The Ellen DeGeneres Show - 12 year old Boy Singing Sensation

An incredible song by a young child that came all the way from the Philippines.

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Автор jinky arac ( назад)
I love Ellen show..

Автор Vzb Tjl ( назад)
Wow! Yan ang Pinoy!

Автор gustavo orellana ( назад)

Автор missingmydadbernardo ( назад)
He's under the weather. He sounds so much better hitting high notes.

Автор Ben TEN TEN ( назад)
Simon would had definitely made him sing another song.

Автор johnny foosball ( назад)
Not bad but at the same time there was a kid named Brendan MacFarlane that
could smoke this kid and most professionals at the age of 8or9. I guess
Ellen didn't want him on her show because he specialized in gospel music ,
and lets face it Ellen's lifestyle isn't exactly what the Lord approves of

Автор etchusera princess ( назад)
he has good voice medyo sumabit lng nung papataas na...pero kere parin..

Автор Oliver-Ali Wahab (1304 года назад)
Kaya pala hnd sumikat dhl ang pabgit ng boses

Автор Gay Lee ( назад)
He is good but Roel manlangit still the Diva! 

Автор jayAr cansancio ( назад)
elen should recognize also the golayan sister..

Автор Swt Aj ( назад)
Thanks Ellen for recognizing Raph... Great job Raph!..👍👏👏

Автор Corazon Agsoy ( назад)
I wish na invite nya c roel at lyca..the both grand champion of PGT 2013 At
TVK 2014,,

Автор master pogi ( назад)
pero hindi naman sumikat eh

Автор Diana Domagas ( назад)
Can u invite darren espanto to your show..thank u

Автор Joe Blake ( назад)
Karaoke is the national past time in the Philippines. So many talented
singers there. I've been blown away at a karaoke bar there! How
appropriate, I just finished off a big cup of my favorite beverage from the
Philippines! Buko juice!

Автор jay ceeh ( назад)
oh my god raph. :D IDOL :D

Автор Michael Ocampo ( назад)
From Philippines :)

Автор Saray Calderón ( назад)
This kid is amazing:)

Автор Saray Calderón ( назад)
This kid is amazing :)

Автор lil aban ( назад)
asians can do anything

Автор Dayanara Serrano ( назад)
Kala quh ba c roel manlangil ang guest ... bkt ralph salazar ang lmabas

Автор Shorouk A ( назад)
Why?? what happened to her?! O_o

Автор jennifer gonzales ( назад)
i think ellen loves pilipino.

Автор MusicKnowledge1 ( назад)
Shaeen was real talented

Автор Malyn Phi ( назад)
youre great ellen helping people to become famous.

Автор SongWriter111 Oregon ( назад)
WOW! what an amazing voice :)

Автор joves de paz ( назад)
HURRAY FOR ELLEN. the superstar builder !

Автор Gabi Oster ( назад)
And i came here expecting Edon... :(

Автор dominic toretto ( назад)
o(//_-) I wish he will not end up like Charice.

Автор Paul Concepcion ( назад)
potato video

Автор Chit P. Barrales-Berwick ( назад)

Автор Mitz Erejer ( назад)
exceptional voice...!!!!!!!!i salute you dear..

Автор daynlameyra1831 ( назад)
correction,3 minutes and 31 seconds

Автор MrLychee101 ( назад)
this ain't roel

Автор gdigger99 ( назад)
Wow! What a GREAT voice!!!

Автор KnownAsCuttsie ( назад)
i was expecting Aldrich Lloyd , :(

Автор jerson mujal ( назад)
bading... di nmn xa mgling... mas mggling pa yung ibang pinoy jan..

Автор kimchee94112 ( назад)
Nothing wrong with that if you could sing like Frank Sinatra, Stevie
Wonder, Aaron Neville, or Elton John.

Автор kimchee94112 ( назад)
Because there are endless supply of young talents in the Philippines. My
dentist is a Filipina - the whole dental office sings to the music I like
while she was cleaning my teeth. How cool is that!

Автор kimchee94112 ( назад)
I'll bet you say the same thing about Charice. I feel sorry for you man, if
you think this is a ripoff then you whole life is a ripoff.

Автор Danni Xena ( назад)

Автор NoneRamp DsThe ( назад)
Like when u laugh because you thought it was aldrich llyod

Автор nicole javier ( назад)
im from philiphines ! and i know him :D

Автор Kryztian Pausal ( назад)
Hahahhaa #pinoypride #proud

Автор Lauren Ferrell ( назад)
He's amazing!

Автор Jenny Do ( назад)
@Jeff Shida - Shut up and enjoy the music

Автор jeff shida ( назад)
in my view...he still needs voice practice. Shouting not singing.

