How to Make an Irish Penny Whistle (Tutorial)

My dad making an Irish penny whistle. He's been making and selling them for quite a few years now. Check him out at www.beckerwhistles.com! This is a project I did for my Broadcast Journalism class.

(It was very difficult to cut the process down to 5 minutes. Started out with 25 minutes of footage.)

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Автор Romana Merlene ( назад)
I was made it too. just used woodprix instructions. just click the pig on
that website :)))

Автор Chaudhry Alligood ( назад)
I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google
'woodprix' :)))

Автор Romelia Polly ( назад)
so i made it too . just by using woodprix woodworking plans:)

Автор Michael Dudgeon ( назад)
The first tune is The Silver Spear and the second is the Sally Gardens

Автор Сергей Бодров ( назад)
Time to do a remake of this video at a higher resolution. That potato
camera is outdated. 2011 was a few years ago. Good information otherwise.

Автор John Fisher ( назад)
How can I buy one in C? I bought one previously but lost your details.

Автор hetrodoxly ( назад)
How do these differ from the English penny whistle?

Автор HumanWishbone ( назад)
That was really good. What type of PVC/CPVC pipe does he use? Could you
give me the schedule, and the number of psi the pipe uses?

Автор Mary Ellen Wessels ( назад)
Thanks! Your Dad's whistles look wonderful! I love that he makes them so
affordable!! Amazing.At that price I might be able to get a low D whistle
sooner than I thought! :-)

Автор TheresaG21 ( назад)
PVC pipes are toxic,your flutes sound so enchanting,but they are a health

Автор onebelligerentbeagle ( назад)
Long-sleeves + scroll saw = bad idea

Автор Liam Murphy ( назад)
Is the tune at the end the cork Hornpipe?

Автор bravematthias ( назад)
I bought an alto G whistle months ago, and I just ordered three more in
different keys! Awesome whistles, especially for the price

Автор Sune Christiansen ( назад)
How much for the whole package of whistles? Incl. Low D Whistle.

Автор thepoiboy ( назад)
by any chance does your dad work with wood/bamboo to make whistles?
(fingers crossed) :)

Автор Jimmy OutOfSane ( назад)
What key is the whistle in he plays at the end of the video? high G?

Автор Jimmy OutOfSane ( назад)
what key is the whistle in that he is making? high G?

Автор knight runner ( назад)
would he sell me his plans so I can make my own?

Автор ukepest ( назад)
I bought one of these whistles in a high D, it cost $8, it is my go to
whistle it sounds as sweet as a nut and is on a par with whistles triple
this price, buy with confidence guys, these Becker whistles are fantastic
value for money

Автор sam morgans ( назад)
it weird i live in a celtic community but our music is deep and more
powerful (im from and live in Wales)

Автор sebastianjapan ( назад)
Hi! I haven't heard anything from him. I just sent him an email again.
Could you get him to reply? I would really like to get a few whistles.

Автор Samuel Araya ( назад)
Amazing And Beatiful Work ! :3

Автор ukepest ( назад)
I've ordered mine and its winging its way to South Wales UK as I type

Автор Ellen Becker ( назад)
Hi Sebastianjapan, I talked to my dad and he says he will double check his
email. Sorry for the trouble!

Автор sebastianjapan ( назад)
I have emailed your father twice, with no reply. How do I get a hold of
him? I really want to order a few whistles!

Автор Jordan Haines ( назад)
I want to play Braveheart and Lord of the rings so bad. They sound so

Автор BAK87 ( назад)
Good job dad, no doubt :)

Автор PabloMaritorenaART ( назад)
Very good video! but I'm hard to make the holes. would pass that
information for me? distance, diameter of the holes. and total length of
the flute. thank you very much!

Автор Zack ( назад)
its easier than i thought it would be

Автор ErutanderHayde ( назад)
Thank you so much 

Автор Lynx Genisys ( назад)
3:05-3:10 "Im drawing a center line so we can measure where the sound holes
go" *just draws a bunch of random lines* <-- Thats experience right there.
He just knows... lol He should put gold or silver foil on the outside.. Its
the only way I can think of to improve em.. and thats just aesthetics,
truely a matter of personal opinion/preferance/desire. I wouldnt care what
it looked like when it sounds that great!

Автор Paula Carrigan ( назад)
Thank you so much! Will check it out. :-))

Автор Ellen Becker ( назад)
Hi Paula, my dad says if you look up low tech whistles and Guido Gonzato,
you can find measurements that are close. Thanks for watching and
commenting! :)

Автор Paula Carrigan ( назад)
This is fantastic!!! I'm going to try this out. Is there a standard
hole-size and placement per hole down the whistle? Thanks so much for this
tutor!!! The whistles sound great. I play myself and would like to make my
own whistles. Paula

Автор TheMrByrom (545 лет назад)
He should try to make a native american flute next. I started making them
with my students. They are fun to play too. I have a video of how I started
making them if you want to look.

Автор Multiple Virtual Piano ( назад)
Thank you!

Автор Ellen Becker ( назад)
It's called The Cat's Meow :) This version is by Joanie Madden (on iTunes)

Автор Multiple Virtual Piano ( назад)
2:54 That's a melody I listened to on radio! What is its name?

Автор Sarah-Jane Lowson ( назад)
My Bb just arrived, I live on Dartmoor in England. What a great sound,
really mellow, just the tone I have been looking for. Highly recommended,
and real value for money. I shall be buying other keys, and recommending
them to my whistle group. 

Автор Iain B ( назад)
Those are very nice, but you might want to consider switching to tin or
copper tubing. CPVC and PVC plastics are harmful to the lungs, and can
cause cancerous growths or breathing difficulties.

Автор 5t34l7h9 ( назад)
I love it ....now make the 25 mins into 3 videos so i can learn whistle
kung fu ...I have bamboo growing local and have been dreaming of making
whistles and fifes...Wisdom isn't knowing, its sharing what you know so
tradition lives on, so spirit lives on. Teach just one man to make music
instruments and a community learns to sing in harmony..

Автор Roasted Roots ( назад)
Go Mules! 

Автор Ellen Becker ( назад)
Hey rjjajimenez! My dad says there are some details on a guy's website
called gg whistles.com. My dad used those as a starting place and had to
adjust them for the American diameter of PVC pipe.

Автор robert ray jimenez ( назад)
rely good it helped a little but i need to know where the holes go??!?!?! 

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