Naruto Shippuuden OP4 Piano, CLOSER- Joe Inoue (Really Rough Version -.-)

This is my first solo video:) This song is the fourth opening to my favorite anime: Naruto Shippuuden. It is a rough version though, so certain parts aren't completely accurate, and my performance could generally be much better. I will upload a better version in the near future.

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Автор Jihed Piano Covers ( назад)
/watch?v=nJLhfOCBjCo check my cover

Автор InsaneCoasterPOVs ( назад)
Can you make a Synthesia tutorial of this thanks!

Автор Ángel García ( назад)

Автор mushfrog2 (480 лет назад)
-sighs- such beauty, now if I could only ear play that good, lol

Автор brockleeandshikamaru ( назад)
sooo amazing, tutorial plz :)

Автор Jason Escobar ( назад)
btw great username

Автор Jason Escobar ( назад)
awesome dude

Автор rasechidori3000 ( назад)
@vuurwerkmania スゴイ(sugoi)

Автор Cat6768 ( назад)
@amaster333 damn right u didnt

Автор PikaSaiyanPow ( назад)
@Cat6768 fuck no i didnt

Автор Cat6768 ( назад)
did any one cry >.> i mean i didnt of course cause i aint no bitch but im
just asking

Автор kapu chu ( назад)
can sumone plzzz tell me the notes to the songg i cnt read sheet music yall
noe wat i mean ryt? u noe da notes A,B,C,D,E,F,and G? thx

Автор Justin Cervantes ( назад)
hmm i learned this by ear too, but it doesnt sound like that, 5/5 but there
is some parts that sound wrong :D i need to upload my version :D

Автор Yuki Uchiha ( назад)
YEAH! \( ^ 0 ^ )/

Автор Paulius Maciulis ( назад)
its great u put it by ear but it need some work cuz there are parts that
doesnt sound right :) and yea

Автор Andymal ( назад)
Dude, this was my favorite opening. I wasn't going to watch Naruto
Shippuden, and then my friend showed me this opening, and I decided to
watch it just to hear it. Anyway, I play songs like "The Tale Of Ashitaka"
on the piano, but no songs from an anime. I'd like to try this one. You're
so good, I hope I can play that well someday! 5/5~!

Автор vuurwerkmania ( назад)

Автор cakeAngel13 (869 лет назад)
sugoiii~ where did u get the score?

Автор Baconflummox (1972 года назад)
O.O NICE XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love it

Автор jhana2004 ( назад)
yeah naruto uzumaki

Автор Aburage Shinya ( назад)

Автор Adrian Amone ( назад)
AMAZING OR IN NARUTO SUGOY i carnt spell japanese

Автор PyroANTIC ( назад)
I thought it was awesome, a little to fast, but well played. You have some
good talent there. 4 Stars.

Автор lavakid12 ( назад)
too fast must be a bit slower

Автор degeneratesharingan2 ( назад)
awesome 5/5 :)

Автор tigerqueen007 ( назад)

Автор Jung Lee ( назад)
seriously if you cant read notes just learn doesnt take a genius alot
shorter than watchiing a tut for hours

Автор Nicole Goh ( назад)
you are really good and its no lie :D ... so gonna learn in p.s inspiration
of learning it came from you ^^

Автор moi moomi ( назад)
nice! すごいきれいでピアノで聞いてもいい曲だね

Автор Elvin Wong ( назад)
u rock i wish i could play as awesome as u!!!!! keep up da gd work

Автор leesta92 ( назад)
touchy feelin PERFECT +5

Автор pyrodevil63 ( назад)
Dude this is so beast, great job

Автор gordhedoman ( назад)
u are a true fan of naruto! great job, i support u!A =P

Автор Anarquiles Equis ( назад)
x2 Nice

Автор BudeXIII ( назад)
yes, new OP is "Hotaru no Hikari" by Ikimono-Gakari and new ED "Shinkokyuu"

Автор Kyubi095 ( назад)
Really? Yeah! ...and nice playing!

Автор BudeXIII ( назад)
this friday starts new season

Автор Sunabro ( назад)
He picked it up by ear...that means there's unfortunately no score. Or at
least he doesn't have one.

Автор pokespell1 ( назад)
all he said was how long he's known how to play piano... chill out ppl

Автор NarutoNT1996 ( назад)
nice playing

Автор naespd ( назад)
your transition at the begining sounds so good. What notes are you playing
for your right hand??

Автор incubusfannn09 ( назад)
excuse me jorge or whatever you call your ass, those ARE the right notes
and you're just jealous =)

Автор incubusfannn09 ( назад)
ummm sorry he speaks english so yeah wow AMAZING MUCH???? cutie pie<3

Автор carlos070195 ( назад)
cuantos años se tarda para aprender a tocar e lpuiano?

Автор neji8mahad ( назад)
niiccceeee keep it up yeh?

Автор incubusfannn09 ( назад)
Are you shitting me? it's absolutely perfect, just like Jake <3 love, your
secret admirer :)

Автор virtualhanz ( назад)
Damn I wish I could do this. ~_^ Amazing.

