Bellagio Fountains - Las Vegas - HD

The Bellagio Fountains in front of the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. Performing "Time to Say Goodbye" by Andrea Bocelli and Sarah Brightman.

Shot in HD with a Canon HV30.

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Автор Janine Hammer (9 месяцев)
#Bellagio fountains from a great perspective. Lucky you for getting it
shot from this spot. The awesome quality - both video and audio - captures
the atmosphere pretty well. Like it!

Автор naeverdreng (2 года)
No its not

Автор dodosticks (4 года)
thanks I'll give ya heads up

Автор DerDampfende (1 год)

Автор Oizno (4 года)
Buy me a wide angle lens ;)

Автор Clark Brinkley (2 года)
Now they need to do the the Bellagio fountains with I Will Always Love

Автор Мария М (2 года)
I've never been to Las Vegas and I've never seen The Bellagio Fountains.
I've seen it just on YouTube, but personally, this fountains is more
beautiful than the same fountains in Dubai which I've seen many times.

Автор Tigran Sayadyan (3 года)
the best

Автор Budadance (4 года)
excellent video whats awesome is that you didnt move the camera and its a
great angle because frome the front the fountain isnt exactly infront of
the building and you cant see most of the fountain only the middle

Автор Oizno (4 года)
no problem

Автор Nick Groot (5 лет)
Nice filming mate! Seems like u had a great time at vegas!

Автор beltana02 (3 года)
Amazing video great quality! Enjoyed the show!

Автор bernadette203 (2 года)
Finally! A beautiful side view!

Автор atsay714 (4 года)
very cool. should have filmed it from the front more. filming it from the
side doesn't do it justice.

Автор hamsterSNAKE (2 года)

Автор naeverdreng (2 года)
looks amazing

Автор dodosticks (4 года)
cool video. I am looking for footage like this to accompany a vocal
arrangement, would you mind if i used this -i t's perfect?

Автор TheMigel100 (2 года)
Du hast doch wohl ne meise!

Автор TheMigel100 (2 года)
My Bellagio Video is better

Автор rachel8554 (3 года)
hi guys...is this a free show?! like can you watch it if you're staying at
another hotel?!

Автор 賀家琳 (1 год)
搭配的也是time to say good bye....

Автор szilvia katona (2 года)

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