Gmod MCDONALD'S ZOMBIE Survival Map! (Garry's Mod)

Bethanyfrye and I play Garry's Mod, and we play the Mcdonald's Zombie Survival Map! Watch as we hold out the Zombie Apocalypse in McDonald's!

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Map: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=166998433

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Автор Breahna Stager ( назад)
🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱THE CAT OVERLOAD 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

Автор Breahna Stager ( назад)
a cutemarck

Автор Faith Heard ( назад)

Автор Micah Prosser ( назад)
my name is miKayla Prosser and I'm 9

Автор Micah Prosser ( назад)
what happens was that you are normal right and you touch a gun of magic and
you,turns to a unicorn and you said stuff like everything is bloody red and
that is good because red is the color of love

Автор Alden Palencia ( назад)
Another like as always Jordan :)

Автор Janet Calderon ( назад)
guse what fnaf 4 is out

Автор Bryson Jones ( назад)
the zombies r so chill XD

Автор Jose Caraballo ( назад)
Your pet

Автор Jose Caraballo ( назад)
Play can

Автор Bob Clemons ( назад)
the cat has a secret

Автор Caid Ferard ( назад)
The cat is so cute

Автор Izaya Orihara ( назад)
the thing on their sides is called a cutie mark the only reason I know this
is my brother watches my little pony

Автор Sara Hill ( назад)
What's edomon

Автор Kelley Owen ( назад)
he sounds like a creepy hippie!!! hahhahahaha

Автор Gamer boy76 ( назад)
they're mczombies!

Автор Connorfrew yer maw ( назад)
the game says bethany is immortalkyodi

Автор SuperKaralynn ( назад)

Автор ricardo tijerina ( назад)
Thay cat is evrwy were and its cute and

Автор mendoza0707 ( назад)
He's a monkey digmon

Автор mendoza0707 ( назад)
He sounds like gatomon 

Автор Alexander Smith ( назад)
I now how enddamon is

Автор Jobelle Mellomida (310 лет назад)
theres no thing on the sink

Автор Dave Saldana ( назад)
Magical sunshine should be Gertrude

Автор Crystal Cali ( назад)
11:41 = Me every time I go to order at McDonalds.

Автор Jeilene lora ( назад)

Автор Isaac Breaden ( назад)
this is the second time that venturian has become a unicorn

Автор Sonic The Hedgehog ( назад)
etemon is a digimon

Автор Jennie York ( назад)
giant cat!

Автор Rex Rage123 ( назад)
Renamon is a fox digimon XD yes i know

Автор Jacob Hills ( назад)

Автор Noah West ( назад)
This is 1 of my favorite venturiantale videos because of all the mlp

Автор Far_ Landers ( назад)

Автор pancaketrowsers ( назад)
Wow..... I forgot there was a reason i stopped watching ur vids.

Автор Alexis Wynn ( назад)
When five nights at Freddy's 4 comes out (if its not out already) could you
guys play it once??
Also great video!

Автор khalilah Washington ( назад)

Автор Dalen ( назад)
I know etomon!

Автор gavin j (971 год назад)
Is venturian a brony

Автор anywhere skyrimguard ( назад)
thats....one creepy unicorn

Автор Crow Master ( назад)
i know edtamon but you don't sound like him

Автор joey Di ( назад)
Joey jeueue dusk usksjz us jxieksjss I am Here is a good time to time. The
only thing I can do to help me. The first one. The first thing you can be a
great day. The first one. The only thing I have been a long time, and the
best of the New Year, but the most important part. I have a good idea to a
friend of the Year ,I have a 2nd he'd be a good time. The only way I could
have been a while, 

Автор lifepenguin aj ( назад)
the add made me hungry

Автор Five Nights At Freddy ( назад)
lol hahaha look this is so funny 8:43 hahahhaa

Автор Kelly Adams ( назад)
I love you venturen

Автор RedEnderCape ( назад)
well when someone toches the floating gun u turn into a unicorn but u found
out how to turn back.

Автор Engineer Is Credit to Team! ( назад)
It got removed ;_;

Автор Xxgamer01xX ( назад)
at 11:42 ok so what would you like

Автор Jocelyn Stolle ( назад)
I watch you wen you sleep :》!!!!!!!!! 

