Guitar Lesson: Chicken Picking Intro

Find tabs at http://www.freeguitarvideos.com/LJ2/LJ2T05a.html This lesson will introduce you to a basic philosophy on chicken pickin' or country playing. We will cover both the unique right hand picking technqiue as well as the music theory behind the licks. We will also learn some chicken picking licks and discuss the techniques necessary to get that twangy country guitar sound.

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Автор Rick Roche ( назад)
Chickin Pickin gets its name from the sound of a chicken's " buck buck
buck-eee " banter. Muted staccato notes followed by a slightly longer one.
It ain't bluegrass leads or shredding. Try playing a meaningful melodic
solo in your favorite country song, and bring in some buck buck buckee
notes that inspire some humor! Listen to Chet Atkins.

Автор Thomas DellaRocco ( назад)
Heck-yeah chicken pickin'!

Автор thesweatleaf ( назад)
Nice euro-mullet!!!

Автор MrC00lwind ( назад)
this aint chicken picking.

Автор starscream ( назад)
That is not chicken picken. Everyone seems to think chicken Pickens means
to just play fast. That has nothing to do with it.
Chicken picken is a technique where you mute and play the string almost
instantaneous and it produces a clucking sound.
Just search for JAMES Burton chicken picken.
He invinted the technique and is I'm all honesty probably the most
difficult technique to master on all of guitar.

Автор Caleb Roberts ( назад)
Cajun Pawn Stars? 😂😂😂 lol

Автор BlastFromYesterday ( назад)
The first bending example, how do you bend the string so well when it's so
close to the nut?

Автор gbpillsbury ( назад)
This is exactly the style of playing I want to lean and develop! I
recently went to Nashville and saw a young guitarist named Daniel Donato
play this style. It was awesome! I will be moving on with your lesson.

Автор MATOKEO Ndaki ( назад)
The lesson is Good

Автор MATOKEO Ndaki ( назад)
The lesson is Good

Автор Tony Vogel ( назад)

Автор Daniel Son ( назад)
Wasn't much of a country fan... til I heard this guy jamming. I'm hooked
after the first 2 mins lol.

Автор thomas golden (Skulltower) ( назад)
I have a question but first, I've been "borrowing" some of the style, just
to enhance my mostly rock guitar.
I always try and change my tones to keep fresh.
Now the question.
Do country guitar players, always play their tones with that
delay/verb/twang effect?
I get into "ruts" some years which, makes me go onto other guitar player
repertoires and voila' a new tone arrives.
Thank you.

Автор whynottalklikeapirat ( назад)
The fuck cant I comment on anything anymore, don't they realize thats more
than half the point of youtube? Commenting is what brings me back, if all
this is, is a 240p tv-set I'll just use the one I have and not support this
merry shite. 

Автор 55seddel ( назад)
Hey a Bill Lawrence tele! I have a Billy and Becky pickup in mine too.
Sweet sounds!

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
your intonation is out

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
thumbpicks are for girls so they don't break their nails

Автор James Rockford ( назад)
Tele headstock reminds me of a trailer park

Автор bassman6966 ( назад)
Fantastic lesson. Great teacher- this is one of the best chicken pickin'
videos on here. Did somebody copy the original Steve Morse tele for you?
What is that thing? Great sound.

Автор Robert ( назад)
good lesson!

Автор ilikepie004 ( назад)
sick mullet dude

Автор Ymel Y ( назад)
I thought I would be introduced how to play "The Chicken" by Pastorius. 

Автор 2littlelies ( назад)
...earlier in his life he played the karate-kid....wax on, wax off....

Автор Jenny H ( назад)
damn i really wish i hadnt left my index finger in that smelting accident

Автор Q Tips Wallet ( назад)
I enjoyed the video but if this is just the basics then I'm truly screwed.

Автор jmhadahorse ( назад)
Finger picks, like the one on his thumb, work just as well. Also I keep my
nails constantly cut and I chickin' pick fine, you just need to form
calluses on your picking fingers.

Автор colejacobs100 ( назад)
This is a nicely done, well explained intro to country playing, thanks
Peter. There's a lick that Marty Stuart plays a lot that you demonstate at
5:40 that I've been trying to figure out but never could. Glad I found this

Автор CabbitSD ( назад)
Point at a chicken and say "I'll take that one." Next question.

Автор gianluca francocci ( назад)
best blues guitar

Автор Groovy Music Lessons ( назад)
Yes, it's an unauthorized Bill Lawrence Swampkaster (yes, it's spelled that
way). Bill Lawrence has NOTHING to do with these cheap guitars. The rights
to his name were simply taken and he can't get them back. How much does
that suck? lol So, Bill DOES NOT MAKE THESE. These cheapo axes sell for
around $500.00 new. So, about the same as a Mexican Tele and half the
quality of one. So, it's a real pile. I've played a few and they are just

Автор PRSguitarist16 ( назад)
2:36 what'd you call me?!

