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12 year old Vitor is singing on the Raul Gil Show, a talent competition. He's covering a song by his idol, Brasilian crooner Leonardo. Right in the...
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this is so adorable! Michael would love this :)♥
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A cute little boy dancing to his favorite dancer Michael Jackson on Ellen
Aldrich Lloyd Talonding in GMA News (Jessica Soho)
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Aldrich Lloyd Talonding & James Walter Talonding on Kapuso Mo,Jessica Soho (May 5 2013) Visit me in Facebook :...
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Pilipinas got talent Roel manlangit american idol ellen degeneres


Автор Michael Ocampo (4 месяца)
From Philippines :)

Автор jay ceeh (4 месяца)
oh my god raph. :D IDOL :D

Автор Saray Calderón (4 месяца)
This kid is amazing:)

Автор marcus aban (5 месяцев)
asians can do anything

Автор Saray Calderón (4 месяца)
This kid is amazing :)

Автор cyruzkiel piosca (10 месяцев)
magaling sia ahh

Автор LadyAiah (1 год)
Edan is good alright, but why just focus on him? This kid is amazing as
well...wish them both all the best! <3

Автор Ritchelle Mitchell (9 месяцев)

Автор Aditi Iyer - Official channel (Singer ♪♫♪) (1 год)
wow....unbelievable is the word...

Автор Gabi Oster (1 год)
omg me toooooo

Автор Danni Xena (8 месяцев)

Автор Kram Palkovik (9 месяцев)
Sumabit ka dude! But I think you can do better than that thru constant
practice.. God bless

Автор SoccerGeek59 (1 год)
I really hoped it was Edon!!

Автор jerrylover05 (9 месяцев)
I noticed Ellen is very fond of Filipino kid singers :)

Автор kimchee94112 (7 месяцев)
Because there are endless supply of young talents in the Philippines. My
dentist is a Filipina - the whole dental office sings to the music I like
while she was cleaning my teeth. How cool is that!

Автор Carl D. (9 месяцев)
Philippine is the land of perfect singers. That's all thank you!

Автор daynlameyra1831 (7 месяцев)
correction,3 minutes and 31 seconds

Автор jennifer gonzales (6 месяцев)
i think ellen loves pilipino.

Автор carina7670 (1 год)
Yes! he's really a good singer...

Автор abccoy (10 месяцев)
All By Myself, Eric Carmen 1975

Автор LittleLyndsay79 (1 год)
Wow Love His Voice Awesome Singing!! What is his name? Does he still
singing & make Video's on here?

Автор BAT MAN (11 месяцев)

Автор ℒαηḓ☺ḟḉґ℮@♏ ÅⒿ (1 год)
Omg i just like totally fliped

Автор Olivia G (9 месяцев)
I think I'm the only Filipino that can't sing haha

Автор ameliaacuna001 (10 месяцев)
Goosebumps o.o

Автор Joey Urquizo (1 год)
papata inkita bakla

Автор jonamaeadapon (6 месяцев)
Na ellen npud diay!!!!

Автор dominic toretto (7 месяцев)
o(//_-) I wish he will not end up like Charice.

Автор callyballa (2 года)
@Somepeople001 kinda lolx

Автор steffanie Kate Chance (9 месяцев)
Ha!!! I know that guy!!! Proud to be pinoy

Автор Jenny Do (8 месяцев)
@Jeff Shida - Shut up and enjoy the music

Автор ameliaacuna001 (10 месяцев)
Filioino pride omg

Автор 85Silvana85 (2 года)
WTF does this has to do with Brendan McFarlane ???

Автор AmeliaKate2010 (2 года)
Amazing! ♥♥

Автор jibril rac-maan (9 месяцев)
well philippines can sing well :) it sucks being a boy with a overly large
adam's apple

Автор Haley Miller (2 года)
He sounds like a woman.

Автор MrSushiMan12345 (2 года)
He was amazing I don't know a child who can sing better

Автор akong kang (10 месяцев)
thank you so much ma'am ellen .... we love you... from philippines

Автор MakyalaDoesMVs (2 года)
Aah, you gave me shivers...

Автор KoeHalifax (2 года)
@1XIrmaX1 I know you mean well, but you just said "he's a normal guy, not a
gay." Those aren't contradictory terms. He could be gay and he would still
be perfectly wonderful at what he does. And he is!

Автор Somepeople001 (2 года)
are i came here hoping it was EDAN

Автор Paul Concepcion (7 месяцев)
potato video

Автор viviluvsyoshi (1 год)
pretty good singer

Автор Sky Bieber (1 год)
Well in all fairness Edon is 14 not 12 so....

Автор Louis Calimlim (11 месяцев)
Another filipino pride

Автор faith derailed (10 месяцев)
ingitero ang putang ina...

Автор luvme2310 (2 года)
sounds like miraiah carey

Автор Peter Gregory Cruzata (1 год)
It's Rhap Salazar!!!

Автор kimberly libres (10 месяцев)
RALPH <333

Автор lexielulovesyou (2 года)
lol so was i. <3 you boo (Edan) ~Lexie

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