Taboo: Trailer - BBC One

Programme website: http://bbc.in/2i2rK8r A new eight-part drama series executive produced by Tom Hardy alongside Ridley Scott and the show's creator Steven Knight.

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Автор Robert Tauzer ( назад)
They said this show is in problems, well it looks perfectly fine to me.

Автор Enrico Martin ( назад)
where the settings location from this movies?

Автор Sangres Friman ( назад)
Best TV series from the time of penny dreadful

Автор Baron Basparro ツ ( назад)
Toms performance is fucking brilliant!

Автор HoldOnToLove01 ( назад)
I absolutely love this show. It's only 3 episodes in but I'm hooked
already. Tom Hardy, what a talent!

Автор Mia Hoog ( назад)
What's the song at 00:42?😫

Автор Cellar Door ( назад)
0:53...thought the septor died in the wildfire

Автор zabbo123 ( назад)
what song is this? 00.42

Автор TI9A GANG ( назад)
PLZ PLZ Guys there's a real ghost at the minute 31:25 of the episode 2 when
tom hardy is inside the ship at the background you can see a ghostly figure
plz if you know any members of this tv serie ask them about this scene if
its a real ghost or planted there for the sake of the tv serie

Автор Major Mayhem ( назад)
Wow, TV shows is now challenging Big Screen movies.

Автор Sorin Alexandru Cîrstea ( назад)
For anyone who didn't started watching the show:

It's good... It's really fucking good!

Автор Bullet-Tooth Tony ( назад)
If tom hardy is in it, I'm game! :D

Автор Dario D'aversa ( назад)
Hi if you get a moment please watch my piano tutorial and sub , thanks a
lot :D

Автор Dario D'aversa ( назад)
Have a look at my piano cover

Автор Emils ( назад)
very good!!

Автор stef88sf ( назад)
Tom Hardy... shhhhhhhit count me in

Автор Thomas Christopher White ( назад)
Ooohhhh boy!!!

Автор clst029 ( назад)
really a great show , one of the best serie i saw this day ( with game of
throne and viking)

Автор Ankit Nath Jha ( назад)
People who know me, soon come to understand that I have no sense.

Автор Enes Tekin ( назад)
BEST ...

Автор Randomeris1 ( назад)
Tom Hardy - Nothing can go wrong with him, I could possibly watch him
sitting on a toilet as a Series and it would be AWESOME

Автор jimmyy13 ( назад)
looks great but then again trailer always do,so will take alook at 1 or 2

Автор Ionescu David ( назад)
any Assassin's Creed Syndicate fan finds this period familiar?

Автор Artyum HD ( назад)
*سبحان الله*

Автор Vladimirus Vlad ( назад)
Classic satanisam, England is full of it.

Автор MOOR AM ( назад)
Interesting, i'm watching this

Автор Shirin R ( назад)
has anyone watched the show? how is it?

Автор Nu conteaza ( назад)
I am a simple man...i see Tom Hardy in a movie i watch that movie.

Автор Ivan Ribić ( назад)
Boring ass crap fuck this shit watch smth better like got or vikings this
is fucking annoying and boring

Автор Ion Sastras ( назад)
1.30 the man is Russell Crowe ? ??

Автор Thomas Shelby ( назад)
Anyone that wants to know. Co creator Stephen knight (creator of pesky
blinders) has confirmed that he has 3 seasons overall planned

Автор HolandaChiquita ( назад)
Lovely first episode, I'm very intrigued. Also very curious about James'
mother. I doubt his sister doesn't have the same mother, she looks even
darker than him. She could definitely be half Native American, maybe she
just lied about it because of her husband...

Автор jet set ( назад)

Автор DreamozZz ( назад)
The high sparrow!

Автор ben dankner ( назад)
so its already been out? so there's a torrent available? so there's another
hour of my miserable life accounted for!

Автор Basil Abdalla ( назад)
Just watched the first episode .. wow,, this guy is something else!

Автор Balazs Janko ( назад)
Tom Hardy is unbelievable !!!!!

Автор Daniel Trw ( назад)
watched the 1st episode yesterday and it was fucken amazing!
Tom Hardy gets better and better but too bad it's a mini series

Автор Ahsang Ukingim ( назад)
Marina hands

Автор Ahsang Ukingim ( назад)
Marina hands

Автор FroZe ( назад)
kinda like assassins creed syndicate

Автор Filip Gronowski ( назад)
Tom Hardy as a Mad Max? Awful.

Автор Kriss K ( назад)
0:57 is it maybe russell crowe????

Автор Riyadh Bawi ( назад)
may as well be called "Taboo Poldark"

Автор lisbeth young ( назад)

Автор Cepoi Alin ( назад)
T. Hardy EPIC

Автор Mr Backo (Mr Backo) ( назад)
So hyped about this, already watched first episode! Tom hardy is making
this 1000% better!
If you haven't watched it yet, you can watch it for free on Chillnflix -
Search for "chillnflix taboo season 1" on google, enjoy folks!

