Nissan Skyline of 2Fast 2Furious in NfS Carbon - a Making of

After some questions I decided to upload a small slideshow of the 2Fast 2Furious Skyline I made in Need for Speed Carbon.

My PC has not the best performance, so it was nearly impossible to make a tutorial in form of a video. So I made some screenshots, which show which vinyls I used. By the way, I need a lot of hours to let the car look like that, so you need a lot of nervs and (very important) patience.

Because in Need for Speed Carbon they use their own parts and vinyls, you can't let it look like the real car to 100%, so you will see a lot of differences.
And so it is no ultimate tutorial, you can use your fantasy and try to make it better as my interpretation ;).

If you want to see pictures of the real car to compare, you can watch the presentation of this car I uploaded earlier:

If you have questions, send me a massage ;).

(Brian Tyler - Mustang Nismo
- Hot Fuji
- Neela Drifts )

After some troubles with copyright -.-, I decided to substitute the original songs with a song of the audioswap function of youtube. Not the best alternative...

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Автор Bryant Ariola ( назад)
Cool tutorial man i can finally craft brians skyline in carbon now yay

Автор Adam B. ( назад)
Best one on YouTube 

Автор Silvestra137 ( назад)
Again, sorry

Автор Silvestra137 ( назад)
Sorry for the bad spelling,I typed the word yoo fast

Автор Silvestra137 ( назад)
If you wanna do it in aps2,you have to be patient because ps2 have slot of

Автор Konrad Godel ( назад)
how to make on ps2?

Автор Jeremy Ong ( назад)
COOOOLLL MAN....urs are better then others in utube...

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
@mongolelikker: thank you :)

Автор Mate Mark ( назад)
pls upload the save game, and pls download link.. :D

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
thank you ;)!

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
Yes, why not? :) You're right, the R34 with the Apocalypse kit looks like
the GTR. So should I try to make the GTR in Carbon on the base of the R34,
or what do you mean? And which design should it have?

Автор glense565 ( назад)
thanks dude

Автор legijafan4 ( назад)
can u make the mitsubishi evolution from 2 fast 2 furious?

Автор BK0571-Blacklight ( назад)
Thanks : )

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
Hm, the Lancer should be possible, I will try it in the next time ;)...

Автор BK0571-Blacklight ( назад)
My favorites are the Brian's Skyline and his Lancer

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
The Skyline is one of the simplier cars of F&F. Others like the green
Eclipse and nearly all of the cars from the first movie are very difficult,
because they have complex vinyls. Cars of the second and third film are
much easier, because they mostly use stripes and shapes. Which car would
you prefer?

Автор BK0571-Blacklight ( назад)
Thanks man Awesome do u know how to make other cars from Fast and the

Автор ACRLover ( назад)
ok bad

Автор wolle1701 ( назад)
no it's for PC

Автор ACRLover ( назад)
is this on PS2?

Автор dogz115 ( назад)
awsome thanks man

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