Drew Bezanson vs Joyride 150

Watch the Behind the Scenes Clip: http://youtu.be/8BLBzR8PLy4
For more BMX, pedal over to http://win.gs/1lxRNQQ
Canadian BMX rider Drew Bezanson has lit up the Internet on several occasions with ground-breaking edits from his home park in Ontario, Joyride 150. This latest edit raises the bar again, with specially-built features allowing Bezanson to fully showcase his amazing skills.


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Просмотров: 1655903
Длительность: 4:26
Комментарии: 1530

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Автор andrew mcarthur ( назад)
song name?

Автор derek bayrack ( назад)
dis guy is sick , song?

Автор Rama Dani ( назад)
this pleace very very nice dude

Автор Cem Özdemier ( назад)
Damn sick

Автор Brian De Haan ( назад)

Автор Reg Rismond ( назад)

Автор Scooter lover25 ( назад)
He should go into simple session

Автор DeliciousDonutCookie CheescakeSandwich ( назад)
What's so satisfying about tailwhips?

Автор Adrian Acosta ( назад)

Автор Tobias Wirth ( назад)

Автор Alondra De Leon ( назад)

Автор Miguel Angel Melgar Cisneros ( назад)
Bien ahí red bull

Автор Stomply Marrero ( назад)
Who whould compete with him he will win like by 100,000,000 points

Автор Anthony L ( назад)
Drew is a awesome pro bmx IAM Anthony l u my bike is ride hrdo my seat is
stranger grips 606 motocross it has a gyro really good at it and big fan of
videos if you really this writing back i am cat lover are you

Автор Christian Shumway ( назад)
that's fucking sick

Автор Jasmine Evis ( назад)
Nice jumps

Автор Ben “Meat” Hawk ( назад)
At the beginning of the video it shows the C.N tower, as if joyride was in
Toronto. #MarkhamLyfe

Автор Thomas Downing ( назад)
When I saw that cave man I thought of Bert from LZ bmx anybody else

Автор Asaiah Spooner ( назад)
nice joy ride

Автор Danino Shreds ( назад)
I don't think that he read the "No Transfers" sign

Автор Kimon full HD ( назад)
very good

Автор Mayor Adam West (Gaming) ( назад)
Welp, I've come to the conclusion that Drew Bezanson isn't human and that
I've also got no self confidence left for biking

Автор WildFire257 Productions Fire Bros ( назад)
I want to do what

Автор EJ DIRST ( назад)
i think u cant get any better than this guy

Автор Tobi Lp ( назад)
Mega geil 

Автор fifa .dk ( назад)
Nice vidio

Автор Chemia Ogolbio ( назад)
Incredible riding, I love those huge jumps but whoever chose this song
should pay for it with blood

Автор BLANKA GADÁNYI ( назад)
HAVE I DREAMED THIS, OH SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ? ? ?

Автор Cristóbal Ramírez ( назад)
the song?

Автор Cristóbal Ramírez ( назад)
What name have the son?

Автор twinkzies ( назад)
Saw him today at joyride 

Автор celina keks ( назад)
Ich bin dein größter Fan bmx ist

Автор Oliver Meißner ( назад)

Автор youri witvitzky ( назад)

Автор Yoltic Flores (Yoyo) (1030 лет назад)
este wey ya esta muy loco

Автор energydrinker050 ( назад)

Автор Isaac James Royse ( назад)
Dude are you are doing is showing of for your video....

Автор Russell Rumley (286 лет назад)
Still remains one of the best BMX edits to date.

Автор Michele Rodrigues ( назад)
anda muito super talento 

Автор jose pedro ( назад)
fazendo historia Drew Bezanson anda muito...................

Автор xIMellow ( назад)

Автор garrett birtch ( назад)
I can only do half the stuff he's doing went to joyride earlier last year
good place but more or less built for bmx not dirt jumpers 

Автор Mateja Ilic ( назад)
ls it just me that loves this song?

Автор eddie sp ( назад)
Anyone know the name of this song?

