Gmod MCDONALD'S ZOMBIE Survival Map! (Garry's Mod)

Bethanyfrye and I play Garry's Mod, and we play the Mcdonald's Zombie Survival Map! Watch as we hold out the Zombie Apocalypse in McDonald's!

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Автор Stian Nørregaard ( назад)
unicorns that saw some drunks!

Автор Andrew Selleck ( назад)

Автор LEGO YETI Productions ( назад)
stardust sprinkleshine ftw like if u agreeeeee

Автор PowerHouseGameR ( назад)
u should go through in a Cop Car

Автор Bilal Islam ( назад)
I had a dream that I was living with you guys

Автор Benjamin Brown ( назад)

Автор Cheri Reliford ( назад)
venturian and bethany are in love as issace and cierra are in love

Автор toan khuc ( назад)
Unicorns are girls not boys

Автор Yolanda Soto ( назад)
War do you live

Автор Shamar Anderson ( назад)
So fun

Автор DevzillaTV ( назад)
#unicorn #For #life

Автор Jewelia Waugaman ( назад)

Автор mtgibby ( назад)
The zombie apocalypse at a McDonald's...Wired.

Автор Tina Roberson ( назад)
It is a digimon bitches

Автор cesar nunez ( назад)

Автор Chris Zeiler ( назад)
I know who edamon is.

Автор Kastyn Moore ( назад)
today I just crashed the game with explosive water melons

Автор Megan Slagle ( назад)
I love McDonalds

Автор Tricia Franks ( назад)
CATS ARE EVIL!!!!!!!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$() ₩¥£€%=$

Автор Kristyal Erisch ( назад)
I was gonna say unidonalds

Автор Jenny Chung ( назад)
Star does sprinkle shine

Автор Larry Biagi ( назад)
that's like the endless parking lot

Автор Larry Biagi ( назад)
I luv kitties I luv kitties I luv I luv I luv kitties! yeah!!

Автор Jayde Starr ( назад)
When im sad i watch you guys and you make me happy

Автор Jayde Starr ( назад)
Lol you guys r awsome

Автор cricketina ( назад)
Is Edamon a drug? #idkwhatthatis! 😗

Автор Alisa Garwood ( назад)

Автор Lauren Daniels ( назад)
Etamon is a creature known as a digimon. Though digimon are made of data,
they have feelings just like people. Etamon is a champion level digimon and
is found in season 1 of digimon adventures.

Автор DJ Long ( назад)
dont mess with unicons they will mess you up

Автор Juanita Stroud ( назад)
When my son did that there was 20 zombies

Автор maria Pla ( назад)
The story is that a unicorn farts rainbows that fights zombies then gives
its powers to his best friend the end

Автор maria Pla ( назад)
This is for your fan challgens......make a dinoursuer roket siting on a

Автор Caden Kendrick ( назад)
I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally want u to do another video

Автор Rj Lara ( назад)
I wish he never touched the flying gun

Автор Joel Limon ( назад)
plz make more videos I love ur videos plz talk lol :D

Автор Mia Perez ( назад)
this was about a little bit of a zobie thing and there was a person who
touched a gun and is a weird crazy unicorn and his friend became a unicorn
and so at the end the weird crazy unicorn touched the gun again and became
a human and his dumb unicorn friend killed him and the cat is the leader of
the zombies is a cat the end

Автор Maria Christhine Dumo ( назад)
You were a pony yeah

Автор Carol Masters ( назад)

Автор Sammy Shammer ( назад)
Etomon. Is a digemon

Автор Darby Mccune ( назад)
just that sink tho...just no

Автор Random vids 225 ( назад)
He sounded like a hippie

Автор josh Chafin ( назад)
killin zombies make me really good

Автор Alex Vulgamore ( назад)
My favorite place to is McDonald's restaurant and I always zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Автор Stevie Gaston ( назад)

Автор zander ryan (1386 лет назад)
venturiantale said knowbody
knows who edemon is but i know who he is he is a dgimon from the show

Автор Green Lightning47 ( назад)
This video made exactly no sense

Автор Elias Barahona ( назад)
I thawt before. You 

Автор Mica Acim ( назад)
LOL zombie

Автор ZOMBIE GAMING ( назад)
I think i just saw what micee d's is made of,.........