Автор Colter Hawkstetler ( назад)
I'm not naggin man, all I'm saying is that when we get a tutorial I'll be a
happy man. Awesome job. Looking forward to it patiently.

Автор benchanlol ( назад)
haha. guys chill out about the notes. just pretend like it's a variation on
the theme :D

Автор Jorge Luque ( назад)
u play great but those are not the right notes

Автор Bad Touch Nakatsu ( назад)
"little tear"? i was crying to this more then my frist time watching
titanic (but then again i have a cold and my eyes keep watering) BUT and
its very hard for me to cry!

Автор kizzytal ( назад)

Автор Animeabe ( назад)
wow so cool! sounds great in piano

Автор 1richard409 ( назад)
how did u know how to play it i wanna learn to & awesome playing!!!!!!!:):)

Автор BryanDing3000 ( назад)
Awesome playing dude, you should be proud of yourself.

Автор 1Hioga ( назад)
Very good men.XD

Автор zeox70 ( назад)
Man, that was incredible. I'm learning this and Michi To You All on the
Guitar right now. Not the point. Sounded really nice, and just straight up
awesome. 5/5

Автор lizzy morales ( назад)
excellent that you are genius in this beautiful Canion the piano naruto fan
you are really good your song is cute

Автор deidaraluvsart ( назад)
i wish i could play it like that! (i don't have enough talent to put the
chords along with the original notes yet.) you were really good!

Автор dai5792 ( назад)
that song nice... love it

Автор Erkras ( назад)
he picked it up by ear

Автор SLOTERXX ( назад)
to tmgc2 i can hear it perfectly great vid

Автор KaiUchiha15 (1962 года назад)
Beutiful song. :)

Автор bkanala ( назад)
Other than general sound quality it was awesome! 9/10

Автор tracyduncan ( назад)
perfect!very nice! it would be better if the sound of the music was a
little...uh....u know. but perfect!exellent!

Автор tmgc2 ( назад)
too many noise lol cant hear very good =..=

Автор Misaki ( назад)
some people say its too fast but actually its perfect because its exactly
1:30 seconds, just like the real opening. The beginning part's melody was
kind of wrong but you did very good on the chorus. overall i enjoyed this

Автор meangirl925 ( назад)
Wow, That was great. I'm impressed.

Автор HBtiger99 ( назад)
OMG! My favorite song for Naruto Shippuuden!! I love this song, plz make a
tutorial on how to play, I already know a couple of Naruto songs. But this
one is my favorite!!

Автор Zen Sen ( назад)
i think u can imagine it be slower bit... then maybe gt some sad feeling...
u try it... what major is it?

Автор broccolilub ( назад)
(: nice!

Автор anaraki9 ( назад)
last 40 seconds was PERFECT coz, i put it next the orginal one and i'm was
listening to it, and lst 40 seconds was absolutley perefect. = ] p.s BRAVO

Автор Kevin Nguyen ( назад)
Very nice u failed at first part and And the whole thing a ltitle, Reason :
slow the hell down =D

Автор sess666 ( назад)

Автор Troyelle ( назад)
little messed up

Автор neballar ( назад)
Like this one sightly fast but great none the less

Автор Maulana Arrad ( назад)
YouTube video downloader

Автор Mahreeze Au ( назад)
too fast :-)

Автор mangafreaky ( назад)
Can you please send me a mail and explain me how to play? That would be
really awsome.^__^

Автор Zerosuke Zaxxar ( назад)
It wasn't that great. :) JK.

Автор tuber324 ( назад)
wow!!! just amazing!!!

Автор KyockLee123 ( назад)
So beast!

Автор Noah Jay ( назад)

Автор iamwishfordan ( назад)

Автор Masapi92 ( назад)
very well played AWESOME!!! I love this opening AMAZING

Автор lota361 ( назад)
love it ^^ awsome piano playing X3

Автор SLOTERXX (1334 года назад)
loved it wish i could play that good

Автор Prin79 ( назад)
wooooow!! awesome!! you're the best :D

Автор nightmarehaws ( назад)
please make a slow and solemn one pls pls pls!

Автор drmasterzero ( назад)
that was awesome u even made me cry

Автор Joseph Seah ( назад)
0.0 -fall prostrate-

Автор overflamed ( назад)
its a little to fast in some parts

Автор Deneb Yuen ( назад)
WONDERFUL!!! is very good, but isnt it too fast??

Автор nanamimanga ( назад)
wonderfull!!! =DDDD

Автор narukun455 ( назад)
nice never heard it this good :)

Автор TempleBethShira ( назад)
Wow, Thanks a lot:)

Автор Nitsujin Serinai ( назад)
beautiful =]

Автор Richard Joo ( назад)
Wow this was just way 2 much ownage =D.

Автор Mariatechno ( назад)
wow your wonderful :) do u have the piano tab? can u link a site for me or
something to it please?

Автор yoursenpaii ( назад)
I just saw your video for 'Distance'. It's just as awesome. Can't wait for
more video's to come, and I really CAN'T wait any longer for the tutorial
xD Keep up the good work![:

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