Автор Trapani Sicilia ( назад)
just watched the 1st episode brilliant deep dark and mysterious well done 5

Автор piritskenyer ( назад)
Someone help me out here. The bald bearded guy appearing at 0:51 - 0:52 *is*
Stephen Graham, right? Why isn't he in the cast list?

Автор GOKUZADO ( назад)

Автор john justice ( назад)
Brilliant first episode 👏🏻👍🏻 anything the maker of peaky blinders does
will do for me

Автор NCR Ranger ( назад)
That type outfit keeps making me think he's Jack The Ripper

Автор Max Løppenthien ( назад)
Just watched the first episode. It's already got me hooked.

Автор Function ( назад)
Anything tom hard is on, i am watching it no question asked.

Автор Brando Santos ( назад)
This kinda look like Frontier

Автор Ondine107 ( назад)
this was simply amazing

Автор Andrei Nosatîi ( назад)
For this role Tom Hardy deserved to win a Golden Globe, but in the next
year. btw, and he is closer to win an Oscar.

Автор Isabel Laing ( назад)
One Word Tom Tom Tom Your The Man Big Love N Respect 💋💋💋💋💋❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Автор Isabel Laing ( назад)
Fantastic! Can't wait for the next episode Tom Hardy Never Ceases To Amaze
Me Just how Talented He Is 😘 Perfect ! 💋❤️💋❤️

Автор Micky Dub ( назад)

Автор Pinguin am Suedpol ( назад)
BBC, no nudity, no sex, not interested...

Автор AHMED ALANI ( назад)
Big Like For Tom Hardy 😍😍

Автор AHMED ALANI ( назад)
Big Like For Tom Hardy 😍😍

Автор Sonny Etchell ( назад)
You had me at Tom Hardy and Ridley Scott

Автор безымянный незнакомец ( назад)
Самые ожидаемые сериалы 2017 года по версии киноголика

Автор Zamal ( назад)
SHIT i just watched first episode shiet fuck me in the ass taht was some
crazy shit man fucking one week for another one FUCK!

Автор Hannibal Thawne ( назад)
Taboo has begun

Автор الدون رونالدو ( назад)
الحلقة الأولى 👎👎👎

Автор md2v4 ( назад)
Well base from my first impression of this drama on episode one, i see this
show is poist to out and breaking all kinds of taboo's buried beneath our

Автор MrCushcam ( назад)
3 massive names.... Tom Hardy, Ridley Scott and Steven Knight

Автор Ali Ebrahim ( назад)
looks promising 😀

Автор Baxter Stockman ( назад)
When I always hear the commercial come on tv, and Tom Hardy starts to talk,
I always think its the actor who played Moriarty in Robert downy jrs
Sherlock holmes 2 movie

Автор Syed Waqas Saghir ( назад)
Tom Hardy the legend so is in Taboo

Автор Jesusandbible ( назад)
looks really well made and interesting!

Автор Luis Falconi ( назад)
You see! the high sparrow cannot die!

Автор HolandaChiquita ( назад)
This is going to be incredible! But I do hope he has a little time over to
come back as Alfie once in a while... I loved that character on Peaky

Автор HolandaChiquita ( назад)
I does indeed look very Peaky Blinder-ish. I'm already beginning to love it.
Seems like a very interesting story (start at least) of a man having to
survive somewhere in Africa only to have an even dangerous territory to
protect at home...

Автор Colin Elson ( назад)
the best actor and director, tv doesn't get any better.

Автор 999 666 ( назад)
is he supposed to be doing some type of voodoo because if he is that's
kinda awesome

Автор werrwrt afwefwrtr ( назад)

Автор Jordan Coaten ( назад)
Free TV at its finest lets go UK

Автор Elise Aerts ( назад)
Pals feature It really sounds like iastfsticfarmer !!

Автор Joseph Mora ( назад)
Tom got naked for this!

Автор jaydunsmore050897 ( назад)
see tom hardy names you gotta watch

Автор Johnny Favorite ( назад)
i hope the high sparrow gets blown up in this too

Автор mumof3 ( назад)
so when the world tells you there are no perfect English men left..look see
and keep know there are millions like him xx

Автор Violet ( назад)
Ahh so this is where the dead characters from other shows go

Автор Law Meyer ( назад)
Gonna be good.

Автор InneWinneCinema ( назад)
man the production quality of TV shows in the UK is so ahead of germany,
its unbelievable!

Автор jack anderson ( назад)
omg cant wait. tom hardy rocks and this show looks great

Автор Great Whyte Wolf ( назад)
gave me the stiffest erection since the first one ❤

Автор MyricalLyrical ( назад)
1:01 thats exactly the grasp the Joker took on Batmans girlfriend in the
scene where he interrupted the party.

Автор RocK n Roll ( назад)
ахуенный будет сериал 100%

Автор I want to Believe ( назад)
you know this is gonna be good after cheeky blinders am ready for more from

Автор Eds the Coverer ( назад)
holy shit. it looks bloody awesome

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