Yami x Yugi - Jai Ho

Another puzzleshipping video! Yay! ^^ I am kinda running out of pictures to put in my videos because I want to make sure I don't use all the same ones in different videos. So here it is! I am happy with the results lol. Warning : BoyXBoy, don't like, don't watch! I don't own anything! Anyway enjoy, I'm off to find more puzzleshipping pictures XD

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Добавлено: 3 года
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Автор TheIgDemon (5 месяцев)
Yami x Yugi is NOT masturbation. Ugh, they are two different people. Yeah
they share the same body, but they are two completely different souls.

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
It may not be processed, there should be a youtube sign on there, click on
that and put in all the details you want and then it should process into a
'video' and then it will upload. I hope this helps ^^

Автор ryoubakura98 (2 года)
Aw! I love Puzzleshipping! ^_^ ADORABLE! I usually don't say this much
about Yugi, but he looks SEXY at 0:42 ^o^ Also, I love the song choice!
I've sung this song in chorus before *Obviously in English XD * EPIC VID!!!
-Rykura <3

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
^_~ nah you dreams XD

Автор Toxic Elixir (2 года)
Ever hear don't like don't watch? No one's is forcing you to watch this you

Автор Lettersandnumbers (1 год)
nothing against puzzleshipping but is this considered yaoi or masturbation?

Автор Rose Darkfyre (1 год)
is yugi a baby panda? cause he is sooooo friggin cute! and yami/atem are so
hot! <3 awesome vid!

Автор Genevieve Piccione (2 года)
omg i love this! u put in amazing pics!!!! why this not have more views???

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
@Yami24656 Ya it is :P

Автор Excillitris101 (2 года)

Автор littechocolatefreak (2 года)
You´re welcome ^^

Автор Kimiko katsukazaki kakuya uchiha (1 год)
is atem and yugi singing

Автор Rehan Ahmed (2 года)
wtf is this

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (1 год)
I think so XD and thank you :D

Автор 暗_夏娜 (2 года)
the pic at 2:08 is cute~~~~>///<

Автор LadyGladys1408 (2 года)
@XxPuzzleshippingxX Oh, I'm so glad! :D And you're welcome :)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
@Rxypup Wow! Cool! Thanks for watching ^_^

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
Lol thanks XD

Автор Rxypup (2 года)
LOL!! I had two reasons to click this video. (1, There's puzzleshipping,
couldn't help but laugh through the entire time.

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (1 год)
Yaoi because they are 2 seperate people

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
@LadyGladys1408 I will eventually don't worry :) Btw thanks for the
comment! ^^

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (1 год)
No problem :)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
Cool! Good luck <3 ^^

Автор Amu S. (1 год)
welcome! ^.^

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (1 год)
Its just a fan thing :)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
If you don't like it ... don't watch it

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
Yeah!!! :D

Автор Kuroko Tetsuya (1 год)
yeah luv it men.

Автор natschmat917 (1 год)
Cooollll :-)

Автор Mushaurnus (2 года)
Thanks a lot!! I will try to make a Puzzleshipping myself :D

Автор Light (1 год)
are you kidding me?! i LOVE IT!!!!!! i often look for updates and always
watch new LK videos! XD im'a nerd! XD

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (1 год)
It's not an episode it's just a really good piece of fanart :)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
Sick person with no life, go sit in a corner and play with yourself

Автор natschmat917 (1 год)
Yeah, I watched every episode up to 56, and then I don't know what happened

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
And you have a twisted dick

Автор Sarang Kpomine (2 года)
3:21 SUPER SANE HAIR!!!!! awesome viddi btw :)

Автор Lettersandnumbers (1 год)
Alright then, thank you! :)

Автор warriorgirl22 (2 года)
Yami and Yugi are so cute together. PUZZLEGHIPPING FOREVER!!!

Автор Light (1 год)
lol puzzle shipping is...well it's hard to explain but if you know
Yu-Gi-Oh! yaoi you know what puzzles shipping is. at least that's how i see
it. and yes it is the fucking best shit ever! i love kit! XD<3

Автор Amu S. (1 год)
Finally a song from India and in hindi, i think right? Anyways LOVE IT!

Автор CuppyCakePanda (1 год)
episode 57 is out now :D

Автор valeriya2400 (1 год)
from what episode is the picture at 1:29 ?

Автор natschmat917 (1 год)
THEY'RE NOT GAY.......I think. By the way, what's puzzleshipping? Is it
good? I'm so out of it.

Автор Antoinette Martino (1 год)
so awesome :)

Автор Mushaurnus (2 года)
How do you make all this, mayby i try it to then : )

Автор tobi inoque (1 год)

Автор XxPuzzleshippingxX (2 года)
I used windows live movie maker ^^

Автор Rxypup (2 года)
We prefer to be called Puzzle Shipping fans. :D

Автор Excillitris101 (2 года)

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