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Автор Zeynep Şahin (2 месяца)
Brave little mandarin ducklings (Earth): http://youtu.be/W06Ph9wBTMM

Автор MiNHO Dotus (10 месяцев)

Автор yuguan zhang (9 дней)
Wondering how can they come back to home? It's too high for them to fly

Автор Guzel Kuchkarova (23 дня)

Автор Guzel Kuchkarova (23 дня)

Автор Hiro Oozora (6 месяцев)
Come on! Fly Like A Superman!

Автор Hiro Oozora (6 месяцев)
You Have A Ducklings
Don't Do This At Home..

Автор Run4ZHills (1 год)
This is way too cool to be real.

Автор HeroesGetKilled (11 месяцев)
I can't handle so much cuteness.

Автор John 0819 (11 месяцев)

Автор Natalie Dale (1 год)

Автор Joe Bello (1 год)
so majestic 

Автор Misty Combs (1 год)
Nature is so amazing. 

Автор jackedup92 (1 год)
so this is where assassin's creed leap of faith comes from

Автор S.A Wolf (1 год)
Hahaha we were watching this in science

Автор King Arthur (1 год)

Автор Andrew Fawcett (1 год)
I don't even know why this was so funny...

Автор thegeckoproduction (2 года)
Wood ducks do this too

Автор Jill Wilcox (2 года)
that ducky slipped at 00:44

Автор rusml1 (3 года)
true B.A.S.E ;)

Автор sarah kiel (3 года)
hahah zo schattig

Автор bj20091000 (2 года)
Ummm at 1:13 you can clearly see she has her wing clipped???

Автор Nicolas Groulx (1 год)
50th comment! :D

Автор Larry Johnson (2 года)
is that patrick stewart

Автор Biro Carmen (1 год)

Автор musekiteer (4 года)
I have seen this footage before, but it is too adorable not to watch again!
They make the drop look enormous!.

Автор JaguarsSoul (3 года)
Leap of faith... LIKE DA BOWSS.

Автор Marinushka78 (2 года)
ой , как высоко! А как же они назад заберутся? Или это всё- детство
кончилось? Не знала, что утки могут так высоко вить гнёзда...

Автор Fernanda Tralala (3 года)
sweet :)

Автор AvgStop (4 года)

Автор rudolf_s (3 года)
Google+ Post sent me here

Автор Rich Mednick (2 года)
Super Ducks!

Автор Jugdish (1 год)
Isn't David Attenborough supposed to be narrating?

Автор Yato (3 года)
Saw this on school. Had to watch it again a few times. ITS SO FUNNY.

Автор Crystal Torres (1 год)
Wow there are so many of them! It's like a clown car! LOL

Автор dnadsy52 (4 года)
Meraviglia! d.

Автор welwisher (4 года)
Amazing musical scoring for ducklings jumping out of a tree. <3

Автор Stefan Erler (3 года)
I wonder what happens if you play them Wagner xD

Автор Patti Pellegrin (3 года)
so darn cute. I have to save the video to watch again. How totally adorable

Автор Irmi (1 год)
My new heros!

Автор iamearthbornami (4 года)

Автор Tim Wren (3 года)
they are men

Автор gil moffatt (1 год)
Thank you for verifying that these ducks come from Earth.

Автор CHRISTY W. (2 года)
So are mandarin ducks like asian

Автор Justin D (1 год)
Miles too cute for words! Gorgeous little fellas!

Автор Katie McEwan (3 года)
I first saw this video in Life Science and we were laughing so hard! I was
crying it was so funny!

Автор Ricardo Agostinho (3 года)
so lovely!

Автор Simba92 (3 года)
The first one who jumped looked like he was saying afterwards "That was
easy" :P

Автор Finesse King (2 года)

Автор Finesse King (2 года)
They look like they taste very zesty. :)

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