Автор AutomobileFunk (1772 года назад)
this guy doesn't know do bendings properly!

Автор Edward Soto ( назад)

Автор Joshua Russo ( назад)
It's a Nashville Tele. Modeled after Brent Mason's custom guitar he uses. A
staple in country music as far as getting a good tone, especially for a
little extra pluck.

Автор Chaif15Let ( назад)
This guy is awesome! His videos are very useful.

Автор yodasodaskoda ( назад)
@skeebert Retarded chickens are good in soup

Автор Isaac Arellano ( назад)
229 blinks!! yes i actually took the time to count, i have nothing else to

Автор tony9L9L ( назад)
@skeebert Thank you

Автор skeebert ( назад)
@tony9L9L Pick one that still moves, isn't covered in shit, and doesnt seem

Автор mrGoesto11 ( назад)
I love the fact that you explained that alot of country players play around
the chord. I'm a rythm player that rarely solos and then only pentatonic so
it was good to learn this essential lesson in order to get the "sound". 

Автор rockyroadrunner ( назад)
@theis4421 Hello pedo 

Автор theis jørgensen ( назад)
hi my name is pedo vocal,

Автор davy loves art ( назад)
@tony9L9L yes we never see the right hand...

Автор ron sutton ( назад)
cool tips!

Автор Ymel Y ( назад)
South Park :)))

Автор Neville James Martin ( назад)
@rodbuoy True, only I used to think that then I checked out a Haar T Style
and it played better than any Tele I ever played, (and I have played a
ton). Those Crook T's that Paisley plays must be pretty special too. These
small builders seem to be building guitars the way Fender would have built
them back in the 50's. Even the Custom Shop guitars by Fender today are
still mass produced compared to some of the smaller builders.

Автор rodboy rodder ( назад)
Telecaster is a registered trademark of Fender.Any other copy is just a
copy. Stop trying to capitalize on the fender name! 

Автор rodboy rodder ( назад)
if it ain,t a fender it,s not a telecaster

Автор joeblowunlimited ( назад)
@jeremiahjbarnes06 Well, tell it to this here Peter Vogel: He's playing on
one of the many custom shop Telecasters that are far superior to Fenders,
and yet he still calls it a Telecaster. Hmmm, he must not know anything
about guitars--you'd better tell him he's an idiot and maybe educate him a
little. Dipshit.

Автор jeremiah barnes ( назад)
@joeblowunlimited Telecaster is the name of the guitar you idiot. Just like
the Gibson Les Paul, or Fender Strat, or Gibson Sg or Melody Maker, or
Danelectro 59 DC or any guitar. It is the name of the guitar and not a type
of guitar. If you were to say Telecaster is a thinline, semi-hollowbody, I
might agree with you. Or Gretsch makes hollowbodies or the Les Paul is a
solid body. Then yes, you would be talking about a type of guitar. As for
pickup config, teles have like 4 or 5.

Автор psychofunksoldier02 ( назад)
Thanks for this basics.

Автор tony9L9L ( назад)
Yeah but I still don't know how to pick a chicken....

Автор wvgitpicker ( назад)
@joeblowunlimited Joe, while respecting your comment Tele doesn't just mean
Fenders guitars, I've playing for over 32 years and there is no other
guitar on Gods green earth that sounds like a Telecaster. When other
companies certainly can copy the look of a Telecaster, no way do they ever
get that Telecaster sound. If I was totally blind, I can still tell the
difference between a FenderTelecaster or a copy. I wouldn't trade my $600
Tele for any other brand Tele, even if it sold for ten grand.

Автор stb (34 года назад)
@Beamster420 lol

Автор Miki Pannell ( назад)
Downt y'all believe that phoney accent, we knows youz a redneck there
hillbilly boy...

Автор Angelo Sgroi ( назад)
if only this guy had a mustache :p

Автор PutrescentMessiah ( назад)
peter vogl is king of the chicken pickin ho down

Автор WildHorseStudios ( назад)
@joeblowunlimited That's the silliest thing I've ever heard. You can't call
a Mustang a Camaro. 

Автор Bluesdog 77 ( назад)
@humblemumble123 Newbies? Thats me! Hey thanks i will check it out. Ive
been playing for 3weeks now and i got a few SRV vids on here but i still
need to learn an A chord to sound like Angus. Peace!

Автор Bluesdog 77 ( назад)
wheres my god damn PBR!! Great lesson!

@Tjet612 I was just lookin' at his 'I Betcha Can't Play This' video.Should
have been called 'I Betcha Can't Play This Kirk Hammett'.

Автор Alex McKenzie ( назад)
Thank you so much!!!!! I love this kind of music and this video and the
instructions that go with it helped me a lot to learn the basics of this

Автор J Johnson ( назад)
"I prefer a clean teler-caster sound"

Автор corbelan ( назад)
very good playing !!!

Автор Trent Franks (Tjet612) ( назад)
John 5 uses chicken picking in metal music.