Автор nurserain2010 ( назад)
saying may sipon sya pero magaling pa din

Автор 6645rhall ( назад)
Love his.voice and Ellen is very kind

Автор Ecrichto ( назад)
Sweet Jesus!

Автор Joyce Campos ( назад)
world champion po yan sa junior category.

Автор Chris Malto ( назад)
Im proud for Filipino talents..galing galing talaga ng mga pinoy..^^

Автор pinoygabbz ( назад)
Not alone bro haha

Автор prince eguia ( назад)
many filifinos are guesting in ellen

Автор bianca henry ( назад)
all the great singers come from Britain or the Philippines one direction
cher llyod adele little mix Aldrich Lloyd roel manlangit charice all so
winderful justin beiber who?

Автор Samira Nasseri ( назад)
Thats fucking awesome! !!! Omg i'll never seen this before

Автор behindthepiano ( назад)
Whoah, I know this kid and I just found out that he was on Ellen in 2009.
He's amazing :)

Автор jerrylover05 ( назад)
I noticed Ellen is very fond of Filipino kid singers :)

Автор Katysteff Kageyama ( назад)
Ha!!! I know that guy!!! Proud to be pinoy

Автор jibril rac-maan ( назад)
well philippines can sing well :) it sucks being a boy with a overly large
adam's apple

Автор Kram Palkovik ( назад)
Sumabit ka dude! But I think you can do better than that thru constant
practice.. God bless

Автор Ritchelle Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Ritchelle Mitchell ( назад)

Автор Olivia G ( назад)
I think I'm the only Filipino that can't sing haha

Автор Eszter Molnar ( назад)
I got goose bumps :O INCREDIBLE!!

Автор Loraine Chelza Moraña Santiago ( назад)
proud to be pinoy.. mabuhay.. im filipino

Автор Carl D. ( назад)
Philippine is the land of perfect singers. That's all thank you!

Автор april reyes ( назад)
yan din kinanta ni charice nung nagguest siya sa ellen

Автор abccoy ( назад)
All By Myself, Eric Carmen 1975

Автор Isabella Nguyen ( назад)
Whats this song called

Автор Kaido Kaido ( назад)

Автор faith derailed ( назад)
ingitero ang putang ina...

Автор jepoy musikero ( назад)

Автор cyruzkiel piosca ( назад)
magaling sia ahh

Автор Nat A ( назад)
Holy crap this guy is GOOOOOOOOOD!!

Автор kenken guasi ( назад)
galing naman niya

Автор Leanne Pinera ( назад)

Автор Natalie La Rose ( назад)
RALPH <333

Автор Temarama Tutaki ( назад)

Автор akong kang ( назад)
thank you so much ma'am ellen .... we love you... from philippines

Автор Alice Sancor ( назад)
naku mahilig mag comment ng fil pride..huh pilipino talaga

Автор Louis Calimlim ( назад)
Another filipino pride

Автор Suzy Keller ( назад)

Автор bryan maningo ( назад)
., idol!!!!!

Автор arnold presbitero ( назад)
I follow roel manlangit video and I totally agree the comments roel is far
better than this boy, however he can sings as well but I hope to see roel
manlangit guesting to ellen shows or oprah perhaps.

Автор LadyAiah ( назад)
Edan is good alright, but why just focus on him? This kid is amazing as
well...wish them both all the best! <3

Автор atotsful ( назад)
Roel manlangit mas mgaling..magaling din nmn to pero mas kakilabot boses
nung roel

Автор Nathaniel M. de Joya ( назад)
sumabit sa high notes! sayang...better luck next time!

Автор 조윌라 버라 노 ( назад)
whew...very nice voice, and there's another one singing diva's songs...roel
manlangit--hope he can be here also....^_^

Автор Aditi Iyer - Official channel (Singer ♪♫♪) ( назад)
wow....unbelievable is the word...

Автор Peter Gregory Cruzata ( назад)
It's Rhap Salazar!!!

Автор Connor Thornton ( назад)
what wheres edon??????? this is a ripoff i want 3:31 seconds off my life

Автор Joey Urquizo ( назад)
papata inkita bakla

Автор Radha Reyes ( назад)
My dad born phillippines he is Filipino best singers ever

Автор barbiegonzales_ ( назад)
Ralph Salazar!!!! :D

Автор Kasmira Espinosa (1047 лет назад)

Автор Scarlet Goh ( назад)
What I just heard was amazing my god! He's just spectacular!

Автор Alexis olimanada ( назад)
That made me cry 

Автор viviluvsyoshi ( назад)
pretty good singer

Автор they be wonky ( назад)
the top two comments are pretty the same god y is dat ??????????

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