll even get drafted.

Автор um52 ( назад)
Greatest rookie duo draft I've ever seen in the NFL. Biggest debate will be who deserves the rookie of the year award more between the two of them.

Автор WhyDoIWatchThisCrap ( назад)
How bout that O-Line.

Автор Rachel Kohel ( назад)
the people who disliked this video are people who zeke ran all over #cowboyz fo life

Автор Why Not? ( назад)

Автор 0ne0fN0ne ( назад)
Guess you could say the ohio state is taking over through this draft class with Zeke, joey and Michael Thomas

Автор Absalon Salazar ( назад)

Автор CelticIzzy4 ( назад)
He will dust everyone!

Автор ke3j Queeglay ( назад)

Автор Billy Meadows ( назад)
your the best

Автор Andrew Young ( назад)
Zeke is having one of the best rookie seasons ever!

Автор 49ers Dynasty ( назад)
Little did they know that he would be leading the NFL in rushing yards

Автор Solo Hawkins ( назад)

Автор apostle paul ( назад)
Just another Draft Bust... He'll probably tear his ACL in his first game on whatever team he goes.


Автор Rumble by KO ( назад)
Funny how Dak and Zeke both wore No. 15 in college.

Автор i couldnt think of a username ( назад)
He is alot of peoples uncle must be busy during the holidays

Автор gdelgado819 ( назад)
nothing speacial, not meaning that in a disrespectful manner, but he looks like every other running back out there, except he has a better offensive line

Автор Norman VanScoy ( назад)
Beast. - Eagles fan

Автор Host Rus ( назад)
Rookie of the Year
Player of the Year
Running Back of the Year

Автор Darpan ( назад)
The nfl combine is like a cattle auction but for humans

Автор Savage ( назад)
I'm watching this after he had a amazing performance against the steelers and made a clutch TD 35-30👍

Автор Brian Destrat ( назад)
dam bro you run fast bro and I like that

Автор Jr Lesst ( назад)
Best RB in the league now !

Автор Ricardo Lazala Jr ( назад)
he look like Kevin Hart 😮

Автор Manuel Camacho ( назад)
The Cowboys are here you'll and they ain't going nowhere.

Автор Mr.Mike Lewis ( назад)
Yea becuz he have the BEST OLINE in NFL duh....Anybody would lead the league in rushing with those size holes Dallas opens up for their Rbs ...put him behind a average Oline and lets see what he does then...

Автор Larry Leech ( назад)
Watching Zeke dominate in games, and then watching this is great! lol #COWBOYSNATION

Автор Alqasim Elnaggar ( назад)
guy cant read complementary. to many head injuries lol

Автор joshua dozier ( назад)
At least eli apple stayed loyal to me

Автор Th3UnburntMhysa ( назад)
David Johnson > Ezekiel Elliot. Ezekiel is as fast as Larry Fitzgerald.

Автор TOM C ( назад)
Let us not forget draft night LOL


Автор sebastian dub ( назад)
this man got cake!

Автор Random Stuff By Andrew ( назад)
this guy is gonna work wonders for the cowboys

Автор mike n ( назад)
kam approves this video

Автор Benjamin Clark ( назад)
dude got super heavy lol

Автор Alex Escobar ( назад)
I don't like Ohio State but I like Ezekiel Elliott

Автор Connor Thompson ( назад)
Draft bust

Автор Kara Prevost ( назад)
not going to be good in the nfl

Автор rick fedorick ( назад)
4.46 behind that line? Lol

Автор Gerald Mcarthur ( назад)
in the end can he read blocks and get to the hole

Автор john margolies ( назад)
He sucks

Автор e ( назад)
his head way too big

Автор J Ma ( назад)
I doubt he will do great in the NFL

Автор fran48814 ( назад)
If you ever feel ignored, remember that Kanye West has a son named Ezekiel Elliott.

Автор Xavier Mathers ( назад)
he overrated.

Автор Jared Van Der Merwe ( назад)
So what is happening here?? Don't really watch this sport.
This guy is a "catcher" ? Has to be fast and agile??

Автор Chinaka Ihekweazu ( назад)
He's slower than AP in 2007

Автор Lol Dumber ( назад)
ezek is my cousin -_-

Автор Joaquim Del Santos ( назад)
Im hella fast and i have a great vertical and agility but my catches are bad. Whats the best position for me to play? Im built like a 100m sprinter.

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