Автор Noah Harmon ( назад)
To play a game of bike with these guys would be a death sentence

Автор Austin Thompson ( назад)

Автор Badar Mahmood ( назад)
Went to Joyride this morning! Amazing place!

Автор Jaka Remec ( назад)
Hudo super furaš

Автор Tee J Thomas ( назад)
[speechless comment]
{jaw drops}

Автор Jack Ellis ( назад)
whats the song ??

Автор Chris Johnson ( назад)
Just wondering where he went with all that speed after the last gap, they
must have cut out the barrier next to the foam pit and hopefully he stopped
before the front counter. 

Автор Miso Kanuch ( назад)
He can"t be from earth !!!

Автор gohmeld ( назад)
Wie jeder Trick wiederholt wird MEGA nervig !!

Автор Moritz wuest ( назад)
Holy shit... awesome 

Автор Sean Dalby ( назад)
#drewbezanson that was insane shit !!!

Автор TheTomDrak ( назад)
song??? :D

Автор Dāvids Mekšs ( назад)
To get the song- go to soundcloud, search for ''joyride 150'', find an
online tool soundcloud to mp3 and download it!

Автор Ethan Boyle ( назад)
Incredible riding!


Автор claudio castao ( назад)
Muito bom!

Автор Ramblin Man ( назад)

Автор Lorenzo Faleschini ( назад)
Signori se volete una definizione di "manico" la trovate qui

Автор Kevin White ( назад)
141 people accidentally hit the dislike button

Автор Sean McMahon ( назад)
I don't even want to see the crashes from this video...

Автор Vincent Seitz ( назад)
What is the name of the trick at 3:47 ???

Автор rakistang pinoy ( назад)
wow, skilled!

Автор Gavin Romney ( назад)
I think they broke the no transferring rule 

Автор YoungFreak Vevo ( назад)
best edit ever *o*

Автор Adam Oliva ( назад)

Автор scoot edit ( назад)

Автор Mr Watson ( назад)
Scariest shit eeeeeever, the dudes INSANE !!!!!! I'm gonna do a really
gnarly manuel on the way to work now and maybe a skid ! Yeeeeah Bwoooooy !

Автор jayson minefield ( назад)
this is the BEST video i have ever seen

Автор _revdoe Official_ ( назад)

Автор tyler harrison ( назад)
sickest thing i'ver ever watched

Автор Tommi Renwick ( назад)
what song is this ??!!!!

Автор Oh Stall (440 лет назад)
Holy fuck

Автор MANUEL G.A ( назад)

Автор Harris Dillingham ( назад)
Mad vid🚲

Автор Rizzby ( назад)
Best fuckin riding I have ever seen in my life 😮

Автор Craig. ( назад)

Автор Mona m. ( назад)

Автор Combatgaming100 ( назад)

Автор Dillon Taylor ( назад)
how could someone in their wright mind dislike this

Автор Jeff Spokart ( назад)
no transfers sign at the end was epic

Автор Danielle Chaplin ( назад)
Wow! Way to go Drew! Sending love from Truro!

Автор Shea Silbery ( назад)
your so awesome u make it look like parkour

Автор etsetsetsets23 ( назад)
this guys is best i seen

Автор iJucks Poplin (1267 лет назад)
Where can we found a parc like this...

Автор Denastus ( назад)
People that are sponsored by Red Bull are scary good at what they do.

Автор junior trujilllo ( назад)

Автор Joel Trottier (717 лет назад)

Автор Mar Lo (Dub) ( назад)

Автор Ai ( назад)
jesus christ what in the actual fuck

Автор Mutleymondo ( назад)
Wow! Incredible! I'm speechless......... What skills, big respect. 

Автор ashley stovall ( назад)
Sick! Fucking sick!

Автор Marcus TV (MarcusTV) ( назад)

Автор shaun melo ( назад)
Wow I went there on June 16 should have gone earlier 

Автор Lukas Motiejunas ( назад)
Whats the song?

Автор Dillon Johnson ( назад)
Maybe someday... I'll have the balls to do this 

Автор Yvan Vermeirs ( назад)
not normal

Автор Lenny Colas ( назад)
0:55 polish bar 0:57 red bar

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