Gmod MCDONALD'S ZOMBIE Survival Map! (Garry's Mod)

Bethanyfrye and I play Garry's Mod, and we play the Mcdonald's Zombie Survival Map! Watch as we hold out the Zombie Apocalypse in McDonald's!

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Автор Joaquin Singian ( назад)
Me too

Автор Mr Adam Schneider ( назад)
oh god you are the biggest tool on earth

Автор Lily I ( назад)

Автор ANA gonzalez ( назад)

Автор nice pull I pull him in my Roth pack Clark ( назад)
hi love u

Автор Varanda Robinson ( назад)
What is it a and Emont

Автор Matthew Carroll ( назад)
man 3 years later I'm still watching this video

Автор Adam Lozano ( назад)
Hello Venturian my name is Adam Lozano. My boys absulutely adore you guys
at Venturian. I will be letting them comment to and request through this
account as their ages range from 5-9 years old. Thanks for the clean
content and hope you keep it up. My son AJ will be commenting for him and
his bros. God Bless you folks and your families O:-)

Автор 3G Style ( назад)
2:51- 3:00 is so flippin hilarious!

Автор Wyatt Peters ( назад)
he wants a uni Mack

Автор TheCanadianKawaiiPotato ( назад)
April 2016? :3

Автор Vilma Segovia (1609 лет назад)
you good sing the song she not good sing

Автор Richard Bessette ( назад)
The. Walking. Dead

Автор Treyson Sherman (2003 года назад)
#crainer is better at Minecraft then sunddee!!!!!

Автор Treyson Sherman ( назад)
drained said to spam #not grown up a song

Автор Treyson Sherman ( назад)
ALL GROWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Автор Treyson Sherman ( назад)
#all grown UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! lollllllllllll

Автор Stephanie Bernal ( назад)
you are #1😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

Автор Max Hart ( назад)


Автор wildman510 ( назад)
there head crab zombies!!!!!

Автор Violetta Miron ( назад)
do a berger king map

Автор Isabel Jarvis ( назад)
come back and go inside my basement! (i was thinking kidnapper... im
reading to manny books...)

Автор PEEKOFWAR5889 ( назад)
I think the zombie apocalypse was caused by too many obese people eating
supersized McFary Burgers.

Автор Jurassic Rampager ( назад)
a digimon

Автор PEEKOFWAR5889 ( назад)
Someone please tell me and link me to the gun pack they are using... If it
was removed, tell me.

Автор Raymond Calderon ( назад)
RTP mc Donald's but it got save by VenturianTale you guys are the best
YouTubers ever

Автор Gavin Weller ( назад)
I turned into a zombie watching this

Автор Nathan Leadley ( назад)
it's not a basement it's a bunker

Автор kirsten garrys mod ( назад)
8:54 Jordan burps

Автор Furby Craze ( назад)
I'm reading everything in Stardust Sprinkleshine's voice now and it's
really creepy....

Автор Toxic Cold ( назад)
Etomon is a Digimon right? ..

Автор Genevieve Casanova ( назад)

Автор sonja gipson ( назад)
can you do more mcdonald zombie

Автор Sapphire lee ( назад)
How could u mistake a sink for a toilet?!

Автор Jarrett Coffey ( назад)

Автор Isaiah Rankin ( назад)

Автор Nintendo Boy ( назад)
Of course I know how enomon is

Автор arman salburo ( назад)
Godzilla 2014 vs godzilla 1895

Автор arman salburo ( назад)

Автор arman salburo ( назад)
Varweior neat godnort master vs master ven

Автор arman salburo ( назад)
zilla naet boraes vs ven

Автор arman salburo ( назад)
Goat van draeck and noaet cario hoase

Автор arman salburo ( назад)
Dr. Bawqasedfaxe jr.

