How to Hack Someone's Facebook -Most Recent Method!

Follow this video carefully to learn how to hack a person's facebook.


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Автор Thibodeau Lorna ( назад)
Whant to hack somebody facebook? try this!
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Автор Rusin Nikolov ( назад)
hahahahha :D:D:D:D:D no one saw your e-mail :D

Автор GameTrollGamers ( назад)
This also works :

Автор Danniel Adkins ( назад)
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software Just google "RussianHackers" enjoy

Автор Amanda Clement ( назад)
Hack your facebook friends using RUSSIANHACKERS just google "
RussianHackers " and its autopilot

Автор Danniel Adkins ( назад)
If you need a good facebook hacking tool go to The-Facebook-Hack hacking
software Just google " TheFacebookHack " works

Автор Lorenz129 ( назад)
Guys, hijacking is not even possible on facebook only 2% of the 'hack' even
works! :3

Автор ilir lame ( назад)
im hacker i hack 10000 people :DDD

Автор vallery Jackson ( назад)
Yes you can hack facebook login using RUSSIANHACKERS just google "
RussianHackers " i know it works good

Автор TheStealthHacker (Anonymous) ( назад)
this is the real facebook hacker

Автор sedrick haunis ( назад)
This software at HAQABLE hacking software Just google " HAQABLE " for
facebook friends hacking and spying

Автор Felix Jackson ( назад)
You can spy or hack facebook users using RUSSIANHACKERS google
RussianHackers a great tool

Автор Jeferson Santos ( назад)
TODOS, NÃO CONFIAR NESTE VIDEO, é falso! Se você realmente tem que cortar a
conta de alguém, então eu definitivamente recomendo Facebook Password
Sniper que você pode obter em www.fpstool. Com!

Автор ahmad amir ( назад)
it works, amazing!

Автор Amanda Clement ( назад)
Yes you can hack facebook login using RUSSIANHACKERS or google "
RUSSIANHACKERS " for website link i know it works good

Автор Kim Teresa ( назад)

Автор JRW Jeremy8 ( назад)
Thx cuz I rly want to hack in someone account that I rly hate

Автор Kristina Madesson ( назад)
I found a way to hack facebook visit this website RUSSIANHACKERS or google
" RUSSIANHACKERS " for website link free to use

Автор tyree tyree ( назад)
The link doesn't even work 

Автор TheJordanStill ( назад)
facebook hacker 2014 no surveys :)

Автор Joseph Lopez ( назад)
These crappy comments and this fucking video are all SPAM. I have only
succeeded while using "Loomarnia". Just google it, you should have no
problem finding it :)

Автор JIGNESH HALPATI ( назад)
i m going to try it 

Автор arron chester ( назад)
The only way to hack facebook is using a software.Get it from
https://plus.google.com/105446504325382075379/posts/LCexK68FhVd still works

Автор LiKe4BoSs ( назад)
Can you give me link from your wallpaper? It's sickk

Автор imad bouafia ( назад)
it's work

Автор sore soni ( назад)

Working method to hack any facebook profile easy! Online! Try it!

Автор pepethehouseboy1028 ( назад)
this is bullshit don't fucking waste your time

Автор xCro Record ( назад)
plz hack https://www.facebook.com/petramustaa?ref=ts&fref=ts and pm the PW

Автор Ali karar ( назад)
, But the song does not NIJ Mack

Автор Trel Madingo ( назад)
If you need a working facebook? hacking program use Haqable go to
https://plus.google.com/111040709797982407181/posts/9RuiPMGdLx1 works

Автор Matthew Gaines ( назад)

Автор Khalid Dahir ( назад)
you can easily get facebook hacker directly from *magmasoftwares. tk*
it is a safe, easy and reliable way to get facebook hacker
I have downloaded it just now and its working perfectly

Автор Jeromy Hillier ( назад)
Virus not even gonna try but here's away to hack sumones Facebook (downside
is its a real hack and can get you into trouble)
A) if you know their email they use for the account go to the email and
click reset password most people don't have theirs sercue enough until
sumone does hack it,
B) most email accounts are stil only protected by a secret question such as
high school they attended ( most times if that's the question they may have
it on their Facebook making resetting their email easy, once access granted
into their email it will ask u to create a new password ok so if you create
a new password it will block them out of their email becuz once you reset
the password it will ask you to make it more sercue if you don't want them
to ever regain control change their secret question, and make it more
sercue for u to be only one to have access (warning this in most countries
is a cyber crime and known as identy theft so becareful only do this if u
wanta play a practical joke becuz if your doing it to steal its a jail able
Now that you have access to their email account you can go back to Facebook
and send a reset email which will go to the email the Facebook is set for
and boom your in remember its a jailible crime so use at ur own discretion
now that your reading this you can also see ways to make ur email and
Facebook more sercue
Ur email usely asks for secret questions such as first pets name so use ur
most resent pets name spell it maybe in slang makes knowing ur answer to
others harder another question is childhood best friend use ur childhood
arch enimie making simple small changes for ur secret questions answers
harder for others to hack it this way becuz ppl that know you may know ur
secret answers becuz they know you well enough also they also have a thing
to make ur email more sercue by adding a second email to it use a email
that u only use for resets and file keeping don't use a business or
comunacations email account becuz your not gonna give out this email
address ur using becuz it's only for personal files and resets this way
they can't attempt to hack into ur backup email to gain access to ur
primary account

Remember use this hacking method at ur own discression so if ur not doing a
practical joke u can go to jail becuz they can trace ip addresses 

Автор Tofiq Bannayev ( назад)
This video is fake!! People, DON'T FALL FOR IT! If you want to hack
somebody's facebook account then definitely use "Loomarnia", which I
believe is the only facebook hack tool that works. If you want to try it
out, you can find it by searching for it on google.

Автор Carlos Diaz ( назад)
all of you limited techno winnies have no idea the whole point of those
sites is to install malware by using the frame code in the html of the page
it will forward you to maliciously subdued sites that will lead to
spyware/malware on ur pc dont be stupid 

Автор yolanda Mira ( назад)

Автор giorgos TripTrap ( назад)
it actually worked.....

Автор Khalid Dahir ( назад)
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Автор Sara Perry ( назад)

Автор Lin Nguyen ( назад)
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Автор Maria Ioana ( назад)
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Автор Khalid Dahir ( назад)
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Автор Buy App Install 0.09c. Buy app Reviews 0.15c. ( назад)
let me try then

Автор Gyawali Prajwal ( назад)

Автор alexandru nechifor ( назад)

Автор Mohamed Mbarek ( назад)
the music it's cool

Автор Ray Smith ( назад)
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Автор Alex Korten ( назад)
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Автор Anshuman Singh ( назад)
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Автор Super Steve ( назад)
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Автор Martin Keown ( назад)
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Автор Christena Phay ( назад)
guys you can download working facebook hacker directly from *goomia. net*
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oh and You're Welcome...

Автор josh white ( назад)
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Автор Mintu Rahaman ( назад)
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Автор henry garadex ( назад)
More fucking Surveys

Автор Glen Martinson ( назад)
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Автор callum king ( назад)
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Автор Stanton Morton ( назад)
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Автор Elodia Rima ( назад)
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Автор Dragon1306 ( назад)
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Автор Shirley Allen ( назад)
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Автор Virendra Sharma ( назад)
i wasnt able to access this site....

Автор Cynthia Young ( назад)
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Автор Delilah Teofila ( назад)
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Автор Samuel Caroyln ( назад)
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Автор Tyler Ellerd ( назад)
the website is not avalible

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