Автор b davis ( назад)
Why is there not many zombies there should be a lot if it is a zombie map.
This episode was so funny I liked when you turned into a unicorn. Why is
there a cat on the screen it is so weird?

Автор Mackenzie Bonham ( назад)
The hip things are called cutie marks

Автор Wesley Helmke ( назад)
When bethnay frye said OH NO THE OERLORD! It souned like she said OH NO THE
OVERLOAD amd at that instant I thought of my little broter's diper!

Автор Viridiana Hernandez ( назад)

Автор reta edwards ( назад)
I have a cat

Автор reta edwards ( назад)
Good job

Автор Kady spencer ( назад)
Are you sure that's your cat

Автор Tina Kelley ( назад)
Edison is a vireos type digimon

Автор Ms.Fantastic ( назад)

Автор Caraline Jordan ( назад)
Let me help you with my lovely hugs of BULLETS

Автор Estephany Morales (1689 лет назад)
I luv venturian tale 

Автор Silver shadow ( назад)

Автор Blade Troxel ( назад)
etamon is a digimon

Автор DevzillaTV ( назад)
+Caitlyn Fries I did see the sniper but its a crossbow not a sniper.

Автор Catherine Cox ( назад)
i love this vid

Автор Daniel G ( назад)
Dogs are evil not cats p.s. I am a cat person.

Автор Isabel Hons ( назад)
okay ,You did your intro and then started the video the.So then you looked
around the mcdoanalds. you remembered that mcdoanalds is used for the
bathrooms and went looking for them.you found a descucting sink!then
somehow you gor into the basment. you found the floating something of
azrotect.you tuched it and became a unicorn!!!!!!!!!!! then you named youre
self stardustsprinkleshine!then gurtrude was a unicorn.then at the end you
turned back into a human and gurtrude killed you.

Автор Logan Humphrey ( назад)
its calld a cutiemark

Автор storyman ( назад)
Yea the creepy guy wants you to go in the basement and touch
something...great idea(sarcasm)

Автор william whitman ( назад)
i know who etemon

Автор Elizabeth Bush ( назад)
Edomon is a Digimon

Автор seth asher ( назад)
MVP turkey right :)

Автор Breanna Golding ( назад)
Do more stuff with fire

Автор Jacqueline Cuevas ( назад)
It's almost like flutter shy

Автор gotenks ssj3 ( назад)
best zombie movie ever LOL!!

Автор Rolland Sarver ( назад)

Автор Nathan Yahnke ( назад)
the news media reports said he had a great day to 

Автор Caroline Werner ( назад)
Cutie mark

Автор Alyssa Garrett ( назад)
(Creepy voice) hello I'm stardust sprinkleshine - Jordan

Автор Austin Wilcox ( назад)

Автор Mysti Todd ( назад)
the cat is so cute!
i love it!

Автор CaLeB Corder ( назад)
Isn't Etemon like a Digimon?

Автор isaiah altstatt ( назад)

Автор CreeperGuy7777 -Roblox videos! ( назад)
You said Bethany Frye was playing with you, but it was Immortal kyodye was
there. -_-

Автор Conor Kenway ( назад)
i dont like happines ventruriannnnn!!!!!!!!!!

Автор baldo gonzalez ( назад)

Автор Jennifer Stroupe ( назад)

Автор Barry Mills ( назад)
I know who edomon is

Автор Hailey Hart ( назад)
You sound like Eric from South Park!!!

Автор Phillip Salo ( назад)
I love etemon from digimon

Автор Asia Fontenot ( назад)
what was that

Автор xXMoonKitsuneXx ( назад)
Venturian sounded like michael Jackson!

Автор tori sublett ( назад)
I find the floating gun of the Aztecs funny but offensive at the same time
because I am Aztec sorry if I'm being a bit of a downer on that joke, but
actually it should be the floating gun of the unicornians

Автор Mohamed Rashidie ( назад)

Автор blazed blaze The YouTubing blazer kid ( назад)
Let's call you GURTRUDE
Weirdness COMIRMED set weirdness DENIED destination SUCCESS

Автор Francisco Rogel ( назад)

Автор Pamela Hurst ( назад)
Weird with a capitol W

Автор Pamela Hurst ( назад)
Weird with a capitol W

Автор Joshua DeGuzman ( назад)
Wtf venturen I'm making a you tube channel in the summer

Автор Cutover Goblen ( назад)

Автор kimberly seeley ( назад)

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