Gmod MCDONALD'S ZOMBIE Survival Map! (Garry's Mod)

Bethanyfrye and I play Garry's Mod, and we play the Mcdonald's Zombie Survival Map! Watch as we hold out the Zombie Apocalypse in McDonald's!

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Автор Howtokillazomble (21 день)
omg this link is so creepy NOT! (click for kittens)

Автор LeeRoy Maxwell (2 месяца)
14 seconds of okwardness

Автор Lunar Muffin Gamer (10 дней)
I LOVE DIGIMON!! I know what ya'll are talking 'bout!!!

Автор Jimmy Deans (4 месяца)
Oh no zombie outbreak just happened... Better protect a fast food
restaurant. proper Americans 

Автор Matias Velazquez (4 дня)
me encantan los videos de zombis de gmod aunque no entienda ingles

Автор Caitlyn Fries (19 дней)
did anyone else see that sniper at 7:08

Автор Taylor Harrison (1 месяц)
Gertrude confirmed to have unicorn powers but luckily was not possessed by

Автор DJ Candy (3 дня)
I'm not hating or ENEYTHING!!!!! But..... THAT IS RACIST TO
UNICORNS!!!!!!!!! .........LOL........:) 👍👍👍👍👍

Автор Curtis Powell (8 дней)
So what happened is you guys fog zombies for little bit then you touch
touch the magic bullets and then you turn into a pony call him Stardust
sprinkle shy think and then then you'll crash the car double it was Ventura
U-turn you turn Bethany enjoy unicorn and then she whacked with a crowbar
and then you were non-conscious Besty and

Автор Kyrstin Holmes (13 дней)
What happened to this video?! :D

Автор Dakota Casados (2 дня)
Etemon is a creepy monkey digimon who set. Set up the dark net and whooped
digimon butt boom someone knew take that

Автор kayla spencer (7 дней)

Tell bethany billy and saly you all are really funny

Автор Quiaunna Johnson (3 дня)
I know who Etamon is, he is a Villian Digimon.He is that rock,monkey
digimon with the stiches and sings through the microphone.

Автор Random Gamer7 (7 дней)
1.Unicorns are supposed to be the smartest form of the ponies.
2.Cutie-marks are the Hip things They mark special Talents.
3.This episode was amazing.

Автор Panthera Tigrey (2 дня)
Baseball is our national pastime?
I think watching microwaves should be.

Автор Ryan Swartzentruber (3 дня)
The stuff In the sink was the mcdonalds food ingredients (; !

Автор Sarah Morgan (3 часа)
I like you r shows😮👑💄😇🐱🐶

Автор M Long (3 дня)
Zombie invasion no!!! My little pony!!

Автор anthonyjc032506 (8 дней)
Like if you are watching this on 2015

Автор Kade Ruggs (4 дня)
I love my little pony and I'm a guy

Автор lazyfireball7889 (2 месяца)
Also, VenturianTale sounded like a Vortigaunt with a higher pitched voice
during his "Unicorn" segment. lol

Автор Panthera Tigrey (2 дня)
At first I liked Stardust Sprinkshine, but then he killed Gertrude.

Автор FeatherKitty47 (10 дней)
I really need to get Gmod, because these look like a lot of fun! Especially
the FNaF's ones, those crack me up!

Автор Krista Knight (11 дней)
You know how you said nobody knows how Edamon is well I watch Digimon and I
know who he is 

Автор Bobby Wells (7 дней)
This is some cool stuff but haters gonna hate I rap cause u fake

Автор Stone Bowser2904 (12 дней)
If zombies could go to McDonald's: I would like a Big Mac with extra brains
and a blood soda please!

Автор Liz Torres (9 дней)
You can use a davy krocit to kill the zombies

Автор Cookie Monsterz (1 месяц)
Dear VenturianTale, I am thankful that you are able to be a youtuber that
doesn't swear! I mean everyone Can handle a little but you are the first
I've seen that never does! Keep up the great work!

Автор Donovan Llado (18 дней)
My little pony my little pony u sound like Buchershy and pinke dimanice pie

Автор Sara Carter (7 дней)
I know edomon is he's a monkey diomon

Автор Shana Moses (12 дней)
Are you stupid I know who edamonis

Автор emerson mackenzie (2 дня)
are they on the moon?

Автор Nicholas Humphrey (10 часов)

Автор Marcia Brinson (13 часов)
It was 11 to 10

Автор Kenneth Webb (1 день)
Very cool video

Автор Mayona Ramirez (21 день)
You did not do nothing but you guys just must a round!!!!!!

Автор Haydn Alsop (6 дней)
i kood how is adrmon

Автор Stevie Davis (13 дней)
i llllllllllllllllooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee yalll

Автор big man37 (2 месяца)
her name is rainbow butt face

Автор abdi mohammed (5 дней)
What hpind

Автор desiree' chmiel (4 месяца)
Stardustsprinkleshine the most evil
Unicorn on the planet one day stardustsprinkleshine met gurtrude and...
That's where it all happened... Well it was very akward day
stardustsprinkleshine commeted... A MURDER and stardustsprinkleshine met
his real life and... Well that day his name changed to venturen

Автор andrew. howe ash (13 дней)

Автор Jack Cox (1 месяц)
that was awesome! it was so funny!

Автор James Craig (6 дней)
two face mod

Автор kelly wilson whitehead (4 месяца)
stardustsprinkleshine is creepy he sounds like a creepy pasta

Автор Sara Carter (7 дней)
Gurdrude is a Digemon 

Автор Transformer Foxy (3 месяца)
Hey guys, u wanna know a secret to the gmod zombies? Ok, take the audio
from the zombies and play it backwords. WARNING this is a creepy easter
egg, do not attempt if you get creeped out easily, i mean you'll live but
Its creepy.

Автор emerson mackenzie (2 дня)
it gives them power

Автор RoyalZealot101 (1 месяц)
that cat everytime I saw it I laughfed

Автор Jordan 513 (1 месяц)
i threw up when he started the new voice and acted different lol jk

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