Автор lolz hax 810 ( назад)

Автор Isabella Destounis ( назад)
Cats would take over the world

Автор Richard Bessette ( назад)

Автор Jessica Collins ( назад)
that is a tv not a microwave

Автор Sena Sena123 ( назад)
what is name map

Автор Sarabella Paige ( назад)
Who is watching in 2016

Автор Nate Smith ( назад)
this is super weird ;(

Автор Mystic 7 ( назад)
I've watched you guys since I was 10 now I'm 14

Автор Francisco Cantu ( назад)
me too

Автор Joleen Quest ( назад)
do a candy mod

Автор Joleen Quest ( назад)
tell Billy to get a job at big boys on gmod

Автор Jeremiah Prince ( назад)
I'm a big fan

Автор LPS Jess ( назад)
"Alright That Is The Nastiest Thing I Have Ever Seen" - Undyne

Автор Keenan Haynes ( назад)
I have a ps3

Автор Jayla Bledsoe ( назад)

Автор Annalesa Pelky ( назад)
the story was that jorden touched a gun than he asked Bethany to touch it
also so the both are unicorns!

Автор Serenity Owens ( назад)
love your videos

Автор Jet Fighter ( назад)
I really think that you should spawn in more zombies

Автор Roger Smith ( назад)
red is not the color of love blue is

Автор Stardust Sprinkleshine ( назад)
Jordan's an imposter!

Автор Hailey Shackelford ( назад)
will u do another horror map😀

Автор robogamer gamerg ( назад)
it's dope

Автор PurpleDakinin ( назад)
I dont know if u are going to be happy but u were acting like a unicorn.

Автор Alan Boy ( назад)
retard alert

Автор Alan Boy ( назад)
help this cat by passing this poop and caka beyeat🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈

Автор Emma Vann ( назад)
What's edamon

Автор Kristian Thomas (231 год назад)

Автор steven risen ( назад)
Star Dust Sprinkle Shine is the Jimmy Casket of unicorns XD

Автор Nathaniel Zane ( назад)
The name of the Movie would be " Nightmare at McDonald's"

Автор Bennny gaming 12 ( назад)

Автор Bennett Duez ( назад)
I like zombies

Автор Lexia Bowers ( назад)
could u try 2 find a maximum ride map if u can?

Автор John Kvasny ( назад)
whats the addon of the pistol add on you had + venturian or any one

Автор Haley George ( назад)
i know right lol lov

Автор Jayla Bledsoe ( назад)

Автор Richard Grace ( назад)
I like your videos I

Автор andrew morrison ( назад)
im on the cats side

Автор Z Peterson (SingingKitty123) ( назад)
Your a British unicorn XD

Автор Ty ( назад)

Автор David Arnold ( назад)
someone pooped

Автор John Contreras ( назад)
Do cod bo zombies in gmod if they have a mod👍

Автор Jonathan Lopez ( назад)
haley george::_me to

Автор Myndi Moser ( назад)
that cat is cute😎

Автор Milly Phipps ( назад)
What game is this because I want to play Acachalla family with you

Автор Haley George (1202 года назад)
i love these videos

Автор Grim reaper Master Reaper ( назад)
Idamon is a Digimon

Автор Blossom Kitty ( назад)
Hey venturian please play on a school map and be valley girls please!!!!!!,

Автор Annalesa Pelky ( назад)
pink thingings!!💝💝

Автор Greg Pixler ( назад)

Автор O Dawson ( назад)
its called a cutiemark

Автор Danny Johnson ( назад)
Add more zombies Jordan

Автор hayden Eggers ( назад)
hey there dude who's the best NFL fights videos like this car videos

Автор Bret Hamilton ( назад)
You must grab the biggest Dinosaur you can find and make it fight against
90 raptors

Автор budd2336 ( назад)
Can you plz do a shark apocls

Автор foxy the killer ( назад)
do an fnaf death match

Автор Manuel Tenesaca ( назад)
put Jurassic park with zombies and five night at freddy

Автор Liam Kindel (Bluewolf 23's bro) ( назад)
the cat is in frunt of you

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