Автор Jocelyn Stolle ( назад)
Lol I thought so to ;)!!!!!!

Автор Carjake_PlaysGames ( назад)
I was dozing off and I had a dream and while my dream was happening the
video was still on and the words from the video went into my dream

Автор Gerald Nwoko (1557 лет назад)
Tony touched a magic gun and turned into a unicorn and Bethany touched the
magic gun and turned into a unicorn.😕😈

Автор Darin V ( назад)
There is like no zombies

Автор Hayden Oros ( назад)
Mft =Wtf 

Автор Saljun Encabo ( назад)
Did anyone see a knife at7:53

Автор TRISTAN corral ( назад)
mc is badfor u

Автор Michelle Henriquez ( назад)
Gertrude's unicorn!? (Insane plot twist)

Автор Michelle Henriquez ( назад)
And that's the story of star dust sprinkle shine

Автор Luke Hinkkanen ( назад)

Автор Stian Nørregaard ( назад)
unicorns that saw some drunks!

Автор Andrew Selleck ( назад)

Автор LEGO YETI Productions ( назад)
stardust sprinkleshine ftw like if u agreeeeee

Автор PowerHouseGameR ( назад)
u should go through in a Cop Car

Автор Bilal Islam ( назад)
I had a dream that I was living with you guys

Автор Benjamin Brown ( назад)

Автор Cheri Reliford ( назад)
venturian and bethany are in love as issace and cierra are in love

Автор toan khuc ( назад)
Unicorns are girls not boys

Автор Yolanda Soto ( назад)
War do you live

Автор Shamar Anderson ( назад)
So fun

Автор DevzillaTV ( назад)
#unicorn #For #life

Автор Jewelia Waugaman ( назад)

Автор mtgibby ( назад)
The zombie apocalypse at a McDonald's...Wired.

Автор Tina Roberson ( назад)
It is a digimon bitches

Автор cesar nunez ( назад)

Автор Chris Zeiler ( назад)
I know who edamon is.

Автор Kastyn Moore ( назад)
today I just crashed the game with explosive water melons

Автор Megan Slagle ( назад)
I love McDonalds

Автор Tricia Franks ( назад)
CATS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$() ₩¥£€%=$

Автор Kristyal Erisch ( назад)
I was gonna say unidonalds

Автор Jenny Chung ( назад)
Star does sprinkle shine

Автор Larry Biagi ( назад)
that's like the endless parking lot

Автор Larry Biagi ( назад)
I luv kitties I luv kitties I luv I luv I luv kitties! yeah!!

Автор Jayde Starr ( назад)
When im sad i watch you guys and you make me happy

Автор Jayde Starr ( назад)
Lol you guys r awsome

Автор cricketina ( назад)
Is Edamon a drug? #idkwhatthatis! 😗

Автор Alisa Garwood ( назад)

Автор Lauren Daniels ( назад)
Etamon is a creature known as a digimon. Though digimon are made of data,
they have feelings just like people. Etamon is a champion level digimon and
is found in season 1 of digimon adventures.

Автор DJ Long ( назад)
dont mess with unicons they will mess you up

Автор Juanita Stroud ( назад)
When my son did that there was 20 zombies

Автор maria Pla ( назад)
The story is that a unicorn farts rainbows that fights zombies then gives
its powers to his best friend the end

Автор maria Pla ( назад)
This is for your fan challgens......make a dinoursuer roket siting on a

Автор Caden Kendrick ( назад)
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want u to do another video

Автор Rj Lara ( назад)
I wish he never touched the flying gun

Автор Joel Limon ( назад)
plz make more videos I love ur videos plz talk lol :D

Автор Mia Perez ( назад)
this was about a little bit of a zobie thing and there was a person who
touched a gun and is a weird crazy unicorn and his friend became a unicorn
and so at the end the weird crazy unicorn touched the gun again and became
a human and his dumb unicorn friend killed him and the cat is the leader of
the zombies is a cat the end

Автор Maria Christhine Dumo ( назад)
You were a pony yeah

Автор Carol Masters ( назад)

Автор Sammy Shammer ( назад)
Etomon. Is a digemon

Автор eZ Diamond54 ( назад)
just that sink tho...just no

Автор Random vids 225 ( назад)
He sounded like a hippie

Автор josh Chafin ( назад)
killin zombies make me really good

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