Hisae Watanabe vs Strawberry

Female fight

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Длительность: 7:29
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Автор jwgeezer ( назад)
What a bomb. Hisae almost killed her. Serious power for a 105 pound woman.

Автор 792bnz ( назад)
Hisae Watanabe showed a lot of class by checking on her opponent when she
was down. What a fantastic fight!

Автор draco anderson ( назад)
now who didn't see that coming? 

Автор Kendra Kill (990 лет назад)
Hisae fans should like "Hisae Watanabe tribute by Dj Tyra" : I think the
best video EVER on Hisae Watanabe !

Автор kjcasey42 ( назад)
Strawberry absorbed a lot of punishment leading up to that KO, which was
pretty impressive. I get the impression that Strawberry wanted to be a pro
wrestler, but couldn't make the cut, so she settled for this (vale-tudo?

Автор djshadowsix ( назад)
LMFAO 1:37 the pink mask girl attempts a BITCHIN scissor kick.

Автор Mi Horrorshow ( назад)
nooo not Strawberry she my fav fighter

Автор bobd1720 ( назад)
They should have let her lay there so Hisae could do a victory pose by
placing her foot on Strawberry's stomach.

Автор hellsing3000 ( назад)
they fight better than some of the men in ufc

Автор lupara13 ( назад)
wow, perfect counter. lol at the teddy bear

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