Автор stb ( назад)
great lesson

Автор kristinparkermusic ( назад)
@hoejbob Great! Much appreciated.

Автор John Hoelting ( назад)
@kristinparkermusic I've got one other guitarist that is a fantastic player
as well, and that is Buster B. Jones. Great fingerstyle picker.

Автор kristinparkermusic ( назад)
@hoejbob Hey, thanks a lot for the tip. I'll check him out!

Автор John Hoelting ( назад)
@kristinparkermusic ah ya, check out Jerry Reed "Amos Moses" one of my all
time favorite songs. Jerry Reed is a guitar genious, and is not only a
master chicken picker but a virtuoso at any picking style.

Автор davidtheguitarman ( назад)
if jimi hendrix rocks.. this guy countrys!

Автор kristinparkermusic ( назад)
@StephenZerbe10 Thanks Stephen!

Автор Stephen Zerbe ( назад)
@kristinparkermusic Listen to Brad Paisleys song "Pre-Cluster Pluck
Prequel" from the CD play they give you some names and examples of how that
specific player sounds, Brad himself is also a good chicken picker, and his
CD play displays his chicken picking the most.

Автор kristinparkermusic ( назад)
Can someone recommend a great chicken picker player for me to listen to?
Who are the "legends" in chicken picking? Thanks!

Автор kristinparkermusic ( назад)
You sound fantastic! This video really inspired me!

Автор plxplxkthx ( назад)
@micmoable says 'bill lawrence' on it.

Автор jgar4301 ( назад)
wow, it is pretty funny with the closed Caption on. LOL

Автор gr0kbot ( назад)
@micmoable it's one of the shapes Fender used in the '50s. the shape of the
headstock on the '72 re-issue is pretty fun too. check out the re-issue
models on the Fender site, particularly in the Custom Shop. cheers!

Автор Rob Matthews ( назад)
@Megadethmegadethfan1 I know right!

Автор wjniemi ( назад)
Well done. Subscribed, will enjoy more as time permits. As a rock refugee
these are very helpful. Thanks.

Автор Johnnyboy200406 ( назад)

Автор Flickyducky Edits ( назад)
why do country players use compression? is it cause the pick is louder than
using your fingers an it evens out the sound or somethin??

Автор DepravedNemesis ( назад)
omg with the auto subtitle feature of youtube this video is so hilarious..
"here's a risk based around the sea court" xD

Автор idrathernotthannever ( назад)
thats the kine of chickin pickin shit hot getaar lickin finger string
flicking country hickin sound that i done like .....yes it is ...i tell you

Автор Jason Sung ( назад)
@Megadethmegadethfan1 That basically names me, too. I started with metal
and eventually developed an interest in country/bluegrass type of guitar
playing. Have you ever seen John 5's work? I think that you will really
like his playing style.

Автор Dk Khan ( назад)

Автор G7flat5 ( назад)
Thank you for the lesson and the slowed down parts. Many guys say they are
giving a lesson on YouTubeand all they are doing is blowing chops without
really showing and teaching. Thanks again

Автор Jason Sung ( назад)
@BluesJazzClassical i would have to agree to some degree

Автор Joshua ( назад)
Yes, yes, I know who Jeff Loomis is, he is very talented. The sad part is
you are cant appreciate the talent offered by people who play this style.
Check out Brad Paisley's album called "Play: The Guitar Album" and I'll bet
you will have to admit that he brings as much talent to the world of guitar
as Jeff Loomis does to his genre. They are all amazing!

Автор Eugene Khalak ( назад)
lol^^ harder then metal ya-ya like Jeff Loomis ))) check it out

Автор Joshua ( назад)
^ I'm a big fan of metal music but this type of arrogance is making me
gravitate further from it every day.

Автор efhve ( назад)
That lick in the beginning is so AMAZING!!!

Автор willie otoole ( назад)
As with all things - guitar necks are a matter of personal taste and-
remarkably - some good players can make one sound pretty much loike the
other. Out of scores of guitars over the years I've only had 2 maple necks
- one on an early Burns and the other on my current Tele which looks right,
feels right and sounds right and is very definitely a keeper!

Автор fredcom1 ( назад)
why ? it is country.

Автор patrick34page ( назад)
Country Guitar Sound = Mullet

Автор Brian Lewis ( назад)
rosewood = warmer maple = bright and springy

Автор Will Smyser ( назад)
@waitaminute991 I would also like to point out that ebony (which looks like
rosewood but darker) is a bright and snappy sounding fretboard wood so that
may be what he has here.

Автор Will Smyser ( назад)
@waitaminute991 rosewood gives a warmer/darker tone. So maple is better for
"twang" usually. But the rosewood would smooth out some of the overly
piercing tones if your amp is a little too bright.

Автор Parker Atwood ( назад)
maple is a bright tone, rosewood is kind of a deep acoustic/blues tone. you
gotta figure it out your self.

Автор ashisification ( назад)
thanx a lot

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